Qigong Demonstration by Master Zhou Ting-Jue

This video clip from Ripley’s Believe It or Not showcases the qigong skills of master Zhou Ting-Jue.

In the first portion of the video, Zhou raises the temperature of a damp paper towel (containing a sheet of foil) above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Steam rises from the towel.

Next, Zhou demonstrates his qinggong (“lightness skills”) by standing on a stretched sheet of paper without breaking it.

So, can you believe it? Or not?


  1. The guy is a fraud
    There’s an old “Bar bet” wherein the person takes the Aluminum foil from a cigarette pack, wets is with some Hg2Cl2 and pinches it between both thumbs and forefingers, and says “I bet you can’t hold in your hand what I’ve got in mine.” The sucker accepts the “gift” of reactive Al foil and gets a burn as the air oxidation causes it to heat up. The Bichloride of Mercury used to be available as an antiseptic.

    The chloride ion will break down the oxide layer on the aluminum, allowing the aluminum to oxidize assuming there’s some water present to ionize the mercurous chloride.

  2. As a practicioner of IMA, I am ashamed that people have to continue with this stuff. Yes Chi gong has amazing health benefits, and can even have martial benefits. But this is just exageratted, and a very clever show of trickery…

  3. If this is a fraud and it’s just a chemical reaction, then why is his hand white under the thermal lens as well as the tin foil?

  4. Brent:

    Zhou’s hand is hot because of it’s contact with the paper towel/foil. I would guess that the towel had been soaked in the bichloride of mercury solution, then dried; once it has been rehydrated, and the aluminum foil added, the reaction takes place. The heat from the towel/foil will then transfer to the hand. I agree with Alex; this kind of parlor trick taints all legitimate practitioners of Qi Gong.

  5. What I’m wondering, though, is how he stepped on the paper without breaking through. I’m sure that he’s just a fraud, but how was that trick done?

  6. I dont know… i’ve seen this guy in person and i’ve seen him do the heating of the foil. i didn’t see any cigarette pack or chemicals. my school provided the materials for the demo. i also saw him lift a pale of water with a gigantic needle stuck through his arm. the needle was huge but it took my Sifu a long time to get it through Master Zhou’s tough skin and my Sifu is a very strong man. the needle was in deep enough to draw some blood but it couldnt break his skin even with the added weight of the pale. I should know considering i was the one who had to clean the needle!

  7. Yes, I agree that it is ashame that with all the really great and really real benfits of Qigong and Tai Chi that there are people out there treated it as street magic.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love street magic and such but not like this.

  8. same video…. if you will note ripleys provided all materials and they were later tested for chemicals… also harvard studies have shown similar results from similar techniques…

    it’s real folks…. get your head out of your arse…. and wake up…

  9. I have meet Master Zhou in Sedona, AZ and seen his demostrations of his Qi Power. He is authenic, water is all that is used on paper towel and aluminum foil….no trickery, he is for real. He has amazing Qi power and is also a wonderful healer. There is no trickery with Master Zhou

  10. It is sad, there are many people who still think that Qi is just nonsense, the ones who think this, i suggest, simply take yourself to a Qi Gong Master, ask him to transmit Qi into a certain part of your body, you will then find out for yourself that it is not myth nor folly, or just keep thinking there is no such thing as Qi, that would be easier for you .

  11. It is sad that many of you practice internal martial arts, but have no idea of its potential. I do not know if this particular demonstration is real or not, or if this master is genuine, but I do believe that it is possible. A true master should be able to demonstrate an incredible level of ability, not just better health. Those with out this ability will always be looking to tear down those with it.

  12. Master Zho’s healing power has helped me more than once when I was suffering from pains. Many years ago doctors told me my condition (arthritis) would never heal and unfortunatly I had to put up with the pain and restricted movement of my arms and neck.

    After taking every pill (ruining my stomach, suffering from other side effects) and doing all the cures they prescribed me I couldn’t imagine how to go on with life so full of pain.

    A friend then introduced me to energy healing and attuned me to Reiki. This has saved me from a very sad life full of pain.

