1. Acro-ninja stuff it always fun but karate-ballet? To wrongs don’t make a date.

  2. Ha ha. It isn’t my favorite song either, but there is a limited selection of karate music videos! I liked this track and video better, but the martial arts performance is minimal.

  3. I’m afraid the only word that comes to mind is


    both musically and in terms of the karate-ballet as Scott calls it.


  4. Is that really karate? I would think that anyone with those acrobatic skills could kick just about anyone’s ass without martial arts. And since when does a black gi equal a black belt?

  5. Matt, like the video caption says, they are The New Pornographers, guest-starring Hybrid Movement. I think this clip is a good example of Karate porn, in the same sense that the movie “300” was war porn.

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