Li Ching-Yuen, The Amazing 250 Year-Old Man

When the Chinese herbalist Li Ching-Yuen died in 1933, newspapers around the world reported the news of his passing. According to his own testimony, he was 197 years old.

An investigation, however, suggested Li had forgotten his actual birthday. Official government records recorded the birth year as 1677, making him 256. Here is a copy of the obituary as printed in the New York Times on May 6, 1933:


“Keep a Quiet Heart, Sit Like a Tortoise, Sleep Like a Dog,” His Advice for a Long Life.

Li Ching-Yuen
Li Ching-Yuen

Inquiry Put Age At 256.

Reported to have buried 23 wives and had 180 descendents – sold herbs for first 100 years.

Peiping, May 5 – Li Ching-Yun, a resident of Kaihsien, in the Province of Szechwan, who contended that he was one of the world’s oldest men and said he was born in 1736 – which would make him 197 years old – died today.

A Chinese dispatch from Chungking telling of Mr. Li’s death said he attributed his longevity to peace of mind and that it was his belief every one could live at least a century by attaining inward calm.

Compared with estimates of Li Ching-yun’s age in previous reports from China the above dispatch is conservative. In 1930 it was said Professor Wu Chung-chien, dean of the department of Education in Minkuo University, had found records showing Li was born in 1677 and that Imperial Chinese Government congratulated him on his 150th and 200th birthdays.

A correspondent of The New York Times wrote in 1928 that many of the oldest men in Li’s neighborhood asserted their grandfathers knew him as boys and that he was then a grown man.

According to the generally accepted tales told in his province. Li was able to read and write as a child, and by his tenth birthday had traveled in Kansu, Shansi, Tibet, Annam, Siam and Manchuria gathering herbs. For the first hundred years he continued at this occupation. Then he switched to selling herbs gathered by others.

Wu Pei-fu, the warlord, took Li into his house to learn the secret of living to 250. Another pupil said Li told him to “keep a quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon and sleep like a dog.”

According to one version of Li’s married life he had buried away twenty-three wives and was living with his twenty-fourth, a woman of ’60.’ Another account, which in 1928 credited him with 180 living descendents, comprising eleven generations, recorded only fourteen marriages. This second authority said his eyesight was good; also, that the finger nails of his right hand were very long, and “long” for a Chinese might mean longer than any finger nails ever dreamed of in the United States.

One statement of The Times correspondent which probably caused skeptical readers to believe Li was born more recently than 1677, was that “many who have seen him recently declare that his facial appearance is no different from that of persons two centuries his junior.”


  1. I must say that I’m very interested in this.
    Li Ching-Yuen is an example for me and I will try to live like him. Some people might think I’m crazy, but what if it is true?

    No-one will ever know, because sadly, Li died more than 70 years ago… he will always be missed.

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  3. Li Ching Yuen was a great man, and I had the fortunate possibility of knowing him once. As a 6 year old child, i met him in china. hehe ya right! as if.

  4. Look up the art of Qigong….he was said to be a master of it.
    And he actually chose to go, when he did…as one report states…”I have done all I have to do in this world. I will now go home,” and then allowed his spirit to depart.

  5. hi there ben i was just wondering what evidence you have brought to the table…the evidence that proves he is 2800 yrs old..because i can just as easily write a book about a 3500 yr old flying butt troll and say “i have evidence”..where’s it at? ..uh why would anyone make up such an odd story “that’s my evidence”…whatever dude.

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  7. i want to know the complete life history of Li Ching Yuen who survived 256 years. do you have any e-document to send me please!

  8. hi my name is mason i go to chinese shaolin center in LV its a shao-lin kung fu place and its straight from the temple and the reason why he lived so long is because of happiness,calmness of body, and doing chi-qong breathing exercises,and also practicing bagua everyday of his life,bagua is one of 3 main internal martial arts styles that utilize chi when you do these internal arts you feel healthiar and youget better blood flow and you live alot longer if you wanna find out more about the styles that i know go to (we have alot more styles that we do than are listed on the website)

  9. Ben Abba what the fuck is this bullshit of a 2800 year man, who never had any major accidents none related with diseases, but like a rock falling hitting his head or any thing of this sort. and why would he meet marie curie and bonapart, not because your are old your gona meet Obama or any persons of this sort.

    all what you are doing is trying to sell a fiction book, but if your were a good writer you would tell people its a fiction book, not the description of someone you met.

    all i can say is that at least there is a picture and some official records of Li but your story is totally bullshit.

  10. Babaq,

    Why are you so angry? Are you afraid it is true?

    A lot of people do not believe that Li Ching Yun was real, and yet here we are.

    I took the time and the effort to find people like Li Ching Yun who are still alive today. To my utter surprise I found about a lot of people still alive today in the 125 to 250 years of age category including a Native American. I also found about 25 people that are still alive that are much older than 250 years of age; including one gentleman who is nearly 2,800 years of age; which in my opinion makes him an “immortal”.

    Since it would take a long time to explain what I discovered in my research and what this man told me as to how he survived so many years without disease or fatal accidents; I have decided to put it into a book form. This is the best way I can present this material for most people to understand.

    If you could learn my advanced researching techniques, which took me 15 years to master, in own day; then you could verify my data yourself. Since you probably are not willing to learn these techniques, then you will have to read the material that I will be laying out for you in the best manner I know how.

    If you are not interested in learning how to extend your life from someone who has extending their life by 2,800 years, then just move on. No one will force you into living longer than the 75 years the average person is living today.

    Be Well.

  11. We are angry because of fraudsters like yourself Ben. If you have actual proof, as in photographs of this man, recorded conversations, something to go off of, that may be able to prove or disprove your claim, that is well and good, but not just someone’s assertion that he is 2,800 because he “sounds” like any eyewitness.

  12. MarkyMark, I never met you. How do know whether or not that I am a fraudster? Could I not equally call you a fraudster too?

    What would a photograph or recording prove to you? There is a photograph on Li Ching-Yuen on this website. Is that absolute proof to you of his existence?

    There is a video of bigfoot called the “Patterson film” which you can find a copy of here: . From the last I have heard, this video has not been proven to be a fake, yet the controversy surrounding bigfoot continues. Does this mean you absolutely believe bigfoot exists?

    I have several websites of collaborating evidence for you to review and discuss. My main blog is and my main podcast channel is

    Have you read and listened to all of the material on these 2 websites? If so, what evidence are you disputing? If not, why are you commenting here?

    I am in the process of presenting other forms of evidence that i have using other forms of presentation. However, since I am doing all of my scientific research on my own dime, it is taking longer for me to complete the analysis of this evidence; which I need to do before presentation.

    The truth is there are several people, on record, who have lived longer than Jeanne Calmet; including Li Chin-Yuen. There are also many more people still alive today that are as old and older than Li Ching Yuen, I happened to find and make contact with a few of them.

    If you are at all interested in hearing about these supercentenarians, then read on, or go find these people yourself. If you are not interested, move on. No one’s forcing you to read or listen to any of this information.

    Be Well

  13. 250 year old!?
    how could that is true?
    we see every day a lot of old people dying at 70 ou 80.
    the oldest man died last week in england.he was 112!
    amazing.Chineses have a lot to teach us

  14. I have examined the blog of Ben Abba.
    It is nothing more than an add for his books and interviews.
    Nothing of any meaning is shared there, there is no evidence present.
    He takes care to not present any information that can be investigated, this is a common secret of those who are frauds.

