Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal

There is a man in Indonesia who is a master of the ancient Chinese science of neikung, or “internal power.” His name is John Chang, and he is my teacher. Mr. Chang was first presented to the world in the award-winning documentary series Ring of Fire, filmed by the brothers Lorne and Lawrence Blair; his privacy was protected by the rather ignominious pseudonym Dynamo Jack. In this documentary Master Chang shocked the world by demonstrating the impossible: First he generated an electrical current of high amperage inside his own body to heal Lorne of an eye infection, and then he “zapped” Lawrence (and their sound recordist) utilizing the same energy. In a dramatic conclusion Master Chang then used this bio-energy to set a crumpled-up newspaper ablaze, warning the researchers that the same power that had healed Lorne could readily be used to kill a man as well.

So begins The Magus of Java, a wonderfully entertaining book by Greek engineer and martial artist Kosta Danaos. After watching the video below, Kosta traveled to Indonesia, became an indoor student of the Mo-Pai, and wrote two books about his experiences.

Ring of Fire: East of Krakatoa

These books do not detail the secret Mo-Pai training methods, only noting that they include sitting and standing meditation. However, they are filled with fascinating information on the history of martial arts, medicine, spirituality, and esoteric practice—plus a few anecdotes about telekenesis, fortune telling, and immortality.

Hermes and Asclepius
Greek god Hermes visits Asclepius and his daughters
An ancient Western depiction of kundalini energy?

Years ago, Kosta entertained questions about nei kung, the Mo Pai, and his books on the Wenwukuan website forums. Unfortunately, he decided to shut down the English-language website in 2003, and I didn’t think to download a copy.


  1. This is very interesting, Martial Development. Thanks for publishing it. The title of your post alone is certainly enough to warrant a look-see. 🙂 So I did. I have the same mixed feelings about “paranormal phenomena” as many people do. But I’ve decided that it’s a matter of understanding or perception. In other words, “paranormal” is a tag, nothing more, a little cookie-cutter sometimes used to help bolster what we believe we know about the Universe.

    I’ve heard of Kundalini but never looked into. This was my chance, so I did and I found:

    “The kundalini paradigm hypothesizes that the operation of a psycho-somatic evolutionary mechanism in the human frame, sometimes called kundalini, is responsible for genius, creative expression, psychical perception, inspiration, and other paranormal phenomena, when its workings are benign, and insanity when the mechanism goes awry.”

    I’ll be darned if I can fault anything in this paradigm, if I don’t allow myself to be scared away by what I preconceive “kundalini” might stand for or contain. So I’d better try to learn more. Part of me says that all this stuff can be explained by modern science and a mechanical sort of worldview. But I’ve learned to distrust the All-Seeing Microscope just a bit. Thanks again for a hard-to-ignore challenge!

  2. i am very curious about the inner arts does anyone know where in Java this master is and if he is still alive.

  3. I remind everyone sifu not teach now. If you looking him is for nothing.

    I sifu know more than 20 year. kosta book wrong many. standing exercise he make self. many people talking just imagination only. western student befor training mopai little little understandng. all wrong. not listen learning other an wrong make. gone now cannot control emotion. after make many story internet. taking money people. many chinese studemt same. emotion control cannot. now only local student an one western student andreas. must good heart an deep level meditation can. sifu no one give permission teaching this. must level 4 then can. sifu now documentary coming. door closed now. many come angry going. no see sifu. spending much money coming. you want learning cannot. master this qi only deep in china mountain. chinese speaking not same like city speaking. maybe you finding master different qi can china city. different qi not so powerful. little same only. not trick you money on internet say I bring you master. good luck.

  4. Kebenaran,

    Thank-you for representing your teacher.
    It is unfortunate that when I have finally found a true master I cannot learn from him, but at least I know they still exist.
    If you read this please say thank-you to the master for showing enough to let us know this power is still on earth.

  5. how do I contact D.J. or any of the Blair brothers, it is imparitive that I speak with one of these three. If anyone has any way or info. let me know

  6. If you could teach me what John Chang taught you or know of someone who could teach me let me know.

  7. “Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal” is the subtitle of Kostas’ book. Please do not take it as my personal endorsement.

  8. Kebenaran
    With all due respect, Your comments are very informative and heart felt, It is obvious that you are dedicated to preserving and protecting both the true art of love and light , as well as the privacy of your dear friend. This is quality many have chosen to sell out on simply for the jewels that materialistic gain has to offer. I tip my hat to you with great respect.

  9. Kebenaran is right. I’m John student. Sifu Chang not teaching anymore. Everyone love chikung can still teaching with another master. I think there is so many master in mainland China or you can see master Zhou Ting Je in Ripley’s believe or not. I think his chikung very well.

    I want both of you don’t expect so much with John ability. Maybe that is one of billion people can be like him. That is not easy to learn John ability even I myself. I hope my explanation could be help everyone on this forum.
    Thank you so much….^_^

  10. In the book of Kostas Danaos, Sifu John Chang said that he wished a Mo Pai student in every country: what about this idea if he does not accept any other students.
    Of course, people can change their mind but I found it was a great idea: millions of people would have benefit from the practice of Nei Kung and most health problems could have been simply deleted for ever.
    I am wondering why he changed his mind and what made Kostas change his too.
    Best regards

  11. There are many things that Kosta wrote that Sifu may have not actually said and it is just what Kosta may have thought sifu wished for. For example Kosta being an indoor disciple it not true. I guess it sounds nice.

  12. I believe there are many paths, some estoric martial arts we may never even of heard of but they may be practised by monks or hermits who live in the mountains of tibet or korea, or some wilderness

  13. Yes indeed there are many paths. There are many martial arts as well but the physical manifestation is not as important as the internal cultivation practises. If there is no chi then all the kung fu that you have will not be worth much. I would tend to think that those hermits or monks would probably be focusing most of their time in cultivation with some at the physical level.

  14. WHY IS Mr Chang not teaching anymore??
    This is a time when the planet needs as much love and assistance as possible. Each magnificent universe blessed with the dedication and wisdom to cultivate such abilities would be such an amazing gift to mother earth. I do not understand!!

  15. What I mean is simply this. I can understand the level of attention that Sifu chang was subjected to must have been overwhelming and that in turn could divert his concentration to aspire to greater levels of his wonderful path. My humble query is why has he stopped teaching ..

    Could it be that we have lost the ability to put aside our egos and look not to achieve the levels beyond our self made limitations for the vainity of wealth. I ask this question with the deepest respect . I think that it may be because these gifts which can only be attained through hard work and dedication are both scientific and spiritual and possibly, man is just not adept and ready to to selflessly embark on such a journey.

    That could only mean that Sifu chang and all those before him are great master way ahead of our time. Hopefully one day man will be able to enter this wonderful world endowed with these great gifts and can help heal mother earth and mankind .

  16. By this i mean the gerneral population and NOT Sifu chang..
    sorry sometimes my fingers cant keep up with my thoughts..

    Could it be that we the people have lost the ability to put aside our egos and look not to achieve the levels beyond our self made limitations for the vainity of wealth. I ask this question with the deepest respect . I think that it may be because these gifts which can only be attained through hard work and dedication are both scientific and spiritual and possibly, man is just not adept and ready to to selflessly embark on such a journey.

  17. Dear Kun Lin,
    Your innocent question does not go unheard. There are many paths and many people far more powerful then sifu Chang. They lie hidden, away from the common folk. Sifu Chang went away from the oath he took and began to teach all people, regardless of skin color, culture.
    Many of these masters are pre destined to attain these powers. It was surely not only in this lifetime that he awakened the force, rather he spent many life times in cultivation.
    In any case think of the ramifications if he taught indiscrimintely, unlike the ancients before him. What if a student dies from the training or a student mis uses this power as many do, what karmic responsibility falls on sifu Chang?
    People are humans and if this power is awakened we are still humans. It is up to the person how they use it. A person with powers can do much great or much bad as master Lim from the Magus. How do we learn to control mind, emotions, this power when awakened?

  18. All hope is not lost.

    David Verdesi has already achieved level 4 of mo-pai. He has attained yin yang kung. This was only possble under the strict tutelage of yin yang kung masters. These masters has demonstrated Lei Shan Dao abilities such as burning t-shirt of a visitor or telekinesis on video.

    To find out more please visit:


  19. I believe nei kung is the science of the future and the great science of the masters of ancient kemet. The incredible dedication and responsibility that must be endured in order to help mankind can and should be likened to that of a surgeon or a specialist brain surgeon. I think we have miss understood that nei kung is not a martial art but rather a spiritual science of our higher selves. It is and should be looked upon as the balance of the flow of nature. And it may well be the future of mankinds achievements and the eventual ladder to our future generations becoming higher enlightened beings.

    So I say Dr Chang if you are reading this ” You have chosen a select few as you have been instructed to do so as to carry out the line in to the future. And for that I say job well done and lets hope mankind will eventually see the big picture”

    Hope this mail does not cause and problems with other peoples veiws.I say this with absolute humility and with the utmost respect for all we have given their time and effort to write on this page..you are all part of the great creators incredible plan to take mankind up to the next level of in- volution


  20. like many i am sadddened that master chang does not teach anymore, however i do hope that he still continues to heal. if anyone can offer information on this i would appreciate it very much. thank you very much.

  21. Dear robert chuidian ,
    Master Cheng does heal still but he is inaccessible to most, at least he wants it that way and his masters want it that way. This all has to do with karmas and oaths that have been taken long ago. People have karmas amongst themselves but also, groups, countries and planets, if you understand this. Now having siad that if it is your karma to meet people like this you will. They do not for all intense purposes want to be found by everyone. People in the past have used all kinds of ways to find him, most have failed some succeded (after many years) but he still does not want to be found. He is happy living the life he lives away from publicity. This brought him a lot of problems. Mainly students with bad intentions. The publicity he did not create but was created. These problems still plague him to this day.
    There are others that claim to have many abilities and try very hard to lead people into believing this. Believe what you want, be sceptical. All the answers lie within. Look within and you shall find what you are looking for. Until later. Peace.

  22. There is no price as far as money is concerned. The only price is your time, energy and personal sacrifice. Many so called masters are making a great cost from westerners and others alike. The true secrets have no cost attached. They are not of this world so how can cost be part of it. Money is something of this world. These masters have no concept of money. Peace

  23. ohh i have been a student of my teacher for almost 15 years wen i saw the video clip in youtube i though that my teacher was the only one that could use chi at that level

  24. The video clip from youtube was actually taken from a documentary that was done in 1986 originally the ring of fire. It was just a 2min part that featured shrfu John Cheng. There are others that can do these things indeed but they remain hidden from the world as they do not want the attention it brings as one can see. Shrfu Cheng would have also remained hidden to the West but the will of God had other plans. I would like to speak with you in more detail if that is ok with you.

  25. that fine with me my email is [email protected] my teacher ones told me that no man can question the word of of God or the plan that he has for us do you agree

  26. Dear neikung and aiora,
    I would really like to get in detailed contact with you. Since a long time I practiced seriously Taiji, QiGung – meditation with some great experiences of force and maybe skills? But in 2005 something must have gone wrong!? I became badly sick and had so many symtoms in soma and mind that all people around me failed to help me and I was near suicide, going through hell every second of every day but did not give up!
    Somehow now I feel a bit better and try to get in touch with people or masters who really know what they are talking about. Don`t misunderstand me, I have been visiting my teachers in China, but even they tried but coulden`t help me. I feel that something strong happened and still takes place. I feel so much like starting to practice again, as I tried inbetween the last 3 years some times, but with bad result. Maybe I touched ungarded some places you should not go without a guide? So please if you could get in contact with me that would be very kind! My email is [email protected]

    Thanks a lot!

  27. I am looking for a old soul who can understand the truth and now i see i have found one.

    Since i was a child i had inner sightings of future ,places things to come and spiritual visions.
    Memmories before my birth and such.

    I Long for a better world.

    Unfortunatly our society only have a intresst of making us into consumers so the true knowledge is lost ,so we need to fight the rest of our lifes to find ourselfs.

    I dont feel at home inside in a house when i am outside i feel free and connected to the truth.

    People all around the society have all build a mask och false feelings and crave on your knowledge like a starving wolf.

    If i cannot get in touch with the truth and its meaning this life means nothing to me.

    The spirits are with me and around me.
    A period of my life i could contact them in my inner self but nowdays i live in a to much stressed inviroment that i need to fight of my minds addaption to so i cannot find inner peace in myself.
    Meditation helps but man is an addaption of ones sourandings and that is the major problem to full development.
    Also that the old knowledge of the truth is forgotten.
    Why is the meditation a secret?
    Listen to me to be able to use your yin and yang you must be awarre of your feelings ,right?
    How then can people use it to harm i havewondered for a long time?
    Please i need to get in contact with this teaching.

  28. Hello my dear soul.

    Mail is .. = [email protected]

    Wery happy to see a respons. ; )

    I hope you live a life in hapiness and visdome.
    May your karma be pure and strong.

    Best of wishes and bless you.


  29. You might have some problem to see my email becouse of this line _ between knas and jedi .

    I will be looking waiting for your answer if you so wish.

    I wish to live a simpel life.

    For many years now i have dreamed that i vill travel away and meditate the rest of my life in the wild and i can feel something pulling at me.

    I wish you the best my dearest souls.
    May your heart be strong and your mind clear.

  30. Dear Neikung,
    It have been 2 years since I started to look for someone in real contact with the MoPai tradition. I make Michel words my own about the deep concerning of the human disconnection with the Nature and the need of a real path to help us to reconnect and enlight.
    Please contact me at this email:
    [email protected]
    Best wishes

  31. Neikung – I happened across your site – I find that you deeply honor your teacher and your teacher honors you. Nice to see your paths have come to enter once again the circle you have shared in the past….

  32. neikung,

    First of all, I thank you for helping out as much as you can thru internet. I’m indeed one of the many seekers out there, also one who has been searching, reading, and questioning, about this world we were made to believe. However, I understand that this world, the universe is way bigger than our knowledge, so I kept my mind open, then something led me to a video clip titled ‘John Chang’ on youtube..

    At that time I was looking into ‘zero point’ energy, which led me to ‘chi’.. Along the way I’ve seen many fakes; if you know what I mean.

    Well, I’ve read both Kosta’s book and I’m reading it again to understand his way of explaing yin and yang..

    Could you help me to understand, a little guidence would help me greatly. My email is ‘[email protected]

    Thank you for your time.



  33. Neikung,

    I wonder if you and your master are aware of this?


  34. Hello my name is Brandon Pearson i am 17 years old and i live in roseville CA USA.

    ever sense i was 7 years old i have been interested in the teachings of nei kung and chi gong.

    if i were given the chance if would devote my self entirely to chang sifu and his teachings by the time i turn 18 i am going to save up all the money i can to go to Indonesia and find john chang.

    my main goal in this life is to find the full potential of the human mind and body and i believe i have finally found the man that can help me achieve my goal.

    i am more than willing to devote the rest of my life to these teachings.

    i have thought about seeking out john chang everyday and nothing will deter me from my goal

    please email me back with questions of comments.

    [email protected]

    i also have msn.

    Thank you.

    Brandon Pearson.

  35. dear nei kung,

    i would like to apologize for the late reply. i dont normally surf the web and when i last posted my comment i was expecting that your reply would be forwarded to my email address. i just chanced upon your site once more and saw your reply to my post.
    i understand and appreciate what you have said. i would like to know more about mopai from you if it is okay.
    thank you very much. respectfully yours,
    robert chuidian

  36. Dear Robert,
    Please give me your e-mail address. Thanks

  37. Dear Nei Kung

    i withdraw my previous question i understand that you are not allowed to answer certain questions.


    Brandon Pearson

  38. Dear Nei Kung,
    I recently came across this blog and saw your postings regarding the mopai. I have been very interested in finding instruction and would like to hear more. How can I contact you?
    Thank you very much for your time.

  39. Dear Wayne,
    Please leave your e-mail address. Be careful there are people out there that want your money and it sounds suspicous.

    Take care,

  40. Dear Nei Kung,
    Thank you very much for your response. I appreciate it tremendously. Please contact me at your convenience.
    [email protected]
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  41. I wish to learn the teachings of the Mo-Pai. If anyone has any information on how I can learn them, please, get in touch with me!

