Real-Life Ninja Assassin Threatens Journalist

Rain as 'Ninja Assassin'

If you have to choose between seeing Ninja Assassin and Red Cliff this weekend, I recommend the latter–even if this abridged US release is not quite as good as the original 4-hour Chinese version. (Curious John Woo fans can order the longer cut of Red Cliff on DVD today.)

Fantastic tales about Ninja clans and other secret fighting societies are depressingly common in the martial arts world. These legends are used for marketing and entertainment purposes; repeated often, but rarely taken seriously.

Benjamin Fulford wants to be taken seriously. Formerly the Asia-Pacific bureau chief at Forbes Magazine, Fulford spent years reporting on the highest and lowest echelons of Japanese society, from politicians to Yakuza gangsters. While many of his native colleagues were kidnapped or killed, in retaliation for their stories on the hidden structures of government, the Canada-born Fulford managed to escape their fate.

Today, Benjamin Fulford has an incredible story to tell, grounded in personal experience, and supported by his university studies in economics and Asian history. Once threatened by a menacing ninja assassin from the shadow government, he now claims the support and protection of the Triads, in his mission to end the corrupt global plutocracy.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Find a comfortable chair, make some popcorn, and enjoy this interview by Project Camelot.

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The preceding interview was provided for entertainment purposes only.


  1. I don’t know the Red Cliff movie. Hope it will be shown in the Philippines.. I’ll be waiting for it and check if its better than Ninja Assassin…

  2. Red Cliff was one of the most trying experiences of film-watching I’ve ever put myself through. I’m a huge fan of John Woo and Tony Leung, but in the end I just couldn’t stay awake long enough to finish it. I can’t imagine how Ninja Assassin is even worse than that.

  3. First of all this movie is not a family movie, of course if ur fan of ninja or maybe martial arts movies, then this movie is quite a good option, since they finally took a new mainactor, and nothing against Jet Li, Jackie Chan etc. but they are way too old ,so it was quite nice to see a newcomer in this genre, but then again the actor is a popular singer and dancer in asia, even more outstanding that he did a quite good job.

    The story was OK, nothing were u would say wow ,but also not that bad. I guess the movie would have been more successful on the box offices, if it wouldn’t be that brutal, and maybe they put a really famous actress in the role of the police woman.

    The action is quite nice, i liked the way the make the ninjas like some kind of “alien” kinda disappearing in the shadows and also the choreography and swordfights, especially they way they make the cgi effects by throwing the ninja stars.

    this movie was a quite good mix of cgi and stunts and action. just the end was bit too fast i think, SPOILER: ” when the soldiers blow up the whole village and it seemed suddenly that they kill those ninjas so easily.”

    the bad guy playing the ninja master, also did a really good job, especially the way he talked in English and his face expression were really good.

    the soundtrack was also quite good, the music mostly fits the moments and gave the movie a nice support effect.

    Comparing this ninja movie with other ninja movies i saw, like American fighter, or Ninja , this movie was much much more better and not that ridicoulus like some scenes of the mentioned movies. Thats why i give that movie a 10 our of 10, i don’t think its a disappointment, its a nice popcorn and action movie with maybe bit too much blood, but i think its great, and it would be nice to see in the future more ninja movies like this and also seeing the actor “Rain” in more Hollywood productions.

  4. I have been reading about these “ninja’s” and all I have to note is that “Ninja Assassin” is the closest I have seen to ACTUAL ninja.As I myself have been into MMA,American Boxing,and I shall not include Ninjitsu as MMA as it has taken me farther into Martial arts more deeply,physically,as well as spiritually,than any of the 9 martial art types I have taken.The little “rice paper walk” or when the boy would make the boards squeak by a wrong step,that IS how things are done and it hurts and how overcoming the MOST excrutiating pain through a form of Tai Chi Chuan meditation,literally sometimes is the ONLY way of not ridding yourself of the pain but absorbing it enough to make it tolerable.In my 14 years of training in classes,and with masters,and even street fighting when I needed money,the one art,and it IS truly an art would be Ninjitsu.As well as the 12 1/2 yrs of weapons training,I learned shou huai pipa”playing the piper in english” which is a dance with 2 pair of nunchaku which are my favorite weapon even though I can use anything that could be placed in my hands.Even though behind my arms were scarred from the pinching chains,I would go to sleep bleeding at night and busted up pretty bad most nights,Although could’nt wait to see what tomorrows lesson’s brought.I have seen and admired MANY martial arts movies but “Ninja Assassin” was the closest I’ve EVER seen to the training,solitude,honor,and sometimes awkward (to me at the time) training techniques that were bestowed upon us,alas I am greatful,and glad that a movie was created to SO closely replicate what it was like growing up in a live-in Dojo.Two thumbs wayy up and if anyone is interested in learning how to use almost any weapon,or training techniques,or just to strengthen your chi,let me know.I have a few videos on facebook,and am puttin MANY more up tp help teach “some” things I was taught.I’m also looking for 4 more people to compete in the “Sun Dragon Competition” WITH me.If you are interested please contact me.Thanks P.S. there is more than just trophies to be won,theres a cash prize and I think a trip,unsure but thanks!Also if you just wanna learn how to use a weapon,or most martial arts,katas or just self defense techniques let me know.Thanks

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