    So while there is no evidence that he is a fraud, there is no evidence that he is not. He has motive and opportunity to be a fraud.

    I sincerely doubt there is any validity to his claims and I am a man who believes that indefinite life may be possible.

  15. I am tried of being called a fraud by obvious frauds.

    My blogs were up and posted long before I made the decision to write a book, much less announce it. And I only started doing most of the interviews in the last 6 months after I started editing my soon to be released book.

    My blog is full of collaborating information on my claim that we can extend our lives well past 122 years; including scientific evidence. Did you see the recent blog posts on Brooke Greene, Paul Lewis, and Dr. Medicine Wolf ? How about my earlier blog posts “Where is the Proof”, “A Cure for Human Aging”, and “Discovering the Secrets of Longevity”? How about the evidence that is posted on this very page?

    It is a good quality to treat any topic with a level of skepticism. However, declaring something a fraud simply because you refuse to read the evidence before you, serves no one and makes you look foolish.

    I welcome those who offer construction criticism and pity those who choose to live life in denial of the facts all around them.

  16. You are clearly used to being dishonest.

    You think I call you a fraud? Not so.
    I wrote:
    “So while there is no evidence that he is a fraud, there is no evidence that he is not.”
    and yet you wrote that you were sick of being called a fraud by obvious frauds.

    Your blog is nothing more than a giant ad, it is shameful to call it a blog. It is loaded with claims that cannot be verified or contradicted, that is the hallmark of fraud.

    What you call evidence does not even meet the basic requirements of evidence. It is totally absurd.

    I am a believer that we can live for more than a couple of centuries and my impression from reading your blog is that you are far from honest and not scientific whatsoever.

    Pity what you will, it cannot make you right.

    Consider that even you seem to doubt your own credibility and so use a fake photo and seem to employ a fake name.

  17. I see nothing wrong with using a blog to promote a book, and unless you have read that book, it is premature to complain about a lack of evidence. (I haven’t read it myself, BTW.)

  18. Wow ben abba, so this man is 2,800+ y/o?? So that means he was around when Jesus Christ was born, and there’s a possibility he might have even witnessed his resurrection???

    It’s strange Oprah hasn’t interviewed this man before.

    If this man exists, he must be Jesus Christ himself.

  19. Don’t believe any of this crap. Once again China is distorting the facts. Beijing Olympics was a failure.

  20. 2800 years… the more you exagerate…

    Man I can believe you’re doing this.

    [Removed extra insults. -Ed.]

  21. I have been researching Li Ching Yuen and found this website. Lots of intereting info on 250 somthing year old man. I am also finding a lot of fulgar comments by those who offer nothing to the conversationl; just verbal attacks.

    I checked out Ben Abba’s blog and websites and found lots of accurate info from of news sources and scientists of our day.

    So I wonder what these “trolls” that love to make rude comments that contractict obvious facts do to earn an income, if anything? It sounds to me like they work for the government, some pharmacedical, a medical firm, or a mortuary than prefers people die an early death rather than live past 100. Or maybe they just live off on unemployment or their parents and love to spend all day spewing hate.

    To all of you trolls out there, get a life, and leave forums like this one for grownups who need to research this helpful info which is found here.

  22. hello everyone
    this is not a comment on li ching-yuen
    but the comment on comments
    most of u say this ben abba is lying
    it might be true yes
    u ask him of proofs abt these so called immortals
    but wht proof do u present that he’s actually lying….
    m not defending him or anything
    just helping u keep a calm and serene mind
    for long life ofcourse….
    if all of u call him frauds without any proof
    then u’d be fraudsters as well
    m not suggesting u to investigate more about this guy
    but to not be bothered about it
    jst imagine how u wud feel if u were in his place
    we dnt need proof to believe, we jst need experience
    for example: nobody proved that fire burns our skin
    until we find it out ourselves….
    if by any chance u get to meet an immortal man
    how wud u feel about ur present attitude towards this guy…
    so dont be bothered….
    u logged on to this site because u came to know that there is no end to our limits, our powers….
    and ur getting suggestions for it as well
    so jst apply them, if u believe in them n if u dont thats perfectly ok as well
    “there is a time and a place for everything”
    if u want to know more about supernatural things like these
    email me at….
    i will tell u all that u want to know
    for long life, supernatural powers, and most essentially higher spiritual development…….
    P.S. m by no way tryin to be biased towards this ben abba guy, i dont even no him…… thank u…

  23. Hi, the first clue to this old man’s legacy of longevity is that he was a master herbalist. To study and to know all the properties of natural medicine; thier effects and actions on the body; cannot be studied in one life time. This man must have gathered enough information and experience that he was able to slow down the aging proces in his body to such an extent, that he was able to live almost 2 1/2 centuries. There is some evidence that Li Ching-Yuen used a few herbs daily to protect himself from the ravages of time. The herbs known as Fo-Ti-Tieng or He She Wu (Polygonum multiflorum) and Ren Shen (Panax ginseng).
    However, there is some discrepency on the herb Fo-Ti-Tieng, because this name also is used for the herb centalla asiatic (gotu kola in Hindi).

    In the clasical medicine texts of China and India, most of these herbs are refered to as reversing aging and preventing aging. Subsequently, these herbs fall under the catagory of herbs known as adaptogens – restoring all bodily functions to normal (back to homeostasis). It is also interesting to note, that almost all degenerative diseases and conditions are related to stress – adaptogens prevent stress related conditions from manifesting.

  24. Why attack Ben Abba? He has done nothing wrong. If it is true about the 2800 year old man that would be great. Personally I believe it is true. You could benefit from his blogs and books. The worst that could happen is that you don’t benefit and you wouldn’t get hurt by it. You have nothing to lose by believing him.

  25. He was 256 when he died. That is pretty amazing. How did he live so long? Most people nowadays only live to be about 76 or so, not 256. I must say that is fascinating. A lot of people say his age is false or mythological, but I absolutely believe it. This guy is my new hero. He is very influential for logevity. Way to go, 250-year-old man.

  26. Ben abba has no empirical evidence of anything. He’s a snake-oil salesman. All of the events the old person supposedly tok part in can be imagined from watcing a long day of the history channel. The guy needs meds.

  27. He also must have watched men who stare at goats. And to top it all off his “methods” are so hard to learn…give me a break. I’m not going to call him a fraud…outright. He used remote viewing ( halucinating) to find a person. This guy must have a cerebro in his basement. Ben Abba my butt, let’s call him Professor X. It goes with all of his fiction. Was the 2800 year old in Pompei or meet Eric the Red. Maybe he fought with Joan of Arc. Or went into exhile with Bonparte. Oh, I’m 2801 years old…ha ha ha. Ben Abba I wonder if you can dig your way out of all the bullsh$t you spew.

  28. Thank you thacmaster / MarkyMark / Babaq (or whatever your name is today) for all of this attention. However , in case you were not aware of it, this is a blog post about Li Ching-Yun; not me.

    My intentions here was to offer collaberating evidence which my research has uncovered, that Li Ching-Yun really existed and lived beyone 197 year; and not to “sell” anything.

    However your posts offer more evidence to one of my blog posts “Dealing with Pseudoskeptics, Disinformants, and Fraudulent Debunkers.” which you can read here:

    I pray that someday you find peace from whatever is tormenting you.