  42. I read Kosta Danaos’ books several years ago and was captivated by the idea of neikung. I was so influenced by The Magus of Java and Secret Teachings of the Warrior Sages that I began seriously mentally planning a trip to Java in search of John Chang – using only the vague clues from Kosta’s books and anything else I could find. I eventually abandoned this idea, discouraged by those claims that John would not accept any more students.
    And now, by “chance,” I’ve happened upon this forum. Only I don’t believe in chance or coincidences. I am glad to have those two to three years between now and when I first learned of neikung and John because it provided prolonged reflection. I wanted that power. Gradually, I asked myself why. I discovered two reasons: 1) power so that I could feel empowered (in other words, to selfishly boost my ego), 2) to help people (that overused, generic statement). But somewhere along the line of repeating “I want to help people” to myself, I discovered an interesting complexity in that word “want.” Whenever anyone says that he or she wants something, it implies that they do not have that something. Hence the wanting. Likewise, whenever anyone says he or she wants to do something, it implies that he or she is not doing it at present. This constituted a major turning point in my life. I stopped wanting to help people and started helping people – even if it wasn’t in the grandiose way as I imagined myself after learning about John. I worked with what I had. I changed many aspects about the way I live in order to minimize or eliminate direct and indirect harm to others.
    I have grown since reading those books and no longer desire the seemingly supernatural power of neikung simply because of its power. I genuinely hold the desire to help people – on a much larger scale than what I’m currently capable of. I’m not looking for martyrdom or superhuman abilities. I just want to increase my ability to help others in ways in which I am presently unlearned. I have been looking for a teacher like John all my life. I have always been skeptical of the different energy healings that are always popping up these days with the emergence of New Age phenomenon, perhaps increasingly so. Yet, for some reason, John is the only person I have not doubted.
    This is my path (as cliché as that sounds). I have felt it for a very long time. And I will walk it whether I have the unique opportunity to meet or study with John Chang… although I imagine I will stumble less along that path (and be less likely to hurt myself) if I have someone like John instead of blindly experimenting in unfamiliar territory. I’m not so foolish as to ask for John’s location. I know it doesn’t work that way. But I also suspect that he isn’t fully finished accepting pupils. Perhaps I’m wrong. If you are indeed a student of John’s, Neikung, I would very much like to speak with you – it doesn’t even have to be about neikung if you like – and learn more about you/from you. Thank you for the hope you’ve given the others, myself included, on this forum. Kebenaran and Pailonen, I thank you too for your comments. It means a great deal to many of us to have you here offering your words of advice.

    As always, peace.

  43. We must awake the inner guru.

    Selfknowledge and compassion is a key to many gifts.

    We are all addaptions of our sourrandings and out thoughts is a product therebuy.

    Also realise that different individuals have different abilities and also that not everyone can develope sama skills as some of them takes many lifetimes to develope.

    An old soul is an old soul.
    Start with the basics and it will all come to you and you will also understand what range and area is your speciality.

  44. Dear Neikung,

    I had read a few years ago the book written by Kosta Danaos. It appealed to me. I’ve bought books to find who is real and who is charlatan. It is very difficult to distinguish, but I chanced upon this blog and I find you, Pailonen and Kebenaran. Unfortunately Master Chang is not taking in more students, but I can understand his position, I would very likely do the same thing. Please give me some guidance. I would very much appreciate it.

    My email is [email protected]


  45. Dear Jesse,
    Please leave your e-mail address and I will respond.

  46. Dear All,
    Mike has a valid point.We must awaken our inner guru. It is through these teachings that we can begin to do this. The innter guru must get polished, refined so that one can communicate effectively with the inner God. Some people listen to what they think is their inner guru and are lead astray, worse they also lead others astray. We see many examples of this everywhere not only in other forums but in daily life.
    We have been hidden from the truth for so long it does require effort and guidance to be lead back to the divine path.

  47. My dearest Neikung Its me Michael(Mike).

    Since i have taken part of your techings i have started to develope many sides and i know and understand myself in a whole new different way.

    Life have become story and a mystery,, also i find out that you can use the chi for many things.

    It is exacty as you said.

    But what have the strongest effect on me is the ability to heal.
    I have been sick for a wery long time and the healing effect is wery powerful indeed i have never feelt so energized ,, i have but long long time ago.

    Before this i was sick for a wery long time.
    Maybe this is why i respond extra to the chi and where able to respond back to it.

    I have never feelt this strong, good, light.

    I also start to understand how everything works.

    It all comes from understanding your feelings one must be wery awarre of both feeling and thought, that is a good start.

    A couple of days ago i started to have future visions again,, and i now realise this come from third eye and i also managed to realise what parts that where involved in this higher vibration state in the mind.

    You have helped me alot master and i dont know how to repay you.

    But one thing i know for sure ,, karma allways finds its way and you are a wery special good soul.

    May the spirits be good to you, may your karma be pure and compassionate.

    You have been like a light in the darkness.

    Thank you wery much,,, i will keep in touch as i progress.

    Sincerly: Michael one of your karmic brothers .

    I hope you the best.

  48. Hello, Neikung ,I have been looking for John change or a person like him all my life,I would like to ask you questiuons about training without breaking tradition,Please email me at [email protected] by the way I can feel your chi and I can tell your training is going well,If I may offer a suggestion, when you are doing your work out,make it feel good and you will see a change,and when you do please let me know.take care.

  49. All of you posting are all “please, thank you’s, and yes sirs” because you are greedy and think you will get a bone thrown to you. Don’t worry about chang he is of no importance to you…… show some wisdom and move on.

  50. silence i agree with u completly all this please teach me crap is not doing anything chang did’nt write this he does’nt read it he proberly does’nt even have a fucking computer ur talking to air if u read the article and watching the video u will know he went away somewhere

  51. This has been a very interesting discussion until…
    Let’s keep this going.

  52. I have had an ability for some time now, but I don’t know what it means. Allow me to explain:

    At will I can invoke some type of “pushing” emanating from my head that goes throughout my body. It’s like a surge of energy. I can do it at any time.

    But it doesn’t seem to do anything other than a powerful sensation all over my body.

  53. Dear Eric,
    Please leave your e-mail address to discuss further.

  54. Dear neikung
    I would really like to contact with you. if only once. I had practiced acu body therapies for 7 years when I moved location to when I became married. After the move I found it hard to pic up new clientele and remember feel masses of energy within myself continually now I was no longer treating 50+ perople a week.
    Then after years of perfect health and strong vitality my memory and speech disapeared over night when I woke up one morning unable to express myself apart from mumbling stunted sentences where I often forgot what I was trying to explain.
    This led to great depression after spending all my available effort re-teaching myself to speak clearly and remember again.After a year I became suicidal and hopless and 2 years on I still have to remind myself that my son deserves my guidance as a father to try to seactivate constant thoughts of suicide.
    I am still not working I am on the verge of bancruptcy with massive debts and seem to be stuck in a world in my head where interaction with the people and the external world seems divided by a being slighlty adrift from this world.

    My email is [email protected].

    Blessings to you and your Masters whether you can help me or not.


    But in 2005 something must have gone wrong!? I became badly sick and had so many symtoms in soma and mind that all people around me failed to help me and I was near suicide, going through hell every second of every day but did not give up!
    Somehow now I feel a bit better and try to get in touch with people or masters who really know what they are talking about. Don`t misunderstand me, I have been visiting my teachers in China, but even they tried but coulden`t help me. I feel that something strong happened and still takes place. I feel so much like starting to practice again, as I tried inbetween the last 3 years some times, but with bad result. Maybe I touched ungarded some places you should not go without a guide? So please if you could get in contact with me that would be very kind!

  55. Hello nei kung, I would love to speak with you if that is ok. I would love to ask you a few questions. You can email me at [email protected]

    Thank you very much and God bless

  56. Dear neikung,

    I have been trying to find out as much information as I can about Mr. John Chang and his teachings without much success. I am very interested in finding instruction or any information about Mo Pai.

    – Beginner exercises/meditations.
    – Finding a teacher or school.
    – Finding Mr. John Chang himself or one of his students.
    – Anything that would help me learn about chi.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    [email protected]

  57. I don’t know who you really are.For a long time I felt you were near me but I was afraid,now I feel lost but stronger.Please come again and show me the way

  58. “WHY IS Mr Chang not teaching anymore??
    This is a time when the planet needs as much love and assistance as possible. Each magnificent universe blessed with the dedication and wisdom to cultivate such abilities would be such an amazing gift to mother earth. I do not understand!!”
    oct 25th post. unbelievable. I recommend everyone check out stewart swerdlow expansions q and a section to learn a few things. what a piece of selfish shit that guy posting that is. as if we are all here to serve him, because thats what he really means. if he was concerned about the earth he wouldnt be to worried since one man isnt going to get it done. the earth problem is much bigger than if some guy names chang is using and teaching chi or not. his worry was chang isnt there for him to show him the way….so he cried and complained.

  59. Thunderbird, John chang ( not his real name ) isnt teaching because he broke his promise to his master he would not accept any non-chinese students, and he broke his promise on 3 seperate occasions. This happened back in 2003 i believe, but in 2000 he passed one of his students onto the 3rd level of mopai when he was not suppose to. I guess his dead master found out and was very very upset. He is not aloud to be the master of nei kung or acceot any new students. Some people may say other wise but this is coming from my own teacher.

    The world does NOT need nei kung, it is dangerous and if you get to a certain point ( yin yang gong ) or the thunder path, you risk your entire life to move on to more advanced levels. Its said only 1 in 1,000,000 people can achieve the thunder path, so if there was nei kung schools all over the planet actually planning on going past level 3 then there would be alot of men dying. Nei kung was never suppose to leave China, and i wish it stayed there were it belongs.

  60. My bad, i didnt know thunderbird was quoting someone who stated that lol. Well atleast everyone knows this information.

  61. Internal practises have been practised in many places outside of China. Many Indian sages such as Buddha and Bodidharma travelled to China to spread their knowledge. It is true that the Chinese then expanded or modified teachings to suit the times, culture and environment. It is mans eternal quest to return to the truth. This is one of the reasons many systems were developed. In anceint China there were many wars, disputes, bandits, etc. People out of necessity and desperation began to develop arts that woud protect themselves and their people along with offer a path towards enlightment.

  62. Thuderbird,
    I am not sure which article you are refering to by Stewart? It is true that the planet is suffering, global warming, catastrophes, peoples internal bodies are changing with the changing earth. Their bodies are being affected by the changing climate. As the earth begins to change more, people will begin to change more.
    Each person has a certain role in life, there is no exception for a Master. A Master has a certain duty. Sifu John Chang took an oath and he is bound by certain rules. He has already broken those rules to teach non Chinese students and he was punished for doing so. If it is your destiny to receive these teachings then you will.
    These teachings do require a Master for guidance but those that are sincere shall receive guidance from Masters that are not physical. One must cultivate a good heart, good morals, kindness, compassion and love. This you do not need a Master for. Begin to examine yourselves. Begin to examine your minds, your souls. Ask yourselves the next time you speak badly to someone or seek greed or think of something bad. Begin to examine your thoughts. Like attracts like. If you want to seek power just because you never will. It is when you are not seeking something that you shall receive.

  63. I am well aware of a shamans duties. I am an initiated shaman. A person has no other duty on this earth besides knowing the self. If he chooses to do that with healing others, that a choice. If he chooses to not, that is also fine. We are only here for one reason. Learning ourselves, there is no other duty.

  64. Naikung,
    I am “John Changs 1st Westerner student” on youtube. I am unaware of who you are…and when did you become accepted in the Mo Pai?
    Can you finish Pak John’s Indonesian
    last name, Bah_ _ _ _ _ _ _… just to support your claim, and when did you start? Jim <[email protected]

  65. Jim McMillan,
    Would you be willing to leave me your email address, or email me at a—–@hushmail.com. This will have nothing to do with trying to find out about Chang, or trying to get secrets from you. I won’t even mention him for that matter.


    [Email address removed at author’s request.]

  66. Dear, Jim McMillan

    my name is brandon pearson i come to the website almost everyday.
    i wish to speak with you and ask some questions. please leave me you email.
    maby you can help point me in the right direction for my ultimate goal in life
    i am 17 years old male and liveing in california USA
    my goal in this life is to Learn the full potential of the human mind and body and watching john chang i belive he can help me.. i am willing to devote the rest of my life to such teachings i am very serious about this. when i become of age i will start to seek out masters of Mo Pai in the most remote areas of the earth hopefully sifu chang will one day teach again.

  67. I have news for everyone. There are more serious students on the path besides Chang. I’ve seen a Ninjutsu man disappear before my eyes, I’ve been frozen so I couldn’t move by a Pencak Silat Guru, the invoking of spirits in ceremony so I could actually hear them, and had a few astral witch wars with some pagan witches. This is besides all the mundane things I’ve seen like minor prophecy (psychic readings) and so forth. I have news for you at 17 you have absolutely no idea what you want. You will change a million times before your days are up. That’s healthy and normal. Your energy is scattered and insincere. Keep plugging away.

  68. Dear Thunderbird
    i dont think so..
    i have wanted the same thing ever sense i was a small child
    u are not talking to your average 17 year old kid from USA
    i no i must prove my self worthy of such teachings but how can i when i will not even be given a chance.
    i realize that it is best to mature and become wise from a young age so i can build on it for the rest of my life i love seeking wisdom and i always want more. ..
    so thunderbird i will not change my mind a million times because the same thing has been on my mind for many years..
    i will seek out a teacher.
    i will devote my self to his teachings
    even if such teachings demand me to face a wall and meditate for years.
    i will strive to become enlightened.

    thunderbird i understand your doubts in me actually persueing this goal because not many people especially one from america are interested in such things. i am open minded and understand your claim but i am afraid you have the wrong idea about me.

  69. Mike….

    All the answers are inside us all.

    We must awake the inner guru lost and trapped by addaption of the consumer society and false knowledge like a onion with different layers of lies and perception and perspective and awarreness where the true self lies in the centre. Finding inner peace and calmness especially by first calming the mind by breathing should be everybodys intresst..

    Breath is the key to everything.

    We must realise our true nature.

    Life is a mystery the more you observe it, the more it starts to remind you of one living in somebodys else dream.

    Dont take anything for granted everything has a reason.

    Truth = Store energy , transform energy , produce energy= energy only transform = Couse and effect = Balance = Everything is an addaption of its sourrandings even man and mans thoughts.

    Everything expresses its addaption and self ” Everything”

    And all have balance in uniwerse (nature) but not man .

    (Wisdome Lost?)

    For death there is wisdome for life there is compassion.

    God is truth and truth is behind the process of the laws wich also we are a part of and everything else “it is both inside us and outside us and infinite in all ways”.

    Infinite compassion and wisdome is god but the key = Balance

    Balance is what everything seeks to find to express.

    Man try to find balance by finding partner and trying to be happy.

    But as consumer society is based on lies and mind addapts one cannot find inner peace.

    That is why the life for the awarre person is a struggle every day not to adapt to wrong things.

    Addaption goes on in mind on deep layer of the self
    (The 8 folded path)

    Words are for chasing thoughts.
    When you hold the truth in the silence not of this world in meditation of reeched right emotional and spiritual intelligence there is nothing to explain.
    the more you know the lesser there is to explain.

    The soul is old and hold the answers.

    I sometimes have the ability to see into future.
    I now realise that is has been acumulated over lifetimes and i think same comes to chang.

    Becouse everything has a reason and there are not so many chang in world and karma have put him on hes destinys road in life where he is now based on hes choices and actions thought feelings etc etc .

    But one can also form destiny to certain degree but control otherwise is illusion.

    all is one.

    The soul is old but the soul also have different leverls of wisdome deppending on what one learned from former life and experianced and what choices one took.

    When it comes to chi and meditation awarrness and feelings

    That westerners call it person chemistry etc etc.

    There is to much wisdome to be unsolved on the road to enlightment but the key is not logic.

    Logic thinking is a only a beginning and a big obstacle to understand emotional intelligence wich is the real key to spiritual intelligence.

    It is like in kungfu.

    All movments are circular or halfe circular.
    But they are broken up and placed into category and given names so one understand their use and meaning unders certain occasion.
    Until you learn form only have meaning in begginnig then you realise to be formless and to use feelings mostly at contact at practice (This can be explored) and then to flow according to the principles of truth.

    To be awarre one must be able to live in the now.
    One must be ready to die for today to live tommorow.
    One must trust onself.
    One must separate from the bad self.
    To flow one must not have an anchored view.
    One must learn from the past according to the principles of the laws of energy and truth to be able to find ones flow in the now.

