Who Wants to Learn Mo Pai Nei Kung?

John Chang
“John Chang”
a.k.a. “Dynamo Jack”

The Final Qigong Demonstration of John Chang remains one of my most popular posts. With the help of Youtube’s new viewer demographics feature, we can learn more about the people who find this video so fascinating.

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According to these statistics, John Chang seekers live primarily in the USA, Canada, Indonesia, and Australia. The average viewer is a 45 year-old Californian male.

Want to Join the Mo Pai?

To the people have contacted me privately, hoping for an introduction or invitation to join the esoteric nei kung (internal energy) school of Mo Tzu: sorry, folks. It is, by all accounts, extremely difficult to become a disciple of the Mo Pai—and joining is actually the easy part!

Although I can’t hook you up with a membership, I am still interested in hearing your story. What are your reasons for wanting to join the Mo Pai?


  1. i have little intrest in learning mo pai since i only like combat and fighting based martial arts but i guess if u could use it for fighting i would’nt mind learning it

  2. I’m not going to post my motivations so everyone here can read, but I will tell you that I am seriously committed and already train meditation and chi from various sources (especially tips I attained from Kosta’s books on John Chang). If you can help me become a student in anyway please email me on j—–@hotmail.com

    [Email removed at commenter’s request.]

  3. I find John Chang an inspiration to all of us. He is a great man and even though the possibility of becoming a student of his has become a somewhat impossibility. I would still like to have the privalige of meeting someone that is further along the path. Just being in his presence would keep me motivated on carrying on and help to raise my state of conciousness and understanding. If there is any way for me to meet him and just have a talk with him, it would be greatly appreciate, thank you for your time,
    Kind regards,

    If anyone has any information,
    This is my E-mail adress
    [email protected]

  4. Hello,
    I am already practicing Nei Kung lvl 1. It would be a pleasure to talk about it with you :).
    Good luck on your path.
    e-mail adress: [Address removed at author’s request]

  5. Btw..my post was adressed to the one who started this topic :).

  6. Hello, I hope you are well!
    I am interested in more information about this practice because I see and experience the necessity to use these energies to heal. I recognize them within myself.

    If it is possible I would like to meet or speak with someone about it.
    Thanks : ) Take care!

  7. I think John Chang is the only person that is part of a real practise and decided to go public. I think 98% of the Qigong practitioners are very ineficient in their practice because the system their are practicing is incomplete and even wrong. For example John Chang emphasises the difference between Yin chi and Yang chi – and the importance for learning both, while the rest of the world just tries to feel the chi. I asked a taiji master what is the difference and he bluntly replied that to him “it’s just chi” and it’s the same.
    Of course I would be very interested in studing with John Chang but he is all about hiding his school. I guess he doesn’t understand how much more he could help the world if he had a lot of trained personnel under his guidance. He could really make a difference in the world.

  8. Hi,
    As an acupuncturist, herbalist, and Tui Na practitioner as well as a student of Chen style Taiji, I am very interested in these paractices. I have also studied Medical Qigong for several yrs and have always been amazed by the videos of John Chang ( I first saw him over 10 yrs ago in the Ring of Fire video). I’ve meant to find out more about him, but seeing things online, I never knew where to turn to short of going to Indonesia. I would like to find out how to study any of these practices, be it with Kosta Danaos, or David Verdesi. If you know of any way for me to get in contact with anyon to study I would be very grateful. I live in San Ferancisco…

  9. To open my faculties completely. As a tool for further development. To honour the gift as a gift from God the creator and source of all things. To bring peace to all in my path, and annihilation of obscurities and falsities within that will be reflected without. All is one, so the inner world is reflected in the outer world. It is my sword and shield, my path to the inner world and path to the creator. The stone and the pond, the two in one where the cause and effect come together. One in the same. Beginning and the End. Alpha and omega.

    It teaches me more of myself as the creation and myself as a god, transcending limits, and understanding and being.

    I beleive that there is a lot can be done with this, and is very very useful for the great plan and rise of order that is in all chaos.

    I truly feel sorry for the masters, and the burden that this is to carry, for it is indeed a gift, and a curse, as is the whole of existence. I expect that there is a lot of Karma and damage that can result with this system.