  29. Pray for yourself. You know you’re a charlatan. The funny thing about people like you is that you are the “only” person with the “information” about a “2800” year old man who took part in many “historical” events. Mr. Abba have you slacked on taking your antipsychotic medicines? The closest your imaginary character came to Jesus was in the bible. The sad part is that you’re silly enough to believe that so in the end I’ll pray for you.

  30. Abba, you quote Wikipedia…some researcher you are my friend. For such a “smart” guy with magic powers to remote view I’m surprised that you don’t see that site as not a reliable source. For all one knows anyone could have written that and made it up entirely. But alas, you believe so many “valid” ideas but hey, you saw that coming didn’t you. Oh, and for all your remote viewing skill, I’m a totally different person than the others who have set you straight thus far. I’m surprised you didn’t “see” that.

  31. Oh and Abba, you left out something key in your argument:

    “And when such claims are extraordinary, that is, revolutionary in their implications for established scientific generalizations already accumulated and verified, we must demand extraordinary proof.” – Editorial in The Zetetic (Vol. 1, No. 1, Fall/Winter 1976, p 4)

    Oh, and Abba. I’m what people would call a trained researcher well versed in what many call the Scientific Method. But you “saw” that right?

  32. Of course he did not live to be 250 years. Just another Qigong-fantasy to trick westerners to buy expensive books and dvd:s. The average life span in China when they only had traditional medicine and qigong was 25-30 years. When western medicine was introduced the lifespan raised dramatically. Forget the fantasies and come back to live on the planet earth.

  33. Anyone seen Stan Lees Superhumans show on history channel. There are many people on this shows with extraordinary abilities that dumbfound scientist. There was a guy who had the ability to attract items like magnetism after practicing yoga. The scientist said before studying this man that it was impossible that the laws of science are well understood, he was wrong and couldn’t explain the guys ability.

  34. Cultivating qi is an art. Diet, herbs and qigong practice in tranquil locations are beneficial. On the of the things that master Li did was consume green tea regularly. Living qi organic matcha green tea is the finest in the world. It is supreme matcha that puts the brain in alpha state and relaxes the body. The high antioxidant content of Living qi matcha also helps one to reverse aging.

  35. Very interesting conversations. Personally, I do believe in longevity. If it wasn’t for the nuclear testing (imagine what it did to the crops and fish) and sturated foods or if you wishm fast foods, genetically engineered foods etc , we could have reached 150-175 very easily. Milk for one, if a bad ingredient in our diet. Use less of it and you live long. A little Swiss chesse here or a little Muenster or such wond hurt but dont make it a habit. Drink water!
    To Life!

  36. Ben Abba? I agree with everything you say but like others I’m having a mental block@2800. Regardless, Quantum Mechanics knows that it’s “what One believes” that counts. Humans should (by now) know that thoughts become things, and that the mind effects “all matter” at the sub atomic level.

    In this knowledge,
    Un-believers that will not live long but still laugh and mock those that think it’s possible, tend to make more dishonest claims (ignorance=brain rot=pointless negative arguments)

    Believers who put mental or pysical energy (or both) into longevity will increase their lifespan and still maintain respect for all & hope to show it can be done by everybody.
    Virtue alone is another path to a longer life.

    The latter will not argue, they’re not ignorant nor angry, they know these are the paths to short life (no matter how long One lives)

    May all live long and may all happiness & joy be fulfilled.


  37. I’ve met many million year old
    chaps and chapesses.

    Their advice?

    Appreciate the people around you,
    where you are,
    don’t go running around, don’t
    preach and use most fully
    what you’ve got.

    Getting even that much information was like
    pulling teeth.

    They don’t teach, I presume, because
    they know everyone is abou the same.

  38. Seriously,

    the people who are defending Ben Abba and suggesting that the rational people who are attacking his unsupported claim are pawns of big pharma and government are incredibly naive. When you make a positive claim about something which would completely shatter our views and knowledge of human life, you need to be able to support evidence. We do not need evidence to show you are making a false claim, we did not make a positive claim. It’s like asking me to prove there is not an invisible omnipotent pink unicorn hovering behind my head. Not only does Ben need to provide evidence, it’ll have to be some pretty damn conclusive evidence, and there are numerous scientific ways to do this.

    The fact that Ben Abba refuses to post any of this here or on his site while he has ample opportunity to do so only adds evidence to the fact he is very probably a fraud looking for an easy way to make money by deluding gullible, naive people. All he does is refer back to his book which contains the supposed evidence in an attempt to seem honest but which is just a tactic to get people to buy the book. Let’s face it, most of us would like to live forever and would be glad to spend money on this goal. Products and lifestyles that supposedly enhance your lifespan by amazing amounts have been hyped throughout history by charlatans, but history teaches us they do not work even a fraction as well as what is suggested.

    Tens of thousands of the brightest scientists in the world are researching numerous ways of increasing our well being and life span, and somehow an uneducated single person accomplishes what all of them combined cannot?


    Don’t be this naive.

  39. And Ras Namaste,

    you don’t have a clue about quantum mechanics at all. It says nothing of the sort. Show me one topic in quantum mechanics relating to thoughts or beliefs affecting everything on a subatomic level. I know it would be cool if this were true, but in essence you’re just practising a religion based on a fundamental ignorance or misunderstanding of basic physics.

    And again this misunderstanding about who has the burden of proof. If you make extraordinary claims like “thoughts control reality on a subatomic level as a result of quantum mechanics” or “I met a 2800 year old man” it is you who has to support evidence to support these claims, and you shouldn’t be surprised when people are skeptical about your claims. Ironically, Ben even posted this on a blog post about pseudoskepticism: “In science, the burden of proof falls upon the claimant; and the more extraordinary a claim, the heavier is the burden of proof demanded.” Instead of saying people who don’t believe your claims (note that I don’t say your claim is 100% impossible, it’s just very very very unlikely, and seeing how unlikely it is, and as unsupported by evidence as it is, i might as well say it’s not true. Otherwise I’d have to take every incredibly unlikely possibility in consideration living my life which wouldn’t be very useful or enlightening) are pseudoskeptics, maybe you should apply the same rigor you expect of others on your own claims…

  40. By the way Maximilian,

    there’s nothing especially frightening or unhealthy about genetically engineered crops. Maybe you should study a bit of genetics and try to understand how DNA actually works in living cells and how the changes (do you even know what they change in these engineered crops you are talking about?) affect the plants and how these changed plants would affect us when we eat these crops. Having a plant gain in disease resistance by adding a single gene is not going to have any effect on us when we eat it. Now, the discussion about the possible dangers of having these engineered plants spread into the wild and replacing other crops is a whole other issue. There are economic and ecological issues, but believe me when I say there are no human health issues.

  41. “there’s nothing especially frightening or unhealthy about genetically engineered crops”


    Looks like we all know who works for big pharma now.

    You are posting on a page about Li Ching-Yuen. Do you see any evidence, whatsoever, that Li Ching-Yuen lived to at least 197 years and possibly 256 years young?

    If not, what are you doing here?

    Thank you for proving all of points I was trying to make on this forum.

    May you find your peace somehow, somewhere, someday.

  42. Peace of Mind is a Good Philosophy!
    I Wonder if Li Ching-Yuen was a vegetarian?
    Generally Healthy Vegetarian people look younger for their age so long as they aren’t the drugged up hippie sort 😉
    I doubt he ate genetically modified foods anyway……..
    Hope I live to be half his age or Double 🙂

  43. Ben, please,

    you’re doing exactly what you accused others of. Now because I make a statement (with multiple arguments for it, which you don’t adress) that you disagree with out of ignorance, I’m working for big pharma? The irony…

    I have just finished my studies of bio engineering (cell and gene technology) and am currently looking for work. I have a healthy skepticism of any business with huge profits and massive corporations, but i also know from my studies that genetic engineering is not what we have to worry about.

