My Experiment with Intention-Manifestation Theory

I was delighted to stumble across the Intention-Manifestation Theory of reality a few months ago. As I understood this theory, the key to achieving success in the spheres of business, dating and health is to intend it.

Fortune smiled upon me that day. Intention-Manifestation Theory seemed the greatest labor-saving discovery since the cotton gin, and I was sorely in need of its utility. Since starting my website last year, I had been overwhelmed by article ideas, but never had enough time to fully develop, transcribe and publish them.

I decided to employ the theory straight away. During my daytime coffee break, I intended some great blog posts about the meaning of life and martial arts. I intended them with great enthusiasm, as long and as hard as circumstances would allow. Excited over my accomplishment, I eagerly awaited the end of the workday.

When I arrived home in the evening and checked my WordPress control panel, delight gave way to confusion. All my brilliant articles were missing! The website looked just as it had the day before—almost as if I had intended nothing at all. And yet, I distinctly remembered having the intentions.

I felt betrayed by the promise of The Secret, but before cursing its foul and demonic origins, I searched for a reasonable explanation. After what seemed like an eternity of darkworking introspection—five minutes, perhaps more—I found what I was looking for. Earlier that day, I had been working on a CRUD software application: I must have accidentally intended to delete my blog articles, after intending to write them!

The next day, I was far more careful. I re-intended writing the posts (harder than it sounds!), and nothing else. When co-workers asked me technical questions, I just ignored them. Actually, I pitied them, with their so-called “science”, and “logic”; I didn’t have room for all that negativity within my subjective reality.

Despite this caution, the results of my intentions were the same as last time: no new articles appeared. Frustrated by these unacceptable results, my penchant for empiricism took control, and I began to develop an alternative theorem.

Step 1: Intention
Step 2: POOF! Action
Step 3: Manifestation

Diagram A: Proposed Revision to Intention-Manifestation Theory

Action-Manifestation Theory

An intermediate step between Intention and Manifestation appears necessary to generate positive results. I have taken to calling this step “Action”. My limited experiments suggest that it is Action—and not daydreaming—which produces these results. More research is needed on this perplexing topic.


  1. ROFL!

    Ah, thank you so very much for taking all the puff and bluster out of this whole “Secret”. I’ve been brewing a post of my own to try to poke a few holes in it… but I couldn’t hold a candle to this. Nice work 😀

  2. I intended to write this comment without typing.
    I did.

    I intended to get over 400,000 blog subscribers without work.
    I did.

    I intend to become more famous onscreen than Tom Cruise, while never actually acting or doing a shred of work.
    I will.

    Behold…the power of intention!

    (I love this post)

  3. I’m sensing some sarcasm milling around this post somewhere. No small amount of it, either. It’s almost as though it’s been somehow infused directly within the content (as in, having been “intended” by the author…i.e., consciously, specifically made adjunct to the provided commentary by such author–and almost assuredly of his/her own cognizant volition!)

    But how could that be? The proof is actually right there in the pudding. Literally (well, it would be if the matter in question was actually a mass of pudding rather than a volume of sage offering for the woe-bestricken masses of the mighty convention…). What I mean is that you folks seem oblivious to the mass growth of evergreens on account of its being obscured by all those damned annoying conifers.

    I see it just fine, so if I may, please allow me to draw the lines of clear arboreal distinction…the theoretical system/method in question has to work. It simply HAS to. Look no further than the author of this wizened and utterly indispensable theory for your proof. She desired as hard as she could to acquire fame and fortune, and let me just say that it must have been some hard-core, uber earnest desiring that she did, because suddenly *poof* it’s all come about and I myself see not a single, solitary, microscopic shred of evidence of even the slightest effort applied, intelligence called upon, or action engaged in. There you have it, folks. A nice, neat, infinitely tail-chasing snowball of circular reasoning that takes the liberty of proving itself by its very manifestation and indeed still does so even as I type by its continued existence. How can anyone possibly hope to touch that? It’s just like the very concept of belief/faith which, as it’s been said, may indeed make for a lousy sword, but as armor, it leaves bulletproof in the dust and eats nuclear bombardment for brunch with tea and crumpets on the veranda.

