The Final Qigong Demonstration of John Chang

Since writing Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal a few weeks ago, I’ve discovered some newer video footage of the Indonesian acupuncturist and qigong master known as John Chang.

John Chang (Dynamo Jack) shows his neigong skills

Unlike the brief footage in the Ring of Fire documentary, this video was distributed with John’s permission. He puts on an unforgettable show for a handpicked group of American scientists, including:

If the video can be believed, John provides conclusive answers to some questions I have posed here before:

Unfortunately, we cannot expect any more demonstrations from John. His dead teacher, Liao Tsu-Tong (a.k.a. Mr. Weird Banana), will not allow it.

Update: Here is a recently posted video of John pushing a chopstick through a tabletop.

A Western student of the Mo Pai can also be found on Youtube.


  1. The person who posted this video removed it today. If any of you managed to see it, please copy the video file out of your browser’s cache and send it to me, so I can repost it.


    just fyi… I have been training in Qigong for the past 2 years.. I am now able to reach a temperature of 115*f in either palm.. if he can power led’s that gives some hope of a biofeeback system…. since this will not register on a volt meter…

  3. It’s such a shame that he’s had to retreat I was hoping to go and study under him in a few years time.

  4. I remind everyone sifu not teach now. If you looking him is for nothing.

  5. yes but he has students… there is nothing to stop you from learning everything they know

  6. [Apologies if this is a duplicate, as I accidentally closed my browser session.]

    While I’ve never studied qigong but have always wanted to, I only ever met one practitioner who didn’t feel I was ready for his teaching, despite my thousands of hours of medition in both yogic and Buddhist styles. Nevertheless, I was often able to shoot sparks from my hands and occasionally unwittingly shut down devices including electric parking meters or payment boxes. Is this static electricity or qigong? I don’t know but hopefully one day my “master will appear”.

  7. Chris, apologies for pulling the video. There was a debate regarding my upload, which has now been finalized. The clip on Youtube is reinstated for public access.

  8. “Yes but he has students… there is nothing to stop you from learning everything they know… ”

    Yes but how do I get in touch with his students

  9. I am most interested in learning this form of channeling energy.
    Especially how to acknowledge the difference between ying and yang energy within me and how to project that.
    I am a very spiritual person and i’m very grounded.
    If there are any books relating to the study of qigong, or meditation tecniques that anyone could advise that may help me along this path, I would most appreciate it.
    Thank you.

  10. My apologies, I just read through soe of your amazing topics and links and have found the books i’m looking for.
    I shall keep an eye on this site as I find it very interesting.
    Thanks again.

  11. Hi everyone
    I’ve been doing some massive research on this very little known arts. The problem is that here in my country, nobody practices qi gong, or similar techniques. Is there anybody who could help me getting initiated in thisParticularly qi gong. Mw, you said you’ve been practicing for 2 years, could you tell me how did you start?
    I would really apreciate your help.

  12. Hi, If anyone has any information on how to distinguish your Yin from your Yang chi, could they please send it to me. I am very interested in dedicating my life to understanding the power and union of body, mind, and spirit and awakening our true selves. Please contact me if you have any information on techniques, quides, or teachers available. Thank you!

  13. For those who asked: I believe this video is taken from episode 1 of the documentary “Myths, Magic and Monsters”. Sorry, I don’t have a torrent.

  14. I know that all of you probably know how to do Qui gong, but if anyone wanted to learn the meditation I would be willing to help. I think that everyone has what it takes, but first we must quiet our lives down and really devote ourselves. The meditation that my mom taught me has been passed down through my family for generations and she has gotten some good results so I think that it is valid.

  15. Martin // Apr 14, 2007

    I would love to learn how to meditate? Could you please teach me how to meditate?

  16. Martin or anyone else. I just saw a video of John Chang and it has really lite a spark in me (no pun intended lol) I have studied so many thing for the last ten years but nothing like this. If anyone can help with the techniques I would really appreciate it. Email me please.

  17. yogip I sifu know more than 20 year. kosta book wrong many. standing exercise he make self. many people talking just imagination only. western student befor training mopai little little understandng. all wrong. not listen learning other an wrong make. gone now cannot control emotion. after make many story internet. taking money people. many chinese studemt same. emotion control cannot. now only local student an one western student andreas. must good heart an deep level meditation can. sifu no one give permission teaching this. must level 4 then can. sifu now documentary coming. door closed now. many come angry going. no see sifu. spending much money coming. you want learning cannot. master this qi only deep in china mountain. chinese speaking not same like city speaking. maybe you finding master different qi can china city. different qi not so powerful. little same only. not trick you money on internet say I bring you master. good luck.

  18. Kebenaran, Tell Sifu I wish him the best. Well all I can do then is let go and let god as the saying goes…


  19. Cool, seems convincing.

    I live in America and have given up on seeking someone to teach me “qigong” (well, basically, what I refer to when I say qigong refers to a wide variety of things)… Im fairly certain that now days I am better off taking the hard road and finding it out all on my own through trial and error, and if I find someone along the way who can teach me a few things then so be it, but I think it is now a waste of time to look for someone to teach you, 99.9% of all “practicioners” are fakes, I have barely learned anything on my own that I can manifest in the physical realm, and my health seems to be declining the more I practice, I have read that if you do qigong wrong you can ‘permanently’ damage yourself, but I have no other choice as far as I can see right now, but I go in and out of weakness, its trial and error really. Now that guy, I dont know where his master learned these things and taught it to him, but if this guy doesnt start taking on real students, who knows, he MIGHT be the last one with this true knowledge on earth, and if he goes into seclusion then who knows what will happen to the knowledge he has, most likely it will vanish for a long long time.

    Anyway, Im having some luck lately practicing, health has gone up some as I correct some errors Im finding, having a hard time learning anything useful in the physical world though, the only thing Im getting so far is declining health and greater awareness and perception of the universe, but Im still nothing special just yet, I havent done anything like this guy is doing, I havent even helped myself yet much less others.

  20. Yea, sorry, I didnt include this in my other post. Its a continuation of when I started saying “If this guy doesnt start taking on students…”

    Well, if he doesnt teach anyone or atleast introduce them to his knowledge, then the chance of anyone in mainstream society (those not living in total seclusion uninfluenced by the outside world, mostly those who have been secluded since they were born) will likely never find any true knowledge in this age due to the propaganda (or whatever you want to call it) that tells people what to think, what is possible, what the “truth” is, etc.

    Its a lot like the story of Jesus, he made people believe by showing the entire world. It was like a spiritual war, his spirit trying to show the truth, versus all the spirits who are trying to suppress it for their personal gain.

  21. Gabe,

    I truly believe there are many more like him in the far east china, india, tibet the hardest task will be finding a guide or set of teachings that will show me a way to understand life spirituality. Maybe 1 day i will find a teacher

  22. Jason, why don’t you just share your information with everyone here?

  23. Because then the secret will be leaked!

    Honestly, this is amazing stuff, and I’d love to see more. After watching “Mind, Body, and Kickass Moves,” qigong training has a special place in my heart.

  24. I have added you to my msn messenger friends list to talk more abou this online, if you are willing.
    I have also e-mailed you incase you do not use MSN Messenger.

