How to Shoot ‘Chi’ Bolts From Your Fingertips

Nei kung experts such as John Chang have allegedly spent decades learning how to harness their bodies’ inner chi power. Some of their incredible demonstrations, however, can be reproduced without special training. With a proper setup, most adults can shoot a lightning bolt from their fingertips.


A capacitor is an electrical device designed to store a temporary charge. Capacitors are used in virtually all modern electronic devices, from digital cameras to plasma TVs.


All objects, whether natural or man-made, exhibit some degree of capacitance—including that large bag of mineral water known as the human body. If you have ever walked across a carpet and received a painful shock from a doorknob, then you are familiar with the high voltage potential of the human body.

Friction and static electricity are not the only ways to charge your body: you can also plug yourself directly into a wall outlet. Of course, you should never try this at home, because it would probably kill you. Why not watch someone else do it instead?

In this video clip from Maximum Exposure, Jose Munoz demonstrates a few of the extraordinary phenomena known as electrostatics. After handling charged television components to increase his energy, Jose can:

  • Attract objects with an opposite charge to his body
  • Light paper on fire with a touch
  • Cause a fluorescent light bulb to glow in his hands
  • Shoot blue bolts of electric current from his fingers

Technically, this doesn’t qualify as telekinesis or pyrokinesis, because Jose is the conduit and not the source of the power. Nevertheless, it’s one amazing parlor trick.

Does it prove that the yang chi and yin chi are really just electricity?


  1. qi not electricity. can make like electricity only. can make like many different effect. many qi master make trick like this. use wire an touch someone. this trick more than 50 year now china. yin yang qi cannot find science. only in body can feel.

  2. Its not electricity unless you want it to be =P, we are the ones controlling our universe.


  4. when was the last video shot and how can I contact lawrence blair?

  5. I like to know how can i see into the future and sense someone behind me and move with ease and shoot bolts from my fingers also and put a shield around me and last of all move objects and people wih out touching them and pplease get back with me on this asap.

  6. i think chi is just energy we use energy to move and breath and stuff people just train and learn how to use that energy for other stuff and learn how to control is easier and make it stronger

  7. Try to reach for Jose’s hand or belly and you’re zapped and then he’ll have to recharge himself. John Chang can zap you on cue repeatedly without charging. John breaks all the rules of retaining a charge (if we consider his body as a capacitor). Chi is possibly an electromagnetic phenomena since it is polarized and sometimes affects direct current (I’m assuming that’s what we see in his videos). If these phenomena could be easily reproduced by the untrained, you’d see a bajillion similar videos on YouTube.

  8. Our Muscles React To ELECTRICAL impulses from the brain, Actual Electricity!.

    To Generate Chi Is to Make the Brain Send these Signals without moving the muscles.

    That is what you feel when you gerate Chi, the Electricity flowing, without it being used. And this can be harnessed.

    Think about moving the muscles in your fore-arms, twitch them slighty, now thing about doing this without moving. This is the basic Chi/Electrical signal generation practice.

  9. Here is a different video of what appears to be the same person: “My Shocking Story: Electric Human”.

  10. Where can i see the actual vids? no jose, no the other video.

    Removed by user.

    Can some1 post them again pls?

  11. You’vegot to be kidding me with the science thing. Its Spiritual and Chi is Chi not Electricity fromyour body which we produce but is everthing always about…hmmmm, this is interesting and Supernatural…we should study it thru science and find a Logical Explanation. Man…Scheptic Scientists. T_T

  12. Lets open our pineal glands–3rd eye and get ur God-given powers back that u were born with. Dump education! its TRASH…Metaphysics is the answer! Read books on Astral Travel, Meditation, psi powers and u will be fascinated beyond belief.

  13. Qi is just increased blood circulation, nothing more! If you train relaxation every day, you will get the power.

  14. Chi is the energy that flows within us all. It can be used physically to increase strength/speed or defense. Or it can be used in a different way, outside of your body, telekinetic chi.

  15. Its simple, everyone has electricity flowing through them at all times its what ur brain uses to control ur muscles, some people can control it better then others but everyone has potential.! U make ritualistic answers for scientific things! “chi” is nothing but a state of mind!

  16. I have tried this, I am able to bring my energies together and create fire and heat things. Meditation helps you achieve this.
    Get energy in your Navel chakra, bring your negative energy from your perineum and bring them together. If you can do this, just meditate. Spirituality is more important!

  17. What happens if you hit whit that energy someone in head

  18. I actually did this once, in front of three other people! We were sitting on a vinyl picnic table and I slid off to get up. I was playing around and pointed my finger at my husband and a blue bolt came from my finger right to his ear! He screamed, the other two people were awestruck then we all laughed. Craziest thing ever. But I was electrocuted when a child and I have weird electric stuff happen. The blue bolt out of my finger only happened once but it was awesome and I’m so happy other people saw it. Wish it had been on video, I’d be internet famous!!

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