Five Reasons Why Sitting Meditation is the Ultimate Self-Defense

5) Personal protection experts agree: “the best defense is not being there” when trouble starts. If you are sitting at home meditating, then you obviously aren’t there.

Cung Le kicks Frank Shamrock
Cung Le kicks Frank Shamrock

4) Some expert fighters, such as Cung Le, throw punishing high kicks. Sitting down renders you completely invulnerable to these kicks! They will sail right over your head, missing you completely.

3) According to commonly cited martial arts statistic, 90% of all fights end on the ground. So, if you start on the ground, you’ve given yourself a head start to victory.

2) Sophisticated martial arts techniques require timing and precision. Fighting is much too stressful to allow for the correct performance of these deadly moves. They are best executed in a completely calm, meditative environment.

1) As Steven Seagal teaches us, a seated position is ideally suited to the brutal art of Cock Punch.


  1. “So, if you start on the ground, you’ve given yourself a head start to victory.”

    Ah but only a TRUE master can meditate with a martini in one hand, a remote in the other, while watching a Steven Segal movie for hidden knowledge.

    Some day I will perfect this technique. Someday…

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