Top Martial Arts Movies of 2006

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2006 was a great year for martial arts movie enthusiasts like us. Unfortunately, many of this year’s best films will never be released to US audiences.

No, you won’t see these movies in a local theatre, or at Blockbuster Video. Even Netflix seems unaware of Asia’s existence. As a kung fu fanatic, your only alternative is to order them directly on DVD.

If Jet Li’s Fearless and Tony Jaa’s The Protector didn’t scratch your itch, try these others:

Warning: Subtitles ahead.

Fatal Contact [IMDB]
Wu Jing stars as a Chinese opera performer, who is recruited into a gambler’s underground fight club.

Scene from Fatal Contact
After his teammates fail, Wu Jing fights three men alone

Legend of the Shadowless Sword [IMDB]
An imperial guard is assigned to protect the Korean prince-in-exile from murderous assassins. Starring Yoon Soy.

Shadowless Sword – Movie Trailer

A Battle of Wits [IMDB]
A student of Mo Tzu (played by Andy Lau) uses his art of strategy to defend a besieged kingdom.

Have you seen these movies? Do you know of any other worthy additions to this list?


  1. What I disliked about Fatal Contact was mentioned in my reply to your comment in my Twins Mission review.

    I haven’t seen Shadowless Sword, but I wasn’t much of a fan of Battle Of Wits either. For some reason, the editing felt way too jarring, the character and plot development too shallow for me to have any emotional investment in the film. It had some impressive scenes, but it couldn’t hold my attention.

    No mention of ‘The Banquet’ or ‘Curse of the Golden Flower‘? Actually, the Bollywood superhero flick, Krrish, which was choreographed by Cheng Siu Tung (Zhang Yimou’s frequent collaborator who worked on Hero, Golden Flower and House of Flying Daggers), had some awesome martial arts scenes. Unbelievable.

  2. I just wanted to say the last one a battle of wits I just watched it and it was released on demand but they renamed it Battle of the warriors. I just wanted to let you all know that because it was an amazing movie.

  3. Red cliff is great. 1 and 2. Is about the story of Romance of the three kingdom.

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