  25. No, I am not John Chan writing.

    For those of you that would like to learn to meditate I can recommend a very, very good book. It is called The Book of Blank Pages. I can be found on-line at

    The book is like a poem. Just follow along with the text, do what is tells you to do, which is very, very easy to do and practice and has incredible results.

    I know the author. The book is a product of his meditation. One night he was wondering if what he knew could still be taught, whether there was some way that he could teach it in today’s world. He went into meditation and out of his silence this book literally poured out as the answer to his question.

    Let your inner voice guide you as to whether to follow this path. By the way, the listed author is not only a pen name but a clue as to the state you will discover as you learn to meditate.

  26. you people need some serious help if you think ANY of the things in this video are possible. the man is a fraud. every trick in this vid is easily replicated by a competent magician. If he really had powers, why not do a trick that HASNT been done for a long time by carny tricks? You people are delusional if you think humans can do this. Sorry for being so blunt, but he’s scamming you.


  28. So Lenny, how did he put the chopstck through the table?

  29. I don’t think John Chang is a fraud? each and every person has the ability to perform what he does, it just takes time and dedication like anything. Our bodies are full of electrical pulses, what’s to say these pulses cant be channelled and used in different ways? A lot of people are quick to knock this man and put him down, but only because they don’t know what is possible and if they think it cant be done then that’s it? that’s just being narrow minded. I really don’t think John Chang learnt Qigong and his abilities to set fire to the nearest newspaper, Iv read Qigong is for the healing others and your own healthy living?
    I’m from a very spiritual family (my mums a practising spiritual medium) and iv seen and felt things i thought couldn’t ever be possible, things I cant explain, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen or doesn’t exist. There a lot of people in this world that would change the way the think if they would just be a little more open minded. Just because something’s not written in a science book or hasn’t been proved by some professor doesn’t mean its not there, scientists are learning new things everyday and maybe someday things like this wont be abnormal or claimed fake, but by then it maybe to late if people don’t carry on learning these western arts.
    I’m interested in meditation and Qigong and have started to try and learn the basics of this art (not to try and set fire to stuff ) just for inner tranquillity, harmony and self healing. These days everyone is rushing about trying to earn a fast buck or getting drunk to fight the next bloke that looks at them the wrong way, its these sort of people that would benefit from sitting down and taking awhile to look inside their selves and be at peace. But I don’t think that’s very likely to happen, because yet again they would probably be to narrow minded

  30. all impure, and the reason you want power is for show not healing you will never achieve power until your heart is pure. tao te ching, confucious,asop…. live right, because even in death you can be an influence.

  31. this is my personal opinion, the ying yang is a representation of are free will, if you are completely evil you will always have the capacity to be good and the other way around. if you read the bible satan was created by god for free will, withought satan where would we burn. so satans existance is needed for the free will of man. thats a high price just for us to “know”. god created everything knowing the outcome before he created existance so why create something pure evil. i already answered this. so if god gave us free will, achieving one mind one body can be possible through either power, thus the ying yang. what are you using it for, honestly?

  32. For anyone who wants to learn qigong:

    First of all, just because someone can’t set a newspaper on fire doesn’t mean they can’t be a valuable teacher. In truth, there are a fair number of good teachers out there and almost everyone in the world will look right past them. Why? They don’t show off. They don’t have anything to prove. They know they have power, they don’t need to convince you. Most people can’t even fathom this idea because they are so bent around what other people think. Qigong is an internal art, the qigong artist is internally validated, show offs miss the point. You don’t want a teacher who doesn’t understand the art they teach.

    Second, you don’t need a teacher if you know how to listen. To what? Words won’t do. Nature, yourself, Dao etc are all partially correct and partially incorrect. It’s a matter of intuition, sensitivity, and trust. Your body already knows the way. Most people think all the time. Learn how to clear your mind and feel your body. There’s something in the stillness. Follow it. Stretching, dancing, standing, walking, whatever fits you is a good place to start.

    Third, though you don’t need a teaching, practicing with someone else can enhance your development. Words are the least of a real qigong master’s teaching. Practicing with a low level teacher or friends is still better than practicing alone (though alone you learn different things). Also, don’t limit yourself to people. Big trees have great qi (especially evergreens) they can teach you a few things.

    I hope this helps anyone who’s looking. Just start. You don’t need to wait. You don’t need to go to Java. Get started, be patient, be sincere, and your teacher will appear.

    Good Luck

  33. I do Qi Gong training as part of a martial art, I travelled to Hong Kong to train under my Sigung. The martial art I do includes Qi Gong at all levels, taught to all students, but in the tradition, only once you have learnt for many years and proved to be of good character can you train in more advanced, and dedicated aspects. My Sigung taught me that most of what you see are old tricks, and that the true art is about increasing the understanding of body and mind that is built during normal training. As this was related to martial arts, the body part was mainly related to supreme muscle control, in order to attack with increased strength using very short range attacks, and defend by either making the attacked area very soft to absorb the attack, or very hard to repel it, depending on the type of attack. The mind part mainly dealt with controlling pain that occurs if your defense fails, or you are attacked in an area that cannot be defended against. This came after training for about 5 years in the regular art. Some people can get to that level in 2-3 years, others it can take 10 years. I lived with my Sigung for 1 year, he never asked for any money, even though I was taking a room in his house, and food, however it is customary to give a gift at the start of training, and the size of that gift depends very much on what you can afford, if you have 100 cows, and offer only 1, that is an insult. If you are expecting magic, forget it, if you are expecting to master it in 1-2 years, also forget it.

  34. Yongdao – wise and pure. we would all do well to listen to your words and hold them close to our hearts.

  35. This video was shown to me by a person from the BOTH forum and I must say I am blown away. I was meant to see this video and it just shows me that you can control your chi and heal the self and others. I actually just watched this man by the name of Stephen Co from the “Bridging Heaven and Earth” show. He also was showing demonstrations of controlling your chi and manifesting it to heal.

    Qigong is very spiritual and requires your entire being. From when I was a little kid I would always shock my friends when I touched them. I figured it was because of the friction of the ground or something, which sometimes maybe it could have been. However, this would always happen even if I were not moving. Lately and especially this year when I am at work sitting at my chair and listening to deva premal or other meditation sound vibrations I start to notice my breath and feel energy coursing in my body. It especially tingles in my fingertips. This has happened to me at moments where I was very aware of my body and breath.

    So I feel if you can observe your breath and body, than you can self heal through channeling your energy. We already have all the answers in our body and in nature. Just have to explore it for youselves. It’s truly beautiful when you feel the divine in yourself. I have been saying this a lot lately but I really mean that.

  36. I consider myself a pretty open-minded person, so I believe the taped medicinal application of his skills are real. I would even like to think the newspaper bit is real, but I would have to see that done in person. Some people claim you can replicate that by combining chemicals to produce fire, but those papers looked pretty dry to me. I have seen a person throw a needle through a pane of glass, so the chopstick thing is possible.

  37. Salam Sejahtera Kebenaran,
    Sayangnya kalau ilmu sebegini pupus.
    (It’s a pity if such knowledge disappears)

    Kalau Kebenaran sudi, berikan sedikit petunjuk. Saya sudah lama belajar qi gong tapi tak sedalam seperti qi gong mo pai ini.
    (If you agree, give me some pointers. I have studied qi gong for a long time but not a form as ‘deep’ as mo pai.)