    The reason I came here was because I was searching the internet for evidence that this man live to 256 years old, which I did not find. The reason I’m still here is because I noticed a charlatan spreading misinformation and trying to take money from the gullible.

  44. Also,

    if you’re going to write a book, please use correct english terms. Information and evidence do not “collaborate”, what you’re looking for is ‘corroborate’.

  45. We’re finding out every day
    by rigorous scientists
    that the human body does in fact
    contain a residue of
    totipotent cells (read ‘stem cells’).

    What interferes with regular
    and perpetual regeneration, then?

    Of all the biological samples of
    supposedly mortal beings which realize
    life in terms of ‘hundreds’ of years,
    we are told of tortoises, alligators,
    whales, parrots and . . . ?

    With man, perhaps the limiting factor
    is in his mind and expectations.

    “Sugar-pill” effects or so-called
    placebo effects and ‘homeopathic’
    ‘potencies’ that nevertheless have
    highly significant implications as
    to this ‘mere’ mental aspect ought to
    lead us to turn a somewhat jaundiced
    eye towards our ‘regular’ faith
    in medicine and medicos.

    This aspect of health is marginalized
    or reduced to an impractical level
    because when extraordinary things
    occur under the ‘supervisory’
    eye of ‘doctors’, they throw out
    the term ‘miracle’.

    Like that helps understanding.

    Rather than say ‘miracle’, these
    ‘exceptions’ ought to be studied

    I would think that those who live
    the healthiest and live the longest
    are the least likely to be studied by
    these so-called experts in health and
    disease. Why would they come under
    their perview?

    The wise probably avoid them like the

    After-all: most deaths occur under
    medical supervision.

    When some cult or another wants
    to live free of their ‘wisdom’,
    they get thrown in jail for
    not accessing ‘reasonable’ methods
    of salvation.

    How many people get sick and then get
    well without resorting to
    these ‘reasonable’ methods?

    So there can be no statistical
    baseline for an ‘unjaundiced’
    judgement regarding that kind of life.

    What we actually know, on theoretical
    grounds alone, must be puny compared to
    what we don’t know.

    Knowing how to investigate
    without also being merely an
    ignoramus: that’s everyone’s personal

    Sharing information in an unbiased
    way so that the ‘bondage’ to
    a materialistic hypothesis doesn’t
    limit possible potential: everyone’s challenge.

    One thing is certain: intelligent or scientific
    method doesn’t require exteriorization of faith in
    that intelligence simply to the small collective
    knowledge making up the bulk of ‘science’.

    If consciousness, like everything else, has radiative
    properties, then our personal consciousness must
    have access to a vast fount of information not yet
    reduced to print or resident in the minds of so-called

  46. Does not sound very likely that this chap was 256. It doesn’t make sense that he thought he was 197, but was actually 256. How could you not know your age – especially to be wrong by over 50 years? It is strange though that people remember seeing him when they were children and state that he hadn’t aged much in their lifetime. Maybe they were confusing him with his father or grandfather.

  47. Well, if a chap can be wrong in one direction
    he can be wrong in another:
    maybe he counted years in 10, making
    him 1,970 . . . or maybe he
    was 2,560.

    If one can accomplish a little, mabye
    it isn’t too surprising he or she
    can accomplish a lot, and leave
    behind insignificant details
    as to how, exactly, ‘old’ he
    or she is.

    Not jumping to conclusions at all.
    Just thinkin’. We don’t know it all
    I suspect.

  48. Ben Abba, I’ve went through your site, in joy and thinking that I would find some useful information or at least some hints in your “interviews” and “radioshows”. But alas, it was a complete and utter failure!
    Besides the “live with a calm mind and heart” which my grandparents already told me, I can’t find anything else which gives away the tiniest bit of how this immortality thing works.
    I am really disappointed!
    Plus you’re making comments and how anyone would achieve immortality, but the only thing one needs to do is to buy your book, since there isn’t anything else on your blog!
    You’re selling a book which even doesn’t have a teaser on your page. That reeks of fraud, and a goddam bad one.
    If you have anything useful to tell me, then feel free, you have my email. If not, please go kill yourself, the world has already too much leechers who suck out other blood by spitting diarrhea out of the mouth the whole day. Srsly, if I could, I would kill the last one of those kind personnaly! S STFU and die if you’re not giving anything away on your glorious site. no one is going to buy this nonsense!

  49. Maximillian

    “Milk for one, if a bad ingredient in our diet. Use less of it and you live long. ”

    these can be true.. because milk only benefits us best when we are young.

    when we old, our body does not produce enough enzyme to digest milk. the enzyme is called lactase.

    Also there are researches that links cows milk to diabetes. how cows are raised to produced more milk, injected with some hormones,
    etc etc..

    “there’s nothing especially frightening or unhealthy about genetically engineered crops”

    – I beg to disagree about that,
    I eat farm raised chickens that I can buy at the market (These chickens are said to be 45 days old chickens and are raised and sold for profit) and I also eat native chickens raised in our backyard which eats grass, earthworm, and anything that it can find what it may eat and I can tell the difference how it affects my body.

    “In science, the burden of proof falls upon the claimant; and the more extraordinary a claim, the heavier is the burden of proof demanded.”

    – I like these.

    About ben Abba and the 2800 year old man. I dont believe in that.. haha..
    I go with

    Opethian’s arguements

    I just came to these site searching about li ching yuen, I believe that it was true that he might have lived to 256 years old (he can be exceptional among others),also because I think Wikipedia can be reliable of using many sources of information, that is why it put it in the bibliography. Also the bible says about methuselah have lived to be 969 years old if i am not mistaken (In Old Testament).

    Although it is also written in the
    Bible that the average lifespan is 70, and when the body is strong itcan reach 80 years old.

    maybe what limits us now is in the chromosomes, and the genes that has a “program” that will make us deteriorate as we age..

    when we are 1 to 2 years old we begin to have teeth

    when we reach 10-16, it is puberty, both boys and girls begin to grow pubic hairs, body changes happens, breasts develops for girls,

    At age 40, menopause happens to women and later andropause for men.. hair begin to turn white too.

    at age 70 and up or earlier sexual desire fails..etc etc

    And then we die.
    What I mean is there is a “program” in our body.

    My english is not good but I hope I delivered my point. humprey89

  50. @humprey89

    Concerning your argument about genetically altered crops, i’m confused why you brought up the chickens. Are these market chickens being fed with genetically altered crops? Also, as you pointed out these companies are out to make a profit, so the chickens are not raised in the most healthy conditions, get limited nutrients and are under stress, to minimize costs. It would come as no surprise to me the chickens you raise yourself, who probably have adequate and nutricious food, enough room to wander about, daylight, less stress etc… will be healthier then market chickens, and thus also more nutricious and tasty for you to consume. However, i doubt that this has anything at all to do with any genetic engineering of crops.

    About Li Ching-Yuen, I’m not saying it’s completely impossible for him to have lived for 256 years, it’s just that if this was possible, I can’t imagine there wouldn’t be some better documented cases of this happening, with some evidence other then accounts of people who were only around for a fraction of his supposed lifetime. Also, my knowledge of how the human body works, the numerous factors that cause aging and all the research that has already been done to improve our lifespan simply tells me that this is very, very unlikely. Until I see some evidence, I will thus adopt the position that this is simply not true.

