All Red Ninjas Are Evil!

Clayton Prince is: The Black Ninja

Reviewer Mark Pollard says:

THE BLACK NINJA is one of those “should have” films. It should have been marketed as the no budget, amateur project that it is, rather than as a potentially gratifying B-grade exploitation piece in order to keep expectations to a minimum. It should have been a short film, omitting overlong dialogue while making better use of limited resources. It should have been campier. A vigilante ninja clad in black while riding a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle should not be taken seriously. Finally, it should have had nothing to do with ninjas to begin with since the martial arts action is miserably weak. And last but not least, it should have never been made.

Ninja Squad

IMDB says:

It grates my potatoes when I read “This is worst film ever!” about films like Battlefield Earth, Pearl Harbour, etc. OK, these films are dreadful and made by people who should know better but compared to [Ninja Squad], I would describe Battlefield Earth as a cinematic masterpiece.

Ninja Terminator

What is the worst ninja movie you have ever seen?


  1. Even mainstream movies about ninja can be pretty awful. I once caught about twenty minutes of that Three Ninjas movie with Hulk Hogan in it. I would not recommend it to my friends.

  2. You know, with the right talent, director, and producer, Hollywood could come up with probably a pretty fantastic Ninja movie; they’d have to take it seriously though, which is something that I think they don’t want to do.

  3. If Hollywood is going to dig deep with the true ninja references, there’s a possibility somebody would come up with a realistic movie.

  4. Can’t believe I watched your trailer for 1:52 minutes. That is the silliest piece of work I’ve had the displeasure of watching in ages. Give me my two minutes back.

  5. Was just thinking about this idea again so I wanted to post. Think if the guy who directed Die Hard did one with Jet Li as the lead. You have a good enough script and something like that could work.

  6. Dollars to donuts the next Hollywood ninja movie will star someone like Justin Bieber, as a character with no individual talent, but the purest heart…in the end, he finds a magical amulet allowing him to defeat the brown-skinned evildoers.

    What that amulet is meant to represent, could make for a deep and fascinating discussion.

  7. P.S. We don’t need to wait for Hollywood to get their act together: technological advances have placed this project within the reach of a serious amateur with a modest budget. See Katana for example.

  8. This is great I haven’t seen the second video you have on the page ninja squad, but it looks horrible. so i might just have to check this one out! 🙂 thanks for the great post and the chuckles.

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