    Reality is relative as is the truth, and this experience would be incredible for everyone in their time, when mine is I cannot say, and even less for others. Some things in life are preordained, some are not.

    Whoever spins the wheel of fortune must have an idea of where it will land for all of us.

    Whoever forces things will take the consequence fairly upon their imprudence, for all things have their time.

    I can only make myself available and make it known I am interested.

    I trust the teachers and know that god willing they will pick the right student and I let go of the desire to move without a sign. I can only await like a virgin in the night.

    This stuff is always frought with worms, as the good and the bad play out for a divine purpose, however the lessons are without value if people “can’t get it”.

    May we all find our life purpose. peace and clarity to all.

  10. at http://www.chutaichi.com/onlinestore/bookofneikung.html there is a book explaining what this art is and how to replicate it. YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!

    I myself have practiced this a while ago and had a pencil almost stab me in the eye due to the lack of ability to control the force behind the pulling force. At the time i had no idea what i was doing, but since i was about 11. I have been trying to find out how to replicate this event. REMEMBER! This is a respected art. There are great and horrible consiquences for those who use it without thinking and for harm.

    Please contact me if you need to find out information. my e-mail is [email protected]

    Do not use my e-mail for spam! This is a serious matter. Thank you.

  11. I wish to join because I feel it is my destiny the path will follow.

  12. I plan on getting a masters and PhD in “philosophy, cosmology and consciousness”

    i want to know and understand what we as human beings are capable; especially on the verge of an evolution of consciousness

    i want to strengthen myself to help save others. we are in a state of trying times and i believe this training is necessary for the survival of our world.

  13. I want to learn this art because I feel so drwn to everything clairvoyant. I have no teacher and ive been learning to manifest and control chi for the past year, I am 14 years old. I didn’t even tell my parents when I had my first obe, but after the OBE I felt drawn to learn about the ancient arts. In other words I need a teacher to guide me through this.

    my e-mail is

    [email protected]

  14. When I was young, I always thought there was more to this world then what we know, as I grew up, I was beginning to lose faith on that. I was just about to give up and hope that the next life I would learn more, and then I found this video as well many other information. Then I came into contact with a Genbukan dojo in my city, there are only 7 dojos in canada, and Soke had trained with this man “john chang”… I want to learn this because my soul is craving it, and I feel it has been craving this knowledge for more then this life time…I know in this life I will learn this, and I hope that any attempt I make, will bring me closer to this knowledge

  15. I am a student in the martial arts of Kyusho Jitsu, Ryukyu kempo, small circle ju-jitsu, and modern arnis. I am interested in expanding my knowledge not only of self defense, but the knowledge to heal. These art forms will survive only if those of us take the time t learn them, make good use of them, and pass them on to those who carry the humility and honor to pass them forward. I want to reach the full potential God has granted me and give back to the world before my time here comes to pass.

    Thanks so much,

    Tommy P

  16. Hey,

    well, a late answer to this I guess, but I want to learn the mo-pai neikung to further my ability as a doctor and to get stronger as an individual. Naturally I would love any way of getting a chance to get in touch with someone who practices and get some tips or so to get started. I live in Sweden, so I am far away from where the action about all this is. If I got a lead and an opportunity to get started I’d jump on a flight pretty much anywhere though… who wouldn’t?

    My own knowledge of martial arts is limited, but I have in the past practiced Bagua, and am now practicing wudang taichi chuan with it’s version of neikung techniques.

    If anyone has any information, or just wants to discuss taoist philosophy or homebrewn neigong techniques, throw me an email; [email protected]

  17. First of all I’m really faszinated of John Chang he is a very great master.
    I figured always that we humans can do a lot of incredible things.
    I have red the book NEIKUNG by Kosta Danaos and it was overcoming for me.
    I practice Tai chi yang and I stand every day one hour to collect my yang chi. Besides I meditate too.

    When everyone understand yang chi and yin chi and work with this energies than can this change the world and everyone can live in harmony.

    My dream is to lern Mo Pai NEIKUNG.

    I seek people who help me to lern NEIKUNG . Besides I seek people who think like me and also faszinated of John Chang.

    Please contact me.

