Raving Lunatics of the Twenty-First Century

Based Upon a True Story
Imagine yourself walking through a busy outdoor mall, surrounded by hundreds of shoppers and tourists. Casually perusing the fresh produce and handicrafts, you are suddenly confronted with a disturbing spectacle.

(Photo Credit: Gina Fish)

An unkempt, fifty-something man stands alone in the middle of the boardwalk, carrying on a loud and emotional conversation with nobody in particular. Interspersing pointless vignettes on politics, culture and yesterday’s supper with violent and unpredictable gestures, he manages to draw the attention of a small crowd. They watch and listen from a safe distance.

The lunatic raises his voice and removes his pants, appearing to enjoy the spotlight. Meanwhile, you begin to wonder what would drive a man to such derangement. Why does this self-important crackpot believe his every thought ought to be spoken aloud, and furthermore that a random group of strangers should heed each word?

The crowd just as quickly loses interest; after a minute or two, it begins to disperse. Nobody really wishes to hear about the madman’s cat, and why should they? Circling around him, your proceed to finish your shopping and return home.

Later that evening, you slip out of your uncomfortable slacks, and recount the curious event in a podcast on your blog.


  1. We can’t help it. Somtimes I just need attention and my pants are hot, but I swear I didn’t say anything about my cat (he may be reading this right now!) I found your blog from PassionateBlogger, thought I would drop by and say hi!

  2. Executive Summary
    Q: What’s the difference between a blogger and a raving lunatic?
    A: Internet access.

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