Rappin’ Kung Fu with the Chemical Brothers

Chang Cheh directed dozens of 70s kung-fu flicks: The One Armed Swordsman, The Duel, Five Deadly Venoms, and more. 

Did you know he does music videos too? Check out his groundbreaking collaboration with the Chemical Brothers:

Get Yourself High
Featuring Shaw Brothers’ Two Champions of Shaolin

Much better than Kung Pow, don’t you agree?


  1. Weird, my friend just sent me a youtube link for this video and when I searched for what movies it used I got this page. Is this video new or did we just happen to stumble upon it at the same time?

    I can’t tell if the mouth movements are CG or pasted in from other people. They look CG though.

    Makes me want to Kung Fu….

  2. IIRC, the music video was made in 2004, and Two Champions of Shaolin was released in 1980. I saw it for the first time a few weeks ago.

    Perhaps your friend is one of the many smart, cultured and good-looking people who subscribe to my RSS feed?

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