    My e-mail is: [email protected]

  18. I am really new to this. But since a young age have always felt my breathing was more important then just processing oxygen. I feel pulses when I inhale and feel there is something more to life that I was meant to discover. For whatever reason I always knew the human body had secrets that I know is there and achievable, but cannot grasp. John Chang has helped me feel more proud of my ideas. I dont want to be a martial artist. Just enlightened, and in some control of my chi. I am a very peaceful person. And whatever anger I have I try to control and deal with within myself. I feel whatever path I am aimed toward has to do with qigong teachings. If anyone can direct and assist me I will be sincerely appreciative. Thank you

  19. “Life without risk…” First, I love all of you. You are all martial artist and are all looking and hoping for direction and to become better… I hope it helps to say that we must look inward and to the lessons that we’ve read but paid little attention to. I would love to be a student too, but I have chosen my path just like many others. But how can I learn without being a student? Look back to Kosta’s works and see if anything sticks out. Mr. Lim??? Here, is the most evil man next to Lucifer himself. Both blinded by rage of revenge and physically. Who taught him? No one taught him. He made his life of one single purpose and focused his existence, every emotion, and every minute of every hour he focused like a laser beam… And nothing stood in the way of his training. Learning by yourself IS extremely dangerous and can kill you. But it is not impossible. And the one or two thing I’ve done so far have both frightened and exhilarated me… And even if I fail, like most martial artist, I have no fear of death… Every day I get up and I risk my life for stuff that I could care less about, for other people’s causes and wars… Why not risk it for my causes? Fear is our greatest enemy. Not trying at all because you’re afraid is our greatest failure. At the end of everything, I’d like to stand before The Creator and say that for at least one lifetime, and for at least one moment, I figured it all out. I think I may get a smile out of The Creator for that. Maybe enough of us can make it to create more schools for the vast amounts who want to learn and change the face of the planet… In any case, I HAVE CHOSEN MY PATH! Good luck to all of you… Don’t walk in fear.

  20. Like nick said, I find John Chang an inspiration to all of us. He is a great man and even though the possibility of becoming a student of his has become a somewhat impossibility. I would still like to have the privalige of meeting someone that is further along the path. Just being in his presence would keep me motivated on carrying on and help to raise my state of conciousness and understanding. If there is any way for me to meet him and just have a talk with him, it would be greatly appreciate, thank you for your time.

    My email is [email protected]

  21. I’m 25 yrs old and am currently studying with Master YeYoung. I would love to broaden my knowledge and useability of chi.

  22. i have always wanted to learn this internal style not to harm or to impress just so i can be that much closer to the world around us im sure this sounds hilarious to some people but when i first saw the original movie when john chang was introduced to the world i have just felt if he could do such an amazing and wonderful thing i wanted to be able to do the same or even surpass his abilities to help people the way he does is just amazing he inspires and opens peoples minds to what we could accomplish in our own lives if we just try

  23. I simply aim to become the greatest bujin of all time.That is my ambition,also i must become stronger,more powerful for my sake of keeping a promise to THAT precious person in my life.I swore to her that i’d always protect her no matter what.So me as a martial warrior intend to keep my promise.

  24. John Chang is awesome. I studied Southern Praying Mantis (Juk Lum Tong Long) for a while, and was told quite a bit about Qi Gung. But at the time, I just wanted to kick butt so I could not have cared less about the “Qi stuff” as I called it. But what John does is simply amazing – it reaffirmed my faith in the unseen – that there is more to this universe we can be connected, and can commune with. It would be an honor to be touched by the man, so much more an honor to be his student. I think realistically, I would just like to get a healing session from him. A mentorship is just too much to request from this caliber of individual. After all, a Master picks his students. In this world of bull****, in the business of Truth, its a sellers market. Lots of love John, and thanks so much for your revelations.

  25. I would first heal myself and then return to helping others.

    It feels like this is the thing I’ve been searching for my whole life.

    All I need now is to find a true Master to show my dedication to.

    in case anyone can help [email protected]

  26. I am a student in the martial arts of Kyusho Jitsu, Ryukyu kempo, small circle ju-jitsu, and modern arnis. I am interested in expanding my knowledge not only of self defense, but the knowledge to heal. These art forms will survive only if those of us take the time t learn them, make good use of them, and pass them on to those who carry the humility and honor to pass them forward. I want to reach the full potential God has granted me and give back to the world before my time here comes to pass.