    I do selfhealing ever since, but when this is not enough and pain comes back, I call on Master Zhou and always after the treatment I come out of his place relieved from pain and with a very peaceful spirit.

    By the way – when my friend first told me about Reiki, I did not believe it would work, but desperation told me to try whatever came my way. After the third session, I woke up in the morning and the pain was gone.

    Qi works, it doesn’t matter if we “believe” in it or not.

  13. Dear Master Zhou:

    I am not clear on what kinds of ailments your kind of healing helps with, or works on.

    I have been at your demonstration, an at your medical practice to witness your talent with patients close up. Probably with Eric Lee and friends.

    So, anyway can master Zhou break up scar tissue internally?

    After my accident I had a two stage operation done by county on my baby finger which was mangled. They operated on my three times and left my finger with dynoptins contracture (scar tissue on the ligament prevents finger from bending properly, looks like it is hyper extended backwards.

    i have x rays and photos of my hand, i can send via email.


    ms. veronica de arce aka ronnie cea

    p.s. i am a violinist. living at all is like living in a jail if i cant play my instrument any longer..

    please advise.

    [I removed your contact information. This is not his message service, you will have to speak to him directly. –Chris]

  14. Hi, I don’t have a comment, but a question. I can’t find any other place on the site to ask it. I would like to see Master Zhou for treatment. How can I contact him? Will you please send me his contact info?



  15. Hi, Nevermind, I just found him. Thanks. If anyone needs the info feel free to ask the webmaster to contact me.

  16. Hello Eric,

    Would you tell me where to find Master Zhou?
    Thank you,


  17. Hi Gyula,

    I have since discovered that “Master” Zhou is a fraud.

    I went to see him. I got a massage from him and he did his thing with the foil and wet paper towel. It got hot alright, but afterwards when he left the room to wash his hands I dipped my finger in the “water” that he used on the foil and touched it to my tongue. It burned! It tasted like something very caustic. Also, the water was milky white. I got to my car as quickly as possible and washed my mouth with water for a long time. I forgot about rinsing my finger, and later I must have rubbed my eye and it burned for hours. I didn’t confront Zhou at the time. He doesn’t speak English, and I wanted time to think.

    I did some research and discovered that Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH, commonly known as Lye, reacts with aluminum and generates great heat. Chronic exposure to this would also be consistent with the roughness of Zhou’s hands, and the fact that they are discolored very dark, kind of blackish purple.

    I called his other office where they speak English and told them what happened. They didn’t believe me (or were lying) but agreed to tell Zhou that I wanted to meet with him and have him prove to me that he actually has some kind of power. He agreed surprisingly, and I met with him yesterday.

    I brought my own materials (paper towels, foil, water, and container). He grabbed the material and began to prepare them on his glass-topped work table(why an auxiliary glass top? It’s just water, isn’t it? Conveniently chemical resistant. The Formica table it covered wouldn’t suffice) . He brought it to my shoulder and I could hear it sizzling as it passed my ear before he even put it on my shoulder and began to “put Qi into it”. I stopped him. I wiped my finger on the wet table and tasted it, and got that same chemical taste. I insisted that we prepare on his wood waiting table. I began to prepare the stuff myself and he said (this is all through an interpreter by the way) that he needed to touch the foil himself. I haggled with him about that, but he insisted that he had to touch the foil. I let him begin. He was getting his hands wet and splashing the water on the foil and paper towels and splashing on the table too. He put it on my shoulder and though it took a lot longer than usual, it began to sizzle and heat up. I then insisted that I taste his hands! And again, that same chemical taste. I then prepared the foil myself against his wishes, and put it on my shoulder, and he refused to try to heat it up. He said he gave me one chance and that was all he was going to give. Then I told him that I would let him prepare the materials again, but let me try to put Qi into it without him (I’m sure it would have heated up). Again he refused.

    I also asked him why he needed foil at all. I told him that I had been to several other QiGong doctors, and studied with a QiGong master (both true) and all of them directed Qi with their hands alone. He wouldn’t give me a straight answer.