    Chi in bodys and uniwerse and places on earth works just like a klockwork where some wheels fits better in some places than another ,, then you also have chi charged areas where karma flow extra easy and colours are extra bright etc etc.

    This are good spots for meditation.

    Something happens to humans around 30 years old if they have good addaption.

    I say spirtual blossom.

    If addaption + (Emotional intelligence & Good Karma) is in right place.

  70. Mike

    Thank you very much.

    At last someone that is helpful about this subject.

    Many here asking for help.

    Many others are unhelpful and some have a bitter energy which I deduce is why offering help is done very cautiously so that the right type of person can be enlightened to the path.

    You have passed a great deal of helpful knowledge here for me to start my journey.


  71. i have read alot on these groups, and would like to know a few basic answers. if mr changs powers are real, how many people does he treat?/ if his students powers are real, how many do they treat, and is there a greater success of healing people with their methods than with traditional acupuncture, or even modern tcm
    i am a student of the the late pendekar herman suwanda, from west java, and i do believe in many esoteric things, however they are only valid if they benefit mankind, so how are these men benefiting mankind? are all the students healing others, and again, what are results.
    i am also an indoor disciple to li tailiang, one of the top xingyi guys in america, and he has taught in shaolin, and is an indoor disciple to the abbot of shaolin. my master has never spoken of such claims in shaolin, and laughs at alot of these things. so what is with all the crazy post of outlandish things, if they are not benefitting the world? no disrespect, but so what if shifu chang could light paper on fire, and speak to ghost, etc, ubless it is for the purpose of helping the world
    pendekar suwanda taught seminars all over the world, to share silat, and all the money went to feed about three hundred orphans in indonesia, every year, this seems like more of what people should be doing, if they have any extraordinary abilities.
    suwanda also could do some crazy silat majic, nothing like i have read of shifu chang, but they were things the average person wouldnt believe. so i am a believer, but bottom line, how does this benefit mankind?
    who cares about martial ability in this topic, how about just having something that could end certain disease, but not sharing it, or its simply not real, or not being used for the right purpose
    i mean no disrespect, and if all shifu changs guys are out healing people, and teaching methods for people to heal themselves, then godbless, but if its being spoken of as this secret thing, that only a few are privy too, and nobody is really able to do what the master can do, then what is gained from it?
    also, my master had mentioned in shaolin there were only a handful of real high level internal guys, but none of the crazy claims i have seen on these boards.
    i am a teacher of several arts, and i just completed my acu liscense, im more concerned in how to make the world healthier, i do xinyi, and other internals, but i feel we need to helppeople, so many sick people in such a rich country, and so many frauds out there, it would be nice for someone with extraordinary ability show it in a huge public setting, in the usa, to inspire people to look inside themselves for health, rather than in a diet fad, or pill, etc. to show people its a real attainable thing, not just quackery. the market is flooded with frauds, so consumers feel its all fake, or the get on some bandwagon, and feel they are more special than others, because they are in some group that is closed.i believ in many things, and some i need more proof that it can be duplicated, and again, for what purpose? im all for helping the world be aware of self cultivation and healing,

  72. I also wondered why this could be harmful?

    You say for mankind.

    I say no not for mankind only for a handful wery few few.

    Why? becouse awarreness level must be wery high and as i have understood it is easy to send out energy even without knowing it.

    You have some Nimlik like energy motions from pathgate instutute.

    Another energy example

    Chi is a wonderful thing that can be used in numerous of ways if one practise mind diciplin , sensitivity, understanding and with some acumalated true knowledge behind and alot of training etc etc

  73. I also like to make world better.

    But i also understand that ones addaption is important and there are not so many people with strong base nowdays left with the right understanding to look inside themselfs as the most societys dont prioritate selfawarrness
    (It makes people unite).Wich in turn gives leaders lesser power over peoples perception,,, and they dont want to lose power to the people (No way to much greed and indoctrination in world yet for real democracy)

    Becouse the root to evil and conflict is false knowledge
    that is why so many rich countrys have so many sick people and internal conflicts.

    Matrialism negative backside from indoctrination in school without selfknowledge & medicin industry monopoly etc etc.

    So people spend rest of life stressing and chasing and trying to find themself again as they could not develope fully in their young years when its most important with right knowledge and addaption..

    Asian culture is thriving in europe now ,,westerners start to discover it,, but this also show lack of selfknowledge and diffrent knowledge.

    I think open mind and compassion goes hand in hand with awareness becouse otherwise one dont break 8 folded path in mind from focus to feeling to thougt to action etc etc.

    chi sao is a good first way to use the body to break lose from self on a emotional stage as you stop folded 8 steps due to its speed and your focus on sensitivity.
    it also breaks up your anchored perspective in emotional intelligence stage.

    I understood it fully after reading wingchun according to its buddhistical principles & tao + had some experiances with my energyfields under training and that is was a spiritual language where one is one with thte laws and expression of truth.

    Or explained as meditation in movment.

    But in my case i complete this with training and meditation etc etc but it is not easy to advance in this society with its traps for the mind.

    The differance between awarre and non awarre people is that the awarre can see the couses to the effects and therefore dont find themself in bad situations or situaitons that give bad feelings and negative karma.

    Depression is the result of one not living in the now and been living in the indoctrination dream then suddenly reality hits in face.
    This is due to bad knowledge is feed to people like candy in all ways possible from all corners of society.

    To make a better world people must first awake to want change.

    But this will be comming in the nearest times as chaos and unbalance will at the end have the people unite and seek for the truth togheter once again as so many times before in history.

    People cannot be controled so much longer with devide and conquer mentality and states cannot rely on philosophy of people not having time to know eachother of the means to communicate ,, this new age will change the world.

    So in one way or another world will change to the better but not until it first gets much worse.

    Becouse ignorance is great in many people.

    But new age is comming so one can hope for change.

    I have had some good visions and some bad but its hard to tell them apart (Timeline) as i seem always to live before my own time so to speak.

    Some words of advice.

    Trust yourself ,Keep open mind, Meditate , Calm the mind ,Train breathing,Develope sensetivity, Feed the heart right knowledge , Turn of the right brainhalfe that feed logical overjunk to heart and experiance leftbrain emotional sensetivity of your sourroundings. = advance

    Study the differance of the bodys 2 sides before starting thinking of energys path etc etc.

    I Wish you all a life in compassion and wisdome .

  74. Dear Mike,
    Thank you for posting your comments and sharing your thoughts. Mike has said something that people should read and ponder carefully
    “Finding inner peace and calmness especially by first calming the mind by breathing should be everybodys intresst..

    Breath is the key to everything”.

    Peace and God Bless

  75. Many are not looking for help here. They are looking to be a parasite latched onto students of energy like Chang. If you are sure the path of energy is for you meditate and the Gods will bring the teacher to you when your ready. Those who are waiting to start until they find a Chang have already proven to spirit they lack what it takes. chang didn’t become proficient by whining and complaining about the cold cold world or this or that teacher not being around. Shamans are as cold as the arctic wind. They don’t waste time like that.

  76. good to see you being so positive thunderbird

    I love your reality

    You bring much happiness to the world

    You set a fine example for people to look at and know where there path lies

    Everybody, meditate, get a feel for the type of person Thunderbird is and then think about the path you would like to follow and the kind of person you would like to be.

    Knowing where you destinantion is, is the most important part of the journey otherwise you will end up anwhere.

    C, P & L

  77. thunderbird u are absolutely right about starting now instead of waiting until you find chang.. i have been waiting.. but no more.
    i will start immediently.. i will do what i can but i can only get so far without a teacher i also feel i shouldnt really practice this much for fear of hurting my self or simply doing it wrong setting me back even farther. anyway your words have been heard and u summed me up pretty well so i will start soon.. as soon as i get the books i ordered that NeiKung told me about in a previous email.

  78. Boy you guys are proof why commitees don’t work

    If everything was up to the people on this forum we would still be riding around on horses and reading by candle light.

    What would be the point in everyone getting an education.

    And as for the idiot, god only knows the types of people might start using them and for what reasons.

    Cars, electricity, knowledge and even computers are and can be dangerous.

    There’s this little thing called evolution.

    Ther’s anothing thing call drop out rate.

    We all have the potential to evolve. That’s why plenty of us can run a 4 minute mile now we know its possible and our hearts wont explode.

    If you have the knowledge share it. Then people wont be sticking their hands in electric sockets and hurting themselves. They’ll learn things safely.

    Anything thats worthwhile takes time to master.

    Most people drop out if they’re not really interested. Look at gyms straight after New Year and then in February when time and effort puts resolutions on hold for another year.

    Goals take time to achieve. The achievment of a goal is never actually that great and forgotten about pretty much soon after.

    The real treasure of a goal is the person you become when you dedicate yourself to achieving them. Patience, spirit, dedication, tenancity, social and communication skills and plenty of other positive resources to boot.

    If you want to be an arshole whist achieving anything it won’t take long before you’re isolated the funny thing is no one likes working/helping/being around people like that.

    So Everyone forget about Chang. He’s on the path. You can get on the path without him.

    There has been some great advice about how to do that already.

    Just think how fast everyone would evolve if we all gave positive points no as to how someone further behind us might benfit from something small that we’ve learned.

    There is always someone in front of us ad there is always someone behind us.

    Just think if you were all put off as babies about learning to walk. No don’t try that sit down. some people fall over and bang there heads on stones and die. It’s dangerous. Stop crying and being a baby you’re on your own in life. I can’t teach you it secret.

    Or compassionately. That’s ok darling, it was just a tiny fall. How about another try when you feel like it. Of course you can hold my hand. Good job. Aren’t you clever.

    The world is Maya. Everything comes from the one; Ying and Yang. From the sky we look like a fungus on the land because we’re one big organism. Just lots of different personalities. Just like a human being. Even fungus, bacteria and viruses help each other to evolve.

    People can maipulate energy because that is all there is. Molecules into atoms into particles + and – etc

    We are energy, so is everything else in the universe. Energy fields light things wirelessly. When we all learn to manipulate the energy around us we can start zero point energy cars/house/you name it generators from our own projected chi/ki/qi/prana/orgone and create a whole new powerful world to live in.

    The future is very bright in deed.

    Have a wonderful journey and remember if you’re enjoying the journey you’ll enjoy travelling to lots more place as well.

    Allness Beingness & Everything

  79. By the way

    Meditate on Allness Beingness & Everything and feel the energy vibration get stonger as you breath and fill yourself up. Drink plenty of water so that you conduct better.

    Learn how we transform energy in our bodies (breath-lungs food-spleen mixed with the energy we all ready have- kidneys and the actions of our other yin and yang organs).

    Feel the energy. All the time. Energy is all there is. Open your gates one by one through the 72 levels.

    Death is like everything else it follows thoughts.

    Be compassionate and loving and healthy.

    Take your time as the force is strong.

    Enlightment can come but madness comes if you matix falls and the meaning of enlightment is not strong enough for you to actually be enlightened.

    Enough for now. There are years of practice in this information alone.

    None of this is a secret. Secrets are Maya just like the rest of life.

    Peace Love & Compassion

  80. A whole bunch of quick new age bullet points is helpful? making dramatic statements about the nature of things and energy is something everyone on here knows its even basic information. In one post (without explaining how) you mention for everyone to be more aware, drink and conduct better, open up all 72 channels of energy, study on awareness etc etc and then act like its new material? Thats page one of any Reiki book. Talking about running a 4 minute mile when you cant do it yourself donest count. Its like me comparing myself to Einstein because I am aware of the basic premise of E=mc (2).

  81. Hello Jim, are you still meet Sifu John? I can pass John Indonesian name, even I know the last word B***n, right? ha.ha.

  82. As it is, neither blessings nor admonitions will push an individual towards the reality within themselves; they will only cause delay not only for the person receiving such treatment, but also (and quite possibly more) delay for the person who feels the need to place themselves above. Doubly so for negative connotations.

    The question of what to do when such an opportunity as the one presented here creates a shock within the mind that leaves an emptiness to be filled. Yet what fills it is more of what was cleared away, and no progress is made. Therefore, to drain the mud out of the water by letting the mud realize it is heavier may not appease the impatient, but respects the mud for being what it is and returns the favor of stillness to the mind that allowed it to be itself.

    I walk my own path as does everyone else. My curiosity is piqued, though, and I have now found myself reflecting and repairing a dissemination of thought only to ask the individual who created this shock wave partly whether they knew what they were doing when they threw the stone, and, more importantly, if they enjoy creating ripples in the minds of those who have been disturbed by the notion that their carrot is within reach?

  83. All I can say from that post above is drama seldom equates with wisdom. Wise people I’ve met are abnormally simple. I think your strategy was to strong together a whole bunch of nonsense to utterly confuse everyone as to what they hell you were trying to say. Then you were hoping they were so confused by your nonsense that they assume you must have actually meant and said something substantive. My other comment is, and I quote “The question of what to do when such an opportunity as the one presented here creates a shock within the mind that leaves an emptiness to be filled” if someones post created a shockwave in your mind that left a void, I really can’t relate to you on any level. Seems like a pretty dramtic reaction for reading a public forum discussion post eh? Anyway, the serious path might not be for you. If some words create a shockwave in the mind that leaves a void I wonder what would happen if you saw a levitation, or during meditation spirits talk with you. I’m a big believer that their are to many namby pamby new agers masquerading as energy students. Cut the shit and speak your mind. Just my two cents.

  84. Holy cow!!! you can imagine what jesus must have felt like when he changed water into wine…People ..what you are searching for lies within..it takes patience and I DO mean patience . Just because we live in a consumer world Im pretty sure that our soul journey has little interest in that other than the incredible experience of life. Look ,Listen ,Feel, taste, breathe ,laugh,shout,sleep…Real Live miracles happening everyday..Now if you havent even mastered those basic skills yet how on earth will your minds be able to scope the awesome abilities you all so deeply crave from Mr Chang or Jim or neikung? Let me let you all in on a little secret..This universe and everything in it is owned and controlled you..your choices your perspective you..take your time because it belongs to you..learn to enjoy and bask in the magnificence of what and who you choose to be..and master the miracles and powers you already have..how else can you reach the next quantum leap of faith and love and light. “whew”

    And NeiKeung ..you guys arent helping by baiting the hook all the time..alot of these wonderful people are actually looking for answers that lie within their incredible lives. Give them some great links to pages that you would recommend and let them find their way.they have guardians that if asked will take them where they need to go. All they have to do is ask and have faith.

  85. This universe and everything in it is owned and controlled BY you…sorry

  86. Jesus was a myth stolen from other cultures. He never existed. A good book is “The Christ Conspiracy” the link should lead you there.

    Buddha was born of the virgin Maya, who was considered the “Queen of Heaven.”
    He was of royal descent.
    He crushed a serpent’s head.
    Sakyamuni Buddha had 12 disciples.
    He performed miracles and wonders, healed the sick, fed 500 men from a “small basket of cakes,” and walked on water.
    He abolished idolatry, was a “sower of the word,” and preached “the establishment of a kingdom of righteousness.”
    He taught chastity, temperance, tolerance, compassion, love, and the equality of all.
    He was transfigured on a mount.
    Sakya Buddha was crucified in a sin-atonement, suffered for three days in hell, and was resurrected.
    He ascended to Nirvana or “heaven.”
    Buddha was considered the “Good Shepherd”, the “Carpenter”, the “Infinite and Everlasting.”
    He was called the “Savior of the World” and the “Light of the World.”
    Horus of Egypt
    The stories of Jesus and Horus are very similar, with Horus even contributing the name of Jesus Christ. Horus and his once-and-future Father, Osiris, are frequently interchangeable in the mythos (“I and my Father are one”). The legends of Horus go back thousands of years, and he shares the following in common with Jesus:

    Horus was born of the virgin Isis-Meri on December 25th in a cave/manger, with his birth being announced by a star in the East and attended by three wise men.
    He was a child teacher in the Temple and was baptized when he was 30 years old.
    Horus was also baptized by “Anup the Baptizer,” who becomes “John the Baptist.”
    He had 12 disciples.
    He performed miracles and raised one man, El-Azar-us, from the dead.
    He walked on water.
    Horus was transfigured on the Mount.
    He was crucified, buried in a tomb and resurrected.
    He was also the “Way, the Truth, the Light, the Messiah, God’s Anointed Son, the Son of Man, the Good Shepherd, the Lamb of God, the Word” etc.
    He was “the Fisher,” and was associated with the Lamb, Lion and Fish (“Ichthys”).
    Horus’s personal epithet was “Iusa,” the “ever-becoming son” of “Ptah,” the “Father.”
    Horus was called “the KRST,” or “Anointed One,” long before the Christians duplicated the story.
    In fact, in the catacombs at Rome are pictures of the baby Horus being held by the virgin mother Isis – the original “Madonna and Child” – and the Vatican itself is built upon the papacy of Mithra, who shares many qualities with Jesus and who existed as a deity long before the Jesus character was formalized. The Christian hierarchy is nearly identical to the Mithraic version it replaced. Virtually all of the elements of the Catholic ritual, from miter to wafer to water to altar to doxology, are directly taken from earlier pagan mystery religions.