    Thanks so much,

    Tommy P

    (Re-Posting my comment so that if anybody who can provide information on joining the MoPai or information on the teachings I would greatly appreciate it)

    [email protected]

  27. I am totally inspired by Master John Chang. He

    I would be honored to learn the ways of Mo Pai or any similar internal style.

    If anyone has any information on how to find him or another master with similar abilities, please email me any information that you can.

    Thank you very much.

    [email protected]

  28. Personally, I’ve been practicing Chi Kung and Nei Kung through a teacher here in Chicago.
    I respect and dedicate all my progress in healing to the
    integrity of my teacher.
    I do bodywork, massage, acupressure, temple style Tai Chi
    instruction as a career.
    Not only would I like to gain strength, but to heal people who
    need it in the coming years.
    There will be SO many who need help.
    Also, I would be continuing to keep this art alive on earth.
    With respect,

  29. Wow!

    I’ve been continuing to read the answers to this post since I wrote mine, and I’m continually amazed at how many people there are out there doing this stuff, searching for guidance. Also, many people are saying wonderful things to help us on the way to our goals. “T”, in entry number 20, says some marvellous things which i think he is absolutely correct about. His comment about Mr. Lim especially highlights the fact that anything is possible if you dedicate yourself to a means and an end. Choose a direction, and the way will come.
    “Dillon”, in entry 11, emphasizes the fact the mo-pai is not the only system of niekung (which of course is true), and that one should be careful to develop something out of control. A lesson I have learnt myself many times. It is easy to get ahead of oneself out of curiosity and optimism, and end up on the wrong end of a karmic reprimand. I have seen this in many of my friends, too, who have been dabbling with business i sat ankle-deep in for a while, and they ended up very far from where they were aiming. Just like I have done many times too, but the key is to see it as a fun detour, or a story for the grandchildren, and get back on track, bandages and all, and continue fighting for your right to a “victory”.
    Then there’s of course all the other posts, displaying an almost unified will towards personal development, evolution, and compassion towards other beings. Truly inspirational.
    The most important thing to keep in mind is that all the knowledge necessary to find the methods of mo-pai are available in other places. There are truck-loads of books which can be read on the subject, all from classics of taoism to 19th century european mysticism, and most of all one can simply look around oneself and see the forces used in mo-pai neikung at work. Everything is based on nature, and that great swivelling chain of effects that grows a seed from a flower. See what makes that flower bloom? That each time it has blossomed, it creates the possibility to grow many flowers more? Is not that the same with our chi, bringing something to fruition so that it may replicate itself on a greater scale, until we are complete? That is the way I have found, and the way I practice; a way guided by natural law, guiding me from a seed to a sapling, a sapling to a tree, a tree to a forest, and thereon into greatness.
    Thus, in the words of “T”; I have chosen my path.
    See you all at the end of mine and yours, where we come back full circle. Thanks for the great stories, y’all.


  30. Hi ! Many of old tradition and knowledge is lost. Almost everything will dissappear. I would like to learn the method. I’m practising Chi kung and Traditional Yang Tai Chi Chuan.

    Kind regards


    [email protected]

  31. This my friends is Chi Kung. So many years i’ve been searching and this is truly a great master. I’ve searched high and low for a man that is able to match my Shi Gong and here he is. My shifu and shi shu have yet to acheive i tihnk even 10% of what my shi gung can do and here john chang is doing all of what shi gung can. is like a dream come ture.

  32. I just want more understanding of this Universe. To do that I search for better ways to know thy self as human, energy er spirit.

    Also since I was a kid I feel something in my palms and I would like to cultivate that part of me. 🙂

  33. Ive read the Magus of Java numerous times, and each time it leads me to think in depth about the my life and the western way of life in general. John Chang has made available fairly concrete evidence that Internal Arts can be used to improve lives, both of the practicioner and the world in general.
    While Im fairly realistic in my understanding that being accepted as a Mo Pai practicioner is unlikely, I am looking to start training in some form of Internal Martial arts, but would only really want to train with someone truely qualified to teach, and therefore I would be extremely appreciative if anyone could suggest somewhere to study / train in the Newcastle area of the UK.