    As we were speaking the water that he had splashed on the wood table had turned the finish white. I pointed that out and he tried to explain it away and shrug it off at the same time.

    I told him that I felt betrayed by him. The he attracted me under false pretenses and that he was only doing a cheap magic trick, and that I deserved my money back for my last visit. After a minute of haggling he agreed to give me half my money back because he thought he should be paid for the massage he gave me.

    If he were for real, he would have really let me prove his power (if he had, he would have had a loyal follower, and referrals to all my friends and family), and he never would have agreed to any kind of refund.

    I am not denigrating the practice of Qi Gong, or of Chinese medicine, I am denegrating Mr. Zhou. He is a fraud, stealing through deceit, from ailing people.

    If you still want his contact information, his number is 310.478.1798. But be warned.


  18. Hi Eric,

    WOW! You did some investigation for sure. I am going to look into those chemicals as well. Did have positive experiences with Masters in the US? Do you know Master Chunyi Li? Well? He charges about $3,400 for 5-6 day of healing seminars. From Drew Hampel “Back in 2000-1 when I studied intensively with Master Chunyi Lin of http://springforestqigong.com I got up to chapter six in “Taoist Yoga: alchemy and immortality” and then the strong electromagnetic vortexes spinning around me as I sat in full-lotus, during an 8 day energy feast (with only half a glass of water), lead me to read all the books of Master Nan, Huai-chin.”

  19. You may be unaware that people who perform too many group Qi Gong sessions in a short time frame have mental breaks. VisionAndPsychosis.Net has published the reason for that.

    Most who claim superhuman strength or supernatural powers are not faking. They believe they can do those things. But the reason that happens is Subliminal Distraction exposure.

    SD was discovered when it caused mental breaks for office workers in the 1960’s. The cubicle was created to deal with the human vision startle reflex and the mental breaks stopped.

    There is also YouTube video of throwing Chee by a Qi Gong Master. It is a segment of a Natural Geographic Channel program.

    You will find a link to it on the Qi Gong page at VisionAndPsychosis.Net.

  20. sigung ting jue zhou is my teacher. the reason he does not accept many if any students anymore is because of the doubt that is in peoples mind. maybe some who doubt this do the same to themselves with things they know they should be capable of doing….but the best way to know is to search and find for yourself.
    peace to all

  21. I personally have Visited Master Zhou. I come from a purely western approach at his “techniques” as i was skeptical at first. I asked to see how he performed his heating technique. He had his cup of water and roll of paper towels. Being very curious and skeptical, i dipped my fingers in the cup of fluid, smelled it, and even tasted it. As far as my perception stood. It was regular water, as for if it was tap, bottled, or distilled i can’t be for certain. He just ended up laughing. After leaving the session i watched a couple minutes of the video they play of him performing “Qigong” oriented demonstrations of his mastery of his own Qi. Nothing short of remarkable, which included piercings, demonstrations with sharp objects, wight transfer, and various other exercises that are quite remarkable. The comment that claims he uses lye, is quite unreasonable as i seemingly tasted the fluid myself. I can’t imagine someone like master Zhou would use lye for the possibility of the lye itself being passed on to the client, burning him/her and possibly involving a lawsuit or other adverse reaction. The chemical you probably tasted, is most likely the cleaning chemical on the counters, equipment, and/or table he uses that was transfered to your fingers. Though your research is compelling it is just a thought, and not a personal criticism.


  22. I stand by my story, and suggest you re-read the details.

    I also respectfully suggest you approach your testing with a little more scientific rigor.

    If you really wanted to prove his power in this particular skill you should bring your own prepared wet foil wrapped in paper towel in a zip-lock bag and lay it on yourself without him touching it and ask him to put Qi into it while you keep your eye on it. He’ll refuse. I guarantee it.

    As I said in my story, I am not denegrating Qi Gong, especially since I have experienced the daily practice of it, and have been helped by a Qi Gong master in the past.

    I have no idea what skills Mr. Zhou may actually possess but I know that his heating trick is just that, a trick.

    I won’t respond to any further comments, as I simply stand by my story.

    Good luck to you all.