    Oh, and psst! The SECRET is this: in this silly, much-too-stupid-to-die world of ours, not only are there lots of both idiots and people sick of having to constantly get new pants that don’t have scorched pockets from all that pesky cash, but it turns out that there is a significant amount of overlap between those two circles. Pass it on!

  4. Why doesn’t II tone chaos, (who apparently likes his thesaurus ), read a quantum physics book instead. Find out a little bit about energy, atoms, and subatomatic particles and you might uncover a bit of truth in “the secret” It is a book written in layman’s terms so that the average person can understand it. Perhaps II tone chaos is too intelligent to understand the simplified version.

    There IS hardcore evidence in the world of physics. Psst, you need a microscope to see it.

  5. Denise, why don’t you share your hardcore evidence here so everyone can benefit?

  6. 2-tone chaos LOVES his thesaurus, thank you very much…so much so, in fact, that we’re planning a lovely spring wedding (to which you, madam, may not be expecting an invitation–hmmphff!).

    I’m not really certain precisely how to go about this because you’ve made concrete assertions in a manner that would seem to suggest my comment makes explicit claims or, indeed anything more than a [potentially quite misleading] general, abstract tone of facetiousness (throughout most of it, that is), which is not, in fact the case. Let me clarify my position so that you might, given the benefit of a more concrete base on which to build, construct a more structurally-sound case against me…

    I was only being partially sarcastic/ironic because, to a certain extent, I do agree with the theory. But my cynical side absolutely adores the irony inherent in not only its lack of completeness, but also the fact that the lazy, inept, etc. people who make up the majority of the audience of such offerings lack precisely the thing necessary to take the concept, complete the thought, and in so doing, actually manifest any real change. This fact is made apparent by their hopeful reliance on schemes to “get rich quick” or any such method offering any easy or effortless fulfillment of their desires. I’m a firm believer in “the power of positive thinking”, particularly because, having acquired our mysterious consciousness with all its inherent abilities of perception, etc., we are potentially both the masters of destiny and bringers of doom, depending on our perception of our circumstances. (On a side note, there is an ancient Mayan school of philosophy which believes that, when viewed from the perspective of a plane existing somehow beyond our own physical world of 3–technically, 4…in theory–dimensions, physical matter clearly consists of densely-tangled masses of interwoven bands of energy. Their name for this energy–translated as closely as can be achieved, given the obvious gaps between very different cultures existing at far different times–is Intent. In certain context(s), this concept is astounding and thought-provoking to me both for its simplicity and the vastness of some of its implications, philosophically…)

    As to quantum physics, I must say I’m a bit lost as to your specific intentions in bringing it up as I’m personally unaware of any findings or principles which might be found in a book on the subject bringing anything at all to bear on this discussion. The fact that you fail to specify the pertinence of such a reference does nothing to clarify the matter for me. Please feel free to assist me in making the connection–not only do I love to learn, but I furthermore pride myself on my willingness to abandon an argument and concede once clearly shown to be in error…seriously! And please forgive my ignorance on the subject. I tried once to study quantum physics, but my gluons were unruly and recalcitrant and the subsequent melee of wildly varying energy levels caused my quarks to do any number of things other than the preferred act of simply staying together. I fought and wrestled with them for a while, but was forced to abandon the effort upon the tragic death/not death of my beloved pet cat. It hit me a bit harder than it probably would have if I were at least certain of its fate…but then the experiment would be ruined now, wouldn’t it?

    P.S.sst! I assume that if I’m going to be seeing anything at all in the realm scrutinized by quantum physics, I’ll probably need a little bit more than just a microscope!

  7. Gees Duochrome Complexity… you really are freaking intelligent! Thank god for that. I mentioned quantum physics simply to link “intention” to “manifestation”. And…. my humble friend, I reckon you know a littttle bit more than you’re letting on. I bought it up, because energy and matter (at the quark level), can be both neither and the same simultaneously, until intent and observation have come into play.

    You made me laugh (with you, not at you). You are right, the microscope comment was ridiculous, however I really did think you were using a thesaurus. Okay, joke’s on me, you actually do talk like that. I just got p@#ssed off cause you seemed to think (perhaps you are?) above the rest of us “idiots” out there.