    Ilmu sebegini mungkin boleh selamatkan dunia kami.
    (Knowledge like this may save the world)


    HS Wong
    Kuala Lumpur

  38. This can be easily learned with a few basic lessons and then its all practice,practice -the only reason its very hard to find a master or to find the real secrets is that it can be used for destructive purposes as well as good, and the student must be put throgh years of trial error,and hardships to spend time to prove to the master -one thing ‘Responsibility’ not everyone is or can control there emotions when put to the test, a real master will beat the student/have him beaten,he will put him to humiliating tests to see if the ego rides him, or he rides the ego, who is the boss – if ts still the ego, then he needs to stop his teaching, or learn for many years, – its a serious and dangerous study, that will no doubt attract higher authorities,even if practiced in private -its best left alone, for health reasons one should not study this alone – only with an energy supporting master.Its not a joke,or a shortcut to ‘superpowers;, remember everything has a price – some people born with these gifts dream of becoming a normal human being.
    I have studies this through varioous teachers, but now I have connections beyond my wildest dreams throgh my Sufi teacher,I am now content.Study sufism throgh a real master and you will see what I mean, be part of the spiritual ocean,you will be amazed beyong your wildest dreams..

  39. Hello everyone,

    All hope is not lost.

    Master David Verdesi, an ex-student of John Chang has achieved the legendary level 4 of mo-pai. He has achieved yin yang gong. He can now electrocute people from a distance. This was only possible under the strict tutelage of his yin yang gong masters. These masters were able to demonstrate Lei Shan Tao (thunder and lightning) abilities on video

    To find out more visit:

  40. I have been a QiGong disciple for 27 years starting at the age of 4. I came to America in 1989 and have practiced silently here since. What you see in the video can be accomplished, but at a price. Few are able to pay the price and make the sacrifices necessary to attain my or Chang’s level. Chang used to be a long time member of our silent community until he sold out our secerets. He is no longer considered a friend. Seek not what you have not the will to accomplish.

  41. I have been studying for a very long time, it seems. Since I was very young. I have seen ki demonstrations, chi-gung demonstrations, etc…. The exercises are available for anyone that wants to spend the time to do them and learn how to master them to the highest levels. Tai Chi forms are available online, yogic breath training can be found on line… You don’t need any more info than that. Even if a master crushed a one ton stone every day in front of you with the fist of one hand, it wouldn’t make any difference to your abilities. All he, or John C, has done is show you that it is possible. It is still all on you to figure it out and do it.

    What you can’t find on line is the understanding of how and why these things are possible. So you turn to John or others and sit at their feet in hopes of some of what they have learned will rub off on you. You forget that John had to teach himself and you have to also.

    Its like the scene in “The Life of Brian” where Brian is pursued by a crowd who is trying their best to deify him but do not actually understand what Brian is up to and why he is running away. They stopped listening inside and heard what Brian was saying as he disguised himself as a soothsayer and pursued him for knowlege. It was so futile that it was funny but that is what many of you on this thread are doing. You are missing the point….

    You can train to be able to miraculously turn on an LED or you can train so that whatever makes that possible works to your benefit on demand in any situation where you feel that you need it even without your conscious thought. Its already there and working anyway…. If you train for that general benefit rather than to knock over a brick with your chi from ten feet away, then you are gaining an understanding into what these skills are really about.

    These abilities find their roots in ancient shamanic practices and if you focus on the depth of training that makes you a strong healer, certain abilities will manifest of their own accord. You need to eat well, surrender egotistical manifestations, focus on compassion and healing and practice seriously every day.

    The miraculous will manifest regardless of what it is you are doing if you do it diligently enough. That is what growth is and that is why we acknowlege people who are good at so many things. They have taken their skills to a very high level be it martial arts, painting, cooking, or whatever. If one practices diligently one ends up with a “spiritual” practice that can demonstrate tangible and sublime results.

    This knowlege disqualifies those that aren’t prepared because they can’t handle it even if they can recognize it – and often an unprepared mind can’t even see what is happening right in front of its own nose.

    Many of these physical/martial abilities are tricks of leverage combined with a high skill level, like many of the more commonly known Aikido demonstrations of so-called “Ki” like the unbending arm or making oneself “heavy”. The proper techniques for doing this end up being reduced to simple physical principles… And yes there are strong and bona fide Aikido expressions of ki…. If you can’t see that it is a matter of physics, then how can you recognize chi, ki, qi when it is really active in front of you?

    Notice that when John C is pushing a chopstick through a board he is using all the correct leverage and stance that one would use if one was shoving a chopstick through a board. He is breathing carefully, focusing, applying force and leverage…. and a little bit more. He doesn’t just pick up a chopstick and ease it through the board like a sharp needle through a banana. All of these things are related and dependant on an understanding of the physics of this reality but the properly trained adept can be just a little more than the sum of those factors.

    You don’t need a teacher for that. You aren’t ready for a teacher if you can’t see the difference between ki and physics. The first step is surrender. Let go of what you think you know, what you think you need, what you think life is, what you think ki, qi, chi is, etc. Train your awareness by sitting still, breathing carefully and listening to what is going on around you.

    Once you are in a stable place you will be able to see the real forces at work in your world. The interplay between minds on the street, the nonlocal information that your mind can gather when it is quieted, the energies around events and incidents that compose the experience of life.

    Without that level of awareness you can’t heal yourself or anyone else. With it you can begin to be a small force in your world, living carefully and impeccably, with mindfulness. Eventually you will see and feel and develop your own conscious expression of these energies.

    Have you noticed that most of the people who are capable of these types of expression are healers? Do you know why that is? Is that compatible with the type of martial expression that you are currently visualizing? Think about it. Ask yourself “Why do I want to be able to light a newspaper on fire with my chi?” If you can answer that honestly, then you can see both your problem and the solution and that will put you on the right path.

    It isn’t that martial prowess is “bad” or that being nice and healing people is “good”….. so think… why is it that these people who can do these things are invariably healers? Go to any tradition anywhere and the story is the same. Those with the highest powers are healers…. figure that out and you will actually know something of value to your journey.

    Don’t dispair and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t capable or worthy of learning these things. If not you who wants to know, then who? Be diligent, be motivated, be patient and be honest with yourself and the opportunities to learn and grow will come and the sublime will manifest when called to do so.

  42. Shujinko Yamasi, Why is John level 22 but got cut by a splinter from a chopstick while breaking it after demonstrating pushing chopstick through a table? I thought that at level 3, one can withstand to any knife attack if aware. Surely at John’s level a splinter would be a piece of cake.

  43. Hey guys, you need serious help if you believe whatever “Shujinko ” said and just seek him out without any kind of proof. Kostas has already said that in his books, John Chang was the only one taught by his Master. Shujinko Yamasi was bullshiting, he is a fraud.

  44. Seeker1000, John C told us exactly why both he and a bystander got hurt. Perhaps you can’t see the connection or just don’t believe it but John knows why he got cut and anybody who is on the path can see it.

    You seem to be focused on John as an example of some kind of fighting master who has become invulnerable. I don’t recall seeing him doing anything “martial” in his demonstration. He is a healer who is working with a very strong and intense balance of energies.

    These energies have rules and when you break the rules, certain things happen. An impeccable practitioner has learned to recognize those imbalances and is very careful with his actions. If he becomes careless for a moment, the balance can tip and damage can be done.