  23. I wish that i could meet Master Zhou, I have always believed in the ability to use Qi but have never been fortunate enough to afford going to see or even study under someone I could learn under. I really wish I could do it.

  24. i donțt know in person mastre zhou but drunvalo melchizedek is talking abaut him in his worksop. he also said that master zhou was to one of his worksops and proved the standing on the sheet of paper. the public in the workshop could touch the paper and were convinced it was just paper. so maybe people that know drunvalo or practice merkaba trust drunvalo and whom he is saying to be psychic. the mind is always telling us what is true or false but our heart should just feel it

  25. Maybe one day one of you feel that none of the pills and stuff your doctors push on you. You run around, desperate for help.

    You will find a lot of “helpfull” advertisements….

    All magazines are full of it.

    Master Zhou does not nead advertisement. He has helped many people and he does not to have to explain it.

    I am, as any of you, very cautious, but I can say, Master Zhou has helped me when I needed help.


  26. the needle thru the arm is easy as long as u dont put it thru an artery.
    your skin will easily support a bucket of water.

  27. Please don’t try to advertise or support such fraudulent claims anymore,those who supported must be the followers of his scam.This master zhou and his evil followers ought to be locked up in jail.

  28. Master Zhou only uses water and his Qi to heat the water…I have worked with him in Sedona, AZ while he was here for a week healing persons and giving Qi Gong instruction classes. Master Zhou is authenic, he is not tricking anyone…If you had ever seen all the demonstrations he does you would see what a wonderful and powerful Master of Martial Arts/QiGong. Ive had treatments and received pain relief from my cronic pain problems…

  29. it maybe this man is a fraud but qi or ki or chi wat u like to call it is real on youtube now there is a man they call jhon chang he burns newspaper without chemicals or anything you can think it is fake but its real just cause u cant see it dosent mean its not there like the wind

  30. It is real, You go see for yourself first hand..

    [Edited for civility.]

  31. Hello, one thing we should ask ourselves is if we had these abilities would we be on the internet where all could find us,I think that their are alot of powerful chi guys out there that prefer to keep a low profile! making it hard to find them unless its destined for you to find them.

  32. If one simply does not believe in something do not force that belief upon someone else. It is somewhat like religion. You try to force someone to believe in something that just will not make sense to them.

    Having read some of the comments I see that many do not believe and insist upon forcing their disbelief to others. Those that want to believe should be aloud to and should not be continually shot down for what they say. I will not mention the names of those that do so, but they should know that this is not to end up like the wars caused through the forcing of others into another religion.

  33. You are correct. If you have beliefs that contradict normal reality you have the right to continue those beliefs. That is until your mental state reaches a point that you cannot exercise reason to give informed consent. Then someone in authority will decide about your ability to continue without supervision.

    If continuing to practice Qi Gong in groups may cause a mental break you should not challenge those who in good will attempt to warn you.

    The fact that you can have these mental events attempting to reach enlightenment has been known for over a thousand years.

    There is a simple explanation that uses facts of human physiology and can be tracked where ever behaviors similar to Qi Gong exist.

    The mental breaks happen to those who use eyes-open meditation while there is detectable movement in peripheral vision.

    Until VisionAndPsychosis.Net published the reason for them there was only the belief they were caused by Chee and Prana.

    What is there about waving your arms and legs about in unison with others that makes you believe you can summon and control powerful supernatural forces?

    I don’t know if Master Zhou Ting-Jue honestly believes his powers exist. But if it can be shown how he uses paraphernalia to deceive the answer is no.

    Each person still has the right to believe as they will. This discussion is available for those who want information.

  34. L K Tucker:

    Yes what you are saying is perfectly true, but there are certain things that are not deniable. It is not known to us whether or not Master Zhou Ting-Jue knows of acupuncture.

    If he does have that knowledge it would make sense that he would know where to place the heated aluminum foil (I am not saying he used his Chi to heat it, nor am I saying he tricked us). Those points are known to help heal people to when they felt less pain.

    I just want to know why they don’t put him on a scale and weigh him to show his ability to shift his weight. There exists however the fact that he could be SHIFTING his weight and not LOSING it. That could be why putting him on a scale simply would not work.

