Top 5 Reasons Why Pro MMA Fighters are Like Prostitutes

prostitute UFC fighter
What do these professional entertainers have in common?

5. They wear skimpy outfits to work.

4. After they hit 50, nobody will hire them.

3. Their profession is illegal in many states and countries.

2. They insist on being paid to do what everyone else does for free.

1. Messing around with them can be hazardous to your health.


  1. 5. Uh, OK.

    4. Except Randy Couture, Dan Severn, Ken Shamrock, Pat Miletich . . . . . more on the way.

    3. Except the United States, Japan, Russia, the U.K., Australia . . . . . . and pretty much everywhere else.

    2. Say what? Everybody else fights MMA for free?

    1. True.

  2. Every street fight is a MMA fight, inasfaras both participants want to win, and not to demonstrate techniques from a particular “style of martial arts”.

    And no, most of these people are not getting paid to fight.

  3. #2 you could say applies to almost any sport. The difference is that pro fighters don’t get paid nearly enough for what they go through in training and in a match. It’s much tougher then any other sport and the pay is a lot less (though it’s starting to get better).

  4. its not the toughest sport most of the ppl that fight pro mma only have like 5 years experiance and are unskilled in most of the arts, they get paid what they desirve if not to much boxing gets paid way to much but they have more skill then mma fighters

  5. Actually, MMA is one of the toughest sports simply because it’s the combination of several different arts. And i hate to break it to you but most pro fighters have well over 5 years experience, considering just in some of the arts like BJJ, you have to have more that 5 years experience to obtain any belts. As a fighter I know it takes a lot of skill to be a fighter let alone to be good at it. And lastly, mixed martial art fighters are obviously more skilled fighters because they have a combination of arts and most of them come from boxing backgrounds.

  6. How so very wrong this article is!

    5. who cares, look at olympic swimmers!
    4. WRONG!
    2.Professional fighters get paid but then so do professional bowlers.
    1.Damn straight.

    The toughest sport out there is motocross.

  7. This post is over two years old. At the time, MMA matches were not sanctioned in many states. As of today, there are still illegal in many states, most notably New York.

  8. it’s illegal in six states. 6 out of 50 is not many. way to go screw that one up.

  9. LOL. According to the link above, the current count is 12 states. Maybe it is wrong, and you are right. Either way, take your math show on the road, and stop searching Google for prostitutes.

  10. This is hysterical! I am a fan in MMA and actually have been to many local shows and it seems that as amateurs they don’t get paid anything. Then again I don’t think those guys perform in the big shows! Still funny! 😀

  11. Proutsite don’t get paid the same amount and you say they can fight for free how about I whip that ass for free

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