    Mithra, Sungod of Persia
    The story of Mithra precedes the Christian fable by at least 600 years. According to Wheless, the cult of Mithra was, shortly before the Christian era, “the most popular and widely spread ‘Pagan’ religion of the times.” Mithra has the following in common with the Christ character:

    Mithra was born on December 25th.
    He was considered a great traveling teacher and master.
    He had 12 companions or disciples.
    He performed miracles.
    He was buried in a tomb.
    After three days he rose again.
    His resurrection was celebrated every year.
    Mithra was called “the Good Shepherd.”
    He was considered “the Way, the Truth and the Light, the Redeemer, the Savior, the Messiah.”
    He was identified with both the Lion and the Lamb.
    His sacred day was Sunday, “the Lord’s Day,” hundreds of years before the appearance of Christ.
    Mithra had his principal festival on what was later to become Easter, at which time he was resurrected.
    His religion had a Eucharist or “Lord’s Supper.”
    Krishna of India
    The similarities between the Christian character and the Indian messiah are many. Indeed, Massey finds over 100 similarities between the Hindu and Christian saviors, and Graves, who includes the various noncanonical gospels in his analysis, lists over 300 likenesses. It should be noted that a common earlier English spelling of Krishna was “Christna,” which reveals its relation to ‘”Christ.” It should also be noted that, like the Jewish godman, many people have believed in a historical, carnalized Krishna.

    Krishna was born of the Virgin Devaki (“Divine One”)
    His father was a carpenter.
    His birth was attended by angels, wise men and shepherds, and he was presented with gold, frankincense and myrrh.
    He was persecuted by a tyrant who ordered the slaughter of thousands of infants.
    He was of royal descent.
    He was baptized in the River Ganges.
    He worked miracles and wonders.
    He raised the dead and healed lepers, the deaf and the blind.
    Krishna used parables to teach the people about charity and love.
    “He lived poor and he loved the poor.”
    He was transfigured in front of his disciples.
    In some traditions he died on a tree or was crucified between two thieves.
    He rose from the dead and ascended to heaven.
    Krishna is called the “Shepherd God” and “Lord of lords,” and was considered “the Redeemer, Firstborn, Sin Bearer, Liberator, Universal Word.”
    He is the second person of the Trinity, and proclaimed himself the “Resurrection” and the “way to the Father.”
    He was considered the “Beginning, the Middle and the End,” (“Alpha and Omega”), as well as being omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent.
    His disciples bestowed upon him the title “Jezeus,” meaning “pure essence.”
    Krishna is to return to do battle with the “Prince of Evil,” who will desolate the earth.
    Prometheus of Greece
    The Greek god Prometheus has been claimed to have come from Egypt, but his drama took place in the Caucasus mountains. Prometheus shares a number of striking similarities with the Christ character.

    Prometheus descended from heaven as God incarnate as man, to save mankind.
    He was crucified, suffered and rose from the dead.
    He was called the Logos or Word.
    Five centuries before the Christian era, esteemed Greek poet Aeschylus wrote Prometheus Bound, which, according to Taylor, was presented in the theater in Athens. Taylor claims that in the play Prometheus is crucified “on a fatal tree” and the sky goes dark:

    “The darkness which closed the scene on the suffering Prometheus, was easily exhibited on the stage, by putting out the lamps; but when the tragedy was to become history, and the fiction to be turned into fact, the lamp of day could not be so easily disposed of. Nor can it be denied that the miraculous darkness which the Evangelists so solemnly declare to have attended the crucifixion of Christ, labours under precisely the same fatality of an absolute and total want of evidence.”

    Tradition holds that Prometheus was crucified on a rock, yet some sources have opined that legend also held he was crucified on a tree and that Christians muddled the story and/or mutilated the text, as they did with the works of so many ancient authors. In any case, the sun hiding in darkness parallels the Christian fable of the darkness descending when Jesus was crucified. This remarkable occurrence is not recorded in history but is only explainable within the Mythos and as part of a recurring play.

  87. More Christ the myth information. Look like a lot of you don’t do your homework.

    For instance, many of the world’s crucified godmen have their traditional birthday on December 25th (“Christmas”). This is because the ancients recognized that (from an earthcentric perspective) the sun makes an annual descent southward until December 21st or 22nd, the winter solstice, when it stops moving southerly for three days and then starts to move northward again. During this time, the ancients declared that “God’s sun” had “died” for three days and was “born again” on December 25th. The ancients realized quite abundantly that they needed the sun to return every day and that they would be in big trouble if the sun continued to move southward and did not stop and reverse its direction. Thus, these many different cultures celebrated the “sun of God’s” birthday on December 25th. The following are the characteristics of the “sun of God”:

    The sun “dies” for three days on December 22nd, the winter solstice, when it stops in its movement south, to be born again or resurrected on December 25th, when it resumes its movement north.
    In some areas, the calendar originally began in the constellation of Virgo, and the sun would therefore be “born of a Virgin.”
    The sun is the “Light of the World.”
    The sun “cometh on clouds, and every eye shall see him.”
    The sun rising in the morning is the “Savior of mankind.”
    The sun wears a corona, “crown of thorns” or halo.
    The sun “walks on water.”
    The sun’s “followers,” “helpers” or “disciples” are the 12 months and the 12 signs of the zodiac or constellations, through which the sun must pass.
    The sun at 12 noon is in the house or temple of the “Most High”; thus, “he” begins “his Father’s work” at “age” 12.
    The sun enters into each sign of the zodiac at 30°; hence, the “Sun of God” begins his ministry at “age” 30.
    The sun is hung on a cross or “crucified,” which represents its passing through the equinoxes, the vernal equinox being Easter, at which time it is then resurrected.
    Contrary to popular belief, the ancients were not an ignorant and superstitious lot who actually believed their deities to be literal characters. Indeed, this slanderous propaganda has been part of the conspiracy to make the ancients appear as if they were truly the dark and dumb rabble that was in need of the “light of Jesus.” The reality is that the ancients were no less advanced in their morals and spiritual practices, and in many cases were far more advanced, than the Christians in their own supposed morality and ideology, which, in its very attempt at historicity, is in actuality a degradation of the ancient Mythos. Indeed, unlike the “superior” Christians, the true intelligentsia amongst the ancients were well aware that their gods were astronomical and atmospheric in nature. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle surely knew that Zeus, the sky god father figure who migrated to Greece from India and/or Egypt, was never a real person, despite the fact that the Greeks have designated on Crete both a birth cave and a death cave of Zeus. In addition, all over the world are to be found sites where this god or that allegedly was born, walked, suffered, died, etc., a common and unremarkable occurrence that is not monopolized by, and did not originate with, Christianity.

  88. Ive seen Zeitgeist.com to (Good movie)

    Wake Up Call.

    911 chronicles

    etc etc etc.

    Illuminati play games everywhere.

    But you are wrong when it comes to buddist principles.

    It is not like christianity etc etc.

    You control your own life and dont rely on a book or god to learn you what is right or wrong.

    Ofcourse there is a spiritual side also but not as mystified as the dark learnings of occult societys as thule and other mason movments (Skull & Bones etc etc etc) wich is Bs in order to control people like puppets .

  89. Ah, sorry. Let me rephrase myself.

    The way I see it, saying inspirational words or giving sarcastic and negative replies doesn’t help anyone. It becomes a distraction for people who won’t accept the fact that the only way to achieve something as John Chang has is to work for it- it’s not going to be magically given to you because you met him or talked with one of his students.

    Even just having a student of the Mopai answering questions seems fishy. We should be taking this as a great opportunity, but what happens in my experience is that people go back to their procastinating and don’t learn anything or get inspired afterwards. They’d rather keep on searching online for information they really already have.

    Now I find myself joining into that same behavior by speaking my mind about this- and it makes me wonder if the writer of this blog is really trying to help us or if they just enjoy jerking us around and holding the carrot in front of our faces?

    I felt the other way was more polite, as this way can be taken much harsher than I intend to be.

  90. Now I find myself joining into that same behavior by speaking my mind about this- and it makes me wonder if the writer of this blog is really trying to help us or if they just enjoy jerking us around and holding the carrot in front of our faces?

    Don’t be silly. Anyone who feels their interests are not being served by this discussion is free to leave.

  91. thunderlord knows exatly what he is talking about

    go watch



  92. Unlike some of you, I don’t really have a desire to heal people. If that’s your calling from spirit then while I disagree, I respect it. My shamanism is to see just how deep into the rabbit hole I can go, and what do I find when I’m there. And so far I’ve seen it goes very deep indeed. Some don’t come back from the different realities they find. So be it. Dig a ditch, throw my body in there and be done with it. Before your done digging the ditch I will be planning my next incarnation.

  93. i had sort of a revalation last night wen somthing came to me in my sleep and gave me some very good words of wisdom id say

    i was told to Stop trying to control the world around me for my own gain. for that is a selfish act. and just how bad it is to lie to one another. thats all i can really remember but i will remember it non the less

  94. Dear Neikung,
    There is a story my mother tells that when i was a baby there were some strange beamlights pointing at my room where i was sleeping, and that she saw strange beings walking down the corridor, she was so scared that she went running to grab me, as she picked me up the lights were already gone, and i started to cry and get pale and sick and skinny. She says that within 3 days i had lost 1.5 pounds and lost all my newborn hair, i ended up in a cubicle at the hospital with many illnesses. Since then i’ve seen around 8 sightings of UFO’s in my lifetime i might say, and a tremendous interest on spirituality and so on,
    I grew up and started meditating at age of 17. Always looking for the path and how to open all the chakras and so forth. Until now, maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago that i was surfing the net and suddenly by mistake a clicked on the wrong link and a video of “dynamo jack” appeared in front of me. I was amazed to what i saw. It got me to think, that it’s been 6 years since i meditate and try to Astral Project, and i look at is as a waste, since i was self meditating and never had a guidance for my own, except for when i took Ayahuasca with some shamans in Peru for 2 weeks and now this Neikung art, showing that by a standing technique you could gather Qi. If i knew this before i would had been in some level or in the right track.
    So it has been 3 weeks since i heard about the Immortal Jack, and already bought myself the magus of hava, the neikung secret and a home-studyexercises book of Neikung. But what i really need is a guidance. Because i do not want to hurt myeself, plus because i do not even know how to start level one, and when will i know how to pass to level 2 and so on.

    The book of neikung only shows around 10 forms, but something inside me tells me, that it is not what i am supposed to practice. I know that i have no hope of meeting john, for the exception that last night i had a dream with him and his master. it was a nice dream, but i know i will not meet him in my lifetime. All i need is guidance, I meditate everyday for around 45min. to 90min. I’m not requesting to be a student, i just need guidance, my goal has always been not to be superhuman, but to be able to escape physical limitations.

    Everyday i observe people and see how humans are so low, that we have lost all our powers , or the ability to create them, and to think that it is impossible, We have so materialistic, so condensed that we think that something like “DragonBall Z” is impossible and is pure fantasy and science fiction. But i’ve always thought that whatever science fiction the mind has created in movies like “Hancock, superman, dragonball Z” and all those other magical movies like harry potter, it’s becuase it is possible and exists.

    So Neikung for me is dragonball Z, they train, they meditate, they obtain supernatural powers.

    All i need is the right book or tool or guide to get started myself, since meeting a master of neikung or a student that will after all make me his pupil, is very hard to get.

  95. Trying to astral project may be damaging to you until you build up power. Other entities are just waiting on the other side to attack and drain us. The ET from what I know don’t have our best interest at heart. They all have agendas. If you refuse to be a victim they can’t touch you. If you have victimization issues, they will LOVE you. They have a lot to teach, but it comes with a payment. Just be aware of that. My two cents…

  96. i watched movie called Tai Chi master today and it says the natural order of the universe is Yin and Yang or Push and Pull
    through all our movements on this earth we are always pushing or pulling with the yin and yang how do you flow with it or even harness and control it? NeiKung do u have anything to say on this?

  97. Neikung,

    Out of curiosity Jim McMillen asked you a question in the August 18th post #81. Were you able to answer him? I didn’t see anything in a post regarding that from you and it seems you didn’t answer him via other email?

  98. Dear Neikung,
    My e-mail is [email protected].

    And for Thunderbird….

    in my many failures of trying to astral project, in this 6 years of meditation, i’ve only experienced Astral Projection 5 times, and the last 3 were this year, i’ve had various experiences trying to astral project, but i have failed to do so because sometimes its difficult for me to know the way to get out of the body. The last time i did an OBE (out of body experience) i remembered swinging from side to side in my bed until i rolled out of bed and fell to the floor like a slime or jelly, i then got up and looked to the bed and saw nothing, then i jumped looked back again, and there was my body laying there.

    As for what you say about entities, i haven’t seen the first one. Either way i protect myself with reiki before going to sleep.
    In this 6 years of meditation i have learned alot about spiritual world. But what i want to reach is a development, at least seeing the aura or sort of, but for now all i can feel is increased intuition, I am still looking how will i be able to start the neikung, i’ve read that people die once they try to pass to level 4. If someone teached me how to start the neikung, i would meditate to fill the dantien and wait for the time to pass, they say that when the disciple is ready, a master will come. Well let see!
    I can tell

  99. All religions are false. Spiritual beings have no use of a system to categorize and define through those means. Even the false baby (recent) religions of the world (Chrisitianity, Islam, Buddhism) are like sugar coated cookies with poison on the inside. At face value they look harmless enough, and since they use the words love and compassion (the sugar coating) people grab one. Religions pull you away from spirit by teaching you to look for answers outside of yourself, whether that be a god figure, false christ figure, or false buddha figure. Shamans use teachers as road maps, to help them. Shamanism is very personal and must be felt out by each individual shaman. What works for one might not work for another. Trial and error. Whoever taught you that you need a teacher is fulfilling the dark religious agenda, even if that person is “spiritual”

  100. The kidneys have their corresponding facial locations within the temples and ears.

    When your kidney chi is vibrant and flows freely to the brain, there is no blockage in either temporal lobe.

    The energy flows freely to create pure emotional vibration: compassion.

  101. go post on a Shaman website

    You sound like some some religious freak telling everyone how they should think and what route to take.

    People are at different levels and so need different paths.

    Moaning about a paths effectiveness based on where you are doesn’t help someone navigate the road system where they are.

  102. “go post on a Shaman website”. I am. High level energy students are shaman.

    “You sound like some some religious freak telling everyone how they should think and what route to take. ” You sound like some sort of freak, making your opinion known that you don’t like when others make their opinions known. I don’t post on a public forum about what the next guys opinion is, I post about what my opinion is. I you don’t like it take your pink slippers off and go soak in the tub.

    “People are at different levels and so need different paths.” Which is why I voice my opinion about staying away from religion, these postings come in addition to some facts like the above instead of just saying “stay away from religion”

    “Moaning about a paths effectiveness based on where you are doesn’t help someone navigate the road system where they are.” apparently it does. You replied. Besides moaning about an opinion you don’t agree with doesn’t speak volumes about your understanding of the big picture. Shamanism is the control and use of the unseen forces. MoPai is the control and use of the unseen forces. Correlation?

  103. On a sidenote:
    I also thought it was good to move the post away from everyone asking about, or trying to learn under John Chang. It reminded me of a bunch of Catholics when the pope is laying low.

  104. I have deleted the last three comments. Insulting other forum participants will earn you a deletion, then a ban. (Insulting the webmaster is permissible, but also not recommended.)

    P.S. Regarding demands made on this particular topic, I would like to remind you all that beggars can’t be choosers.