  34. It is amazing that so many people on here seem to have productive motives and want to better themselves change the world in the same way that I do. It also surpises me that when i first laid eyes on this page i thought that it was no longer active which was back when I first began searching for a way to follow the teachings of a mo pai student with or without a teacher. The last time I seen this page was around the begining of august and now about a month later I can see people have been responding on this page. I guess I must confess that I had this crazy idea of being some kind of “chosen one” that after I finish my next and last year of High School I would have saved enough money to visit John Chang in Indonesia and my humbleness would make him approve me of his student. While I was reading the Magus Of Java, I felt like everything John Changs master told him that was required of a disciple described everything that I have. In all actuallity I still feel like I have what it takes and currently I might be taking a dangerous path of blindly walking the Lei Shan Dao or Thunder Path without any confirmation on whether what I feel is right is indeed the right way to follow this path. Although a reply to this comment regarding guidance on my path would be appreciated, I guees I just wanted to confess things lol.
    Another confession is that I didnt get to say all that I wanted to but I dont write a whole story on here.
    If anyone can help me on my path and is willing to do so, feel free to contact me.
    [email protected]

  35. Here is food for thought. I will write this in a manner that you can ponder.

    The dew rises to the tip of the grass to meet the Sun.
    In the hours before the light the day Star seeks to arise in you. The yin seeks its path up the root of the tree most at the early time of the dew to go up to the Sun. So in you this time is also the same. The Yin will come up through you to meet the rising Sun as you take the deep breath of life. With focus you will soon understand how to fuse the two as does the eel.
    No master is needed if you let the signs of nature be your path. Some would say this is re inventing the wheel or re-discovering the wisdom, but I say he who truly is worthy and seeks the treasures of the Creator will know them by Him. I have met with masters that were not happy with what I know, even when I told them that the secret lies in the parables of the 4 Gospels they were mad not realizing that the mystery in the Holy Word is made perfect and manifest in the revelations of the creation. Psalms 19. I for one believe you do err not realizing that the masters you speak of and the sages of old are not the same of today, some who even dare accept methods of worship for then hold secret that which they think they understand yet the true wise men of old knew that it was passed from Adam to Shem through the great flood. Men what you seek you will find much better in seeking the God of creation to reveal it directly. I challenge you to ask at the early hour what He would have you know and in the same day you will find it. I am open to questions if you have some, and by my answers you will know they are not of me but of One much wiser than I. Daniel 2:22.

  36. For me…. My sole goal is dying properly. To do this one must cultivate a vehicle that does not shatter upon death. This is my primary concern.

    My current teachers have tought me how to meditate, alchemically, which is helping me build such a vehicle and now that my energy is really flowing I feel the need for an energy system that builds structure in my energy body which I believe will help me cultivate this vehicle even more.

    My main goal is to find a system, whether MoPai or something else, that can guide me on this path.

    Recreating the wheel is not an option and I firmly believe that the right teacher will show up when I am ready.

    Good luck to everyone in their journey.

  37. Hi
    i watched the program rings of fire around in 1985 and it really amazes me how Master John lighted the paper, however international colleagues(Digital Equip) commented that it was performed with sleight of hand and chemicals.

    i too would like the opportunity to learn this if it is at all possible. This is in order to reach the highest potential in my life and help others in their healings.

    thanks .

  38. i want to grow and raise my spiritual self, and push my limits as an human, to reach another level in the spiritual evolution of the mankind.

    i want this for all people in this world. but changes are slow.

    [email protected]

  39. James,

    Regarding post #42: If you went to the inner city and showed people a Trigonometry equation, and then proceeded to solve it they would have the same incredulous and disbelieving stance. If you don’t like the opinions of the world, like I don’t like them, don’t ask for their opinions.

    [Edited for civility. –Admin]

  40. I’ve been practicing Taiji a a martial art, which consists of a physical part, mental part and spiritual part, I also practice Chi Gung as a form of meditation.
    I do this because I’m on a path of self discovery, I don’t know who I am, I wish to learn Mo Pai to be able to better understand mi body, mind and spirit, to find a connection between them and to find the connection between myself and everything else.
    E-Mail: [email protected]

  41. Fernando,

    I am not saying this in a new agey “we are all one and everything is connected” vein but the mental and spiritual are the same tools. Mental is the key to spiritual power it really doesn’t come from some floating cloud or some God like figure looking down form somewhere. The Illuminati are just as progressed as a high degree adept, the focus is just different.