    Believers can believe and misbelievers can keep their mouths shut and stop pushing their beliefs onto others.

  35. Anonymous Reader:

    There is a difference in those who believe they have supernatural powers and those using normal chemistry and physics to perform magic tricks.

    There have been TV programs where Gurus attempted these supernatural powers. I remember one where the Yogi was placed in a box on a scale then attempted levitation.

    The box bumped around and slid on the floor. He really thought he could levitate.

    The problem on my site is about those who believe, why they believe, not those who use trickery.

    If you have the behaviors and exposure you too can be a victim.

    Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga have 3000 years of history with mental problems due to performing too many exercise sessions in a compact time frame.

    George Dillman, a Karate instructor is featured in a National Geographic program “Is It Real” Superhuman Powers. Google his name or search YouTube.

    The video is linked on my First Psychotic Episodes page.

    All you must do is avoid Subliminal Distraction exposure.

  36. i dont claim to know about all of this stuff . i just want to leave one comment about this particular discussion and that is. Not every thing can be explained through science n logic. i believe as humans our brains and our inner strength or energy has limitless potential and i believe that some people have studied practice and extended their perceptions to this and taken a step up the ladder. also i think that most people who have done this would rather not go public with it due to them being treated like a lab rat just so people can feel comforted in knowing the how and why it can be done. so what if it breaks every law of physics or whatever else laws and rules are ment to be broken and you cant put a limit on a person’s spirit , mind , energy, and ill end this on this note with ANY THING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT!

  37. It is true, not everything can be explained by science and logic.

    But can I dye my hair by mental effort alone?
    Can I shift shape into something that is not what I am?

    I am interested in any evidence of any law of physics being defied or broken.
    Please feel free to share knowledge of this with me.

  38. You guys are silly! I worked with him for two weeks. He did healings on me and his hand could burn my skin at will. He used my foil and paper towels, andI also saw him take a wine boltte, break it on the floor, and then using chi and his hands, turn broken glass to sand.

    He healed my mothers elbow and a pulled groin ,muscle in me. He is not a fraud

  39. “turn broken glass to sand”

    Transmutation of elements into other substances is a frequent claim of those with “supernatural powers.”

    On the Internet it cannot be determined if such an event happened. The claim may be a prank.

    The preparation necessary to perform such a feat, if it happened, demonstrates trickery rather than a mental problem.

  40. btw. He did this for me spontanteously in the parking lot of a grocery store. In person. and in front of another person as well.

  41. Cool!

    I want to learn to make sand from broken glass.

  42. It was cool..he was amazing and inspirign for sure. I took a very suspicious friend of mine to his office in LA while I had a treatment. A the end of it I asked The master to show him Chi. He went over and put his hand over his knee with no foil or paper towel. He said, “Mild Chi” and waved a couple fingers over his knee. My friend said he might have felt something. Then Master Joe said, “Medium chi”, and my friend admitted it was feeling warm and hot. Then Master Joe said, ” High Chi”. He fluttered his fingers and my friend lept from the chair. It freaked him out so much he won’t even talk about it.

    Even though it was often hard to handle the intense sensation of chi that he would apply in a massage. it never burned the skin. It was amazing.

  43. That chi demonstration doesn’t seem nearly as cool as turning glass into sand. At least to me. Sand cannot be influenced by suggestion.

  44. FYI – Turning glass into sand does not suggest transmutation of elements in any way. Glass is merely sand all melted together, and sand is the same as pulverized glass.

  45. “sand is the same as pulverized glass”

    OK can you suggest how to do that instantly? If I grant you that it is true that sand is the same elementary substance as pulverized glass how do you instantly achieve that reverse conversion.

    It is done with a wave of the hand? By the action of human thought on the substance? If so it is at least supernatural.

    The belief that you possess supernatural powers is border-line psychotic. But there are those who have such beliefs and yet they perform normally in every other respect. Why? How?