  105. Well what is everyone’s opinion on the Ching, the essence, The retention of semen?

  106. clicking on the link goes to a site debunking Chang. I’m glad there are skeptics who don’t believe anything that passes their way. Besides, a skeptic willing to take the time to past on a website like this is a billion times better than a Christian in my mind. It’s ok if everyone has different experiences. I’m not going to prove the spirit to him anymore than he is going to prove the absense of it. We should welcome sketpics here. In the martial arts world if a cocky person comes in off the street, the master gives a thrashing from hell. I’ve seen it. Disrespectful skeptics are good for me to practice my grey area shamanism on, in that same manner. they basically offer themselves as far as I’m concerned. But this skeptic isn’t being disrespectful. He is speaking his mind. Give him props.

  107. Why do you want to become powerfull like John Chang.?

    I don’t want to become powerfull, it would raise my ego, and i would be greedy and everything. My reason to be like he is, is becuase i can spiritually advance, finally i can float away from this materialistic world, I want to be like him because i do want to evolve. We all come to earth to learn, but we have taken it in another direction, we come here to develop and be a better spirit after we die. But we have taken it in another direction, we took it to learn a career, most of them that only works here physically, we kill our brains at school for many years to take only few knowledge with us, than we get a job, to survive of course, but we get materialistic, and now our life is the car, the house, the sex, the this and the that, the money, money, sex, POWER: big muscles, looking cocky, the most intelligent, the best in all, the strongest, the know it all… We took this direction, and when we die???? We die with nothing, we leave the world with the same spiritual knowledge that we were born with, but just a little more. We leave with more karma depending on the person, we leave the world, to come back again, and maybe this time you will learn for real. ( i’m talking about the average person) Now we come again to the earth, this time we look more upon spirituality, but there is no much interest, you die and leave with some more knowledge, than if you are lucky you come again, in some other era maybe, You born with an interest of the spiritual realms, galaxies, all the mysticism and less interest in what you loved a few lives ago. The opportunity come to you, you decide to keep it or leave it. Let say you keep it, you develop abilities, you learn alot, you start vibrating in higher energies. Thus when you die, you leave conscious, alert, you know you died, and you feel no fear to leave the world. Those that say i’m not afraid of death, or those that themselves say and know that you should not be afraid of death… Well they’re all wrong, when the moment comes for you to die, of course it’s inevitable that you will feel fear. Not only after you have experienced a near death. You will after know that you should not fear death.
    and so we die, more developed than ever before. not enlightened yet, but we come back if you are lucky to come back, either here or some other world. You come back gifted, more conscious than ever, more alert than a cat, you may become an Idol. who knows…. you keep growing until enlightment, and finally totally free. you return to the TAO. not negative, not positive, but neutral, meaning Nothing, the all and nothing at the same time.

    That’s why skeptics don’t believe in anything, because it’s as if they’re spirits were in level zero, while you may be 3 levels above, so your understandings may be different then theirs, and that’s when disscussions starts

  108. “That’s why skeptics don’t believe in anything, because it’s as if they’re spirits were in level zero, while you may be 3 levels above, so your understandings may be different then theirs, and that’s when disscussions starts”

    For me, I don’t want to discuss anything with them. Discussion are for turning over the pile to see what’s underneath. I have no interest in doing that. To discuss means you have to be interested in that the other person is saying.
    Another thought. It’s ok to be powerful, it’s also ok to seek being powerful. These things are good things. I have found that those who don’t seek a powerful way of life due so because of convenience. They lack power so they “decide” being powerful isn’t a good thing. I also believe in woe working when someone cross a line. Why wouldn’t I? I have found most don’t “believe” in settling the score because they simply lack the power to retaliate. Convenient philosophy. From what I have learned there are only two true reasons to not retaliate. One, you totally forgive the person for the wrong done. Two, you aren’t strong enough to. But to say you forgive when you do not is the worse thing. It creates a worm in the soul. It’s better to totally forgive and mean it, or to retaliate and be done with it once and for all and move on. The above post made me think of why people are afraid of power.

  109. I agree with the way you thinking about neikung CordonDePlata. I’m John Chang student. I’m like you. I’m not looking for the power, but i like the spiritual. The superpower make raise your ego. Even now I can electricity like John , it’s nothing special.

  110. Dear Elias,
    Sifu John Chang does not wish to be found. This has been stated in previous discussions and in other forums from his students and people close to him. Students of his or people that do know his whereabouts respect his privacy and should not reveal this information.


  111. Mr c
    could you just ask him and tell him about me that i am a doctor in TCM from Australia and i would like to pay for the lessons
    i will need to find him otheewise i will go to Indonesia and find him myself really i would but i need your help

  112. Neikung,

    If you go back and read post #81 and 117 you were asked a question.

  113. Dear Thunderbird,
    Sifu Chang has students spread all around the world, no student knows all other students. Some non students wish to be known but most remain uknown.

  114. Hello Dr Ellias, what do you want from Sifu John? If you’re looking for health reason, I think so many master in mainland China can heal with chi. But if you’re looking for studying Mopai method with him, I think you waste your time.

    Hello everyone on here, if you practice just for health reason, I think you just need Chikung. So many master can teach it not only Sifu John. John ability is neikung, one step become higher from chikung. It’s so dangerous to practice this method. The power can hurt even kill each other.

    So forget about neikung, the power so dangerous.

  115. To stay away for something because it is dangerous is namby pamby. A shaman is on a path similar to a warrior, the dedication is the same (and many shamans are warriors for that matter). What if Navy Seals or Green Beret didn’t do things because they are dangerous? Many men aren’t cut out for Neikung, or the shamans path. One way to pretty much know if your one that isn’t cut out is if your concerned with danger. (precautions against danger are really ego motivations anyhow.) I have nothing in common with egomaniacs so I stay away from overly cautious people.

  116. Neikung,
    I still have not heard from you…???
    If you were a student of Pak John (John Chang) you would obviously understand the Mo Pai’s line of authority. I have asked you for proof of your claims…tell me what John’s Indonesian last name is and how many children he has. Also, tell me what are his other three business’s that he owns? And every student of his knows how many current students he has…how many? And what is his wife’s name?
    These are basic questions all of his close friends and students know…email me as I “am” your superior student in Mo Pai.
    Plus, others are also requiring proof…as from this post:
    Out of curiosity Jim McMillen asked you a question in the August 18th post #81. Were you able to answer him? I didn’t see anything in a post regarding that from you and it seems you didn’t answer him via other email?
    Show me who you really are…I know that your answers have been extremely vague and very general.
    Get in touch with me my friend. Jim

  117. What disturbs me is no one else seemed to mind he never answered. I don’t have any questions in my mind about humans being a race of slaves, due to things like which I just stated. Whever made a post after #81, except those asking for proof of neikungs claims, need to be ashamed of themselves. You are the type of people I call “victims” and the type of people you warn yourself about but never take your own advice. Ya, never mind a student of Changs wanting to verify claims and supposed connections from another person on here. Instead just come on here and make general new age crappola spiritual statements and comment about how spiritual it is to not want to be powerful. I have news for you. The John Changs of the world aren’t Jane Fonda’s. They seek to empower themselves. If you think Chang put in decades of intense practice and life lessons just because he had nothing better to do, and really had zero interests in the fruits of those labors (internal power) your very wrong. Shamans seek power. If we had more people seeking true power in this world we wouldn’t be in such a mess. Take off the pink slippers and get to work for Spirits sake.

  118. Hi Neikung,

    Please ignore Jim….for he is just a foolish man who wants to feel more important than he really is. I know and have met Jim. He is not Mopai student of a high stature. He just wants everyone to think he is.

    Jim, (if this is really Jim McMillan) for you to goad someone into announcing Sifu Chang’s real name, his family, and personal information is really unforgivable. Knowing that Sifu Chang doesn’t want to be found, you are really ungrateful and shameless.

    Through your behavior in this and other forum, you have disgraced Mopai.

    Everyone, please respect Sifu Chang’s wishes. He does not want to be found, nor does he want to accept more students. There are other venues you can go. I wish you all the best.

  119. Nothing worth proving will be proved over the Internet. Requests, or demands for proof of identity do not seem appropriate here–especially from those writing under pseudonyms themselves.

    To those who feel an urgent need to speak with John Chang, I respectfully suggest you ponder the following question:

    Why would John Chang need to speak with you?

  120. tongkosong,
    are you a student of john chang? if you are maybe you could help all of us who sincerly wish to learn the authentic teachings of the mopai. of course john chang doesn’t want his privacy being invaded by just anyone who’s seen him on youtube and thinks they could learn to acquire this ability. i’m sure even though he’s underground right now he’s still got people begging for lessons but, unwilling to truely practice what is required. it must be frustrating and annoying to say the least. that said, we can’t deny there are people out there that are ready and willing to train. the problem really lies in where to get authentic, honest, sincere instruction. who do we believe? people are seeking out john because they’ve seen him do it. they know he knows the correct method. this is what we need, real information. certainly, the reason the instructions aren’t just put out for everybody to read and learn is for our own protection, so we don’t hurt ourselves. but, without teachers teaching the knowledge will be lost at some point. part of me thinks that i would rather die trying than not try at all. what if the people could be given authentic instructions of just the foundational teachings say, the appropriate method for level 1 and level2 in detail? we’ve all read that people have supposedly died attempting level 3 so it’s uderstandable to stop before that. kosta’s books don’t explain anything in detail. understandably, it’s not his place. if only john could approve of a publication of the first 2 levels maybe instead of being approached by so many people who know nothing wanting his teaching he could instead be approached by people who’ve already proceeded to level 2. wouldn’t these people prove more qualified for teaching than just anyone who can ask politly or spend a lot of money to find him? wouldn’t he see these people have gone through the necessary steps and are worthy of further teachings? it’s definatly not a traditional approach but it might help pacify everyones unshakable drive to find this man and learn the knowledge of the mopai. you also state that there are other venues we could go… what are they?
    please help us!

  121. To No One and Everyone,

    John Chang’s refusal to teach any more students is not of his own doing. He first sworn to his master that Mo Pai’s nei gong is not to be taught to others of different race. I understand that this is perceived nowadays as to be prejudiced or racist, but understand that during the master’s and ancestors’ time, China had been attacked and plundered by a number of foreign countries. This I think has caused suspicion and distrust towards people of different race. Mo Pai’s Nei Gong is believed by Mo Pai’s masters (in my opinion) as a “Chinese treasure” and wish for it to be used by Chinese, and as this nei gong can be a very dangerous ability, it can be used to harm other Chinese if it falls to foreigners’ hands. So I hope people will understand why Mo Pai no longer open its doors to foreigners.

    When John Chang came back from his meditation from the mountain (as told in the book), he taught that during this modern time, nei gong should be brought out to the world as this could certainly be an amazing gift to the rest of the world. He then started to teach Westerners. However, a few years back, he was reminded of his oath and was simply told to abide by it, which he then did.

    Regretfully this closing of Mo Pai to foreigners (non-Chinese) is true and cannot be altered. There are many Western students which John Chang himself taught, but has stopped his teachings to them. For Jim to imply that he can teach Mo Pai’s nei gong to others is pure (either) miscommunication or self grandiose.

    One thing that I have to inform people who are learning or wanting to learn from Jim is that, Jim has no authority to teach, and he can’t teach any other level except for lvl 1 and 2. He himself is not of level 3. There was a misunderstanding where he taught he was level 3 but John Chang himself confirmed that there aren’t any Western students who passed level 2. As to his claim that he is the most powerful or advanced student of all Mo Pai aside from one other student is utter nonsense. There are a number of Chinese students who are level 3 and one of them reached level 4.

    You are right “No One” that John Chang has been bombarded with requests from many people who feel self justified and (I think) selfish to pester him with teachings of Mo Pai’s Nei Gong. They even show up unannounced at his door (which in the Chinese culture is impolite).

    The thing is, there are many schools with teachings of Nei Gong, but many of them are lying low. Unfortunately you have to find them yourself as I cannot tell you where to look. You mentioned that you are willing to “die” to try and learn this nei gong. Do you understand if you are injured or die while learning Mo Pai’s nei gong, John Chang as a master of this school will have to bear this karma? As a master, he has to be responsible of all Mo Pai’s students and you death will implicate him.

    John Chang never base his acceptance of students by your effort to find him or how much money you spent to find him. Previously he taught level 1 to many people freely as level one is very basic and can be beneficial to your health. However, after closing Mo Pai’s doors, he can’t no longer teach any levels to any foreigners.

    If you are interested in learning nei gong, possibly go to http://www.taobums.com and seek some advice from someone else. Many proclaimed that they are learning some sort of nei gong. So hopefully you can learn something there. Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Ba Gua, and many internal styles do teach internal exercises that will advance your “Chi”.

    I hope I can clarify some confusions and really wish you all the best. Human beings are much more capable of advancing themselves. John Chang has shown you that. I think that alone is worth learning.

    Sorry for the long post.

  122. refusal to train a student because of his or her diffrence in race is a cruel and backward tradition. i would expect the chinese (if not then one of the wisest cultures on this earth) to understand this. Mo Pai should be taught with hon0r and civility. do not disregard someones quest for truth and spirituality all because of the cultures paranoia with other races. i do not see the world personally as countries, forigners, chinese, or american i only see human beings with human problems. our race will never prosper if knowlage is to be restricted so.
    I will find a master who see’s the world for what it truely is, a school. when the times comes i will seek a master and devote myself entirely to Mo Pai and hopefully i will find a master who will devote himself to his teachings regardless of color, nationality, or sex if that is my destiny

  123. tongkosong,
    thank you very much for explaining some key points that i didn’t quite think through. i do understand the severity of the oath that jc took and how his cultural conditioning will not let him sway from it any futher( not to mention his powerful master). empathizing with this standpoint does make me think about the story jc supposably tells of when his master, liao sifu, proposes the question to jc and chan tien sun, if they all had a fatal illness and only had one bottle of medicine to cure one of them who would you give it to? jc, in trying to express his love to his master, says he would give it to liao sifu, only to be slapped across the face by his master then scolded for being emotional and not accepting his destiny. anyone who read magus of java knows this story, in the end the teachers point given is that jc must place humanity above his own personal love and desires. therefore he must accept his own destiny and take it. did this really happen? only jc knows but, i think it’s pertinent to the obsticale we as foreigners face. might jc come to understand his love + desire for his countrymen and his master could be impeeding on a higher cause? would jc being willing to place humanity as a whole above his own love + desires?
    thank you also for helping me see the karmic connections that any faulty understanding or subsequent death of anyone who might try and follow the mopai tradition without proper guidance could effect jc. this makes sense. perhaps though “die” is an inapproriate word. rather, i’d choose to say i’ll try alone on my own than not at all. even so, i could see how this could still have karmic connections to jc at this point. i wonder though, if there’s any way to not effect jc’s karma now. in a way i feel he’s effected my karma.
    futhermore, i apologize for insinuating jc might choose students based on there effort to find him or money spent. no matter what jc’s discretions i respect his way of choosing.
    it’s the mopai tradition jc has vowed to uphold in the specific manner and we can guess that these instructions where given down from mo-tzu himself. who, though, was mo-tzu’s teacher? was it this teacher who gave mo-tzu these same vows to hand down? hard to say since mopai indicates mo-tzu was the founder through name association. i wonder if jc would be allowed to create his own system for learning this knowledge with his own rules of conduct. deviating from the exact mopai formula maybe jc could found his own liniage or school. chi is chi. yinyang is yinyang, it’s the systems created to aquire this knowledge that differ. and the vows created to be taken are different, as well, depending on the founder. this may seem a little far fetched, even silly, but, there’s got to be a way jc can share this knowledge with the entire world and still sincerely maintain his vow to the mopai tradition.
    i think all of us touched by jc, should take time out of our day and meditate for him to help the karma created for the gift he’s given us. the knowledge that it is possible!
    one last thing tongkosong, you never answered the very first question… are you one of john changs students? if so, please pass on these discussions to him.
    thank you

  124. Hey guys, stop wasting your time trying to find how to learn the mo-pai tradition. The closest i have come into is called Kunlun tradition, I have done their exercises and it has given me faster results, it is said that 1 hour of this kunlun method is equals to 100 years of all other methods that includes the mo pai tradition, I have not still be able to control the first position it is so powerfull it makes your nei kung rise at an incredible speed. Please, the mo pai tradition takes many years to master all the levels, with Kunlun you can still reach all the levels and pass level 4 with such an ease. It is a tradition that is just being taught by a monk who just came out of the secret monasteries of the kunlun mountains, where the immortals duel. oh well, i forgot about mo-pai and have since practiced kunlun positions, i´m sure i´ll be able to burn paper by next year. for now all i can do is warm some water. Bye.