    Since I’m an atheist, I also give little credence to what the bible says.

    The main thing that causes us to age, is simply the fact that evolutionary there is no advantage to living that long. To pass on our genetic information we just need to be able to live long enough to produce an adequate amount of offspring and then take care of them until they can take care of themselves. The fact that we now live much longer then 30 years old is due to our intelligence and the cultural and technological advances that this has caused. We have extended our own lifespan through medicine, hygiene, eating healthy and varied food, etc… But ultimately, our bodies which develop from a genetic program in a single cell, are simply not made to live for very long. The only way we can get over the treshold we are at now is to understand the various causes of aging, and then find ways to counter them.

    By identifying genes that are involved in aging, and knowing what these genes do (for instance, do their products regulate other genes, do they code for a certain enzyme in a specific biochemical pathway, do they code for a protein involved in DNA repair mechanisms, etc…) we can gain understanding in the aging process and develop new ways to counter this.

    Some of this will be through our diet, by getting the right substances in our body that will act as cofactors in biochemical processes and as nutrients to provide building blocks for other chemicals needed in these processes. Other ways will consist of supplementing ourselves with functional enzymes when we have a genetic error in a gene coding for an enzyme that causes us to age more rapidly. And even further in the future we may be able to correct our DNA directly.

    However, since we are only recently gaining some understanding on this subject, it seems very unlikely that people already passed this treshold by such a great margin in a time when science and medicine was even more limited. Herbs and similar substances can positively influence your health to some degree, but they can have no influence whatsoever to various major causes of ageing, since they do not contain any human enzymes, and certainly can’t alter our flawed DNA.

    At least that’s my take on it.

  51. opethian
    “Are these market chickens being fed with genetically altered crops? ”

    they are fed with food that has chemicals and hormones in it which make the chickens able to grow fast within 45 days. I am referring to broiler chickens, after around that time of 45 days the chickens are ready to be sold.

    A chicken that is 45 days old should be still a chick naturally.
    It is better or healthier to eat free roaming chickens, though the meat is not as tender as the broiler chicken.

    I think you are referring to genetically engineered plants which are altered to be more resistant to disease or be able to yield more crops. And has nothing to do with the chemicals and hormones that broiler chickens are fed.

    “Since I’m an atheist, I also give little credence to what the bible says.”

    Aren’t you convinced that there is a higher being that made this world? Maybe you believe that humans are cause of evolution of monkeys ?You don’t believe that you have soul/spirit?

    There are many preachers and religions existing nowadays, and most of us know that not all of those religions are true and honest about what they are preaching. But maybe there must at least a religion or an honest preacher that is concerned about other people.

    I hope you wont mind taking a look about this and if you are being offended or not, I think I am just doing I know what is right.

    Sorry for being out of the topic. (The article is about Li Ching Yuen).

    ” The fact that we now live much longer then 30 years old is due to our intelligence and the cultural and technological advances that this has caused. We have extended our own lifespan through medicine, hygiene, eating healthy and varied food, etc…”

    I believe in the Bible, It is written around 2,000 years ago and it is recorded in that, that their average lifespan during those time was 70 years old and if they are strong and healthy it can be extended to 80. Even without the advancement in medicine, technology, research and understanding that we have today.

    Thanks having these conversation
    Anyways I am from Philippines.

  52. “they are fed with food that has chemicals and hormones in it which make the chickens able to grow fast within 45 days. I am referring to broiler chickens, after around that time of 45 days the chickens are ready to be sold.

    A chicken that is 45 days old should be still a chick naturally.
    It is better or healthier to eat free roaming chickens, though the meat is not as tender as the broiler chicken.

    I think you are referring to genetically engineered plants which are altered to be more resistant to disease or be able to yield more crops. And has nothing to do with the chemicals and hormones that broiler chickens are fed.”

    Well that was exactly my point. You replied to where I said there is nothing especially frightening about genetic engineered crops and then you brought up these chickens as an argument to go against that.
    I agree with you that it is better to buy meat (and eggs) of free roaming chickens, especially because it also allows the chickens to have a somewhat normal, happy life. I’m not very confident there is a big difference in how healthy it is for you to eat, but I think we should think about the well being of the chickens too. The conditions these broiler chickens are in are just horrible.
    My point was that crops that have been genetically altered to be more resistent to diseases or to grow faster are not unhealthy for us at all.

    “Aren’t you convinced that there is a higher being that made this world? Maybe you believe that humans are cause of evolution of monkeys ?You don’t believe that you have soul/spirit?”

    I think there are still some answers science can’t fully answer yet, but I believe that using any kind of supernatural being to try and fill up those gaps makes things even worse. I do not believe that I have a soul/spirit if this is defined as something other then my consciousness which is an emergent phenomenon of brain activity. I do not believe humans evolved from (current) monkeys, as does no knowledgeable person that accepts evolution theory. I do accept the well evidenced fact that humans and other current primates share a common ape ancestor and that all life on this planet has a common ancestor.
    So to summarise I agree to disagree with you on religion, but I would kindly ask you one thing. Try to look up some facts on evolution, because accepting it or not isn’t simply a matter of belief, it’s just a matter of accepting or not accepting reality.
    I won’t go into this any further (unless no one objects and you want to), since this probably isn’t the right place for that discussion.

    “I believe in the Bible, It is written around 2,000 years ago and it is recorded in that, that their average lifespan during those time was 70 years old and if they are strong and healthy it can be extended to 80. Even without the advancement in medicine, technology, research and understanding that we have today.”

    Well you might believe in the Bible, but others don’t, and even many among those who do don’t take it literally and don’t accept everything written in it.
    If you look at it from my point of view, it’s just a very old book written by primitive men and it has no evidence value whatsoever. Everything we know from history about that time period tells us people did not live up to 70 years old, most didn’t even live to 40.
    I am not telling you you have to give up your belief, but if you want to have a discussion about something with someone who doesn’t believe in the Bible, you can’t use things that are written in it as arguments or evidence.

    Anyways, thanks for your replies, I’m from Belgium.

  53. You may live a MAXIMUM of ONE DAY on this planet. Your molecular bond will breakdown automatically within that time. The only way to pass that is by being enlightened enough to manipulate your own atoms but even still you will change your form. Ben Abba not to say anything negative… However you say I to much and that means at the core of your thoughts exist selfishness… Which also means you do not exist in a balance and that is paramount to live beyond 66 AT MINIMUM to have ying/yang. If you do know of a man that old AN ABBOT would not allow you to meet him with the spiritual frequency you oscillate at at this moment.

  54. @Ben Abba, I don’t doubt it’s possible for man to live long by Gods will, but I do know that bigfoot tape was admitted to be fake by its author just before he died in California or Oregon a couple of years ago.

  55. Why is the majority of people only living to 70 or 80
    Three score and ten if special mightiness 80

  56. Here’s another from India more than ‘2500 years old’; btw he’s ‘immortal and has the appearance of a radiant 25 year young man’

    Btw there is plenty folklore on these breed of ‘superhumans’ both in India and China as well maybe other cultures. If you research more on the Indian guy there is a whole system of Kriya yoga and kaya Kalpa – some kind of exotic herbal elixir, which freezes the human body in an anabolic state of perpetual youth. Of course most of this will probably be the usual woo woo considering the obsessive interest with youth. Most of these Yogis indulge in these pursuits for the purpose of having a youthful body to attain their spiritual goals. An old body is unable to stand up to the rigors of such a quest, which makes sense to most of us.

