Developing Your Ability to See Auras

Every person’s body has an aura (light).  All living things have auras.  Even nonliving things have auras.  Physicists refer to the aura as a field, a space which contains active magnetic or electrical lines.  The aura of the human body is the qi field of the body.  Some individuals are born with the ability to see auras.  Others are able to see auras with qigong training, as well as after a session of meditation.  With the ability to see human auras, it is possible to understand the workings in the human body.  Depending on the colors and the intensity of the aura around the individual, the condition of the individual can be deciphered.


With the ability to see auras, one can also decipher the depth of another person’s energy cultivation.  The aura of Laozi was described as purple.  The auras of Sakyamuni Buddha and Avalokiteshvara (Guan Yin) were described as a ring with multiple radiating colors.  Drawings of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary also showed auras.  Indian yogis, Chinese Daoist and Buddhist cultivators all have large beautiful auras.

Training Methods:

Practice 1.  Find an area that is light in the front and dark in the back.  Point your fingers toward each other without touching.  Move your fingers horizontally apart or up or down while concentrating on your finger tips.  With practice you will be able to see beams of light extending from your finger tips.  The beams of light from one hand will interact with the beams from the other hand, connecting and shearing apart as you move them.

Practice 2. Place your hands in a lighted area with your fingers pointing at the dark area.  Relax your entire body and get into a meditative state.  Half close your eyes and look at the light (area) emitting from the tip of your fingers.  You may be able to see different colors of light extending from your fingers.  Practice as often as you can.  When you are able to see the aura with your eyes half closed, then look at the aura without closing your eyes halfway.

Practice 3.  Practice looking at people’s heads.  It will be easier to see people’s auras when they are standing in a lighted area with a dark background.  First look with your eyes half closed, then open your eyes completely.  You may be able to see different colors of light around people’s heads.  Some people’s auras can extend all the way up to the roof.  With practice you will notice the auras all around people’s bodies.


  • Practice everyday to develop your ability to see auras.
  • Generally speaking, white and silver auras on an individual indicate good health.  A gray aura is an indication of illness.  The darker the tint of gray, the more serious the illness.  When the color has become black, it indicates a severe condition.
  • Qigong practitioners and people who meditate regularly have very strong auras.  Their aura may be silver-white, yellow, blue, green, gold, purple, or a combination of these colors.  Sometimes the aurea may be etheric, like fog.  People with qigong training can develop their ability to see auras much easier.
Qigong Empowerment

Excerpted from Qigong Empowerment: A Guide to Medical, Taoist, Buddhist, and Wushu Energy Cultivation by Liang Shou-Yu and Wu Wen-Ching.


  1. what do you mean light and dark areas, like sunlight and shadow or a white piece of paper and a black piece of paper?

  2. That is a vague description, isn’t it? I think he meant to look at your hands against the contrast of a dark background (wall, or large piece of paper) while you are in a lighted area.

  3. Oh my I can see white auras on my first try…maybe i have magic abilities like walking through the walls

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    […] First up, we have two entries from Chris at Martial Development. In Developing Your Ability to See Auras, Chris provides an excerpt from the book Qigong Empowerment: A Guide to Medical, Taoist, Buddhist, and Wushu Energy Cultivation. This excerpt discusses techniques we can utilize to view the fields of energy that envelop all things, living and nonliving. It also touches on the meaning of color variations within auras and how this can relate to the vibrancy and well being of an individual. I haven’t had much luck with seeing auras, but I’m definitely planning on trying these tips to work on changing that. […]

  5. I always could see it just need to give a special look but always see it as a smoke and mostly blue – green , some people even leave their aura on the chair they have been sitting and I always thought everybody can see it for me that was natural .. I never practis or learn to see it but also never seen other colours than blue – green .. what is wron with me ?

  6. Rob, There is nothing wrong with you. You are just lucky! Enjoy the extra vision you have on people.


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  8. I’ve been interested about auras for a while now. The first auras I saw belonged to objects and their colors.
    I can see mine too. But I don’t know if its an actual, complete aura.
    It changes color sometimes, but the primary most stable color is orange.
    I see it around my head and shoulders. It grows every time I soften my gaze.
    I can sometimes see it around my legs and arms too.
    What do you think?

    Thank you

  9. The methods in this article are almost identical to ones I have employed in teaching others to see auras! They work for 6 people I have shown, but I have met 2 people that it did not work for,

  10. For some strange reason, I’ve always been able to see a color depending on the object after staring at it like in a trance. I never thought that they were auras, though. But it takes a while. What i can’t do, though, is to see all the colors, just the first layer. What can you do to be able to see all the colors?

  11. Johanna,
    For me, its easier to do it when you’re lying down, and a mirror is on your side.
    Just soften your gaze and slowly move your eyes from head to legs.
    Works with me.

  12. There are a few questions one might ask themselves, to determine whether they are actually seeing auras and subtle energies, or simply experiencing vision problems.

    1. Do auras appear around everything and everyone, or only some things and people?
    2. Do auras appear when the subject is still, or when they are moving?
    3. Do the auras extend from some parts of the body more than others?
    4. Do they change shapes and colors?
    5. Can they be plausibly explained as blurred vision, or do they exhibit special characteristics which disprove that explanation?
    6. Can they be seen with the eyes closed?