  125. dear CordonDePlata
    the feeling i am getting from your previous post is that you are simply trying to lead people away from Mo Pai to ensure the privacy of Mr John Chang. now as kind as that may be it is still wrong who are you to deny the teachings of Mo Pai with just your simple words of this Kunlun.
    i will remain loyal to Chang and seek him out. so many people wish to deter me from my goal but i must do this for myself even if it means being turned down face to face.

  126. Brandon; here are some basic training instructions for you to start with. You can’t possibly hurt yourself with these, and they will help you to establish a stable, focused mind which you need in order to go to the places you want to go to:

    1)Start with some breath meditation. Watch your breath flow in and out of your nose, count each breath up to 10, then start again. Keep it up until your concentration is unbroken for 15 minutes. This will take quite a while. 2) Tell the truth about yourself, examine your words for honesty, but if the truth will hurt someone be silent. 3) Be kind to everyone. 4) RELAX about all this, enjoy your life. Each of the above instructions has equal value, and will yield benefits that you can’t possibly see right now. When you’re ready to move on, that will happen, too.

  127. dear Wu Shin
    i thank you for your advice it will help in my journey
    i have just started to read Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha
    a book by Swami Satyanada Saraswati
    it was sugested to me by the one who calls himself Nei Kung on this form.
    I seek knowlage and wisdom is there any other books of this sort u can suggest to me because i do love to read haha.

  128. Who here is good in acapunture and can help me with my dying sick friend that got Ms?

  129. I just wish i could stop wanting things
    i wish i didnt want.
    espeacially women
    such a hindrence they are
    just imagine if u didnt want things
    how ultimately free you would be
    oh how i long for that feeling.

  130. All people want same thing.

    Not to be alone.
    And to be happy.

    8 folded path hold answer.

  131. As we addapt from child simpleness to adulthood false logic and to much junk knowledge so does our dreams ,will,craving and longing addapt therafter wich will result in deprresion adn conflict due to false knowledge and its dream.One effect of not understanding noble truths and system indoctrination that takes one far away from folded path understanding of oneself.

    This dreams that give craving is another reson to karmic rebirth.

    There is several reasons for this feelings.

    We addapt from society and media from child to want to have things to be happy wich is wery unatural for human organism.

    This lies are also mostly also a root to crime.(False knowledge) School keeps up this mentality by making you want to become.

    We want not to be alone ,, this have its root in our human nature but can be surpassed by meditation and selfknowledge of oneself and udnerstanding why one fell as oe do.As i see it we are born with knoeldge but we are not fully develped and our duty is to become what we where destined to become in the first place.

    Also society fool people to play charade so finding a mate isnt as natural as it should be according to our feelings and nature(System makes us lie to ourselfs”Emotional Intelligence)

    The biggest obstacle lies in the lacking of knowledge about higher truths and process of mind (Folded path), heart mind connection.

    Humans biggest problem is the struggle between control and instinct some say root and heart chakra some say right mind left mind(All are conencted).

    I cannot say living a awarre life is fun becouse humanitys illuminati enemies have made everything in society to be and point so far away from your true nature that its possible.

    For the awarre one even walking the streets and reciving the enregi from false unatural structures made by man also have irritating effect(No truth in its expression)

    Likewise is the life of the anointed ones , the old souls, prophets, gurus, etc etc to stay aware is a lifetime work as you need to stay awarre of you feelings and you addaption ,, so its a lifetime struggle.

    But the longer you have been selfawarre the easier it become to keep to right path and be able to see wrong ways and not be affected by false knowledge and everything conencted.

    This as the awarre can see the expression of truth and understand the connection between the laws and how everything is connected wich result in Couse and effect.

    When i look at nature i am not alone.
    The awarre never is alone.
    Everything speaks to me , but not with language but with feeling of expression.

    Therefore i can take a look at a plant and see what it is trying to express and read its addaption.

    Similair thing is with all rest of organism on this planet.

  132. incredible i had no idea you guys were aware of the illuminate and how they control everything
    i do believe that they are our enemy
    tell me wat u know about them
    i find the concept interesting

  133. Dear neikung,

    can you please also help me.
    I would very much like to develop myself and be healthy and calm and of more help to my fellow beings.

    My email is: [email protected]

    Thank you very much

  134. Please brandon..

    illuminati history is wery complex to explain from its root.

    This mainly becouse the knowledge is stolen from many places , groups and from different epokes in history.

    Also they are a fraction group ,, and there are many side branches in the organisation formation.(Most of them dont know this themselfs) at the end all this groups only have one purpose,, and that is that the members are beeing used for what they call the architects evil plans and purposes.

    The movments knowledge is wery old ,, even older than most members know of ,,
    There is 2 sides one good and one dark.

    The low grade good side is for recruting members and dark side is for major promoters and higher grade indoctrination.

    They have fallowed man kind troughout history trying to do everything possible to spread their poisen and lies,

    They see themselfs as enlightened and used to call themselfs in the old days for guardians of the light,, their purpose then was said to learn people that every action have a conseqens that is why they bealive in understanding trough punishment , punishing people that did wrong based on their false ideologi in the first place (Dark circle) and ruled the law books.All this is based of falsehood.

    From the time of the summerians ,, trough babylon,In the, and until todays world , the stolen knowledge for evil intentions have changed form and groups but it still remains today what it allways have been.A group used to spread poisen in benefit for a wery few. I would call it much the art od deception.

    They are fallowers of the planet pluto and its ideals.

    They are mantioned in every religion and most old text.

    The root of their gnostic group is the real reason to why the people true knowledge has been lost.

    Here are their slogans and ideals.

    Pope over uniwerse.
    At war with nature and truth.
    Knowledge by not sharing.
    Eternal life by becoming one with machine.
    Controling mans perception by controlling the feelings (Media).
    Understanding by punishment.
    War by decivment.
    Respect trough deception.
    Devide And Conquer.
    Order out of Chaos = Produce Chaos = More Control
    Etc etc etc.

    They fallow the ideals of pluto,, Pervesity, mental illness, occultism,,egoism,, matrialism, Sexism,,knowledge by not sharing etc etc etc..

    The history is long and complex ,, to much fact to sitt down and write everything down,,but if you study them you will find out more and more about them.

    Be awarre all knowledge isnt easy to carry without the wisdome behind it.

    They bealive in filling the spiritworld with demons and therefore filling the world with evil and violence so that they get more order out of chaos and more control to the point man have no will left.
    They are the root to every conflict in the world,, even conflicts between individuals.(Lack of understanding).

    To call their plans mad would be a heavy understatement.

    Live in peace and wisdome.

    May your heart be open and strong and your mind clear and calm.

    Live in peace.

  135. What made me start looking for esoteric wisdome at the first place years ago was 2 books.

    Wingchun according to its buddistical principles
    (For Wtc students).

    The yoga of christ.
    Beyond The Himalayas.

    From there on it has just keept rolling and nowdays i read almost everything i come over in context with higher wisdome and methods to selfunderstanding.

  136. To State the norwegian physics professor nills torrehammer.
    The more i observe uniwerse the more it reminds me of me living in somebodys elses dreams..

    Realise people mostly discriminate what they dont understand.
    Allways have open mind Allways even when you 100% know you are right.

    Study breathing calm the monkey mind and awaken the force establish contact between the inner guru and the diciple.

    Your thoughts have power also over you and your sourrandings.
    Try to trust you bodys senses more than they eyes as they have direct link to monkey mind and you will proceed to next level of beeing awarre of feel sourrandings.When you are uncertain about the direction of a sound or something that you are unsure about ask yourself why you dont trust yourself and have to take a look at the direction to justify your mind and the thoughts “8 folded path” i mean you already heard the sound right?So you already know what there is.
    Realise that fear is based opposite to knowledge and that fear also only is higher state of energy that hightens senses and gives you power(Your friend).People mostly not used to feel energy rush so they feel it as fear rush and hair standing,, same thing when spirit answering questions ans talks to people via emotions(Dont take anything for granted)

    Dont put yourself first or you will never be able to open your third eye realise all is one and connected= Laws of truth and its expression or (Quantum mechanics as example )
    Have faith(Be able too offer of yourself)(Emotional side).
    Trust your feelings listen to them ,but understanding their root is most important.Then often you see mind give raise to them if not derived from right focus and right flow in mind,,
    then realise the monkey mind and calm it by breathing and meditation.
    After some time untangling feelings and sorting out right from wrong and bad from good and reasons behind feelings you can start to flow according to the laws of truth and its own almighty evoulution,, observe your situations that have surpassed ,, pick out what works(Bruce Lee) according to the principles of truth(Laws higher truth couse and effect addaption) to be able to grasp teh future accordingly and flow without resistance.
    Realise one mind halfe percept your sourrandings with feeling.
    you can feel somebody watching you ,, you can feel there is somethng behind you etc etc but when you can feel joy from nature = means heart open and perception right (Your Tao”Nature)
    Right mind is a real bad logic monkey that never shut up.
    Unfortunatly it is not good at understand feelings and as heart has no window it is made to listen to all its BS ,, reason for many stress heart attack.
    (The angel & Demon represented sitting on shoulders)

    This would be a good start tip for one seeking.

    Study yin yang physics , From here on meditate over the differance between left side body and right side body,, upper side body and lower side body.

    After more than thirty years the picture of my life and my karma have become clear to me..
    So please have patience not having patience is same as lacking of kapacity.
    Aslo Calling a incident for : It was bad odds etc etc does also not exist : Blaming bad odds also only shows lack of kapacity and understanding(Odds also a lie to look away percetion from couse and effect)..Odds are used to shorten and explain a chainreaction that leed to a certain incident etc etc becouse one lacks the kapacity to comprehend the chain.
    Everything happen by a reason theer is no odds.
    Realise all that exist and fallow the laws have a reason and life is full with signs for the one able to bealive and percept.
    This patience came clear to me under a kungfu lesson when teacher say does your muscle hurt under a stamina exercise.
    I say yes,, then he say it is not you muscle it is your brain that lacks kapacity all is connected to it.
    This is true our memmories become stored in our muscles and body aswell that gives rasie to chi stagnation and not beeing able to flow so it is also good to develope the body as our minds thoughts are expressed trough it.The body must also be able to flow by getting rid of the memmories in tissue.

    I do not agree with chang when say that chi must not be used for righchuss actions ,, after all it is a devided warrior sage knowledge .He is right actually becouse the need of it never have been neede for thousands of years UNTIL NOW When the essens of truth , spirituality, knowledge is under attack and we are heading against armageddon(Kalis age)

    In my former life i died in battle,, i was a well respected farmer/monk that helped everyone and i was awarre.

    When my soul was going trough cleansing and the disguised demon/angel (Archetype) punishing me stopped when i cry for hes sake i was set free wery wery early becouse i knew there is only 2 reasons one hurt somebody else,, false knowledge & Righussness,, and this is why i can remeber my past memmories becouse i did not sin to the usuall extent and i choose a life with nature and meditation,, in my mind i knew i was in battle for higher reasons of deffending the real truth and its principles adn died ,, otherwise the gatekeepers would never set me free.
    When i died i died wery dissapointet that i needed to end my life just for trying to make world better and help everyone .
    Gatekeeper knew this also as it knew all i knew and more.
    Then i saw the red dragon flying over the earth a dead planet and spitting its fire over the whole planet.
    Then i saw myself typicaly build like a supersoldier in my 20 years of age.
    Then i seek for my parents and wait for them to be born in right momment.

    I was sucked downwards the emtyness,, now in my mothers stomach.. And so life begun with the typical guru unrealised devotion training my lungs under water holding breath 5 min (i got 8,9 liter lungs).
    Running as a animal and doing so much exercising as a addaict(Afterwards i realised why i was preparing my body 20 years after)
    I was born to fight evil, injustice,Lies, deception,, etc etc..
    I was born in the year of the dragon in the month of the dragon ,, my name means archangel(“dragon”).

    So my karma still forms my path.

    I am waiting one day in meditation i hope to meet the crystal blue yang dragon of wisdome to help me advance and fly trough my chakras from head down enlightening me and giving me inner peace with its love.

    The World is a Illusion.
    A test for the soul.
    Playing ground.
    Chance for advancement.

  137. Please dont judge ,, and dont judge me by my spelling or you be to much mechanical soul(Addaption).

    My english isnt the best but we all try

  138. Brandon i will join you on your task from seeking a old soul.

    But i promise you you can also discover 99% on your own .

    Lets go to india togheter and discover what lies buried.

    I also find traditionalists backwards striving.

    It has a reson they do as they do to preserve the former lines it is same with kungfu so it not go lost.

    But if they themself cannot realise the negative backside of traditionalism and keep mind open it is their choice they themselfs decide how far they want to advance in this life.

    They dont want to realise on a emotional level becouse mind say but they feel different they know we old souls are all family.
    But they dont feel that when they meet somebody that understand they meet a relative.They choose to block.

    They are also stuck in their ways becouse man is a habbit creature that easy bind (Thats Asia for you) to smart to know whats best.

    You know spirits dont need to be right ,, sure they see with other eyes but still they have not total check on sourrandings and miss some abilities we have becouse of our bodys and we lack some of theirs.

    It is really not a question of lacking becouse we have same abilities as humans as spirits but certain areas are hightened and certain lowered deppending on the esoteric body the soul fills for the moment and its relation to all around & knowledge etc etc.

    I have had many arguments with spirits first they think i be agressive but after a while they realise i am right.
    Krishna was no huligan and to be able to explain and aquestion is a healthy indicator.
    You meet this problem everywhere dead are more respected than living and in west the opposite.
    Ther is no balance one side is to mechanical the other got to much instinct.

    You know what is the thing with chang?
    I can see your self just as you can see mine.

    love of understanding he seeks.

    The love of understanding is much higher than everything else.
    That is what drives meditation.
    And lives ultimate goal is to learn how to die.
    Even if your mother gives you the yin chang.
    And your father the yang.
    Even if you agree with me or not i know this is it.

    Break free from your chains your long lost family friends are waiting for you ,, it is finally time for what has been hidden for thousands of years not only under chinas plundering by goverments driven by false knowledge to be used for what it was meant.
    Do you put as in the same class as those unfaithful, lost, criminals??

    I dont think so i would expect more intelligence than so.

    New times are comming global awarrness starting.

    If you want brandon to have a travel partner i am also ready to seek further ,, but i would like to do good on my journeys not only to seek knowledge for myself.
    As we live in the now and each moment can be used for something good.

    Spread the good karma ; ) .

    I live in a cold country and i am a master with plants ,, i see them as living individuals,, as a part of myself lool sounds funny i know.
    I can make each seeds grow.

    But with my knowledge if i lived in a warm country i would transorm the forests to fruit and vegtable and herb forests so that no man or animal go hungry even one minute and man be able to live with nature again as it was meant.

    One day One day.

  139. Regarding post 167. The further along the path you walk, the more you realize things aren’t rainbows and butterflies. We are assuredly not all related, or here to thelp one another. Though this does in some instances make Earth life easier. The different races are creations from life forms far far away, and each race has their own soul/race lessons and general abilities. The Nazi made this concept perverse by trying to eliminate other races, where it would have been positive and beneficial to just ignore other races and let them walk their genetic path while Germans focused on theirs. It’s similar to Chang not teaching white people. Neikung came from the creators of the yellow race people, and it needs to stay there. Those who think we are all equal and everything is for everyone needs to stop reading new age disinformation crap. Even in the proverbail heaven (choose your religion or spiritual pursuit) there are different levels. Just as here. The street begger should not be treated with the same rights as an 8 year college graduate. The spiritual laws of the ancient masters, and its higher grade initiates alive follow very harsh laws, and harsher consequence for breaking them (Bruce lee taught white people, him and generations to come are cursed). He failed to realize the path of most light would have been keeping it racial. Then he would have lived much longer and been able to teach and change many more people. Of course white people love Bruce, he was a fool who martyred himself for them. A modern day slave sacrificing himself on the alter of white people. Another post stated the Illuminati qualities in a post above: “They fallow the ideals of pluto,, Pervesity, mental illness, occultism,,egoism,, matrialism, Sexism,,knowledge by not sharing etc etc etc..”
    is this similar to a chinese man, a shaman (some call crazy) leading a core of people (occultism) that doesn’t share his secrets of Neikung? Chang shouldn’t teach white people, and the Illuminati should focus on the European races. It’s all the same.