  57. Hi there, don’t really know how old Li Ching Yeung was, but the Imperial Chinese Government congratulated him on his 150th and 200th birthdays. Obviously he couldn’t have been a child when he was first recognised as 150 years old, so if we say he was 30 at the time he was given his first documentation as being 150, that would make him no less than 80, then 50 years later he would have been no less than 130, plus he lived for another 56 years which would have made him 186, minimum. So that in itself seems credible.
    As for the 2,800 year old, if it is so it would not be Ben Abbas who was giving you false info but the 2,800 year old man telling him the story. According to Genesis, Methuselah lived to be 969. If you believe in God and read the Bible this would be common knowledge. Tortoise and Koi carp are reputed to live for over 2 centuries, trees can live for thousands of years, are we saying we are less than a tree? I personally believe we are only at the tip of the iceberg regarding longevity, 2,800 years could be a stretch of the imagination, but we shouldn’t knock something until we have examined the evidence, you just never know.
    also on facebook as Secrets To Defeating Disease

  58. my previous post stating Li Ching Yeung’s age needs the following revision:
    Obviously he couldn’t have been a child when he was first recognised as 150 years old, so if we say he was 30 at the time he was given his first documentation as being 150, that would make him no less than 30, then 50 years later he would have been no less than 80, plus he lived for another 56 years which would have made him 136, minimum. So that in itself seems credible.

    Just in case someone thought I couldnt add, lol.

    I dont know Ben Abba as I only found this site today but his work is very interesting and needs further investigation. What I have learnt is that Mineral density in our bodies is what keeps us alive, run out of minerals and your life ends. Keep your minerals up to optimum levels and who knows how long you can live. Indefinitely?? Only time will tell. Not some comment on how this cant be real, just because it is beyond personal comprehension. In the end all that matters is the truth, no matter where it comes from. Truth is often stranger than fiction.
    also on facebook as Secrets To Defeating Disease

  59. Get a life people. Now would be good. Because people don’t live for either 197 or 250 years, so you are running out of time to stop being such gullible twats.

  60. opethian,
    i compliment your rebuttals. you’re a person with unbiased points of views, i would like it if people answer like you do. but unlike you, i believe in a supernatural being and i also respect your beliefs.

    ben abba,
    i just added you on facebook. i want to ask you questions, if you’re still here. what did mr immortal (the 2800 year-old man) told you about “Jesus Christ?” as you also said not quite literally, he is a knights templar, am i right? who was his grandmaster back then, could you ask him where they hid the treasures (just kidding)?

    kababayan pinoy din ako, taga davao pala. im afraid you cant argue more with opethian, it seems he does have a lot of ammos in him since he said he’s a graduate of bio engineering. but using the Scriptures (i prefer to use this term rather than the Bible because the Bible is wrongly translated and it is of pagan origins and Father Yah dislikes pagan practices refer to for correct translations directly from the original hebrew writings) to back things up such as with the case of Methuselah living for about 969 years is quite credible enough if you’d ask me. and if we base on what the Scripture is saying, we must also agree that man is not immortal for it is written by the moment adam and eve ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, man became mortal.

    thus, on my opinion about mr immortal (the 2800 year-old man) himself is that he is not immortal. it would mean, if he trully exists, he is older than Yahshua HaMashiach. and if that’s the case mr ben abba, could you please bring me to him. i want to personally ask him questions.
    lest, if you are lying mr ben abba about the existence of mr immortal (the 2800 year-old man), you otta be ashamed of yourself. you should stop doing so.

    now about Li Ching-Yuen, The Amazing 250 Year-Old Man,
    if this story is true i guess his diet was the main factor that contributed to his longevity. let us remember the things that keeps us alive: food (diet), oxygen, water. these things are common to living things of the 5 (others argue 6) Kingdoms of Living Things here on Earth. but what made the difference in mr Li Ching-Yuen’s case? the answer can be found in this article.
    “… Li was able to read and write as a child, and by his tenth birthday had traveled in Kansu, Shansi, Tibet, Annam, Siam and Manchuria GATHERING HERBS. For the first hundred years he continued at this occupation. Then he switched to selling herbs gathered by others…”
    somehow, the herbs where incorporated in his diet (food). and food is one of the three factors that govern a living thing.
    if we want to live a long life, we must eat foods that minimize, or could be, stop the aging process

    add me on facebook, the name’s jacques demolay. i have a lot of insights about life. peace everyone.

  61. It’s during my quest to ascertain the true position in an arguement between two people that I came across this story on Li Ching-Yuen.

    I asked Google a question but wasn’t given a direct answer. Instead I was presented with different articles along with the one on Li Ching-Yuen. So, please, permit me to digress a little by putting across my question here.

    Is it true that in China there was a time when if anyone lived up to 100 years such a person was regarded as a waste and was, for that reason, injected with poison to die? Please, I need contributions with references. Thanks!

  62. @Sanderson A. Bashayi
    no, that can’t be true. Traditional Chinese show high respects to the elders. The 80-, 90- and 100-year-old birthdays of a person are great events for both the family and the village. People believe that happiness is all the four generations of the family are living together.

  63. Trailanga Swami – (c. 1529 or 1607 – 1887)

    Shriman Tapasviji Maharaj ( 1770 – 1955 )

    Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

    Luke 11:10 For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

    …but you should know…Ask-Seek-Knock- must be ONE

    All the best….

  64. Even Jesus of Nazareth had non-believers during his time. What more a mere mortal Ben Abba? So go on Ben, do what you have to do. Dont be disheartened by disbelievers. I quote :
    The Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, who sympathized with the Pharisees, writes in his Jewish war (2.166) that

    the behavior of the Sadducees towards another is in some degree wild, and their conversation with those that are of their own party is as barbarous as if they were strangers to them.
    The Christian texts portray the Sadducees as opponents of Jesus of Nazareth. An example is Matthew 16.1-6:
    Then the Pharisees and Sadducees came, and testing Jesus asked that he would show them a sign from heaven. He answered and said to them, ‘When it is evening you say, “It will be fair weather, for the sky is red”; and in the morning, “It will be foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening.” Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times. A wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, and no sign shall be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah.’ And he left them and departed.
    Now when his disciples had come to the other side, they had forgotten to take bread. Then Jesus said to them, ‘Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees.’

  65. Fascinating article, and I enjoyed reading the following comments.

    Why does it matter if people live a very long time or not?
    A man can live 90/100/150 years and never have truly lived.

    I met a Thudong monk in Thailand, he looked a very healthy fit and youthful 60 yo to me, I enquired his age and he told me he was 87 yo, I was most impressed, science tells us that we each have a biological age, this is our real age, our chronological age is not our truth.
    Perhaps Li Ching-Yuen’s biological age via a number of factors diet, exercise, environments, and mostly genetics, retarded the cell breakdown which is naturally occurring in all animals.

  66. People are really gullible, Ophetians insight into genetics and burden of proof falling onto the people who make the claim are wasted on the majority of the people who have posted here.

    The myth of longevity is well known and documented across all continents and all cultures, it is not supposed to be taken as literal evidence of people living that long. Methuselah in genesis said to have lived 969 years of age and many others in genesis are 200 to 900 years of age. In the same country as Li Chin Yuen it is said, Zuo Ci is said to have lived 300 years, Peng Zu is said to have lived 800 years. These are myths to elevate the individual to higher status among men and the same myth is occuring here.

