Tai Chi: Also A Lot Like Dancing

It is a common sentiment among Aikido practitioners that their martial art is a lot like dancing.

With all due respect, most Aikidoka have got nothing on these guys. These two videos illustrate the body skills resulting from diligent solo practice, skills which cannot be gained by practicing with a partner in the dojo.

David “Elsewhere” Bernal at the Kollaboration 2001 Freestyle Dance Competition

Zhaobao Taijiquan Demonstration

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Some martial artists apply the dancer label in a derogatory way, implying that the subject has beautiful movements but no real power. But when I look at these clips, I see much more than pretty technique:

  • I see highly cultivated balance, coordination and ease of motion.
  • I see the potential to strike at any time, in any direction, without telegraphing.
  • I see a decreased vulnerability to joint-locks, grappling and takedown attempts.

What do you see in these clips? What can dancing teach us about Tai Chi, Aikido and other martial arts?

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