Combat Judo in the Cobra-Kai

From the 2008 reptile documentary Life in Cold Blood:

Cobras grapple not only with their prey, but with one another, in dispute over mates and territory. This is one of the most formidable: the King Cobra, highly venomous, and about four meters (fourteen feet) long. Disputes between rival male King Cobras are potentially very dangerous indeed, for this species specializes in eating other kinds of snakes. So they observe strict rules in their fights, which prohibit the use of their lethal bite.

Slowed down, it’s a performance full of grace, as each contestant strives not to kill his opponent, but simply to slam him to the ground.

Cobra Judo: a dangerous game

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  1. I love it. The monkey dance, dominance submission is totally reptilian. We think we are not robots, but our actions seem so pre-ordained by our hormones. We would fight using impotent MMA rules even if we were raised by wolves!
    We should really pick our politicians this way. Put’m in a ring and let the beast come out. We could still vote for the one we liked best. Now that would get people interested in primaries.

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