    The “secret” is more than positive thinking, however although it seems like the answer to all our prayers, you and I know, most will never manifest anything new. It’s a step in the right direction though. No need to put people down aye.

  8. Actually, The Secret is a step in the wrong direction, and if I haven’t made that clear enough in my past articles, I’ll be happy to write another. 🙂

  9. For the record, this is NOT how intention manifestation works, and I don’t think it’s really fair to claim that anyone who pushes the concept suggests that you merely have to think and *poof*! what you desire will appear.

    Now, “The Secret” and other believers in the Law of Attraction/intention-manifestation DO claim that if you envision inspired, well-written articles, and enthusiastically believe that you have written them, that you will. In other words, let’s say that you’re having difficulties coming up with a topic, that you’re dealing with a serious case of writer’s block. The LoA says that if you apply the techniques, the universe will align to make your desire manifest in various ways. NOT that your articles will write themselves and magically appear on your blog, but that something may happen to inspire you. You may receive an email from a reader asking a question that inspires a topic you haven’t written about before, for example.

    I will grant that The Secret takes the idea into wild directions, but the Law of Attraction is based in sound logic. There is considerable evidence now that a person’s feelings are created by their thoughts: i.e. if you think you are a bad person, you will feel like a bad person. Cognitive therapy is a technique applied to individuals suffering from extremely low self-esteem or even depression, on the theory that if you tell yourself you have confidence, you will feel confident. Again, this is a sound theory with considerable evidence to back it up. As we think, so we feel. The law of attraction, or intention-manifestation model, is merely this same principle taken to extremes. It does NOT say that if you wish very hard for a Lexus convertible, that one will appear out of thin air into your drive way, but that if you set your intention before the Universe, the latter will realign reality to match your desire. A possible scenario would be that after you set your intention, you hear a co-worker mention that a relative of theirs is trying to sell their car, which turns out to be that Lexux convertible you wanted. Or you check the want ads and find that someone is advertising that very car.

  10. @Amy: In “The Secret” the picture conveyed is quite different from what you write. The premise of “The Secret” is testable and this is what this blog entry is about. The result is clear.

    Now, you come up with a different “Law of Attraction”, a different theory for how things should work that is just less testable. You can just call mere coincidences evidence and attribute those cases where it fails to your own failure to notice.

    There is nothing to be gained out of this. Setting a goal, taking action and being persistent is a proven concept that brings success in many if not most cases. If you relabel this to be the Law of Attraction, then, yes, it exists and it works.

    However, most people – including yourself – don’t call the “set goal&take action” approach the Law of Attraction. They employ some metaphysical concept which you have described pretty well. If this concept exists and is not just a trivial relabelling it must work without taking action. Maybe less well than with action included, but it must work.

    And it must also be able to manifest things out of thin air. Maybe not a car on the first try, but there must be a measurable correlation between desire and result without taking action.

    It should be obvious that nothing like this exists or at least that it is so much weaker than the results that action bring that it is absolutely irrelevant.

  11. Intention-Manifestation is a probable theory.
    Just not with any people living here on earth.
    The books that speak about it are using the principle of positive thinking and goal orientation.

    Simple enough, yet a lot of people cannot overcome their environment enough to even it into practice.

    So people decided to cash in on it because some of the masses are very quick to buy into the ‘get something for nothing’ idea.

    If one could manifest things at wil, I wonder what kinds of changes would be wrought in the world?
    If one person wished another dead, could they counteract it?

    Ah, the possibilities.

  12. If one could manifest things at wil, I wonder what kinds of changes would be wrought in the world?

    “More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones.”
    ~ St. Teresa of Avila (Spanish Nun, Mystic and Writer, 1515-1582)

  13. everything that has ever been, is, or will be began with a thought. Think about that.

  14. Chris, that might be because the prayer lacks the requisite details and is made in a moment of emotional desperation.

  15. H to G,
    If you don’t see the relevance of St. Teresa’s words, you should study the example of Bruce Lee…a man who was unusually successful in “manifesting his intentions” and arguably killed himself in the process.

    One might further argue that all fans of I-M theory are, by definition, operating from emotional desperation–the alternative being to accept things as they are, rather than intending them otherwise.