  13. 1. Do auras appear around everything and everyone, or only some things and people?
    Yes around everything that exists, but different for each thing.

    2. Do auras appear when the subject is still, or when they are moving?

    Harder to see when things are moving, as any sublte thing can be, but possible to see when moving. Easier to see when things are not moving.

    3. Do the auras extend from some parts of the body more than others?

    Yes and no. No part is lacking, but some parts are more pronounced.
    4. Do they change shapes and colors?

    Not in the short term, but yes over time they can. However not for auras of inanimate objects.

    5. Can they be plausibly explained as blurred vision, or do they exhibit special characteristics which disprove that explanation?

    Blurred vision cannot explain it, maybe some special character cam, but if that is the case it eludes me.

    6. Can they be seen with the eyes closed?

    Not at all.

  14. im not sure if im seeing auras its just a weird clear air around the people when they move can someone help me out please? i really want to see auras!!

  15. um i tried seeing auras cause i got interested in it from a book and i just saw a slight blue glowing light o the side of my moms head and was wondering if im just going crazy and if the light is supposed to be around the whole body and i was also wondering if ppl r just born with that gift or what ? PLEASE ANSWER! 😀

  16. Amazing iv always wanted to see auras and now with pratice i can!!

  17. I see auras all the time . Since i was a little girl i can see them. I never practis . I think that is not normal . I also have premonitions and i can feel when something is going to happen . I don’t like been like this, i don’t like the feeling that brings. How can i stop this? Can somebody tell me?

  18. Im only 14 and i can see them great. its amazing and noone will believe me im so annoyed. i love practice as well although i do get some pretty strange looks when people catch me starring at them 🙂

  19. and i get premonitions. God, soon enough im gonna be able to walk through walls or somthin :L

  20. I have to somewhat stare past whatever I’m trying to decipher the aura of, and even then I have difficulty deciding what color it is that I’m seeing.

  21. For anyone interested in learning more about auras and metaphysics, see if there is a School of Metaphysics in your area or visit It’s a great place to learn more about yourself and how the universe works.

  22. I can see auras have to try hard on humans, I’m lucky I’m learning while being a teenager, way harder to adults, learning Telekinesis too whilst I’m still young 😀

  23. Hi,

    I was reading this and I didn’t know it, but I too can see auras. I think I’ve always had the ability, I just didn’t know what I was seeing and I always thought my eyes were being funky or something. So far I can see pink, blue, green, and silver.

    Good luck everyone, and remember that auras are a spiritual thing, not an egotistical development. But that’s your decision in the end, of course. 🙂

  24. i cant see auras but i really want to. whatever i do never helps me. if anyone has advise please help

  25. I’m 15 and very aware of psychic abilities etc. I have a very open mind. I can see auras, do reiki and contact the dead (although contacting the dead is VERY rare for me).

    I have been able to see auras since… well.. since I was born. 🙂

    I believe everyone should one day be able to see auras to understand humans more.

  26. I have seen auras since I was a child. I taught my niece how to see them during a holiday a few years back. The family thought it bunk so we decided to let them test us. First, while I was isolated in another room, my niece read everyone’s aura color and the family made a note of it. Then I came in the room and read everyone’s aura. We got the colors 100% across seven people. You cannot deny this kind of evidence. The family just sat there, drop-jawed, staring with disbelief.

  27. ive been interested in auras, psychics abilities, wikkan and the law of attraction for a while so i practiced the method to try and see auras, i tried twice and i think i saw a beam of yellow light from my middle fingertips deos this sound right?

  28. Shannon, Seeing auras in the dark is possible.
    I learnt to practice in the dark as I find it easier, than in daylight.
    You have more to focus on in the dark.
    If you stand in a dark room, not pitch black, but close, and point your hands to eachother >< with finger tips touching and focus to see your aura, and slowwwllyyy move your hands apart, you may be able to see your own aura.
    You can see apart of someones aura anywhere, even though an aura is all around a person.

  29. Please help me, Im trying to see my aura, I sit in my room, raise my hand, then im trying to gaze 1cm of it But nothing appears…

    im a beginner btw

  30. @yeahhh

    Try the finger-exercise in “Step 3: seeing and reading your own aura”. Maybe you have to train your eyes (color plates, stereogram).

  31. Thing is, when i try everything i can barerly see anything..

    If u call something gray’ish that looks like a haze, the Aura then maybe sometimes i can see it. Tho im not sure if its really it or not.
    I wish i could see my aura well.. With colours and such.

    By the way do u have to use the pheriphal vision? or can i actually LOOK DIRECLTY at it and see that it glows much

  32. Hey! Wait a second i think i made it! I just need u to tell me if that’s really the aura!

    I layed on my bet and looked up to the ceilling. then i raised my finger and gaze’d like a few mm’s to the side of it. The room was a bit dark but u can see properly. windows were closed and only a bit of sun came in.

    Then when i gaze’d a few mm’s of my finger i saw a white glow outline that surrounded my finger. it was really thin Though. And then when i looked DIRECTLY at it to see if it was really it, It dissapeared.