  140. One more food for thought:
    Don’t you think Chang, and his ascended master know what they are talking about when they made the decision to not teach white people? Don’t you think they are a bit more in tune with higher law (even if it’s not convenienent for whites) than Americans whose life is pretty out of touch with truth, let alone higher truth? Come on, he spends all day in the spirit world for decades and Americans come on here who culture revolves around Paris Hilton, reality television, and watching sports. Im sure Changs decision, based on communications with the Gods and masters weighs a bit mroe than some American kid full of stupidity and emotion. In addition to not having enough time on Earth to know the higher you go, the more the dark laws also effect you. Balance. I am Aryan and American. I come on sites likes these to get tips, not be indoctrinated. Sharing is good, like the Vikings did with everyone. But they certainly werent going to learn and partake of the others customs. It’s ok to be seperate. Seperate with tolerance.

  141. No i dont think it is right.

    Maybe in general over big masses as white is more asleep yes ,but to drag everybody over one edge is not healthy and intelligent proper way me and some friends have discussion over this right now.

    Yes bruce lee cursed becouse hes name was big and he united people in times of great racism to devide the people sp they couldnt protest and interfer with goverments vietnam war ,so maffia killed him before he become to famous ,, another example see gandhi..

    For your deal Chang is not the only one even if he is uniqe in hes way,, and in tune with higher forces i think you may have missed we all have same abilities and theres nothing to it to speak with spirits.

    Neikung is just a name..
    We are all build the same.
    Energi works the same.

    I never learned anything to become awarre of my abilities i just happened to remember from start and keept my child self within me open even if i sometimes was degraded but mostly advanced , this is only natural, but life experiances made it more clear to me why things developed as they did after a while when i look back at life.

    Nobody have monopoly over the truth ,and it is common practise for the seekers ,not just becouse individuals dont know about it and reconizing it.Even if masses are not ready doesent mean all man is bad generalising is the worst a man can do.

    Yes i also think that wisdome only for thoose with ready heart but not teaching becouse of coulour , is stagnation in development. and rejecting th laws.

    You must revalue your perception i bealive if you think this is ok but this is not for me to say so i shouldnt really, you must live your own life and realise , i bealive .And you will find out i am right becouse everything changes , moves and are on its way someplace all the time.

    You probably will not be aligned with my perception today as you may not reconize what i say becouse we all have different path and ways to walk and perceptions connected to our addaption.

    I am sorry but i really dont like when you speak about spiritual people like they would be crazy if that is the case you dont seem to know what you are talking about when mentioning shamans..
    Shaman is a spirutal classification of a certain individuals so called paranormal abilities as there are different souls on different level

    I shared a ceremony with a amazon shaman 2 weeks ago and he could se all my former lifes and who i was just by looking at me(He already knew my story).i Would never even think the thought crazy about this holy man ,, but i can understand if the unfaithful narrowminded think so as they discriminate what they dont udnerstand.

    The saying experiancing is one thing and knowing about it is another is wery true.(Emotional intelligence)

    You say occult yes if you consider talking to spirits and travelling another dimesions occult so yes but not in the sence of plutos teachings,, i thought you understand the planet furthest away from the warmth of father sun.

    Stop thinking and start to feel some more.

    Until you have been in the spiritworld yourself i would recommend not to talk about it until you know some more from experiance and if you so do please share,, after all that is why we are here, to learn.

    Cant you see peoples Self??

    I sense cloudness in your mind ,, i used to have it to from time to time this can be normal in todays society but i cleanse it out and try not to let it affect me and letting it in ,again yin plays its roll also if reached the topskull to much to fast.

    You make it sound like people are out of order.(Many actually are but there are more awarre people than you know about and many groups that dont show themself.

    People is the most beautiful uniqe creature and have fantastic abilities and we all have them more or less ,, deppening on where we stand..to bealive one is better than another is wrong way brother.

    Vikings learned from different cultures also and traded much and dont say the opposite (I am in Sweden so i study them mucho mucho) Realise the addaption is culture Its product ,one of them.
    We all are effected by our sourrandings.

    This will leed nowhereat the moment i think so i stop writing in this forum for a while,, please keep on path and study ..

    life is worth much , but is it stupid to sacrifice yourself if you know it make a better world becouse you have faith and higher meaning, you think this life is it??
    Many fools also die totaly sure of doing a just couse when actually living in a fog of lies, but its a whole different thing to fight for what is the essens of now.

    Yes you may maybe maybe think so .. becouse you maybe dont yet realised you will come back or you realise it but your emotional side dont percept it(Usually vice versa).. i are serius about advancement becouse i remember and dont meet my fellowers with sceptism becouse it blockes the mind.
    When u know the truth you know the truth you dont need to ask questions either youexperiance it or become one with it.

    It is so typical to watch life and death in thoose terms,, yes there is even healthcare that even dont let old sick people die in peace anymore but keep them alive with machines giving them shit life even though they want to go on.
    Or placing them inside closed wings and medicatingthem so much they become dement and dont know up from down.
    Yeah not realy real advancement – poor soul all for nothing.

    Not the right way.

    You think that is a life of right path,, right way to die??

    Not my view of compassion sorry i have more faith than so and realise the illuson and control my faith by understanding myself, that is the only way either you look inwards and learn outwards or vice versa.

    I think it is time for me to take a break,, i have already opened myself enough and told to much secrets for people i even havent meet,, but thats me and the open mind, for each time in life i try to learn i get attacked in some way by some person that wants to have a race with me insteed of sharing.

    Thunderbird i bealive you will advance alot in life becouse i reconize myself i your addaption i have been there, but right now you are a little stuck,, i love (all) you becouse i respect you have faith and you also seek truth,, when i meet such a person like us here it is like meeting a old realtive (A flower in the desert)

    Dont blame people becouse they dont kow what they do.

    May your herts be strong and your minds clear.

    I hope you all the best.

    Sincerly : Another old soul,,


  142. “…they made the decision to not teach white people” ?

    Excuse me?

    I had thought the decision was simply not to teach anyone who came knocking or inquiring- that there was never any Racist reason behind it. I still believe that is the case and think this Racist reasoning is your own personal addition. To lump all “white” people together into a stereotype of only being concerned about television and pop icons is extremely offensive and Racist. It shows your arrogance and ego and ignorance towards any individual who doesn’t see eye to eye with you, simply put as everyone else on earth.

    How is it personal attacks that are made by you, Thunderbird, against everyone who shares their thoughts on this blog go unnoticed by the administrator who has already deleted a few other people’s replies? Is this some sort of ‘good guy, bad guy’ deal you have going with c to play and prey on people and see what they’re truly made of? Whoever is patient enough to wait for a reply from c while they are humiliated and their beliefs are ridiculed by you is the winner! They get a free round-trip ticket to Indonesia!


    Back to my own opinions of the Mo-Pai and Neikung practice so as not to seem like I am only making a personal attack, and most definitely NOT stating what your opinion is, as it is against your ethical rules of conduct, I feel the time is here and now when there are no barriers of Race, religion, creed, gender, or even opposing sports teams whose tenets are strong enough to not break against the immense truth that is all around us. No matter how much one has followed Paris Hilton’s life, once they taste the thrill of Life no other distraction matters. A person becomes dedicated to Life’s embrace and begins to learn how to Live, truly Live, alive, awake and aware of the world around them.

    Pink slippers? Take off your steel chains of sarcasm and perhaps the world will seem a brighter place. But don’t listen to me either. There is an inherent danger in listening to those who don’t take themselves seriously and can laugh at themselves.

    And as well as not taking me seriously, don’t take me seriously. 🙂

  143. Dear Mike
    thank you so much for replying to me i appreciate it.
    as for your offer to be my travel buddy.
    i would love one.
    however i must wait until i am 19 and completely out of high school by then i will be a completly free individual ready to travel where ever. my first stop i would think would be either Indonesia or china to explore the himalayas.
    so 2 years i must wait but i will not forget your offer i will actually post it on my wall haha.
    may i ask how is it u know so much about the illuminate
    if a member of such an order were to read your post seeing that you know so much that could potentially put your life in danger you know what i mean.

    i seek truth and wisdom all the time everywhere and i would very much like to meet this shaman you know of.

    please email me privately mike so i can get to know you better and we can share our wisdom. my email is [email protected]

    im very happy i met someone as open minded as you.

    oh and i already saw both zeitgeists so dont tell me to go watch em lol

    mabey you can teach me about your skills with plant life i am very interested in that

    oh and what is igo i herd someone say they wanted to play igo with u or somthing lol

    yes well id love to travel with you and share knowledge with you please email me back

    peace and love

    P.S. i am a little more conservitive with my thoughts on this forum than id like to be…

  144. To all
    I know now
    all my descions all my choices have led me up to this point in my life
    It is time to make a choice
    a choice that will determine My path.
    i want to choose the path of enlightenment more than anything i want to learn and become all that i can to reach the highest human potential and i know this road will be full of struggles, difficult choices, and but through all my strife i will become what i was born to be. and if all men were to follow a simular path as i they could become what they were born to be Free and Independent

    Now at this point in my life i am faced with a difficult struggle of internal conflict.
    one that this nation of The United States of American has put on all teens or at least tried

    I need to be inspired
    i stare at my computer screen every night trying to get inspired.
    i watch videos of one of my favorite shows Avatar where they do incredible things with there mind and body and i say to myself “i want to do the”
    but its not enough

    i need some kind of inspireation some kind of real concrete goal.
    all i have is a dream.. a dream which i will never let go that i would fight and die for
    but sadly the dream is not enough to get my off my couch…

    please in my last post i stated that i am more conservitive with my thoughts than i would like to be on this forum but not anymore
    i feel the people on this forum can actually help me.

    so let me state it again bluntly

    I am lazy and i am looking for inspiration
    a Real concrete goal to strive for.

    i know what i want to do.

    and i know what i want in my life.

    i want to be in solitude in some beautiful remote place in the world and be taught Martial Arts by a master
    i want to learn how to open and control my mind as well as the world around me
    i want to learn who i am and what my past lives are

    Saying these things out loud openly i am inevitable hit with this question…. WHY?

    why do i want theses things out of life….?
    why does nobody else i know want these things???
    why dont i want to go to college and become a dentist get married have kids and retire?
    What does that tell me about who i am that i want SO much MORE out of life

    i do belive all these questions will be answerd in due time
    until then thank you all for listening.

    –This forum is my haven, i get on everyday after school eager as a kid on christmas morning waiting for another post because you guys talk about what i think about but im forced to hide it in school for fear of ridicule– such a sad country i was born into. i wish i was born in china so i could have a head start to enlightenment…

  145. How is it personal attacks that are made by you, Thunderbird, against everyone who shares their thoughts on this blog go unnoticed by the administrator who has already deleted a few other people’s replies? Is this some sort of ‘good guy, bad guy’ deal you have going with c to play and prey on people and see what they’re truly made of? Whoever is patient enough to wait for a reply from c while they are humiliated and their beliefs are ridiculed by you is the winner! They get a free round-trip ticket to Indonesia!

    There have been 179 comments on this thread so far, and none have gone unnoticed. Those few I deleted, you would not have considered “replies”; Thunderbird is civil by comparison. If you don’t appreciate my tolerant moderation policy, then stop reading.

    As I have previously made clear, I am not a member of the Mo-Pai, and therefore I cannot under any circumstances grant you admission. If that is the sole reason for your participation here, then you are wasting your time. But I thank you for suggesting I am “the good guy”. 😀

  146. Most high level workes I have studied under have racial tendencies. Acting on them is a problem, having them is a bleief system like maple trees are more favored by you than oak trees. I once gained admission to a Lakota Sioux medicine man’s house. I was told before hand he did not like white people, let alone trust them. So much so that he never left the reservation in 35 years because white people are on the other side. It’s not uncommon. Anyway to gain his trust I had to do two things (so I was told). One was be myself, but respectful (not overly was the point since he didn’t like histrionics and dramatics) and two, when his wife offered me dinner to make sure I ate the meat. Apparently , like most native americans, he didn’t like vegetarians since native belief is about harvesting the surplus (using the resources here). Eating meat wasn’t a problem, but I made sure I ate every bite. Many systems will not teach outside of their genetic code. For example if you met a true initiated druid, with true lineage (versus new age druids) he won’t teach you a single thing unless you have the european bloodline. Specifically the bloodline of their original people. It’s fact. Same with Freemasons. you can join them, but unless you have a certain bloodline you won’t be a master, no matter what. Eskimo shaman who are similar to Siberian usually will not teach white people. Try being a white man and going to study in the rainforest. You will become dinner. They aren’t big fans of the white man. Race is very important. Sometimes they will teach you basics but you will never be taught the bread and butter. It’s disturbing for many to sooner or later realize that Chang decided not want to teach outside of his peoples genetic code specifically white westerners. The dark forces have convinced people race doesn’t matter and we are all the same. Seems like a convenient philosophy to wash down genetic ability, cultural pride (which keeps us balanced) and the specific gifts that our ancestors will only give to us. I know there are people in here who have paid visits to indigenous shamans who consult with their spirits to see if they should even work with a white person, which is sometimes yes…but usually no. I understand that. We all come from very different places. Credo Mutwa has practiced cannablism at least twice. If you found out your neighbor ate a dead person for spiritual power would you Americans be alarmed a bit? absolutely. It’s acceptable because he comes from a different culture. Our bloodline and genes decide, to some extant, our life path and what will and wont open doors for us.

  147. Many denounce the Reptilian agenda. Who do you think taught all of our ancient civilazations all these secrets? All the Dragon motiffs through history like the ones on knights shields, and the Oriental Emperors who were said to be of the Dragon lineage (because they, were thus Dragon Emperors) The serpent god of quetzalcoatl, the star ancestors of the plains Indians, who do you think gave man the knowledge the Aztec, Mayan, Egyptian Pharoes used for their magic and buildings. Who taught mankind the astrological forces and how they move 5 thousand years ago? when white mankind didn’t even know them until within the past 150 years? The serpents did and you best respect them. They are not to be invoked and played with, or conjured for trivial purposes, but they gave us everything we have (use of fire, technology etc). Whoever teaches you otherwise is a disinformationist. Be careful, they are dangerous but they have a lot to teach. Who do you think taught Chang his secrets? Mother Theresa?

  148. Apologies for being multi posting today, but I think some need an education of the Dragons. Research the Yellow Emperor who was said to be a strange and different type of man and became a Dragon Emperor. Dragons are not for picnics and weekends out with the buddies, because they are ruthless on a Don Juanesque sense. But so are high level Brujo, El Diablero, and shaman….both Grey, Black, and White to a different degree.

  149. Thunderbird,

    a very weird point of view, I have to say, in my opinion.
    What about mixed people like half Chinese, half French? Who created that race? Are they the total outcasts?
    And the Vikings- they took women from so many places that their race has become mixed. And that is most likely the situation with many races. Same with the Chinese.
    Thinking in terms of race to me has no advantages- and that should be common sense. From history we learn that it can lead to horrible events like the killings by the Nazis, Apartheid, segregation, etc..

  150. Derek i would like to lern japanease chess if that is what you reefer to and have som game . ; )

    I know about the black movment partly becouse i was raised by a family that always been awarre of them ,, on my mothers side i am a descendand of the war king nebukanessar and i have learnd much by study the leaders crooked ways and histories troughout human age from beggining and see the connections,, to do this i really have had to search in forgotten history and meet people that used to belong to them.
    For example i have a 16 degree friend,, he say they where 7 friends once in this group and they one day decide to start to investigate their own movment.This result in them beeing fallowed and killed of one by one making it look like robbery and accidents, the last one got hes head chopped of in a vaccation in thailand.
    They use the heads to summon the dark manipulative strong but pathetic forces of the hidden evil you know,, Same as the king richards and vatican crusaders and their bafomets.
    Babylonian dark khabbala talmud style spirit telefon..
    Such lost souls dont even realise the fundamental basics of how to connect,, and they do such evil things.

    Brandon we set a journy togheter when the time place and energi is right and if all wants.
    When it comes to plants i have realised we have more in common with them than we think , our meridians and how the body is build have all its archetype principals in natural structures of plants and you find them everywhere( they are older than us,, i will explain this even deeper some time, and more when it comes to healing energi and awarreness in plants and my experiances with them and their electromagnetical energy patterns and lifeforce spirit, effects etc etc.

