Chi: Real Energy or Martial Art Myth?

Welcome to the third edition of Qigong and Energy Arts Forum. This main topic of this edition is science and skepticism.

Feature articleChi debunked? by Bob Patterson (Striking Thoughts)
Martial Development has a challenge for skeptical martial artists: Prove that chi is scientifically impossible. Naturally, since I consider myself to be an open-minded skeptic and a martial artist, I had to take a crack at this one.
From a scientific perspective, “chi” has not made it past the hypothesis stage…

Clearing the Air on George Dillman and Chris Thomas by Rick Fryer (Kicks Boxes)
Char-la-tan (n.) a person who pretends to be an expert in something or to have more skill that is really the case; quack; fake. That’s how Websters defines the word charlatan, but many martial artists on websites and forums like or would like to define it as ‘George Dillman,’ or as my instructor, ‘Chris Thomas’…

Distant Healing Benefits and Works by Astrid Lee, Reiki master (We Are One World Healing)
A comprehensive overview of benefits and applications of Reiki, and in particular distant healing.

An Encounter with Cow Energy by Lexi Sundell (Energies of Creation)
I worked with Reiki on a small injured calf and encountered the powerful energy of the cow…

What is ki? by Laurel (Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido Training Notes)
What is ki? Is it shouting “iei!” and throwing people from a distance? Is it lifting objects without touching them? You’ve seen “ki masters” do these things on TV. There may indeed be some people with such supernatural powers, I can’t say that there aren’t. But this is not what we do here…

What is Enlightenment? by Matthew Spears (Loving Awareness)
The perception that most people would call “enlightenment” is simply an awareness of the fundamental interconnection of All That Is. Because it is a perception, from this state there is nothing that happens to you (an external force operating upon you) but rather simply experiences of you meeting your Self. Externally this looks identical.

Is it wrong to be abundant AND spiritual? by Jenn Givler (Create a Thriving Business)
Why do spiritually conscious business owners feel that they should not get paid for their help to others when creating a business?

Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality

Why I Am Not a Skeptic by Dean Radin, Ph. D.
No, not why I’m not skeptical, or critical-minded, because those traits are essential in science. Rather, I don’t consider myself a “skeptic,” as in a card-carrying member of a skeptical society, because…

A Skeptical Look at Pennsylvania by Martial Development
A satirical post by a skeptical dilettante. “The evidence for the state of Pennsylvania, like that of chi energy, is inconclusive…”

In addition to the articles above, there were some interesting viewpoints expressed on this edition’s announcement page.

As promised, a prize will be awarded to one of the participants, and the random number generator has selected…

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  1. Hi Chris,

    Thank you so much for your hard work of putting this carnival together!

    We Are One World Healing is a global initiative that has many touch points in society, and I am thrilled to find some here on your site.
    The more people participate in the monthly healing session (which people can attend to from wherever they are), so much better it is for our planet, our natural environment and of course the sustainable development of humanity itself!


  2. Chris – thank you so much for including me in the Carnival – and thank you for your hard work in putting it together!


  3. Thank you for including my article in this lovely collection. I have linked back to this page from my blog in order to help promote the carnival.

    I appreciate the effort you have made to put this together!

  4. Thank you for posting these articles and resources! They are truly interesting and enlightening at the same time. It is my first time to visit this site and I’m grateful for having found a single page with several posts dealing with topics that I have been looking for all over the web.

    Keep up the good work, Chris, and I wish you good luck in all your endeavors!

  5. To Whom It May Concern,

    While looking at your list of martial arts, I noticed you have not yet included Nabard-The Persian Art of Combat.
    As you may not be aware, Nabard is a well established combat system particularly in the South Eastern United States.
    Nabard has many followers who would be interested in discussing their experience, style and martial art views on your forum.
    For Nabard’s history or contact information, you can visit the website at

    Thank you,
    Roxanne Lavelle

  6. The reason science can not “pin” down Qi is because of “noncommutative phase.” I figured this out on my own by studying science and mathematics and corresponding with scientists. Then I discovered Eddie Oshins who was a Stanford quantum physicist and he also taught Wing Chun. He discovered the same secret of noncommutative phase. This is a very particular secret from quantum physics but I discovered it from studying music theory. haha. I have more info on Eddie Oshins on my blog – but he was a “scientists’ scientist.” He was upset about how his analysis never was understood properly – for example he worked with Karl Pribram on the holographic mind model but then critiqued Pribram for never really understanding noncommutative phase. Similarly Amit Goswami did not properly source Eddie Oshins’ work, etc. for details

  7. does chi will work on other body, please tell me I have tryed lot of meditation techniques but I can’t achieved anything I think chi is fake… Don’t create curiosity over another’s mind..pls don’t mistake me

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