    Please tell me if i did see an Aura

  33. Dude, you have to train a few days! Did you read the article? Read the part about complementary colors again. (Maybe it was an aura…)

  34. Yeah maybe…
    Tho my parents just tell me its not real and they say that aura’s dont exist and we cant see them…

    Honestly i dont know, They say its just an optical illusion..

    I dont know what to do lol

  35. Please read my blog… I have recently developed the ability to see auras. I didn’t ask for it. I didn’t try to gain the ability. It just came to me out of nowhere.

    It was kind of fun at first, but now I can see auras over a metre long, and when it crowds like shopping centres, seeing so many colours everywhere is so very overwhelming. It gives me migraines, makes me dizzy and makes me faint…

    Well, I want help if anyone here has been in the same position… I want to know, is there a way to switch it off? I don’t want to see them…

  36. i have just realised i am an empath, and as a result because I am learning in my own way how to shield myself from it I have learnt to open it as well. It started with seeing auras. i am now experiencing things about people when they ask me to find out what their aura is. i am flooded with images/word/feelings when I go into a meditative state. at this point in time i need the person to be talking as i start to meditate. can someone please suggest what i should do about this

  37. I can see auras when I concentrate, but I want to do other without trying so hard, or without a white background. Help?

  38. I am only 12 and I have learned to see auras if you practice enough you will be able to see it quick and barely concentrate.

  39. I first saw my aura when i was out riding my horse on a foggy day. I didnt know what it was at first and ignored it, but it wouldnt go away i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but then i concentrated, i could see bright white, almost like sparkling glitter all around my head and upper body. I researched it when i got homeand now have learned how to control it and i’m practicing seeing other peoples auras! This all has come about a year after watching the secret andlearning all about the law of attracton. Weid things keep happening to me and i have had premonitions recently ^.^

  40. I could see aura since birth I can feel and use my aura unlike other that practice I don’t believe other can learn but can gain from others like me. There is no color and no light it an ability few have and it annoys me to see people say those things about colors and feelings cuz u can’t feel that junk there is aura in everything like spirits tree or anything living and u can use aura from objects to heal and to heal others I would know and I’m only 16 I’ve never practice I just do most of my family can as while.

  41. U can also take aura to drain it only energy witch can not harm but droz the person and only by touch and sight of aura is possible and I only know of one other like me but is still blinded and can not focus and only see a spirits aura witch gives her nightmares and is hard to drain spirits aura and I have tried and it hard and can tingle and paralyze arm or Wat ever part u are draining with for a short time

  42. I am not able to see auras, I have tried and have sometimes seen like a very thin line of blue but it’s only when I concentrate REALLY hard:/ I was wondering if glasses have an effect on seeing auras? Like do they make auras harder to see? Thanks for your help<3

  43. I been practicing to see auras and all I can see is white and rarely pale blue. Am I seeing auras? If so why are the all white, what am I doing wrong? Or is my mind playin tricks on me cause it knows I’m trying to see it? Also when I see the color it’s not big at all maybe an once from there head and it’s a bright white.

  44. Im not sure what it fingertip are emmitting lightbeams
    As long as 30. Ft. Why can a person send light beams. That you can see on the walls that far

  45. The beams can be pointed in any seem that i can toss the beams at an obgect when i gather my finger tip together creating. Ring of white i can see it floating through the air hitting the intended target up to ,30 ft or longer is this something.

  46. I have light beams emmitting from my finger tip as long as
    30, plus ft .barely visablmme but u can see the beam from point A to point B .movement in direction i choose

  47. Hi everyone I have what might be a silly question. I have been able to see a white glow off of people, animal and non living objects for as long as I can remember and I never really thought anything of it. From what I have gathered I am seeing ones energy. If I can see ones energy does this mean if I keep practicing I will be able to see auras? I’ve seen the color green around people before but that’s it. If you are able to see auras can you also tap into other abilities that everyone might be able to tap in to?

  48. I dont know….when i was listening to a person who was talking..suddenly i saw something white..milkish…color which have 2 inch or something like that..first i thought that it was just an illushion but i rubbed my eyes and looked at everyone …nothing..but when i again looked at the persone who was talking…i saw the same white thing…..i am soo confused and i am scared is something wrong with my eyes or is it a base energy of aura??i have never tried to see them before or meditated btw…i am soooo afraid..wat is happening….??

  49. I used to be able to see colors around people when I was little. I asked my mother what they were, she got upset and told me there were no such things. (I didn’t know they were called auras at the time, I was very young)
    I’d like to regain the abilities I had.

  50. I have been able to see auras every seance I was a little girl . I’ve seen Gray color in some people’s face , it’s like I can’t see their face only a thin film of gray covering their face ? What does this mean ? I also have been able to when I meet people see their whole life and sometimes their Death..i can see their sickness in them . Thanks for your time

  51. This was helpful, it started randomly one sunday after church, so I decided to look into it, this has been the most helpful thing so far. I asked someone in the church what it meant, but they had no idea, so this will be very helpful for learning more about the gift I have.

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