1. Two things:

    1. They’d have bursted their eardrums being that close to a discharging firearm.

    2. Cage doing WC? I just took a knee.


  2. Smith,
    In the first movie, super-soldiers are taught a “gun kata” which enables them to shoot while avoiding incoming fire. The second movie, uh, you don’t really need to see.

    Technically, he appears to be doing WT. Wing Tzun, that is, not to be confused with Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun, or Wing Chun.

  3. that is not wing chun. everything in there it’s eskrima coreography.
    all the best

  4. Looks like Wing Chun to me. Dont know much re eskrima, however, the warm up exercises, single and dual hand chi sao, are definately wing chun.

  5. Yes, this is most definitely wing chun. I think so because I’m pretty sure Ip Ching, Ip Man’s younger son makes a cameo in the film. Just google Ip Man. lol

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