    So why aren’t you seeing that when you watch his demonstration? You seem rather preoccupied with performance levels and expectations. This isn’t serving you well. Back up, reset, settle down and adjust your awareness so that you won’t miss these things when they happen right in front of you.

  45. Hey Radu. I was at the same boat as you. I really dislike all this secrecy bs and those who come and dangle the carrot. You can get started with this technique to fill the dan tien:

    Don’t do the micro-cosmic /macro orbit yet maybe afer a several years. you want to keep the chi at the dan tien and not spread out anywhere else and waste the energy.

    The mo-pai levels are far more simpler than that and mo-pai level 1 is so common among so many qigong schools.

    It’s the thousands of hours in the mo-pai training and the one only method of practice is what differs to the other schools. That’s why it’s so powerful.

    If your a martial artist or if you have the determination you may want to practise a standing meditation practice. Any sort of horse posture would do, even holding a ball tai chi posture. Make sure you could hold it correctly other wise you’ll suffer like me who did that posture incorrectly for an hour and get painful joints in the shoulders. The idea is to hold a particular stance for hours. You can develop and circulate yang chi fast this way as well.

    I can only help this much. I wish other far more experience people to do the same.

    Best of luck with all your journeys.

  46. Look into Yi Chuan they do alot of standing postures.
    Personally I would get a mster first before doing any nei-Kung you could be causing yourself damage and adding chi to problems in your body. This training should not be taken lightly.

  47. Well, I’d like to find a master but I don’t think that I will find one, where can I find a master? how can I search for masters?

  48. I’m not sure if I can appoint what is going on in this chat about Chang or any secret occult stuff as xenophobia, but I feel they should be more open. I’m 16 and I’ve been meditating ever since I’ve got into conspiracy about what truly goes on in the world and why it works the way it does. I plan to apply myself I want to encounter what any common man can’t encounter and master what any common man can’t do. I am dedicating my life to truthism so that one day I can become someone great even if nobody else knows how great I am.

  49. Radu,
    You can find masters most anywhere there is a large Chinese population. There is a great accupuncture/herbalogy center in Oakland,Ca and the master there is well known. You can go to the 8th street BART station in the early am and find people training, same in China Town and Golden Gate Park in San Francisco…. of course, that is if you believe that there are only Asian Qi-Gong masters… There are many in Hawaii and even more if you get a VISA and go to China. Of course, don’t neglect the East Coast, there are plenty in NY and anywhere that has a strong Chinese neighborhood. You can get the basics there and start building and gaining referrals…

  50. Thanks for your reply…but I live in Europe.Hope to find a master…

  51. Dear all,

    You don’t need teacher (HA!)
    You look for teacher because you are poor baby! Poor baby syndrom–“take me there”.

    You cannot be “hellicopted” to awareness…no way!

    You have to do it yourself!

    Anything would do: Tensegrity is perfect, the most brilliant all inclusive guidance that include such secrets as the crucial knowledge of the assemblage point! Or get a Mantac Chia book and PRACTICE!

    You get to feel the energy. Then, in a viscious circle, the more you feel it the stronger it becomes – enhanced by your attention and awareness of it!

    It is a vibratory force: will, intent… chi whatever…

    You need to practice from INNER SILENCE!

    Human mind has been predated by an inorganic predator who trapped man in the state of constant selfreflection. Break this mirror of selfreflection by taxing it with INNER SILENCE like in the video of POD Sleeping Awake!

    And most importantly: KNOW THAT YOU HAVE A ENERGY TWIN/energy body! Connect with it! You need to open the gates for it to start to show up. It is already there but you will feel vibratory sensations all over, and of all kinds!

    Don’t get hooked to the intent of spectacular “tricks doings”! Notice how mr Cheng is HUMBLE!! Look at his eyes: they are humourous, dettached and humble! Defy the predator by shutting the mirror of self-reflection! The infected center is the crown of the head: it should circulate like all other vortexes but it goes tick-tack like pendulum. Tax it with INNER SILENCE and don’t focus obsessively on this centre!

    And, most of all, connect with other beings: we are all interconnected and we affect each other beyond physical boundries! Great interconnecting is on the way and the masses awake in a wild chain reaction….but the evil “gatekeepers” are advancing too! So,
    it’s not the time of “”oh, but ME and my sifu”….
    it is the time of WE!!!!!!


  52. I have found what I have seeked.Without a master it is almost imposible, or very dangerous to practice.From what I know Mantak Chia didn’t even finish the first level, I heard that his books are copies of other books and he is just parroting what he had heard from true masters.Mr John Chang went to seek out others like him in other places and most were just daydreaming, some were practicing for decades and pretended the can do much, but they were just deluding themselves.I don’t say that Mantak’s training dosen’t provide health and maybe general wellnes.
    Good luck to you all.

  53. Hello:)
    You forget something:
    when the connection to the energy body is awaken, then, little by little there is a new element coming into play–you don’t include this new element into your reflections above…and this new element is…:

    you just KNOW …without teacher…

    if you don’t reach silent knowledge in the first stages even, then no teacher will help you. SIlent knowledge comes in small morcells first, which is good, because once you KNOW you have to DO, and you just can’t DO too much at once…so it is all interconnected in a perfect ballance…

    Recapitulation is the key (as described by Don Juan of Castaneda) to ridding you of personal history and contorted fibers. Recap. breath..simple, but ppl are lazy…they want teachers to “fascinate” them…

    Mantac Chia is good application. The books are made of “modules” that he, as you mention, repeats in different books if the context calls for such repetition: he just “pastes” them… He is pretty pragmatic and straight forward and very clear (not “clouded). I did some of his Tao alchemy in the most lazy way possible, helter-skelter, and despite this it ignited whole load of energies and vibrations that started to “dance” around in my body healing all kinds of stagnations by stopping at such places as if these blobs of energy had volition of their own…and this only in three days… But then Castaneda’s seers tell us it is the Energy Body and it knows what to heal and what to do….it only asks us for stopping our endless cogitations and thinking and give it chance to surface by us practicing INNER SILENCE…

    good luck to you too 😀

  54. Mister Chang demonstrates original power from nature.
    It is creative power which we all have inside us from birth,
    his message is not about chi, and what marvelous things we humans can do with this, no, he wants to tell us about the true power behind chi; learning to forgive ourselves, learning to love nature , returning to our origin. returning to the most simple and true.
    I hope and pray that his message will reach the hearts of human.

  55. Chang is one of the 5 types of Immortals. All of these special powers are used for healing. Many teachers have the basic skills for this type of healing. Chang shows dedication to his teacher by healing. the Tao Sang books are the resource for cultivation of the powers. Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India are places where these healing skills are still demonstrated, even America has such . My teacher of 25 years was such a healer. Many of these people are on the bottom of society and fall under the radar. Hungar, lack of shelter and friendlessnes is part of the education. The Kanjur and Kulior are also good sources. Evans-Wentz has translated some of the books on Tumo and Gelung-Pa. Chi-Gong is also a good source if you can find a good teacher to direct the cultivation of these abilities. Sploger is a word used to describe a person that emits sha or death energy. The world is full of them most unconscious and a few well educated ones conscious of it. The Chinese in their vast literature on this subject, over 10,000,000 volumes that have survived the burning have a huge resource on Immortals one book lists 93 of them and their methods, it is over 1000 years old. Let us share the wisdom and be healers. Prove to the others like John Chang we deserve to be taught.

