Qigong and Energy Arts Forum: Volume 1

Ebb and flow – rise and fall by Patrick Parker (Mokuren Dojo)
One of the main philosophical and strategic principles of the ancient Kito school, from which both aikido and judo took root, was the idea that ki (energy) is always rising and falling, ebbing and flowing and changing forms. This article at Mokuren Dojo describes this concept and gives a couple of hints for harmonizing with the ebb and flow of someone’s energy.

Qigong Yiquan Review and Impressions by Jacob (Parapsychology Articles and Blog)
I’ve written before about my first qigong lesson. Nowadays, I still go the classes and am much more knowledgeable on this subject.

Feature articleNourishing the Liver by Joanne Hay (Nourished Magazine)
Cleansing the Liver looks very different when seen through the soft, clear eyes of Nourishment. How do we treat Liverish symptoms that pop up in Spring without falling for the old cleanse, purge, no pain no gain paradigm? Some of our Nourishing recommendations may surprise you.

EFT Is Bunkum? – Part 2 by Dr Martin W. Russell
EFT is a simple self-treatment technique that claims amazing results for both psychological and physical conditions. But what is really behind it? I suspect that the outcomes from EFT have NOTHING to do with Chi, or energy flow, or acupuncture meridian points.

Online Yoga Exercises for Healthy Weight Loss by Anmol Mehta (Mastery of Meditation, Kundalini Yoga and Zen)
Effective yoga exercises for safe healthy weight loss, fitness and energy.

Acne Acupuncture Is An Effective Natural Treatment by DaveX (Mr. Clear’s Acne Reviews)
Acne acupuncture can be very effective. I have experienced this treatment myself and it worked very quickly and as a long lasting cure.

Reiki Healing – A Method Of Spiritual Healing And Self-improvement by The Alternative Medicine Zone
Reiki is a Japanese form of healing that is becoming more popular in the today’s world. Most of the medical practitioners are recommending reiki healing as a parallel system of treatment.

Baoding balls
Photo Credit: Wolfgang Wedenig

Creating Intentions with Heart by Gia Combs-Ramirez (The Science of Energy Healing)
Get those intentions out of the disembodied mind and into the heart. Includes a meditation to guide you through the process.

Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ by Lexi Sundell (Energies of Creation)
CCT is a new cutting edge modality which is highly effective in propelling intentions into manifestation. Read about it here and find a link to try it for free.

What Is The Real Cause Of Colds? by Roger Haeske (Superbeing Secrets)
Do you want to know the real cause of colds and the flu? I can tell you right off the bat it isn’t GERMS. That’s an old fairy tale.

What Every Martial Artist Should Know About Chi and TCM by Martial Development
Are references to qi gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine a necessary component of martial arts instruction?

This concludes the first edition of Qigong and Energy Arts Forum. You may submit your article for the next edition, to be published in a few weeks’ time.

Opinions expressed in this article series do not necessarily represent those of its publisher, and should not be taken as a substitute for professional medical advice.


  1. Greetings To All,
    A comment was left on my blog. Thank you. Followed your link and arrived here. From the entries listed in this section, I see the relationships to what I had put on my blog. Was not intending to write a book about qigong, just not qualified to do that. What I was interested in finding out, was exactly does qigong stand for meaning wise. If anyone had stated
    ” energy practice and cultivation” the meaning, for me is there. Unless one delved into qigong history, the same meaning is just not there. So “qigong” roughly “means energy practice and cultivation.” Changing a car tire does not make one an expert car mechanic. Writing on my thoughts about qigong does not make me an expert or master. What I wrote “did” change my attitude on the beneficial affects of qigong. Previously there was only a ” yup, this is good for you” kind of thoughts. Aside from the desired health benefits, I also see the movements that led to the martial arts techniques. All together, I found this all quite fascinating. Do believe the information presented on this site, will greatly assist many on their journey and redevelopment.
    ( my post is here)

  2. Thanks, Chris, for including my post. I enjoyed seeing and reading some of the rest of the collection. Am “stumbling” now.

  3. After six months of qigong exercises and treatments, my painful acne is gone, along with the other problems. I can now eat more types of foods without allergic reaction.
    I think stress is a main cause of my acne.Now,in just a few minutes a day i relieve anxiety and i minimize stress.
    I highly recommend qigong treatments.

  4. About qigong and meditations.
    Very interesting! For example:

    Then it comes lightness and I am dissolving… can’t express it in better words…
    This Stage, this phase, is called “the Pause”.
    I lose the sense of my body, forget about its existence.… To say that this State is the absence of thought is just saying nothing. It would be better to follow the words of the founder of Patanjali Yoga in defining what cannot be this State…

    Never mind, I will do my best to give you the picture…

    During this State time stops. You are not able to imagine how long you have been in this State unless you by chance consult your watch before entering The State and after going out of it. If you hear somebody say: “I have been practicing “State of Pause” for 6 minutes” –it means that it was not “State of Pause”; except the person checked his watch of course. But, seriously, who would do it in such a moment!

    During State of Pause our mind starts to free itself from its pretexts, clear itself from self-imposed and strained standards of the world and ourselves. It is essential. To release your attachments and pretexts is necessary to be able to reach State of Pause, but State of Pause itself, in its turn, is the best sweeper of Mind. So, it is some kind of self-developing and self-upkeeping process: the further it goes the easier it goes…

    While moving towards the State of Pause you may be faced with different extraordinary psychic phenomena, see Jesus Christ or Buddha… as a rule, these are hallucinations.

    Sometimes you may hear someone tell you that “such and such thing is hidden in such and such place” and it may even turn to be true. But one should practice for very long time before your “hallucinations turn into real things”, before what you see is true …it may take five or ten years of practice… the thing is that during State of Pause our consciousness and our Soul start changing.

    Everything written here about the positive moments and about the transformations of our Being starts to come true during this State of Pause…

    The practices of all the great systems are designed to achieve this State whether it is real Yoga, Qigong, Sufism, Hesychast, Zen or any other…

    Spiritual System practicing starts with the practicing of State of Pause.

    Patanjali’s words about meditation are generally understood wrong and translated wrong, maybe because this is done by people who have never experienced the State and practiced neither Yoga nor Qigong…
    I mean the words saying that meditation is “when the object of meditation, the subject of meditation and the process of meditation merge with one another».

    ”Classical Yogi” always say that meditation can not be based on “emptiness” and that Patanjali told to “have an object of meditation” and that the true meditation must be based on only “the one thing”, i.e. there must be a certain object to concentrate your attention upon.

    But this is ONLY ONE OF THE WAYS to achieve the State, it is to concentrate your attention (concentration should be gentle so not to come to an overexcitation of the brain and tension of mind and body) on some object. This ensures the stimulation of the occipital part of the brain, which is responsible for visualization, and which gradually starts to dominate slightly over the frontal lobe… After some time, the frontal lobe activity decreases; and frontal lobes, as you know, are
    responsible for analytic function…

    When it happens, there may come the State of Pause itself and the “dissolving” I have described before. Dissolving, lightness, a slight disorientation, pause, vanishing of the object of meditation for it was needed for only one purpose – to lead to The State. When the goal is achieved, there is no need to continue the Mind effort. You do not have to concentrate on anything…

    To read more: http://dzendo.org/index.php?load=stat&cat=10

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