    The act of performing eyes open meditation while engaging slow motion martial arts exercises creates the “special circumstances” for Subliminal Distraction exposure and that will allow the changes in thought processes to allow those bizarre beliefs.

    Let me illustrate with the stage magician who appears to be able to make objects float contradicting gravity. We all enjoy these performances but also know it is a performance. Those with altered mental states would believe the magician is actually able to overcome gravity with magic.

    That’s the difference. Do you believe these Qi Gong Masters actually overcome Newtonian physics? Do they have superhuman and supernatural powers to alter the Mechanical Universe through the will of their minds?

  46. It is the performance of these exercises in groups so that there is repeating detectable movement in peripheral vision that uses the mind’s normal function to change beliefs. It is a previously unreported and un-investigated form of operant conditioning.

    ( I left out the fact that …group performances …of Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga cause mental events when the exercises are done too many times in a compact time frame. These mental events have been known and recorded to happen for about 3000 years.)

  47. Master Zhou is for real. The person who claims that he found caustic liquid is lying.

    I knew Master Zhou for several years and not only received treatments from him but also studied with him. He is an amazing healer and a generous person who teaches everything he knows.

    To the disbelieving people who bring on modern science:

    What makes you think that what we know today is the last word that will ever be said in science? Embrace the fact that we don’t know everything, yet. And be grateful for people like Master Zhou who reminds us of this fact.

    Your argument against his skill is what? That you don’t understand how it is possible? And it makes you uncomfortable, right? Then you elevate your ignorance to a perfectly legitimate reason for calling a good man – and in this case, an exceptionally good man – a fraud. Shame on you.

  48. Dear All,

    I have studied with Master Zhou for 7 or 8 years. I have also personally received treatments from him on occasion. He is absolutely the real deal. Previously I studied Tai Chi for several years with a disciple of the Yang Family, Gin Soon Chu, and subsequently Buddhist Qigong with a chinese gentleman, David Yao, who had practiced many types of qigong for 40 years.

    As the expression goes, Master Zhou has already forgotten more about the martial arts than most of us here writing have ever learned. He is a very high level practitioner and man of high moral character. He helps people who are very ill on a daily basis. Not every patient responds but many serious and lesser illnesses go away or are obviously improved after his treatment. And he charges fair rates for his time, lower than many people of far lesser skill.

    As an example, a friend of ours has a dog that was diagnosed with cushing’s disease about 6 years ago or so. The dog exhibited all the symptoms of cushing’s and clearly had the illness. The vet prescribed a pharmaceutical which I believe is a form of chemotherapy. My friend refused the pills and brought the dog to Master Zhou. After 1 or 2 treatments, the dog was fine and is still fine now. The vets were amazed and have no explanation. I talked to the friend this week and she still tells me this story every time about how this was the miracle of her life. This is only one example of Master Zhou’s skill. In this context, animals don’t lie.

    I have practiced martial arts myself since age 14, that’s 33 years. I started Tai chi when I was 18, so that almost 30 years of internal training. The qigong and martial arts that Master Zhou has taught me are fantastic. He has brought me forward levels and levels in my practice and always has the next correction and challenge ready. I can readily sense the immensity of his energy when he treats me – his healing power is very clearly immense and real. He was born to do this and is clearly fulfilling this destiny in his daily life, practice and work. He looks just like the classic pictures of the old masters from the various internal marital arts books when he performs the movements. It is an honor to practice with and learn from someone of such high skill and integrity and heart. Imperfect as he certainly is, he is a true treasure and everyone reading here should know that despite whatever tales are being told.


    Mannie Morgenstern

  49. Hi All,
    This is Doc Barham.
    There’s an incredible amount of unscientific speculation here based on nothing. I can help clarify. The following are facts: my coaching practice, Personal Mastery Coaching, is in the same building down the hall from Master Jo’s office. I’ve known him personally for years, received treatments, trained in Chi Gong, and referred more than 100 clients to him.
    His ability is real and far beyond what is shown in the Ripley’s clip. He doesn’t need tricks. Instead, try upgrading your beliefs and expanding your paradigm. I know. I had to do the same thing. I have more than an hour of footage of him from different programs doing the extraordinary.
    It’s simple. You are witnessing a master of Chi Gong, Tai Chai, and Kung Fu. He has devoted his life to mastery of these disciplines and is considered a national treasure in China. Master Jo is a simple, humble man who told me he performs these feats publicly to inspire and demonstrate to people what is truly possible in human potential.
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof? Come to Los Angeles and experience the real thing for yourself.