  56. What you give is what you get in life. John chang is in secrecy. Communication brings words without words there is no life. what he does is not just for him but everyone. people have lost the spiritual side in this material world. There is no reason that we do not desirve his knowledge. It is for everyone.

  57. John Chang represents a purity of life and belief that not many can even comprehend.
    The universe has a living energy that can be mastered to spread good and healing.
    Not many will be able to even understand but the few of pure mind and soul will find it.
    I only wish I could fully master the teachings of
    John Chang. I wish I could speak with him and learn how to teach myself.
    Purity of ones self and control is the key and of course much

  58. I am seeing much dissillusion here; people are BEGGING a man to help them, calling him “master.” Simply because he stated that he was one. You who search blindly for somebody to hold your hand along the path towards enlightenment miss every lesson along the way. Then end up at the end of the wrong path wondering what happened.

    I must remind you that QiGong or Chi Kung simply means “Breathing Practice.” Chi as the Chinese refer to it, or Ki to the Japanese is translated as “Breath.” It describes the energy that we can fill ourselves with if we breath correctly and posture ourselves to efficiently take in this breath energy. Kung simply means “The practice of.”

    Yin is the soft, internal aspect of our Chi energy as well as the energy of our surrounding universe. Ying represents the harder, externalized manifestation of our energy. They complement each other more intimately than most realize. They do not alternate; there is not either Yin or Yang. There is only Yin AND Yang. Allow me to share a translated passage from “T’ai Chi Ch’uan LUN” out of the T’ai Chi Ch’uan CLASSICS:

    T’ai Chi
    comes from
    Wu Chi
    and is the mother of Yin and Yang.

    In motion it separates;
    in stillness they fuse.

    It is not excessive or deficient;
    accordingly when it bends,
    it then straightens.

    In stillness, the YinYang symbol is represented by a complete circle, undivided and whole. Only in motion does it dilineate.

    Too many people here seek to learn and understand the Yin, only to be superior in the Yang. In truth, you must seek Yin in all aspects, and the Yang will manifest itself of its own accord. In T’ai Chi Ch’uan (Supreme Ultimate Boxing) no attack is hard. Everything is soft. Defense, offense, it is all soft. And thusly it is superior. In attempting to harden, the body tenses, and energy flow is compromised.

    I wish everybody luck in whatever they are searching for,
    but I encourage you to look internally at what you are truly searching for and why.

    Do not waste all of your time searching for somebody to show you the way. You will go nowhere, and will look back at the end of a wasted life in sadness. I wish this for nobody.

    Peace love and serenity to all of you.

  59. Grazi,
    This practice is Nei-Kung not Chi-Kung, also everyone walks there own path, a master just guides you on the way.

    JC is very real and there are other master too to learn from.
    All societies have a spiritual master who people can learn from, Saint, Sadu’s, Sufis, Lamas, Medicine men, This internal art is not the only way to achieve enlightement and gain abilities, i’ve heard and seen of Dervesh Fakir’s who can do many more amazing things than JC, Staying under water for 20 minutes appear in two places at once and so on.

    Its easier to learn a path when it is established and given help of someone who’s been there rather than having to find it yourself or invent your own. You cant really do much in life on your own, you get help with everything, like obtaining food or building something.

    I agree with your yin yang exposition, its all about balance but we seek to learn the thunder path and there are teachers out there to help one and everyone I’ve met is not disenchanted but very pleased to have walked this path.

  60. I don’t know what to think of this, is it real? is it fake? Is this even possible for me? I think this is cool, I would like to learn this. But in what way? To impress people? To ‘enlight’ my life?

    Why do people want to know those things? To become ‘happy’?
    But there are plenty people don’t knowing it and still they are very happy, so that means that if you are going completly you’re way, You would be happy. So why buying all those things while they are just telling you to be yourself… well sorry if im wrong. Just my opinion dont know if my english is very well. Im just 15 years old and live in Holland. I would like to set things on fire. But I know I wouldnt want to know it because it would make me happy or something. Just to feel unique or something.

    Some times when I say something I mean it diffrent So if im wrong. ok….

  61. The first time I saw John Chang’s demo on youtube, I sent it to my Kungfu brother, who introduced me to Qigong and this is what he had to say:

    “John Chang! He follows the Mo-Pai Taoist neigong/nuigung (“internal work”). I met one of his students last summer… his student taught me their meditation. My nuigung teacher, [redacted], met John Chang last summer in LA. John didn’t demo his “setting paper on fire” technique, but he did demo his “electric human” technique, which Sifu said John could send enough electricity into a person that if the person wasn’t trained to ground it would be knocked out cold. I was impressed with the story… until my teacher’s senior student told me stories of my teacher… if that stuff is true it is just phenomenal!!! But my teacher always says, “believe what you see…” but sometimes he changes it to “believe what you feel!” Anyway, John Chang is legit! …and by the way, that’s Taoist magic!!! =)”

    I have since read The Magus of Java and am waiting on my copy of Kosta Danaos’ second book which deals with more of the history of the Mo Pai school.

    It would be cool to have these types of abilities, but I’m sure the training is difficult and finding a teacher is not easy. My advice to everyone interested, including myself, is continue to practice your martial arts and learn to meditate. I don’t know if there are any “special exercises” in any system of Qigong or Neigong, but I do know that real cultivation on a higher level can’t be achieved without some sort of meditation. It is the most difficult, yet the most easiest thing one can do.

    Good luck everyone….

  62. Ok I take it back, thats pretty awesome, but well like I said. Im 15 and there aint one teacher in like 200 km so I don’t think it would ever happen to me to meet someone with those powers, also Im no American or so 😉
    But like you said, training is difficult etc so with no helper and no dutch translated books near itlbe pretty hard.
    But its pretty awesome to do those things If someone knows a site with stuff like that or simple meditation in english please send 🙂

  63. RJ, you’re looking at something that can take years to develop. In the book, “The Magus of Java,” the writer, Kosta Danaos, travelled all the way to Indonesia from Greece to find John Chang. He then stayed there for a month asking him everyday to take him on as a student before he accepted. My advise, for now, is if you are not already training in the martial arts, find a teacher, start taking classes– the Art does not matter, the teacher does.

    John says he is not a Taoist and that almost anyone can learn these abilities. He says he’s just a kungfu teacher teaching abilities as an extension of martial art training.

    As for learning to meditate, you could always go to a meditation center and ask them to teach you. It’s free, and meditation is good, regardless of your religion. Unless they are doing something “suspect” they should be more than happy to teach you.

  64. I explain how he does it. I have done all of this. No mystical powers. Please read.. dont think u reach higher levels by following this guy. . take it for what it is! Electricity stored in the body! I find that quite amazing too though..

  65. So you have stuck your finger in a socket or a battery and stored the energy for releasing?
    Trouble is people have stayed around JC all the time so would have seen him charging up. Also he does other mystical things talking to spirits and others doing the training have seen things which cant be explained by charging yourself up.

    Tell us what you have done exactly.

    JC was also tested by several scientist who checked him out thouroughly and could find a and charge on him with a voltmeter, if he was storing it it would have shown on the ampmeter.
    Theres also David Verdesi’s people who have there masters sucking out the life energy of bulls and creating new elements and moving objects from a distance.
    No I think theres more to this than just charging oneself like a mobile phone.

