Why Do You Practice Martial Arts?

Submitted by reader alwayslearning_drinkyourcup:

Everyone in less than ten words please try to explain why you practice the martial arts. I think I can show how we are all trying to do the same thing our perspectives and personal agendas just make us word it differently. Please just humor me i consider myself a scientist and could use as many perspectives as possible.

Go ahead. Ten words or less, please.


  1. Good health, positive attitude, personal growth, good fellowship, improved safety.

  2. Fun way to stay fit, stay young in terms of flexibility and defending myself, and a nice outlet to relive stress!

  3. right so it seems either everyone does this just for fun or to learn something, both essentially being the same thing (being that its kind of hard to DO anything without learning from it weather its a bad habit or good.

    one could be an ass and simply state that all of man is simply in the process of learning and in that are all doing the same thing. you might then ask or try to show how we are all trying to learn different things, making us all so different.

    Basically we all seem to be trying to understand, maximize, and control our energy potential for health, and longevity.

    can anyone logically argue against this point. I’m all ears!!

    Energy being used loosely like that of quantum science which shows us all energy in the universe is the same on a small enough level with the possible exception of gravity.

  4. 10 or less…right

    Maximise and control our energy potential for health and longevity

  5. where in So. California can I learn the tao , for martial arts & good healthh.

  6. History
    Scare my daughter’s potential boyfriends 🙂

  7. I didn’t know I had a choice. No seriously, because I might have to defend myself from an attack by an ex-girlfriend.

  8. Because they’re fun. Honestly, when I was much younger I got into Martial Arts because of Jackie Chan movies…and Street Fighter. I don’t know how else to explain it other than it helps to also do this to take a break from work and school.

  9. To defend myself. Self protection. Teach others self defense. Attain more self control, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually an all aspects of my life

  10. To get fit, defend myself, become stronger, find inner peace, push my limits… basically to get better at beating down crackheads that harass me and my family ^_^

  11. To release all anger, frustration and stress pent up inside me.

  12. Because I have something to prove, because I will not lose!

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