  16. I am well aware of Bruce Lee.
    And his death was not caused by his success but more his reaction to it and other environmental factors.
    I-M theory is only based on emotional desperation when the person is not taking the required action to go towards their goal.

  17. of course intention manifestation is real. Everything that has ever been came from that. Everything from your kitchen stove, cars, cell phones, to your girlfriend initially were created with a thought from someone.

  18. …And his death was not caused by his success but more his reaction to it and other environmental factors.

    Another quote, this of unknown origin:
    “While the common man fears the effect, the superior man fears the cause.”

    of course intention manifestation is real. Everything that has ever been came from that. Everything from your kitchen stove, cars, cell phones, to your girlfriend initially were created with a thought from someone.

    My question is not whether it is real, but whether it is skillful, in the context for which it is typically recommended (i.e. getting more stuff).

  19. Whether it is skillful or not depends on the individual. Using it to become financially successful is recommended because its an easy way for people to measure whether or not it works for them.

  20. There is nothing wrong with abundance and Godmind is limitless. Our goal is to follow that road not create barriers and limits. If more money is something you want and will help you move to deeper levels it needs to be done. Its hard to focus on the Tao when your not sure where your next meal is coming from. If that new found money pulls someone from the path it isn’t the money’s fault. The person needs to take repsonsibility for being weak.

  21. Buddha gave up his wealth level of development he got. Jesus preached the same thing. If you have a wife or child to support then you cant get rid of money but if not then you have limitless freedom

  22. Its hard to focus on the Tao when your not sure where your next meal is coming from.

    And if you can’t focus, then you surely have no use for Intention-Manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

    To those unfortunate souls, I recommend dropping the New Age silliness and picking up a hearty ham sandwich….before it is too late! 🙂

  23. It is important to ask the question, is the law of attraction a pile of hokum? The question was asked and reviewed here. However, the law of attraction is not responsible for manifestation. By testing the law of attraction by how well it manifests ideas into the physical plane, an error in logic was made and the consequences of that error were more errors. The laws surrounding manifestation are about getting back according to what you put out. This fellow produced and delivered an error and has received a bumper crop of errors in return. Laws are laws and they will operate the same way every time and they do not require assistance or belief from anyone to do so. Testing their validity is paramount. A wise person will see this and use it to his advantage. An unwise person will be damaged by reason of their ignorance.

  24. Wow, looking at the comments on this post it’s amazing to see that some folks still believe “ignorance is bliss”

    You don’t need to believe something for it to be true and you ar governed by these universal laws, no matter how ignorant you desire to be (no one in particular being cited by the way)

  25. I came across this post because I wanted to find out what the “Secret” was without having to buy it. So much for free information. From reading these comments, I have an idea. And I already knew about the Law of Attraction. It seems clear that the LoA and Intention Manifestation are two different things. And I understand from what was written above that martial artists might paricularly not like these types of ideas. However, I think the analysis of the writing on these topics has been too narrow. I don’t think any of these “Laws” dictate that no action needs to be taken. Many therapists use the Law of Attraction to dictate action, and to dictate more specific, focused action. One activity suggested to be used to put the Law of Attraction into play is to create a vision board: a poster board with cutouts of pictures of a goal you want to accomplish. The idea is then that your more focused concentration on this goal will result in your increased awareness of ways to achieve this goal. I find this to be cognitively and scientifically sound. The way I see it is NOT that the Universe will necessarily realign itself to give me what I want once I think about or ask for what I want. Moreso, as with anything, the more I reorganize ideas and search for possibilities focused on a specific goal, the more I increase my chances to accomplish that goal. To me, the universe has infinite possibilities, infinite possible realities that we can rise or sink into. The beauty of our universe is in the variety of paths it can take. I believe we choose the paths we want to take. And of course, you can will something and put in as much effort as you want, but you can’t control the people or other obstacles that stand in your way. So to go 100% in either direction – the LoA is a lie, or the LoA is the only truth – does not take all of reality into account. I would assume martial artists know that nothing is ever black and white or 100%. You are based in eastern thinking based on duplicity, right? It would seem that the best approach is to acknowledge both sides of this coin. They both have their truth. It seemed that the writer’s original post said this…to a certain extent.

  26. I would like someone to do a comparative study on the difference between action with, and without intention to see how much of a difference intention makes.

