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Reader and contributor Rick Matz tagged me to participate in the 7 things pyramid scheme writing project.

The rules:

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  • Share 7 random or weird things about yourself.
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Here we go…

  • I previously ran a social networking site for creative talent (think Friendster meets Flickr). The service was unique and appealing, with a strong potential for profitable growth; but after some soul-searching, I decided that I would rather write about martial arts than continue reviewing import models’ photo shoots. So I shut down the website and opened Martial Development instead.
  • I know dim mak is real, because I have experienced it myself! While finishing a game of ping-pong at the neighborhood park, a child accidentally struck my arm with the tip of his elbow. He didn’t even notice that he had bumped me, but my arm instantly went numb, and I was unable to move it for almost five minutes.
    I figure that if a small child can execute a crippling nerve attack by accident, then a highly trained adult martial artist should be able to do the same on purpose.
  • Stephen Chow Sing-Chi is my favorite actor. His comic timing and delivery are brilliant, and almost all of his movies contain martial arts references. God of Cookery and King of Beggars rank high on his long list of great work.
  • Although I love poking fun at Occidental re-imaginings of Chinese internal arts, I do respect the genuine article and its sincere proponents.
  • I have lived in Seattle all my life, yet I’ve never bothered to visit Bruce Lee’s grave. And why should I? He never visited mine!
  • Bodhidharma sitting in cave
  • I once fell asleep outside Bodhidharma’s cave, where he is said to have faced the wall for nine years of uninterrupted meditation. Word to the wise: if you ever plan to spend the night on a mountaintop, bring your tummo skills or a warm blanket.
  • I stopped attending regular classes more than a year ago—so that I would have more time to practice.

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  1. Chris, I’m hooked. I love your humor and your knowledge. I’m interested in being a sponsor on your site for my blog Science of Energy Healing. I think it’s a good fit with your blog but from a completely different view of energy. And I have to amp up the humor on my site, something I’ve been wanting to do but not sure how to. Thanks for showing the way.


  2. Hi- I think you’re a bit silly. I need to study martial arts and never have really and need some pointers about how to begin. I don’t do things like most people – trying this and that- when I say I need to do something that is the truth. So if you could help me not reinvent the wheel and share some of your experience I would appreciate it.

    I want to begin with a teacher that inspires me not just anywhere or at the local gym-

    I look forward to hearing from you ( :

    be well

  3. Hey, I think you are off your rocker. You stopped training over a year ago and you are going to write on the subject of training in the martial arts. Without an istructor to guide you, you will go nowhere. I think that you are a cheapskate that wants to hold down instructors who are trying to make a living teaching martial arts. For the record, I teach for a living and I only charge $30 per month tuition. Do I bash what others charge? NO!!!! If others want to charge for what they do, so be it. People like you are the reason why we have Socialism in the world. You are misguided and need to see the light.

  4. neenah and others, you may be interested in: Get Started In The Martial Arts: A Beginner’s Guide.

    Jonboy, thank you for your concern. Even when I wasn’t attending classes, I was still training 7 days a week, including sessions and seminars with instructors and students from other local schools. I’ve probably walked out on more instructors than you’ve ever met, because they didn’t meet my standards. Now, if freely sharing information makes me a Socialist, so be it– I’ll happily put every third-rate capitalist McDojo Master out of business.

  5. here is my view on the martial art.
    one who is learning maratial art is going to change his life course. and martial art is a continue process to make better to your life. i learn to goju ryu karate. i found that this is less. but i was wrong. this is correct that this is better to practise one kick 10000 time than to kick 10000 kicks one time. and there is not any best fighter, you make your own. i am brown belt, practising karate since 2009. i desire to become a perfect fighter. but my childhood mista

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