Human Weapon: Reviews And Video Highlights

Each episode of HUMAN WEAPON charts an expedition through foreign continents, famous cities, exotic villages, back alleys and lush landscapes with hosts Jason Chambers – mixed-martial-artist and professional fighter – and Bill Duff – former professional football player and wrestler, who learn how each individual location gave birth to its distinct style of combat and study their form of martial art.

This TV series is currently airing on the History Channel. Here are some highlight clips from each episode…

Muay Thai Chaiya
Jason and Bill travel deep into the jungles of Thailand, to learn an earlier and deadlier form of Muay Thai kickboxing. Chaiya is one of the local styles that comprise Muay Boran, or “ancient Thai boxing”.

Doce Pares Eskrima
Bill narrates the origins of this traditional Filipino martial art, and learns the Eskrima version of the cross-arm throw (labai) from a Doce Peres master.

Shuri-Te Karate
Seikichi Higa Sensei explains why Karate punches include a twisting motion, and how blocks should be used offensively to injure the attacker’s striking limb.

Full-Contact Savate Match
Bill Duff fights former Savate Boxe Francaise champion Issa Cissoko for three rounds.

Judo Exhibition Match
Jason Chambers competes with Yasutaka Okawa (2004 Japanese college Judo champion) in the Tokai University dojo.

The Spartan Pankration Workout
At Aigosthena Castle in Greece, master Aris Makris leads a tradtional Spartan conditioning routine: running cross-country, tossing stones, kicking logs and more.

Urban Terrorism Survival Training
Carrying combat gear and an unloaded M-16 rifle, the journeymen dash through an Israeli neighborhood, facing random attacks from their Krav Maga trainers.

MCMAP: Marine Core Martial Arts Program
In the Leadership Room, or “House of Pain”, Marines undergo extreme circuit training to test their hand-to-hand combat skills.

Ninja Battle
Jason and Bill hold their own, in this point match against top students at Maasaki Hatsumi’s Bujinkan dojo.

Cambodian Animal Styles of Bokator
After conditioning their bodies at a remote training camp, the hosts learn unique fighting moves inspired by animals: Tiger, Snake, Elephant, and the deadliest of all, Duck.

A demonstration of footwork practice in this predecessor of modern Korean Taekwondo.

(Coming soon: Sambo, Silat, Kung Fu, MMA)

What do you think of The Human Weapon? How does it compare to previous martial arts series, such as Final Fu or Mind, Body and Kick Ass Moves? Please share your review.


  1. Thanks for the great overview and the video clips. I had been meaning to track this show down online – when I saw your article it was just the reminder I needed to actually do so!!

  2. Chris,
    thanks for the clips, we havn’t got the show over here in the UK yet, so it’s good to get some highlights. I can’t wait until it makes it over here!

    From the clips you’ve got here it looks better than Mind, Body and Kick Ass Moves to me.



  3. I think the human Weapon info on these shows is great but the constant spin by the “hosts” is very annoying…as is their showboat attitude. the thai fight was totally fixed,the thai boxer wasnt even workin hard, thats the shame with these type of shows,

    reminded me of when jack osbourne(ozzys kid) trained thai for a few months, went to thailand and beat a thai boxer in a fight.
    I don’t watch a lot of TV and this show has its retarded points (the two journeymen for example) but it has a lot of information that seems fairly accurate and its well presented. Well worth checking out.

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