1. Hi Chris,
    since you ask I will be brave. Did not mean to be a “put down”

    At a first glance it is a strong posture for Karate which I know nothing about. My commment was just base on how much I know in Taiji in my level.
    Your chi inside is too yang got stuck at one place.that make your next movement slower than desire.
    You have no chi around your external shi that mean your out external shi is empty,a skillful person can use his own chi to covered those areas and you finished. Your right foot at my angle look like is yang is too empty (I don’t know how the Karate stance should be)
    your have shen in your eye’s front but in taiji it is better to reach to you crown point,that will make your chong ding strong.
    It could be Karate use Ki differently.
    Your question asked was what is wrong……?

  2. yslim, your honesty is appreciated.

    Some people consider wearing white pants in the fall to be bad feng shui. But if I have to explain the joke, maybe it is not so funny after all.

    How exactly can you tell the location of the qi and the shen by this picture? Please be specific.

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