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Another Group Writing Project

My previous post, Jackie Chan’s Greatest Fight Scenes, was one of the 893 entries in Darren Rowse’s Top 5 Writing Project. Since I benefited from incoming traffic as a contestant, it seems only fair that I pass on some link love.

Here a few contest entries related to the topic of this website, martial arts for personal development:

Fitness and Health

Top 5 healthy relaxation techniques
Top 5 Different Workout Approaches by Men and Women in the Gym
Top 5 Special Health Tips – Part 1
Top 5 Ways To Use Your Senses To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Self-Improvement and Personal Development

The top 5 reasons to change your life right now
The Top 5 Ways to Get Your Act Together
Top 5 Tips for Achieving Success
Top 5 Ways to Build a Wonderful Life
Riding the Waves of Change aka Hints on how to deal with change
The Top 5 Mind, Body & Spirit Books
The Easiest Meditations

Psychosocial and Emotional Skills

Top 5 Reasons *NOT* To Tweak Your Mind!
The Top 5 Emotional Intelligence FAQs

Paranormal and Extrasensory Development

Get Ripped Off By Your Psychic – A Practical Primer
Top 5 Secrets to Expand Your Reality

Other Interesting Entries

The 5 most important features to look for in a new sports watch
5 Things You Can Learn About Marketing From Pro Wrestling
Self Improvement Strategy: Top 5 Reasons to put a STOP to Top 5 Lists!

And Another Group Writing Project

I will announce my own group writing project some time in the next few weeks; stay tuned. In the meantime, you might find something good in the Best Martial Arts Writing of 2006 Contest archives.


  1. Great list. I enjoyed many of these blogs. Looking forward to your contest.

    Adrienne 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing those with us.

    BTW, this is my first comment, and I have to say… I really love your blog. Martial arts and personal development are 2 things that I am very interested in, and this blog combines them perfectly.


  3. Hi there,

    I have a post which you have highlighted in your post.

    The title of my post is “Top 5 Different Workout Approaches by Men and Women in the Gym”.

    As I no longer host my blog at Blogger, I have moved to my own domain hosted at WordPress platform. The old link is no longer working. The new link for the post is now at

    I would appreciate much if you could update the link. My post is the second one under the category of “Fitness and Health”.

    Many thanks in advanced.


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