  42. Thunderbird:
    By stating that mental is the key to spiritual you are basically separating them. And I AM saying that “we are all one and everything is connected”, however what I’m saying is that I have yet to find the conection and to find the connection you must first find such connections within yourself, then expand it outward, which kind of like what is called in taiji as “listening-jin” which is when you not only feel what an opponent is going to bo but to know, basically becoming one with them.

  43. Fernando,
    There isn’t some dramatic connection to be made, or some unbelievable truth to be sought for. I’m really actually saying spiritual power simply comes from the imagination.

  44. If that is the case then where does one draw the line between “I’m using my imagination” and “I’m using my chi” is it as simple as having a filled up dantien?
    Also I heard from masters that if you build and fill up your dantien using only your imagination, your dantien will be imaginary. Your have to will it by using your intent

  45. Anyone use semen retention to further their goals? success? no success?

  46. What better reason to learn the to give us as a species hope for the future because so many are lost in material items, greed, and who can forget Self-prosperity. Then again teaching this to the masses could kill us all off so i guess its a double edge sword. Secondly to show the masses how much we need our environment, that the earth is more then commodities. Above all though I would have to say to befriend a teacher like Master Chang so much power and yet so modest for lack of a better word. I myself know nothing of Nei Kung except for the videos and Kosta’s two books.

    If anyone may have some more information about Mo Pai or Nei Kung please feel free to E-mail me at [email protected]

    I would like to thank the people who run this site as well as those who contribute for helping people find their paths or helping them along.

    Your Friend,

  47. OK…I’ve thought about this question for about 1/2 a year
    among other things of course.
    Here’s my two cents
    Pyrokenesis (starting fires with the mind) is a cool trick.
    The needleless acupuncture is mad cool too
    If ANYONE was meant to know how to gain these abilities…
    Then the immortal masters would know them already
    and send a teacher.
    I practice Nei Kung and Qigong and BaguaZhang
    I know of maybe 10 publications that actually
    have some real substance, but YOU HAVE TO HAVE
    Then you can expand by yourself.
    As far as Master Chang goes, I quote Bruce Lee “There are NO secrets” period.
    Most “martial artists” I know either want to be MMA hormone jockeys
    and most “internal arts” students can’t hold a stance for
    five minutes.

    With full respect to every person on this forum and Master Chang
    If you open up yourself through PRACTICE, the answer will come to you.
    Practice more, practice better, practice with love.
    Yadi Alamin

  48. I disagree with the whole the Master would know, or the immortals would know…

    They are not necessarily all wise.

    They would test the shit out of the student anyway and bind them with a blood oath at the least as per Kostas explanation.

    I would think that the whole learning and tradition will die… it will not continue… this new age is not one of war… but of self development, so then anybody drawn to this for that reason would not find a teacher.

    I think that there is a lot of good will out there but not enough metle of high grade.

    This kind of path would make a man suffer imesurably.

    This is about ego… as per John CHangs failings.

    The scrolls should be passed down but I forsee as a last minute exercise when he will pass.

    This knowledge is sacred.

    There are so many secrets in many lines of occult and gnosttic study that they would fill the vatican 10 times over.

    We should only seek what is in our truest heart not what facinates us, for as John came upon this was a mark of destiny.. the hands of fate… of his highest learning for his soul.

    He has suffered and will contine to.

    I think Mopai is dead in a sense.

    John needs to transend personal failure and forgive himself for his own shortcomings… pull his head out his arse and move on.

    I am disgusted. I am without mercy or pity for these failures. We all need to appreciate this as an example of humanity in all its forms, all its glory and greatness and its pitiful weakness.

    How can you model yourself on this man.
    We need to be the best we can be for ourselves and those we love,

    THis knowlege is a curse.

  49. Evangelos…hmm
    What is secret?
    When you read the Tao Te Ching
    It’s all fundamentally there.
    I agree with YOU
    it is a curse to most.
    Ask yourself a question…
    How was the first master trained?
    How did the ancients know the
    meridian system existed without seeing it?
    Where did the original information come from?

