Reduce Karmic Debts up to 60% with Karma Consolidation

Stop Paying For A Past Life!

Photo Credit: Arnþór Snær

By consolidating your bad karma you can reduce your karmic debt up to 60%. This means by paying off your bad karma in one or two short misadventures you can avoid paying for a bad mistake for the rest of your life little by little. By getting what you deserve all at once it is possible to show the universe you are aware you are a bad person, and we can help by convincing the universe to go easy on you. Even if you haven’t learned your lesson we can trick the powers that be into thinking you have.

What Goes Around Doesn’t Have To Come Around

Karma Consolidation is the largest, fastest-growing and only karma consolidation company in the world, eliminating unnecessary misfortune everywhere. More than six people trust us to help them turn bad luck into good and get a fresh start in their current reincarnation. We help by intervening in the standard cause and effect nature of the world by focusing what they really deserve into one or more future reincarnations.

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