Qi Magazine: Free To Download Today

Qi Magazine covers

For almost twenty years, Qi Magazine featured original articles on kung fu, qigong, and other facets of Chinese culture, many written specifically by and for martial artists. (Qi Magazine is not to be confused with Qi Journal, which seems more targeted to the Goji berry set.)

Qi Magazine ceased production in early 2009, and publisher Michael Tse has since opened the archives. Each of the ninety issues is now available for free download in PDF format. Read two issues every week; that should keep you busy until next year.


  1. awesome find! I’ve been really digging reading the first couple issues. i started a tumblr log on some of my cultivation finds here: http://thestandingpost.tumblr.com/

    i’ve been kind of out of the loop for a bit, but looks like you are still maintaining one of the best damn martial art sites out there. cant wait to read the last couple posts.

    best –syd–

  2. great pictures, thanks uploader, i have been lokking for some pictures like this because my friend like it so much, you never know how will my friend reacts when he sees this pictures…thanks….

  3. Great Blog. I have enjoyed this magazine for years. It is great to see that folks are enjoying all the wonderful content that has been offered through Tse Sifu’s publication. His website also has a bunch of different videos of their events.

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