LOLCats: Show Your Cheezburger Kung Fu

Cheezburger or dim mak ur choice
Photo: Zsuzsanna Kadar

You should never blog about your cat—unless it’s an lolcat. Here is a quick guide to creating lolcat images of your own.

How to Make an Lolcat

Find a cat photo. You can take one yourself, or search for a royalty-free cat photo at:

Learn the lolcat language. Kittens are busy people; they don’t have time for lots of vowels, apostrophes, and verb conjugations. So they rely on pidgin English to describe their invisible possessions, and to communicate their insatiable lust for cheeseburgers.

Until some lonely weirdo compiles a complete lolcat language guide, we must look to the classic lolcat images themselves for correct syntax and grammar. I Can Has Cheezburger is an excellent reference.

go away iz gathring chi kthxbye
Photo: Claudia Meyer

Write your lolcat caption. You can take inspiration from these popular variations on the meme:

Put it all together. Use a free photo editing tool (such as Paint.Net) to write your caption on top of the image. Large block fonts such as Impact and Arial Black work well.

ninja cat iz stealing ur style
Photo: Dez Pain

Submit your martial arts lolcats. Send images to martialdev (at), and/or leave their addresses in a comment. All worthy entries will be featured here, along with a link to your blog or website.

Your Submissions

fear mai bagua!
Submitted by Jeff

Shoryuken dragon punch cat
Author unknown

Ninja hamster says bring it sucka
Author unknown


  1. Chris, hilarious lolcats! I also appreciate your explanation of kitten language usage–very helpful 🙂 Jason

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