  66. If yo’re into learning Qi Gong/meditation, be very very careful with the right methods, from right masters. If you practice it wrongly,(either yourself or your master), you get the Qi/Chi gone into wrong path…you could be screwed. The worst is losing your sanity. I heard this from the elders who practiced Qi Gong

  67. hi everyone, i ordered the 2 books of kosta danaos and im very exited about the experience he lernt and describe in the book. i hope there will be more information about the right meditation and what price it take…i want to learn it!

    anybody can help? i dont now where to start

  68. I’ve heard now from several sources that Kosta has bent the truth about alot of things in his books, most of the stuff is fine except when he braggs about himself being invisioned by JC, also heard JC chucked Kosta out of the Mo-Pai because Kosta got angry and was rude to JC, he does not teach him anymore and will only talk to him. There is now a new leader of the mo-pai one of JC students and he wants nothing to do with westerners.
    The only lead now is to either join David Verdesi’s group at approx 10 000 euros or theres also, which i’ve heard this guy has many abilities like JC, he is in australia though.

    Andreas in australia has not got much teaching either and had problems in the mo-pai also.
    Kosta will teach you upto his level 2 for a large sum of money too.

    There are other masters in china but getting to be accepted by them ie Wang li ping is a momentus challenge.

    Kosta does show level one in the book and all can learn this stage simply, read through his nei kung book, its mostly in there.

  69. Seriously what can one accomplish after Level 1 in meditation, what are the benefits?

  70. hi haider,

    in which book, kosta declared level one? in the book of the magus of java there is only the story about him and the apprenticeship to jc

    best regards

  71. So from the books, in level 1 you simply concentrate on the dantien in the lotus position?

    Where does the yin chi come from? The ground? Does it enters the hui yin through the ground when we meditate?

    And in level 2 we use breath retention by yogically holding our breath? That means to pull up the anus and tongue on roof of the mouth when we hold the breath after inhale?

    Do you have any idea of level three?

    I read from a book called “the antichrist manual” by raymond holder that in the level 4 the last nadi to severe is them mingmen nadi. There yang chi goes down and gathers as much yin chi as you have yang chi. Quite interesting. In this book he also talks about the level 2 testing (telekinesis) using materials instead of using the yin chi of a master (eg. Master John).

    Any more information guys would help humanity quite a bit.


  72. forgot to mention. In the book i mentioned above it also has detailed methods for levels 1, 2 and 3. I’m not sure if it is the same methods Master John has trained in.

  73. Hi gan,
    Nice to meet you.That book sounds interesting.Do you have an electronic format of it?:) Can you share some of what is written about lvl 1 in that book?
    Good luck

  74. I read the book again and it is not the mo-pai system.
    I’ll type out the whole level one ,2 and 3 techniques from the book below (Why am I’m doing this, just to make life a little more interesting

    From the book:


    This is Technique that I found and that will yield similar results. There was no name for it, so I call it “SYSTEM H.S.S” (HOMO SAPIENS SUPERIOR)

    The first thing you must do is leave Sex alone during training. Some say not until Level Two, but it’s best to start on the right track. The first exercise is called the Horse Riding Stance and is called this because its position looks like you should be sitting on a horse.

    You should be able to practice until you can hold this position for at least and hour or more. The exercises are done in Levels and in the Mo Pai system there are seventy two. You achieve your Power after you past Level Four. You can also have some power at Level Two.

    LEVEL ONE: Sit on the floor (outside would be better) and cross your feet in the Lotus position (left leg under right thigh and right leg on top of the left thigh) if you can’t do this just cross your legs (Half Lotus) Calm your mind and Meditate. Put your left hand under your Dantian like your cupping it and lay your right hand inside that one and make sure the thumbs touch. Make sure your spine and head are straight. The goal is to fill the Dantian with Yang Chi. Master Chang says Meditation is when you are not awakre of anything. It is like being between awake and sleep. No focal points nothing.

    Master Chang says that it takes 81 hours of complete Meditation to fill the Dantian and that the average person who sits in Meditation only achieves true Meditation three minutes out of every hour.

    So the more you practice the better you’ll get. If you stay up 24 hours straight and then try to stay awake and Meditate you will get some good results. ( I tried it)

    The legs are crossed to cut off certain energy ducts in the body called Nadis and the Yang Chi is rerouted to the Dantian. Master Chang use his energy to see how full your Dantian is. I suggest that you ask your God to help and guide you with this because the more you meditate the easier it will become.

    LEVEL TWO: In Level Two you have to compress the Yang Chi in your Dantian, pack it and make it hard. (Remember no sex!) Our sexual energy (semen) is transformed into a more powerful form of Yang Chi. In Sorcery I had always read that you should not have Sex before trying to conjure a Spirit because sex was “dirty.” This is not the case, not having Sex would give you enough Yang Chi to conjure the SPirit in question.

    Take your Lotus Position and hand positions. Pull up your anus and genitals like your trying to keep from going to the bathroom and at the same time push down with your stomach muscles and focus on you Dantian with your eyes. This should be done for at least an hour a day or for as long it takes. Remember all bodies are different, for some it could be fast for others slow. When you feel like you have to have sex, move to the Level Two position because the Semen is ready to be “Cooked.”

    Take your positions. Inhale through the nose and pull in your stomach and feel your energy move from your testicles to your tale bone and up your back to the top of your head. Breath out through your nose and push your stomach and when doing this trace the energy down from your head until it reaches your Dantian.

    Keep doing this until your Sexual sensation is gone and when it returns do it over until you get a ball like a mound in yur Dantian. Soon you will begin to develop marks in the center of both of your palms like burn marks. I tried this and recieved a bubble blister like from being burned. This is your Yang Chi pushing itself out of your body, because you have filled your entire system with it. Remember be patient and practice hard.

    Some guys practice up to ten, fifteen years or more. They don’t live in the Unitied States where all you have to do is whine or take what you want. You can’t say I should have this because I’m white or I deserve this because I’m black. This is the only science on the planet were it can’t be given to you. You yourself have to work for it.



    LEVEL THREE: Sit in your lotus position and relax and focus.Breath in for six seconds ahold the breath for 33 seconds exhale for 12 seconds hold for 2 seconds.

    Practice this for as long as you can, but at least three hours or more is te rule. The goal is rhythm so, try and keep the pace steady.

    If you feel, you can go higher the better: 8 50 16 3

    The goal is to push the energy in to the Sushumna located in the spine up to pierce the first Granthi and to move up to the Dantian. When the energy is made to flow through this Channel, it ceases to flow through the Ida (Yin Channel) and the Pingala (Yang channel) making them easy to break by making the Dan tian jump like you have the dry heaves. YOu break the Nadis’ in a criss cross fashion like an X.

    When the first four are broken, you can move the Dantian like a rolling ball.These two Channels sit on either side of the Sushumna, the Ida on the left and the Pingala on the right. The books I found on the chakras say that the Ida and Pingala curve around each Chakra like figure eights. This is false because Chakra spin. It would seem that the two Channels would cross at each Chakra instead of going around them. Think about how hurricanes work, a cold and warm front even those Crop Circles work on the same principles. Two different energies one positive and one negative hit each other and are made to chase each other and spin.

    The same thing happens whena tornado is formed so why not a chakra? The Ida is cook and the Pingala is HOt. This is just another case of people not understanding what they are reading or writing about and repeating what they have heard.

