Learn To Concentrate with Xzibit and Team Ryouko

zhu: concentrate; focus

What do you get when you combine Nichiren Buddhist chanting, Tae Kwon Do, four booty shakers in short cheongsam dresses, a muk yan jong and a pimped out Cadillac?

My New Year’s Eve plans? No, it’s an Xzibit music video.

Starring Xzibit, Team Ryouko and the lovely Latoya Alexander

Meditate, levitate, greetings From The Golden State.

Lift some weights, eat some steaks, but you don’t really want that face to face.

I love the way she make that shake, makin’ it hard to concentrate.


  1. i want to learn ryouko its fun and i want to learn to fight pls 🙂 what do i must do to learn ryouko tell me pls :,)

  2. Ryouko is not a style of martial arts, it’s just the name of their XMA/tricking team.

    The great thing about XMA is, you can do anything you want, so long as it is “extreme”. Just don’t make any bogus moves! 😉

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