    I personally believe that many things can be done to prolong ones life but lets not get carried away here, no one has ever lived over 122 years yet.

  67. The incredible ‘oldest man’ character is amazing because of his youth and vitality. The guy does unbelievable feats with his ‘manhood’ in the movie!

  68. Any exception to our present understanding that arises during investigation of the world can be a new niche in research or a test of the things deemed givens.

    Evidently the exceptions are too numerous and budgets are too small and concerns for tenure and regard by ones’ community can be allowed to put a damper on an otherwise normal aspect of curiosity to test or explore. At least openly. Funded personally, maybe.

    A better resource than Guinness might be W. Corliss’ method of at least noting the intriguing exceptions and/or “anomalous.”

    The potentials as emanating from purely sci, and bio facts about cells and whole forms does permit us to know age beyond 122, or whatever you accept as bonefide, as possible.

    Sharks, alligators and who knows what may get bigger but seem not to have a universal systemic apoptosis system in force. They die by accident. Potentially can live 1000s of years. This fact about them is commonplace, but perhaps not universally known, of course.:)


  70. Ben Abba,

    you are so completely full of shit.

    I wish very hard that you would die right now. Ripping people off is not funny and makes you a scumbag. You don’t believe in your own book and are keeping up a persona to sell your turd of a novel. If you do actually believe in what you wrote, you should do a Biology 101 course.

    If you REALLY cared about the story you wrote about, you’d offer it for free and have evidence that EVERYBODY can check for themselves, not after “15 years of training a technique”.

    You’re no better than Scientology.

  71. People don’t believe a man can live past 200 years yet will either accept 1) A mystical ball of glitter in the sky created everything in existence, or 2) Matter was created from an explosion billions of years ago the erupted in violent atomic energy. Believing a man can live to 200 is beyond plausible given point 1+2

  72. 9gag brought me here. And after reading the comments, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  73. I personally believe that many things can be done to prolong ones life but lets not get carried away here, no one has ever lived over 122 years yet.

  74. Ben Abba, if you suggest that the 2,800 years old man is true, then what the hell is his name?! And more important, WHY DIDN’T YOU JUS WROTE A WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE ABOUT HIM?! He could tell us everything a man could know. But what I personally think is that it’s just an old, stupid man who has forgotten everyhing in his life and thinks he is 2,800 years old.

  75. 200+ years? That’s waaay to old. Why do people always want to live a long life? Why not live an average lifespan but live every day to the fullest, make your days count instead of counting the days 🙂

  76. We should indeed have more Opethians around, instead of bullsh1t story-sellers and gullible religious zealots.

  77. Haha, stupid people who believe this guy really was 250 years old. Amazing. And then this Ben dude who found a guy 2800 years old! Fate in humanity is lost. Thank you, now I know how smart and down to earth I am.



  79. This Ben Abba guy is ridiculous. His grammar is horrible in is posts on this website, so what is going to make me believe what is written in his book? My thoughts are he is just using this post to generate revenue from people who think this is true and that there is some secret behind it.

  80. 2800 years old you say Ben? At the end of the day if you honestly believe that then you’re a class 1 MORON, but if you’re just trying to con retarded people then fair play.

  81. Ben Abba,

    Please share your email with me … Please send an email to my email address ( I have something to share.


  82. Wow, what a variety of comments since I last visited.

    Puneet Ghai leave your comment on my blog ( and I will respond.

    victoriadas and others with similar posts, there is documentation about my friend in the Old and New Testaments which I hope to share someday. My plans were to share as much as I have time for on my blog and then when I realized some people needed to see it laid out in a book or in a video to fully understand all of the material I have. That is the only reason I am doing so. Any money I receive from such will not even cover my costs to publish it. 97% of the books published today don’t make enough to cover their total costs of publishing the book.

    The people who have the problem with “Paterson Film” being authentic or not: well I worked with one of many groups that have authenticated the film; especially when it was discovered 3 creatures in the film and not just the one.

    And for those of you that came here to leave insults instead of sincere comments: go back to your parent’s basement where you belong. This is a forum for adults, not stupid trolls.

    Blessings everyone!

  83. hehehe when you have a scientific peer reviewed paper so i can read it then ill decide whether or not ill believe you

  84. Believe it or not, things happen and we usually never believe them until those things happen to us in the 1st person. about a year ago, I never believed in things like ghosts or that there was really a life after death. Then I actually communicated and had intelligent conversations with people who had died. I thought I was crazy until my friends said they witnessed the same thing. Even a homemade Ouija board worked, but it came close to getting dangerous a couple times. You just have to contact the right people and make sure some of the bad apples don’t ruin it. I don’t expect you to believe me, but just know that these things are possible and you have the ability to prove some things for yourself and not just take people’s words for it. Prove it yourself, because being lazy and chewing others out for it is not OK. That’s my 2 cents. On a different subject, Feel free to visit my site. Don’t worry, I don’t sell Ouija boards, just a lot of vehicles, unregulated weaponry and other stuff.

  85. Wow…the people who swallow this yarn are walking proof that we are devolving rapidly. The story is obviously bull. As for descending from apes, don’t you believe it. We came via apelike forms…all the way from single cells. Any of you who think this guy was over 150 are making monkeys of yourselves…no, monkeys are smarter than that.

  86. Wow nzjohn! I still find it so hard to believe that people like are you still around. Why would you waste your time, and ours, dispensing your opinions based on your beliefs without any facts?

    It does not take much research to find out there is more evidence homo sapiens are cabable of living more than 150 years than any evidence they “evolved” from a single cell.

    More or more real scientists are turning away from your old religion and are opening up to the real evidence that has been surpressed by your followers for so long. Perhaps someday you too will see the light.

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  87. There are things in the universe which cannot be proven but yet still happen.

    Our ancestors made up tales long ago to explain things that they barely understood.
    And several of these thought systems are still strongly believed today.

    Yet those same people will deny the possibilities of aliens, magick, and immortality outside the strict confines of their dogma.

  88. If I told you that I have lived for over 60 years, you might believe me. If I told you that I’m over 90, you might still believe me. If I told you that I’m over 100, a few eyebrows would raise, but who wouldn’t be inclined to beieve me? If I told you that I was immortal, it’s likely that no one would believe me. Why is that? Is it impossible only because you say so? What governs the number of years anyone can live? Do you know what time you’ll die? I am 26 years old. Believe me? What proof do you have? I have no proof that any of you people are actually posting comments. For all I know, you’re bots, and that’s actually likely, considering the technology is in wide use. Because bots are common, and I’ve not seen otherwise, I know you’re all bots. Not really. While I personally don’t believe the story is fact, I also believe many things are possible. Sometimes there’s no proof. I don’t know, but I guess I don’t really care. It doesn’t concern me. If being emotionally stable and calm is the way to live long, then I am destined to die by age 50, because I work hard and play hard. I have insomnia, siatica, athsma, aspergers and a girlfriend worth keeping. My life without stress would be a life without accomplishment. I may die. Oh well. I believe I’ll leave my body behind and move on to more important things. I have no proof, but neither do you. Even though the message in the story doesn’t apply to me, I don’t take that to mean it’s impossible for anyone else, especially that one man mentioned in the story. There are always exceptions to the rules, so what makes age so special? Just think about it.

