1. As anyone who has ever seen The Mighty Ducks knows, if you mess with one duck, you mess with the whole flock!

  2. Hilarious! When I was a kid, a big duck chased my brother, myself, and our black labrador Pepper, down the street until he met up with my mom and her broomstick. Duck was no match for the broomstick and high-tailed it back up the street. Thanks Mom!

  3. Maybe the duck thought the dog was its mother. Very common.

  4. LOL, The duck is scarying the dog hella bad. Oh yeah, the duck have some power Martial Arts! LOL. Agreed, The SIZE of the Fight! Haha

  5. Cool video.

    This is a perfect example of the reason not to underestimate oneself. Many times the bullying party- whether primate or canine- is all bark and no bite.

  6. Haha awesome! Anybody watching the Battle of Atlanta on UNATION tomorrow?

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