The Art of Nunchaku Has Limitless Applications

Bruce Lee in 'Return of the Dragon'

When Bruce Lee said that a martial art should be limitless, this Japanese nunchaku expert really took it to heart! Watch him use his chucks to play baseball, golf, badminton, and finally relax with a nice bottle of champagne.

From the Japanese variety show Nani kore?

Nunchaku ping-pong

Nunchaku firestarter

Hat tip to Nerd with Swag.


  1. As a young man I spent a couple of years working intently on nunchucks, and I can say with conviction that if I were assaulted, and I had a set in my hands, I would give them to my assailant and watch him beat himself to death with the blasted things!

  2. According to Bob Wall, Bruce Lee spent only about 2 weeks training with nunchaku to the movie “fist of fury” and you saw the effect 🙂

  3. Bruce Lee, he really was the best. I’ll probably be practicing a loooonnnggg time to get that good…

    Been one of my idols for a long time, and I hope that I can be as good as him (or better, that’s the goal I guess) at something.

  4. Bruce was pretty awesome with the chucks, but I like the kali sticks better as they are more adaptable to empty hands, since the moves are almost identical. In fact sticks, knives, and empty hands all adapt to each other in kali. Plus added bonus–you can’t hit yourself.

  5. @SenseiMattKlein

    That’s a good bonus, but I still think that nunchucks are better since they’re a lot faster… Plus I also have no idea how to use them.

    I had an opportunity once, but then I chose a different martial arts school. My Kung Fu school just happened to like nunchucks more than kali sticks.

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