“Kung Fu Jesus” Movie Trailer

Kung Fu Jesus

“God is my master”

TrailerVision Pictures presents the martial arts classic: Kung Fu Jesus.

For years, vicious gangster bosses ran the underworld, but a new fighter has come to town.  He’s taking over the streets, with a new style of kung fu known as Swing Lo.

When Jesus is framed for selling drugs, he must fight to prove his innocence.

Now, the FBI is after him.  They’re trying to nail Jesus, but he has other plans…

See the action picture that is sweeping Asia.  This time, Jesus is fighting back!


  1. This is Disturbing (shakes head)
    Is this Revenge for all the westerners eating their Cow’s and exterminating their Rat Ancestors? Could Be

    Its every so popular to Make fun of Christ these Days
    (which is in it-self prophecy straight out of Revelations)

    But What if ….What If their All Wrong ?
    Wont be so super funny then will it

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