Share Your Martial Arts Workout Playlist

Which songs are on your martial arts workout playlist? Here are a few more of my favorites, and other classic martial arts themed hits.

Alright cree
Mix up the yoga with the tai chi
Mix up the roots dem with the lychee
Strengthen up my back
Now ready fi whine she
When time me come the gal dem haffi cry cree…

Cree – T.O.K.

Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightning
But they fought with expert timing…

Kung Fu Fighting – Carl Douglas

It’s gettin’
It’s gettin’
It’s gettin’ kinda hectic
Like the crack of the whip I snap attack
Front to back
in this thing called rap
Dig it like a shovel rhyme devil
On a heavenly level
Bang the bass
Turn up the treble
Radical mind day and night all the time
Seven fourteen wise divine
Maniac brainiac winning the game
I’m the lyrical Jesse James…

I’ve Got The Power – Snap

It’s the eye of the tiger
It’s the thrill of the fight
Rising up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor
Stalks his prey in the night
And he’s watching us all
With the eye of the tiger

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Hail Selassie him a di ancient monarchy
How yuh feelin? Well I’m feelin hotty
Bun babylon because dem corrupt and dem naughty
Lion a roar, pull di dog dem out deh barky barky
Yo! Pop off mi sword and now dem face get marky marky
Somebody said war, Well! mi seh fi start it
Shouldn’t rob di old woman har purse dung at di market
Shouldn’t kill innocent pedestrian pon di streets weh dem a walkin
Coulda know, question mi haffi ask it
Mi turban dun hot and mi trouble dem start it
Man nuh fling right and dem face get darty darty
Yo, hey, ok, well!
Dem get mi roti so mi go slew dem wid Karate…

Karate – Sizzla

男兒當自強 (A Man of Determination)


  1. I usually have the radio on or a wide variety of songs on my MP3 player. I don’t have any real favorites other than Damage Inc. by Metallica. That one always gets me revved up to pound the heavy bag like there’s no tomorrow. 🙂


  2. Those are some good old classics. Many of them end up on my kung fu playlist.

    Usually blues and jazz for me, with some industrial thrown in. Jazz and blues has a more free element. They use classical instruments as does a martial artist (the body) while being free and capable of adaptation and improvisation, which are also essential in the martial arts. Plus, the music is just plain cooool.

    Here’s some of mine:

    Ask DNA -The Seatbelts (and the entire Cowboy Bebop soundtrack)

    Fight From the Inside -Queen (Good Wing Chun song)

    Haven -Flesh Field (transports me back to the ol’ gaming, Unreal Tournament days)

    And more.

  3. Well my music tastes tend towards rock so my workout music tends that way as well. I THINK this is the link to my youtube playlist:

    If not my Playlist contains DemonHunter, AC/DC, Turisas, Spiderbait, and Amon Amarth amongst others.

  4. well for me… i like r & b, jazz and evergreen music. I prefer soft music because those kind of sound easily turn me peace and feel happy. Related to this martial art, i think with this kind of sound can make their mind and soul full of harmony, gain more good element and more concentration.

  5. normaly when i train i like to listen to upbeat music like rock and d&b. pendulum, prodigy, metallica, 3 days grace and justice are excellent

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