    LEVEL FOUR: The rule is you can pass level four only ify ou have a yellow aura. Master Chang says that there arethre kinds of auras Black, Yellow and White. Black being evil and selfish. White being good and kind hearted. Yellow being at peace with the universe. You have to go out in seclusion to reach Level Four.

    When you achieve Level Four you sever the Mingmen Nadi which is the last Nadi holding the Dantian in place. It goes down and gathers as much Yin as you have Yang Chi. The Two will rise together and you have to force them by your will to combine them in your Dantian.

    Master Chang fainted twice trying to do this, but on the third time it was his. Look for different Tai Chi postures and movements and get to know your powers.

    CONGRATULATION YOU HAVE JUST MOVED UP TO HOMO SAPIENS SUPERIOR. You are Immortal and you will retain your personality after death.

    You will be able to Reincarnate when you wish and to a certain degree the laws of karma have no effect on you. You control the powers of the universe, and are A True Son of the Gods.

    You will need this training because you don’t have to buy anything special to practice with. Yes you can practice in jail, outside, and under any circumstance.

    No Spells, no Cnadles, no Incense, no Partner, no Money everything you need you were born with. If the time comes and you’re stripped of everything you own, this Power is still yours. This is your trump card. LEARN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN”


  75. Thank you:).It is pretty similar to mo pai, but not really the same thing..but the principle till level 4 is almost the same.I guess it works.Though I don’t think it is good to practice from a book without a teacher.There are more ways of achieving this levels.We can talk a bit more in detail on mail if you want..let’s just say I know a little about mo pai:). Good luck 😉

  76. My e-mail is [email protected]
    Will someone please email me more info about mo pai( mainly its training methods and meditations)? I have searched for something like this for many years.
    Any info you have would be very helpful
    Thank you very much.

  77. Yep this is not mo-pai but does have some similarities, there are a load of details missing out. I’d recommend doing kunlun, that will lead to direct enlightement.

  78. so haider what are you training in? mo-pai or kun lun?

    and how do you know that you know the correct mo-pai methods but have never studied under John Chang? didn’t John Chang forbid every western pupil he had to teach mopai?

  79. How do you know if I’ve never studied with John Chang? I have my information from authentic sources.

  80. be careful of revealing too much info

    good luck with training

  81. This video is awesome, I would like to learn this training, and I would meet him because I know I will meet him one day

  82. I am a student of John Chang, and I can testify that the video is 1000% real. However he is not accepting any new students. And had retired to heal people
    Many western guys were trying to come and asked to be his disciple but he sent them home for no excuses. They were not polite and so insisting.
    I just want to remind you all, to think twice or maybe thousand times before going and looking for my shifu. You will go home with empty hands

  83. Learning qi gong is a good thing. But you have to fully aware that if you train qi gong/nei gong in the wrong way, it will cause harm to yourself, there were cases of insanity, internal injury or maybe death. Do it the safe way, do not hold your breath to minimize the risk.
    If you are willing to seek for a high level master, you need to search in Mainland China. The masters usually stay in isolated area in China (or in forests and mountains)

  84. I’ve given no information away just that the above description by gan is not all there, save some poor souls here training wrong.

    My teacher says that the training is’nt that dangerous as people keep scaremongering, only if you miss something out, but then you just stop and rebalance,
    I cant say for other chi kungs though.

  85. great video john chang is one of the best master i have seen and people john teaches healing not fighting.

  86. So what visualizations should we use gan for practicing it?

  87. Guys theres no point learning from titbits or from reading half researched books. You really have to cultivate this practise and the best way is from a teacher. Find some one or go to the foundation guys such as

    Pay the money and learn the proper cultivation and building a strong foundation. Doing any half wishy washy type of training will only bring those types of results.
    You have to put time effort and blood into this and if your going to do that then do it properly find your self a real master who can guide you accordingly.

  88. Hey all,
    Please accept my humble advise. I beg you guys, please do not go about trying to condense your yang qi, or move your energy around without a real teacher. Even the simplest of exerices can and will cause great damage to your body when done incorrectly and without supervision. The dantien is a place that is physically different for everyone and it is NOT exactly 3-4 inches below the naval, 2 inches inside, these are generalizations. It is different for everyone and moving around your energy without knowledge is lethal. That being said, a real teacher is someone who can physically and personally demonstrate to you their ability, power, and control and is not someone who just speaks flowery and of beautiful ideas and ideals without proof. Even John Chang has demonstrated his ability; request the same of someone you are considering as a teacher. As a sidenote, the doors to the Mo Pai are closed and only 1/1,000,000 (if that) can achieve what JC has done. Listen to Haider’s advice above. Be patient and most importantly listen. You already have the answer. And my last comment… if you are simply trying to make a cool fireball (ha-do-ken) or shock people… this is not for you. The training is far too hard and vigorous for that, it’d be easier for you to buy some electric toy and zap people. The goal is enlightenment and becoming a compassionate individual.

  89. I was just wondering: How does this relate to Jesus saying that if we just BELIEVE (or have faith) we can move a mountain? Just a thought. Ontop of that – how does this all relate to psi or telekinesis? This is all very strange stuff but I hope one day I’ll get the hang of all this.

    PS: I’ve been feeling burning in my left for a long time now ever since I started practicing energy manipulation.

  90. It came from years of meditation , it can’t be taught from people or any creation of people .There is no short cut other then putting your desire to work. The time you waist on these posts are the time you could use meditating on self awareness.

  91. The desire to learn the superficial manipulations of this way disqualifies oneself. The demonstration on these powers discredits the wielder. Physical requirements to learn the way completely remove the authenticity. I would never disgrace myself by aligning myself with any such “Master”.
    The true goal one should strive to achieve is the disillusion of duality, and the realization of the source. What does that have to do with setting a newspaper on fire, or making your hands hot? By seeking such a teacher you are doing nothing different from joining a circus.

    With no beginning,
    and no end.
    where are we?
    we are.

  92. Absolutely Mu. Very wise words.

    The practices described here , about breaking chakras and forcing energy up the central channel is pure madness.

    Not only will it damage you , but it will ruin your chance to achieve higher states of conciousness on a true spiritual level.

    The energy referred to is ‘kundalini’ energy , which is a nurturing female energy. She will rise when the right time comes , but if you try to force her to rise she will be very angry ( hence the heat).

    If your chakras were clear and your kundalini rises you would feel a cool , not heat.

    There are people who can help you awaken this energy for self realisation , but not those who advocate ruining your nervous system.

    If you ruin your nadis and chakras how will the kundalini rise when the proper time comes?

  93. To be honest with ones own self is always a great start.

    If I may speak for myself I feel moved towards Mo Pai for a number of reasons and against it as well.

    Against it because its not in my blood line and wish to do only honour to anothers culture and tradition and believes it rests with them but choose to share it openly.

    As the path to open my faculties completely and use it as a ship to navigate the realities and the platform for grounding to explore the many universes that exist. As a tool for further development. To honour the gift as a gift from God the creator and source of all things. To bring peace to all in my path, and annihilation of obscurities and falsities within that will be reflected without. All is one, so the inner world is reflected in the outer world. It is my sword and shield, my path to the inner world and path to the creator. The stone and the pond, the two in one where the cause and effect come together. One in the same. Beginning and the End. Alpha and omega.