  27. The Secret, Power of Intention, The Tao, Faith, Quantum Physics, and to possess the ability to Manifest are in the same light with varying degrees of understanding and cause (Measures) Clear to you depending on your experiences, interpretation and prejudices surrounding such issues in moment to moment vibrations within the conscious. And if we were to delve into the subconscious regarding the same issue, our view and reality of such things would be less opinionated because the subconscious reveals truths for your consideration whether you’re capable or not to act accordingly to it’s revelations. Such intent must be followed by action to achieve, the key is understanding that once you take action towards a goal you did so in all cases not knowing every detail to the end result, you did not know whether on the 18th day of you research for your new consulting business how the prospect you spoke with would react. When you decided to buy a home in a year, you could not write down verbatim what the Real Estate Agent would say to you a year from now. My point is Intention allows you to move to the next step unknown- you are forced to adjust to circumstances unfavorable to your cause because of your intention. So the Power of intention if you have resolve, pushes you into the unknown and favors your ability to rationalize about your next step towards your objective. Without intent you would lack the ability and desire to adjust, to continue, there would be no next step known or unknown for you to take. So the power of intention allows the NEXT set of circumstances to appear for you to step to and through if you’re capable to do so. Action for action sake is not omnipotent-if you sit down to a meal and take your fork and stab your hand, um, yeah, and ? Nothing. The intent would be to use your fork to lift salad off your plate to consume. Stabbing your hand (Irrational Behavior) would lead to the notion you’re incapable of good judgement. Others would be brought in to do your thinking for you. The intent to consume, would lead to the next KNOWN benefit to chew the food, to the next KNOWN benefit- to swallow, to the next benefit, UNKNOWN exactly how the body pulls nutrients from the food for your body but you benefit. And then another UNKNOWN benefit occurs without you knowing when- is digesting and the expulsion of waste. The all occurred because of your INTENT to eat-ACTION picking up the fork. The working of Universal law is in unknown areas that lead to the next step without you knowing how and when. Living with intention is living by creating by known and unknown workings in harmony- you will not know yet achieve that which you think about. If it’s a biological issue the known and unknown components of biology will be at work, Physics- The known and unknown components of physics will at work- knowledge in infinite- you could not live long enough to understand the truths of the earth must less the spiritual workings of the underworld or the present state and purpose of he cosmo’s. Deciding to live in peace and harmony with good in an imperfect human, social, political, economic and spiritual elements- with the Intent to live a Useful and Authentic life is Nirvana at best-An Illusion to assist you in living with less stress and to confirm to a number of issues that would otherwise cause you to protest to no avail. So Question all you want, but please take the time to find a place of silence, acceptance which has nothing to do with your opinion or my opinion or the next. The highly self-important will sneer at this, they need the attention, the release, in some ways its good-otherwise they would kill, disrupt and sabotage for attention. Live well.

  28. You want to see real intention and manifestation in action? take no furter look than the voodoo magic among indigenous tribes, in Australia, it is known that James Pemuhlway was a sorcerer and killed a lot of British convicts that invaded Australia at the time. The British and the Aborigines were fighting over the water supply. A lot of magic still exists in Australia now, try take a piece of rock from Ayers Rock, some tourists have reported getting sick and having to return the rock that they took. There is even still reports of black magic happening within the community, people going silly, people dying, and strange occurences. Apparently if you take someones hair or clothes ie DNA that can be used to put a spell on them. Have no further look than the old druids in the western parts of the country, and how rituals took place to connect with the higher beings that govern this realm. There is only divine order and only the higher beings govern this realm, I have experienced intention myself, believe me, I’ve been through mental hospitals and being diagnosed as scizophrenic. If you were an Aboriginal you would know, that there is power in words and song, and that even incantations could kill, or just a thought in the form of song. But you masses are so inconceivable and ignorant to the true magicians that exist around the world. where is all this ancient knowledge coming from? how is it passing on? why now? But that’s why only 2 percent of the world is self-actualised, and hitler wasn’t one of them. Don’t keep appealing to science all the time, the ether cannot be seen, only by eyes that are seeing, or dreaming and seeing. God wants us to find out for ourselves that the truth is within us, he doesnt want to give us the answer, that would be cheating.

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