  89. If I die young, at least it would be a great life with lots of fun and accomplishment. What can the 150 year old man say? He drank tea and had no worries, but he lived long? How would you like to be like that guy? What good is immortality if you can’t do anything worth living for? When I die, maybe I’ll haunt the author for a day. I bet he’ll be pretty dull and no fun the whole time. You know, a light flicker here, an important paper falling there, and he won’t worry at all.
    You know the British gaurds with the big jew-fro hats in the movies? Yeah, it’ll be fun for a few minutes, but boring fast. Just kidding. I’m not that cruel, and I don’t crave boredom.

  90. We ought to know ere now, via an abundance of fictional writings and themes of movies, that anyone aiming at personal immortality at the expense of the rest of mankind, are ‘bad’.

    Presume that life cosmic, or universal, has attained to and appropriated intelligence or memory and developed means to ‘self preservation’. Such a large concept! ‘Self’ might include millions of suns and their planets and every manner of life within their scope of influence.

    Between two options of items worthy of preservation: perpetual physical regeneration and preservation of information or intelligence: what of such range would a cosmic ‘evolution’ or even ‘primal urge’ favor?

    It seems obvious that the scope of ‘intelligence’ also must be subject to ‘selection’.

    Preference of ‘life’ is an unknown. We can know for certain that life does exist. We wouldn’t even contemplate anything lest life and memory or ‘intelligence’ could exist.

    My questions and interest revolves around what might limit the fullest expression of life. And with regard to that, what, in extant known intelligence, limits the fullest expression of life? Our local experience might, indeed, be a curse. Held to by limited experience. Life surrounds and isn’t subject to limited receivers. It is a question of abundance versus tiny inlets and limited amplifiers.

  91. SubHuman, Kenny, and roger: I would like to compliment all of you on your posts.

    SubHuman, I am constantly experiencing many things, almost daily, that are undefineable. Some call such things as serendipity and miracles. Regardless, just because I “cant prove they happened” to another, does not mean they didnt happen in my presence.

    Kenny, you describe well why I went looking for the oldest people alive today to interview them and see if there was something I could use to extend my own quality of life. While I may not prove to you exactly how old my particular friend is, I can tell you about what he did to live so long and what kind of life he had. I am releasing through various methods some of his exciting life which to us appear to be lifetimes.

    Roger, I wanted to know if it is possible to extend ones life without biting someone’s neck or cutting off their head. If this was the only way to extend our lives, I would have rejected. Li Ching Yuen extended his life without hurting another and so did my special friend. This is why I am trying to show people the possibility that death can be a choice and not a predetermined event.

  92. Hey, Ben Abba


    Search up what “burden of proof” is. If you make a preposition, prove it yourself. Explain your “method of research” and present all results of it.

    I am not saying that I vehemently will not accept that it is true; there is simply no reason to have an opinion on it yet.

    I am looking forward to your explanations.

  93. Degenerative and debilitating cell structure, radical atomic composition and free-form chromisomal formations all speak to ‘superhuman’ does not Autism show the wonders of human capability? Cannot a man split an atom or compose symphonic complexities bordering on impossible to replicate yet resonate with the very fabric of nature? NO, these words aforementioned do not mean a single thing, yet to a lesser mind may be grounds to read more. No 1 person has the answer, that’s why we are all here asking the same questions. But do not fault a person or take it upon yourself to discredit what another has done. Its simply not our place. There are institutions and $ hard at work attempting to solve the complexities of this world and of its inhabitants. Be well, be one.

  94. chronic illness such as arthritis. life wouldnt be worth living past a hundred. think about it.

  95. Hey Tin Man,

    Did you read the article at the top of this page? Really?

    If you cannot find any proof in my numerous blogs, interviews, podcasts, or articles; all of which are FREE to you … then check out one of my books which I laid out some proof for you to review at your leisure.

    Click on my link to get started.

    All the best!


  96. @Ben Abba

    Firstly I’ll point out that in case you have problems reading, my name is not “Tin Man”. Also, you can’t use sources credited to yourself to prove your own proposition. I will check it out, but this isn’t really sufficient proof.

  97. 2800 years. That may be true. It’s not because Ben Abba tells the truth, it’s because of what he don’t tell. The man that who is 2800 years and still going on, uses an other way of time messaure. The point is to decide how to live your life and day as if it’s your last. It’s how to extend every moment so a month acts like a year. You get the point 😉 I gave you that for free, so don’t bye a book :p

  98. I remember back some 25 years ago after my father fell from the roof of his house . He recovered but not totally . I remember his conversation with a friend not long after where he advised his friend that his age was 10,000 years . My point , maybe the 2800 year old man has or had a brain injury or perhaps dementia . Just adding another possibility to the argument .

  99. He was lucky to live in a place that had all the minerals 97+ in the soil. We have long farmed that away. you can’t eat your way to 150 or 250 years old. Key is the missing minerals. There are products that give you the 97 minerals. Then you have a chance to live way past 100 years.. tip…you have a garden? Wood ashes! Has many minerals WE need. Plants grow better too. It was common before gas and electric heating to put ashes from the winter in the garden soil.(pre 1900) Less cancer then.

  100. Anyone can live to 250 and beyond, we’re all immortals we’ve just forgotten that we are. If you’re interested in living forever read a book called ‘star signs’ by Linda goodman, chapter 9 explains everything. Good Luck.

  101. Part of the secret to longevity is how many breaths you take a minute. at 18 breaths a minute (human rate) we live around 78 years. 15 breaths/minute give you about 100 year lifespan. The elephant breaths like 20 breaths a minute which lowers the lifespan to around 68 or so, the tortoise, the longest lived animal breathes around 5 breaths a minute, making a lifespan of 250-300 years possible. So train yourself to breathe less breaths/minute and your life will increase. It works for the yoga siddhas!

  102. I know how he live so long time.. Very simple foods that he always eat it.. i found his food and drink habits at somewhere site but i believe that someone else took it down. I figure out that they might not want anyone else to follow his step and keep live long like this.. I am glad that I found it and saved in my disk somewhere .. I will order something that almost no one else know it and not know where to look for.

  103. can you ask the 2800 year old gentleman about the Jews who travelled to Africa it is about the same age as his at the time of king Solomon and all the details.currently it is denied of having any evidence about them.Thank you.

  104. Do not let these comments sway you, the man is still alive because he has been wise. Do not give him up, do not fingerprint him, do not take away his identity, the world will try to hurt him. People fear that which they do not understand. I know it is easily possible, but each soul must decide for themselves. The dark cloud over each man must be lifted before that man will know the truth. These people are swimming with darkness and have no desire to wake up.

  105. i dont know what all the fuss is about guys , if he lived then he lived. Let it be.
    i have an aunt that lives on a farm and she is old.
    when i was young (like 5 years) she was like really really old…id say like 80….im 39 now and she still lives an looks the same… she outlived all her brothers and sisters, oh and she is the eldest in the family….
    im actually going to check up on when she was born….i can promise you that she is over 100 for sure.

  106. Well written but this article is inaccurate, a myth that just won’t die! I am the owner of the original photo shown here, ( the only known one) given to me by a relative Li, Long-dao . Li Chengyuen assumed his father’s birth certificate as was the custom in some counties because the older you were the more the governmental stipend for the aged. He did live to be over 100. Which is a great feat in itself when The average age at The time was 50. The other stories about him being 250 have been disproved numerous times.

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