    It teaches me more of myself as the creation and myself as a god, transcending perceived limits, and understanding and being.

    I beleive that there is a lot can be done with this, and is very very useful for the great plan and rise of order that is in all chaos.

    I truly feel sorry for the masters, and the burden that this is to carry, for it is indeed a gift, and a curse, as is the whole of existence. I expect that there is a lot of Karma and damage that can result with this system.

    Reality is relative as is the truth, and this experience would be incredible for everyone in their time, when mine is I cannot say, and even less for others. Some things in life are preordained, some are not.

    Whoever spins the wheel of fortune must have an idea of where it will land for all of us.

    Whoever forces things will take the consequence fairly upon their imprudence, for all things have their time.

    I can only make myself available and make it known I am interested.

    I trust the teachers and know that god willing they will pick the right student and I let go of the desire to move without a sign. I can only await like a virgin in the night.

    This stuff is always frought with worms, as the good and the bad play out for a divine purpose, however the lessons are without value if people “can’t get it”.

    May we all find our life purpose. peace and clarity to all. Good luck and good journey.

  94. Hello my name is Brandon Pearson i am 17 years old and i live in roseville CA USA.

    ever sense i was 7 years old i have been interested in the teachings of nei kung and chi gong.

    if i were given the chance if would devote my self entirely to chang sifu and his teachings by the time i turn 18 i am going to save up all the money i can to go to Indonesia and find john chang.

    my main goal in this life is to find the full potential of the human mind and body and i believe i have finally found the man that can help me achieve my goal.

    i am more than willing to devote the rest of my life to these teachings.

    i have thought about seeking out john chang everyday and nothing will deter me from my goal

    please email me back with questions of comments.

    [email protected]

    i also have msn.

    Thank you.

    Brandon Pearson.


  96. I have been trying to find out as much information as I can about Mr. John Chang and his teachings without much success. I am very interested in finding instruction or any information about Mo Pai.

    – Beginner exercises/meditations.
    – Finding a teacher or school.
    – Finding Mr. John Chang himself or one of his students.
    – Anything that would help me learn about chi.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    [email protected]

  97. Hey everybody. Im adam and im 16 years old. i am extremely interested in chi energy adn being able to project it in order to heal and do other things. I can make my body have this strong and weird feeling. idk if its chi energy or what it is, but i can make it get stronger and stronger… i almost begin to shake. can somebody please help me by explaining to me if this is chi? and just please help me out with some other stuff? thankyou so much if you can .

    email me at [email protected]

  98. Regarding post 116. Chang would be so pissed if he knew I was telling you this but he lives at 1141 Sesame St in Java. Ask for Oscar who lives in the garbage can down the way and give him the secret pass code. Then he will tell you where Chang is hiding. Dont tell anyone.

    [Edited for civility. –Admin]

  99. regarding post 123 above this one. I read the link to the article. What system is your internal shamanistic practice? Is it Silat? I know Silat practioners some have good power and some just know how to move with a knife.

  100. One of exercise neikung is to manipulate the breathing technique, your breath is your power. Remember in Bible the God blow your nostril His Breath! So there is power in your breath! This is one of the secret to manifest your extraordinary power.

  101. Hai Thunderbird thank you your questions. Silat in Indonesia famous and there are tqo category in Silat Martial Arts; external arts and internal arts. External arts is ordinary practise like Karate for example and this is more concentrate in physical development, but internal arts it’s really different,more in invisble power practise using breathing exercise, as you know the Yogic use the power of breath to make extraordinary event. Many Silat club in Indonesia and each club have the secret practise to dvelop their student have extraodinary power. If you take a look in Silat International Tournament, in opening ceremony you can find how pesilat fighting with their inner power, knock down the enemy without physical contact. Hope this info good for all of us. May the blessing be. Salam Salute

  102. Yes,

    I have met a few Silat people with some inner power unlike Kung Fu or Karate etc. One of them froze me so I could not move for several seconds. There are some powerful Kung Fu masters I just haven’t met them. I have studied under various teachers ranging from Korean Buddhists, Lakota Shaman, and several forms of Pagan witchery, which is what I focus on now. Can you share some sources and books for me to understand the internal Silat system?

  103. You are a charlatan and it’s a charlatans system. My messages while looking at the site were huge red flags floating through my minds eye.

  104. I want to learn how to do the nei kung, qigong, ect…. any thing that some one can help guide me. I ultimately would like to become a student of John Chang. I will try and learn/train with who ever will help me. if that be by giving me info or actually meting in person. any thin will help. I am 17 years old and live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. and my email is [email protected]
    for any one who dose take the time to help, thank you!

  105. Hello
    Brandon here again i just have a question
    i have recently been struck with a good question

    you see i have been attempting the follow the path of a Taoist Immortal but a point has been brought to me although it does not hinder me from my goal it is still a head scratcher

    you see with Taoism you are supposed to let go of all worldly bindings material and emotional and desire

    but “To Deny your own impulses is to deny the very thing that makes us human” –is it not.

    this little bit of wisdom is a little head scratcher haha

    any feedback would be nice

  106. Whatever system that teaches you to be poor and ‘without’ things is disinformation that stems from a hidden agenda. Remember, the Dalai Lama will never worry about where his next meal comes from. He jets all over the world and stays in very nice hotels, even travelling in a motorcade. Godmind is abundance and limitless and you are supposed to reflect that limitless mentality. The goal of spirituality is to be powerful and have an increased awareness for whatever you choose to do with it. The goal of life is to be happy and have what you need in order to focus on the more important things, not where your next meal is coming from or how you will pay your heating bill. That is stupid and a waste of energy. Dont be afraid to make loads of cash…..if thats what you need and want.

  107. Besides,

    Who said if you have a lot of money you have to be attached to it. Why cant you have a lot of money and NOT be attached to it. Just realize its there in the bank and then think about other things.

  108. Well Bill Gates has a huge lead on Godming seeing as how his wealth is limitless.

  109. Chris,
    The mo pai method has nothing to do with religion, you can in any religion you want to. Practicing in the mo pai system will bring about certain events that will most certainly prove an afterlife but not religious specific.

    [Juvenile insults removed.]

  110. regarding post 22:

    I met Dr Morris at Indiana University in about 1995 or so and then went to a few seminars he did. He took me and a few guys out to lunch at a Subway and showed me some things on how to move energy. I also posted on this a long time ago on one of these threads but he was the guy that disappeared on me and reappeared behind me.

  111. i come to the conclusion that being taught the secretes of the mind is very hard to come by for the teachers try VERY hard to keep it secretive and out of the wrong hands so i know no that i must go to them… they will not come to me. especially over the internet haha
    im off to china in may of 2009 and heading to the himalayas
    for i must seek.
    i must talk… talk to those who will listen.

  112. Mindless1, if I ever allow you to comment on this private forum again, you need to understand all of the following:
    * Mo-Pai is not neigong, it is a small subset of neigong and related disciplines.
    * Many forum participants are more experienced than you. The rest are more respectful. That is smart behavior when conversing with fighters, or with anyone else.
    * Unlike the majority of martial arts bloggers, I do not delete those comments that dare to disagree. However, I do not wish to provide a platform for disinformation either–particularly when it may lead to personal injury. So I expect all participants to write within the bounds of their knowledge, and not to exceed them.

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