2009 Martial Arts Tuition Survey

What is the biggest secret in martial arts today? Is it the mysterious methods of harnessing chi energy? Nope. Is it the touch of death? Guess again.

The biggest secret is a simple matter of dollars and cents…

  • Do you know the average martial arts school tuition rate in your area? Probably not.
  • Are you paying too much? Maybe.
  • Is there anything you can do about it? Absolutely!

By refusing to publish their class tuition rates, commercial martial arts instructors hope to prevent potential students from disqualifying them on price alone. As a result of this secrecy, it was nearly impossible to determine a “fair” market price for martial arts lessons–until now.

Please answer our quick, anonymous class tuition survey. The results will be published here, to help students like you find the best school at the best price.

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April 11, 2009: Survey is completed. Thank you for participating. See results below.

Survey Results

Monthly tuition bar chart
Respondents by Country
United States:73%
Canada: 6%
Australia: 6%
Other: 15%
Average Monthly Tuition (US Dollars)
First Quartile: $50
Median: $80
Third Quartile: $100
Students Under Contract
Yes: 30%
No: 70%
Contract Length
Median Average: 12 months
Class size bar chart
Average Class Size
First Quartile: 8
Median: 10
Third Quartile: 15
Hours Spent in Class per Month
First Quartile: 12
Median: 16
Third Quartile: 24
Popular Martial Arts Styles Among Respondents
Kung Fu: 13%
Taekwondo: 12%
Tai Chi: 10%
Aikido: 10%


  1. I answered the survey. My school charges $45 ($35 students) for 1 class a week, and $75 ($65 students) for more than once a week. There are classes offered 3 times a week. Also on Sundays, for $5 a class, you can take a weapons class or another TJQ class at another site.

  2. I am lucky enough to be (1) old enough to get senior rates and (2) enrolled in a non-profit Taoist Tai Chi school. For the record, schools in my area (New York City) seem to charge anywhere from about $100/month for four classes, to $10/class.

  3. I am also part of a non-profit organization – the oldest in St. Louis as a matter of fact. I only pay about $70 for 10-14 weeks for both my son and I, him once per week, me twice per week.

  4. My school fee is around 95 per month with training everyday, except friday.

    so student can pick whichever day they want to come.

    its in australia btw :p

  5. My school charges $100 per month. Students can go to as many classes as they choose. Classes are every weeknight, Mon-Fri. And mornings, Tues-Thurs, and Saturday. I go about 3-4 times per week, so it ends up costing about $7 per class.

  6. Thank you all for your comments. Please be sure to enter the data onto the survey form too.

  7. We charge $20 for registration and $10/ month thereafter. Yes, we are a non-profit program.


  8. Be sure to find out other “charges” many schools have what may be what seem to be reasonable fees, but then have testing fees that can add up to $240 a year plus dues and high down payments. bottom line is what counts.

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