    I have had MANY masters, not just in martial arts.
    They ALL say.
    The truth comes before the word…
    When trying to speak the truth
    it’s always mingled with arrogance and TINTED truth.
    The words use too much energy
    and take too much time to understand.
    You said we should learn to be more loving
    and why argue with that my brother?
    All of my Sifus will tell you
    They don’t call themselves “master”.
    You’re very poetic too.
    Anyhow, I still say secrets are for sale
    and truth is free.
    Bless you and yours
    Yadi Alamin

  50. The age of revealing is near. I have just learn a horrible climbs of the truth about the world we are in, its terrifying, it will make old men faint, young men will go crazy. I have studied till master degree level but I feel I know nothing and just about to embark on a new education. I am learning this qi qong thing, but I didn’t have a name for it, till I read the book. I am in London city but this is not far from the wilderness. The beast and pestilent of the wild are also in the city, its a perfect environment to face myself, for there is a raging war within me, good and evil is no easy concept, for the evil of this world is also within me. I am not sure if I should ask to be trained in the way of Mo Pai. Great I disqualify myself before you did. But seriously I hope what John Chang demonstrate is only a climbs of the inner power otherwise is not enough just a child play. Its an exciting time we are in, that we need no teacher to teach us, no priest to guide us, but we must become our own teacher, priest, and warrior. Please I want to cry when I say this and with all due respect, you nor John Chang can not teach me. Then why I am witting this? Bec’ I want you to teach me but yet I know inside I don’t need a teacher but you may need a student ( like two swords sharpening each other). I don’t have any power to demonstrate nor any special knowledge, I guess I don’t know much, forgive me and take no offend for non intended.

  51. During one of my first practices with meditation, I had an experience I have not been able recreate. Sitting down, I began to breath slowly and deeply. As I began to relax and open myself, a tremendous surge of energy came through my body. I felt it flowing into my face and down through my arms, seemingly flowing up from somewhere below my chest. I felt so incredible that I couldn’t help but laugh a bit. After some casual research on the matter I ran across the video of “Dynamo Jack,” and came to the conclusion that what I had felt was related in some way. I have become very interested in the practices of cultivating and channeling these energies, and am now studying simple Qigong and Nei Kung. I hope someday I may be blessed with the opportunity to study under a master of this wonderful art, and the strength and discipline to succeed in such teachings.

  52. I, like most of us here, was extremely inspired by the John Chang videos, as well as the book “The Magus of Java”. Since that time I have also become interested in the link between these practices and western occult traditions.

  53. I have always helped heal people and make them feel better. I have also trained in martial arts for many years and have seen Ki or Chi power by many masters but never for healing and would love to learn and have a better understanding of this amazing art.
    Greatful for any help to find a teacher in Los Angeles area.

  54. Honestly, there are very few occasions where I, or really anyone, can encounter an idea or possible opportunity with unwavering belief in that it’s what I’m supposed to do. I can’t offer some deeply thought out explanation of why I am in search to join or provide support for why I “qualify” to become a student. What I can say, however, is that there has always been a certain comfort residing in me towards pursuing this and most other realms of practice and really, although other aspects of life still have their meanings and lessons to be taught, there’s just something about the paths other than this one that seem to be very…empty or rather incomplete.

    I must admit that trying to maintain a strict dedication to meditation or any other energy practice/lifestyle does seem to be very impractical with the way everyday life is and I feel, more and more so, that I’m almost living two lives towards trying to juggle my illusion of maintaining the norm versus attaining what I feel meant for me to practice or obtain. Or, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I know which path I am set upon, but really the main problem is that I don’t know which direction to take.

    If nothing else, I would just like to talk to someone with understanding in what I’m looking for, a teacher, a friend, or even just someone who remained in anonymity. I’m not asking for the answers or for you or anyone else to open all the doors to become a teacher of mo-pai or any other teaching, but I am searching for someone who could provide me with the right questions to help me solidify my resolve and more ultimately help nudge me in the proper direction to attain such teachings and/or goals myself.

    I suppose I’m still young though, so at least [I’d like to believe] time is still on my side.

  55. xy&z,
    This site is not your personal mail-drop service. If you want to be contacted, please leave your own email address. FYI, the forums support both public and private messaging.

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