    The motivation you seek is becouse something inside you tells you there is something wrong around you and you are awarre of it(Emotional Intelligence).
    This is your guru trying to speak to you.
    Listen to the heart talk to it and realise that your heart is awarre of your minds thoughts.

    You also realise that the actions taken in society in everyday life have no higher meaning.

    You can see that your addaption have leed to your state and therefore you can also see where you stand in relationship with everything around you.. i also used to feel that way before i advanced more inside me and started to experiance myself .
    Brandon dont take anything for granted,, nothing.
    Therefore realise that everything you see and happens to you have a reason,, The book The journey to Ixtlan made some funny examples of this.
    I would recommend to also try to make your body awarre not only mind.
    The moethod of use you choose is up to you there are many many variations but all have same root, i choose wingchun.

    The lizard agenda is not as easy as people think.
    There are many many races in uniwerse, what they call grey are only genetical manipulated guardians and observers, the creators of them the ancients look just like us but use more part of the whole brain.

    The shaman is not to easy to get your hands on,, hes name is fab-jano,, he lives in the amazon,, we are some friends that somethimes gather and put togheter esoteric group of people like trance mediums ,empathics, healers and such that can occasionaly meet and decided to get our hands on this man.

    I will see what i can do and ask around ,,but putting togheter a group to meet him would be much better and bring him there,, otherwise must travel to amazon.

    Yes shaman is cannibal, just shows of hes addaption, sadhus eat human meat also in india.
    People eat animals also did you know that??
    A dog can speak to spirits evena nd it can even eat shit.

    I myself if i can choose choose not to eat higher lifeforms and keep to green as much as possible,but yin meat can sometimes be good to stabilise peoples relationship between them and their partners for example lacking will, etc etc also, but this differ beetween different individuals setup of internal energy, mostly we are made to eat green food se our teeth setup and body.

    The dragon is the essense.
    No dragons are not ruthless thunder,,
    Some are but the most are not, watch out for poisen dragons though around you, , a man turned into a dragon wow he must have come far in hes advancement no reborn there i guess,, I even read that murderas and generals managed to become taosit immortals,, there is always time for inlightment and redemtion no matter who you are or where you are this understanding is a major gapp between the traumatic and lost and really awarre , , its all in will and faith but knoledge would accelerate and help alot wouldnt it? Not allways, major dragons Bad? Maybe in some state for example if a wisdome dragon visit you and you not be ready it can paralyze the half of your body that is not ready to percept in order to awaken the inner force and shut down what is needed for the energi to find right way.
    I have seen examples of this ,,, i call it kundlini overload adn use to become normal after couple of days..
    But otherwise there is severe danger in yin hits head to much and taking wrong path.
    I am sorry if i missed to reply on questions and such but we take all in right time as everything has its place and time,,”Almost everything anyway”.

    I feel i are spending to much time at this computer and will be taking a break of becouse i dont like to exercise my brain to become habbit addicted, some habbits can be good though,, it is a good thing to try to differ life pattern as much as possible and keep flowing, stying in one place or isolating oneself and such for higher selfunderstanding also have its time or place , reason etc etc.

    Until next time..

    May the Wisdome, Love, Truth, Be strong in all of you and around you.

    Live in peace my dear old souls.

  151. “Thinking in terms of race to me has no advantages- and that should be common sense. From history we learn that it can lead to horrible events like the killings by the Nazis, Apartheid, segregation, etc”
    So money is sometimes used to buy underage hookers, buy drugs, and has been used to pay people off for crimes. Due to this should we stop using it? are you going to stop carrying it around in your wallet? Vehicles kill thousands of people across the globe in horrible trauma accidents. Are you going to stop driving one? Mixing genes is ok, as long as people are aware of what the pros and cons are, and both exist. Similar to women who have children. Having children rips a whole in the uterine energy wall for the rest of the lifetime, thats why some cultures dont allow women shamans to have kids since it wekanes them and infests them with unecessary astral entitites. Is this a abd thing? yes. Should women not have kids because of it? not really but they should be educated.

  152. By the way, my genetic coding, bloodline knowledge is for high grade initiates of the path. It doesn’t apply to regular people but is VERY important to spirit people. I have regular people in my life. One of them is a Peruvian married to a white man. It’s a great combination for them since they resonate together on a deep level. Unfortnatley, what applies to the sheep doesn’t apply to the shepard always. Understand everything I posted above is in regards to people with medicine. Nothing is ever 100% and there are always exceptions and variations, but generally not.

  153. Ok, thank you for the clarification Thunderbird- if I have it right, then while on an everyday basis of minor energy exchange(patterns(clouds)) race/genetics is not defined as a hindrance nor enhancement and could be either; however, the role it plays when traveling the higher roads is as the decisive factor in which roads you are allowed to walk upon.

    In this way, then I see that everyone’s DNA is a unique key that can unlock a person’s full potential. Am I correct?

    Regarding the Dragon/Snake/reptilian brain, the equivalent physical level directly opposite our mental level, I can understand that it is where the ancients learned all they knew and worshiped this entity as it contains the map of everything that follows beyond it- but, as we are progressing past our current (societal) mental level, should we not now look to the opposing level equal to where we are going? Keeping balance, as was stated before. I’m not positive, but I feel as though it is the skeletal/mineral level that we will find our world turning to next.

    In keeping with my aforementioned disability of not taking myself seriously, I’d like to apologize if I don’t make any sense.

    But on a truly serious note, yes, I was talking about japanese chess, Mike. Anata wa nihongo o hanashimasu ka? Boku wa sukoshi hanashimasu.

  154. Watashi wa nihongo no kenshusei desu ka?

    Genetic coding is what makes men shamans or not, amongst other things. Buried deep within the coding is embedded secrets from our own cultural heritage-or bloodline if you will. While it is very possible to learn a shaman culture outside of your gene pool, adding your own cultures gene pool shamanism will unlock full potential. How? because it’s in your encoded makeup. I work with the Iching, but my system is not entirely based on their system. When I pay homage to my ancestors it’s obvious they are all Aryan. I also pay homage to my allies, some of which are not human and some of which are other culture spirits. Never disregard your own ancestors and people, after all THEY are the reason you are here. Their hardships made it possible for your incarnation. Bloodlines, Genes.

  155. BTW I wasn’t talking about the Reptilian/Dragon “brain” which we have, but the actual Dragons and Reptilians, the actual organic beings that some people run into and go bump in the night.

  156. read post 149. I assume its true because I’ve seen decisions like that made before. The problem is we have all been pummeled by new age crappola that we are all one, and there shouldnt be racial seperation. I agree for regular humans. But high adepts know the rules are differnt when you climb high, it has to be that way. A druid is not going to initiate a black man, not because the black man is a piece of garbage but because he doesn’t carry the right tools for the job…..the gene pool. The astral has well mapped corridors and they are corridors travelled many times before us. Your coding determines what forces will match your lock to their key (not the other way around). We aren’t all the same, and some men were born to be modern day slaves and some were born to rule.

  157. Good day today ,, air fresh sun out and warm,
    Had a meeting yesterday with some of my friends.
    So need to post this.

    Thunderbird ,, you are right when it comes to genes holding hidden potentials.

    Theses genes are activated when the force is awaken.

    Yes there are many different souls ,, paying tribute respect to alla creatures is the only way forward.

    But in my case from my own experiance i acnnot agree with you when comming to ancestors.

    THEY are the reason you are here you say.

    I can remember choosing my own family and waiting for them to come into right place in time,, maybe it was decades i waited but feelt like seconds.

    If you mean the ancients i think our souls would still existed but the playgraound earth (Guf) maybe wouldnt have been our place (Available) becouse the human bodys may have not been available for incarnation.

    Keep you eyes posted uppwards brother,, we got a message that they are comming to show themselfs becouse they realised people are becoming feed up with the lies.
    The medium i know say they will show themselfs the now and around 14:e
    and with shields.

    My friend filmed them yesterday hovering on hes mobile ,, il try to convert and post later .
    And he said he could see somebody shooting at them like silent slices of coulor.Plasma (Cannons?)

    They had a deal with our goverments thousends of years ago,
    and they see today that the black movments have decived them and the people and everything true and turned earth into a prison.

    See Nasas Secret Transmissions.

    Keep well and live in peace , old souls. ; )

  158. The extraterrestrial aren’t going to show themselves, at least not on the 14th. That is new age crappola and those medium transmissions your friend is getting aren’t from aliens. There isn’t ever going to be some big uprising, or time like a paradise here for a long long time. New age fairy tale disinformation. People have been saying that crap for centuries just like every generation thinks their current time period is the most horrible and some mthical figure named jesus is going to come make it all better. Humanity brings all this on themselves, and needs to heal their own mind patters and genes before we get better…..which is going to be a while.

  159. I had missed the first part of 149 as I skimmed through the recent posts. Thank you for pointing it out.

    “Your coding determines what forces will match your lock to their key (not the other way around).” [i]post 187[/i]
    Please extrapolate on this as I used “Lock and Key” earlier as symbolic references. Do you mean to say we are to take outside yang(male) forces into our yin arrangements, as opposed to searching out subtle(yin) forces?

    Ah, Thunderbird, speaking of healing the genetics, are there any practices you could recommend for me to look into for healing parasitic energy? I’m getting quite tired of my brain eating my marrow for no other purpose than to be quick-witted, and my own methods seem to just exacerbate the problem. Location-wise, it is now stuck under the back- and upper-most part of my throat/sinus. There is a twist or puzzle there that it hasn’t found a way past, and I feel as though if it does unlock it I may die. It does concern me a bit, though due to its being a part of me for so long I just accept it. One last thing that I consider important, a man I highly regard as a great shaman warned me that I am “Untying my silver cord”, which gives me pause on having this spot unlocked.

    Anata wa “renma” o kenshusei ga desu ka? Like I said before, I know only a bit of japanese, so I’m not too sure if you meant the aikido martial art variant kenshusei or if it is a conjugation of a word I don’t know

  160. NeiKung
    i now hold two books in my possession
    Surya Namaskara
    Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha
    both books you told me to get and i finally got them i will begin the exercises of them tonight
    i hope you will still aid me in my training as you have before.

    i have left my share of posts on this forum and i feel i have repeated myself many times and for that i am sorry

    its just i feel i am not being heard. although i like to belive i am being heard in more ways than one, i hope i am.

    Not to long ago i was hit with a very powerful question that stopped me in my tracks..
    the question was asked with such anger and intensity that it demanded an answer yet i could not provide one.
    the question was
    “Who are you, and what do YOU want?”
    a million things could have shot through my mind but i didnt,
    one word sufaced from deep within me…


    that seems to be the foundation of all my hopes dreams and goals.
    for my career i wanted to be an archeologist for the sole purpose of finding out what ancient cultures knew back then that we dont know know. i do not seek wealth or to be an adventurer like Indiana Jones (never seen any of those movies by the way)

    now knowing this about myself if i want to better myself and find the potential of my mind i need a routine…
    thats where you guys come in…
    i want and want and whine about why i am not getting any closer to my goal. its because i havnt been given any real direction…
    i have a goal i have a dream now i need a routine
    an everyday routine something to keep my mind steady and my body supple and strong.
    i have been given a few tips on to do this but i would like an ultimatum.
    Neikung tried to help me in this a while ago but i did not listen or follow his direction very clearly and i feel i have shamed myself for doing so i appologize to you NeiKung.

    i tell myself that i will begin my training when i find a master somewhere in a remote place in the world
    but i have sooooooo much free time right now.. i sit around doing nothing.

    i would like a good healthy routine…. somthing clear enough that will make me want to kick my lazyness aside and have determination (not that i dont already but still)
    anyway i belive i have made my statement pretty clear.

    oh one more thing
    mike please leave me your email i would like to talk to you about a few things
    thank you.

  161. Brandon,

    Your pretty full to the gills in drama. Afer reading post 191 I can say your full of nonsense and drama. Why would you need to travel to a distant land and find a remote area to study breathing techniques? or visualization techniques? I’m pretty sure you can do it right where you are. The drama of youth and to many movies and your head is spinning about what it means to be a spirit man. The spirit men I know shit twice a day, piss every few hours, get sick sometimes, have good days, have bad days, itch their balls sometimes, procrastinate occasionally, etc. In short they don’t sit on mountain tops and shit fireballs out of their asshole. They aren’t regular men but they aren’t what you think, mr drama. They even hold regular jobs eating shit from some boss occasionally depending on what they do to feed the face. It’s not all drama. For instance many Americans have that heroic dramatic idea about native americans. Do you know what I see when I visit the reservation? a bunch of fat, lazy, alcoholics existing on government welfare. Most shamans in the rainforest have various daily troubles like where will the next meal come from, and if the common cold their neighbor has will kill them for lack of vaccines, antibiotics, and clean living, water, and food. Come back down to Earth.

  162. thunderbird

    maby ur right
    i have been full of drama im just very passionate about all of this im sorry if i made u uncomfortable or anything
    but i see your point
    i just havnt seen wat you have
    so forgive me for makeing vague assumptions

  163. Regarding post 190: (and I quote)
    “Ah, Thunderbird, speaking of healing the genetics, are there any practices you could recommend for me to look into for healing parasitic energy? I’m getting quite tired of my brain eating my marrow for no other purpose than to be quick-witted, and my own methods seem to just exacerbate the problem. Location-wise, it is now stuck under the back- and upper-most part of my throat/sinus. There is a twist or puzzle there that it hasn’t found a way past, and I feel as though if it does unlock it I may die.”
    Yes two things come to mind. One lose the drama, and two practice some grounding techniques since your head is in the clouds of play pretend spirituality. Your not going to die, and your teacher is feeding your bufoonery and ego with rubbish. If those techniques don’t work tie the silver cord you talked about to the door handle and then quickly slam it like when you pull a tooth as a kid. I’m not here to heal anyone, since I don’t care to do that. I’m not here to advise, since that’s foolishness and again, I’m not concerned with that. I shamanize to progress myself and increase my awareness. I come on here to weed out the knucklheads and drama queens and get down to business and share some wisdom with like minded people.

  164. Hi, Thunderbird its Spartan .Their is a lot of drama here judging by most of the people you have answered they are combining methods and which are causing the problems they are having , they have the old school mentality that in order for me to get good at this stuff I have to suffer and indure the pain. They seek the power but do not build up their nerve fibers to hold the power .Its like a small speaker wire in the begining but with the right training the speaker wire becomes bigger so that you can hold more chi,Sounds like to me their trying to push too much power through their small speaker wire causing them to yang out with mood swings!

  165. Likely,

    Though it shoudn’t by now I admit, dramatic spiritual seekers have always annoyed me. They watch to much TV and movies. Zen masters, Warlocks, Brujo, Adepts, Shaman are still people. They shit, eat, sleep, have bad days, get stuck in traffic, lose car keys, pay bills, get sick, etc. I’m not sure what dramatics and histrionics have to do with seeking infinity but apparently many think they go hand in hand. Ironically, the less emotion these people have the faster they progress. If I hear that new age crap that we are all one and love is everything etc…

  166. We are most definately not all one nor are all men created equal. Look around are you equal with all of them?, and read more history books people. Some men are born great, some men work towards greatness and most are common slaves. Whenever I hear the new age garbage that we are all in this together I recommend to them the library or a book store…..specifically the history section. I have nothing in common with humans who think this way.

  167. Thunder:

    Terrestrials already show themself and do so all time and will keep doing so.

    New age crapola?? You can say whatever you want in that remark i dont spend energy on naivity the awaken ones know.
    Brandon .:.::.:.

    Put your right hand on the bottom of your right fot.

    Do the same with left side.

    Breath into heart then let it go down the chakras and feel the different states of them in the breath.

    Now meditate like this and your energy will be neutrilized leaving you energized and light.

    Also awake the kidney and lungs do some nostril and fire breathing and if chi stuck in back if you smoker or something breath it lose or do some acapuncture or rub some counterpain into it.

    Now you ready to charge and flow if mind is calm.

    Keep listening to the vibration .

  168. Once again your on point! It all boils down to training time either you will do it or you won’t ,we must understand that people are at variuos levels hear!

  169. I have no idea what you meant by : “i dont spend energy on naivity the awaken ones know.”

    I think you used some words that out of context. If you meant extraterrestrials I am familiar with the reptiles, who are allies of mine.

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