  50. oh… humanity. dont you see that the foil thing and the heat… here.. the thing is that its not important if he is generating or not the heat or if it is a simple chemical reaction… oh humanity… dont you see that his particular approach is to put the receiver in a state of amazement ( probably thought by his father or master, I dont know) because this way the theraphy has more effect? first he creat the illusion or the shock and then once the brain has accepted this irrational event as possible or amazing… the rest can be accepted and take for real? is part of the healing modality he practice and thats how he gets to heal other people… Ive seen people suffering from chronic pains getting better with him, THIS is the real thing. the foil, the heat… thats just a way to increase the attention and to make people more suceptible? to his use of qigong. from this perspective I accept what he does. stop being so James Randi magician playing scientist …. Im a chemist and I dont care, all i see is results, good for those who get better with him.

  51. Master Zhou has been practicing chi-gong for over 70 years and is exactly that; a master. The fact that some Americans do not believe speaks tour culture and society in America. Ask any high level American master or any Chinese master and they will defend his honor and lineage.
    I recently visited master Zhou with a Russian master who was able to see the energetics of master zhou’s abilities in addition to the healing and qigong I practiced with him.
    He is real in my personal experience and I implore everyone to find their own truth. I am not sharing to convince, as that is impossible; but simply to share. I went through my own doubts as I came up against barriers as my UCLA microbiology background was tested in more ways than one, so I understand doubts.
    The truth is whether you beloved or not; you are right.

  52. Whether you believe or not; you are right*

    If anyone has any questions on qi-gong or master Zhou, I would love to share more. Feel free to email or respond to the thread. He is truly a beautiful man, and has nothing but unconditional love for all, as do I. I sincerely hope that everyone finds their own path to contentment and love.

  53. Oh, come on. You people honestly believe this is real? Why haven’t scientists studied him? Why haven’t I heard of this guy before I saw the Youtube video? Why is he only capable of doing this with a damp towel? Why can’t he light a fire using his bare hands and some wood? Or light a cigarette? There are an unbelievable amount of questions to be asked here. He’s just another street performer, like Criss Angel, or David Blaine.

  54. I have question to Blair. Can I have your e-mail address to ask? Thank you in advance.

  55. To believers and disbelievers alike from the video portrayed, i would like to offer the opportunity to find out for yourself through personal experience of Master Zhou’s Fire Chigong. There is an upcoming workshop put on by Master Zhou and Nikolay Denisov, a Russian teacher of teleportation and alternative vision, in Sedona Arizona in the middle of November.

    You can find out more, and i recommend the you do, at http://www.firechigong.com.

    If you want to see for yourself, this is a great opportunity to personally meet and experience the psychic heat which will take all the power out of the skepticism of those not interested to find out the truth for themselves.

    I wish love to each and everyone of you and look forward to seeing some of you in Sedona!

    Infinite Blessings,

  56. This is NOT A FRAUD.
    He is in Los Angeles and you can easily make an appt to go see and and best of all it is real. I had ACL surgery and had to have my meniscus removed. I had major knee problems including patellar tendonitis for years after the surgery and no amount of physical therapy seemed to make any difference. Finally I found Master Zhou after watching Ripley’s believe it or not and after one session my knee was literally transformed and all pain was gone. Since I’ve been able to return to sports. it’s freaking incredible.

  57. If people are unwilling to accept things that do not match their definition of reality, their reality will conform to their expectations.

    All the best to them!

    And for those of us who are open to a greater, more encompassing reality, that defies definitions, again reality will conform to our expectations.

    There is room for us all here! What an amazing world.


  59. I was skeptical of this myself until I watched him do it to me first hand. Master Zhou is not a fraud. Chemical reactions can’t be stopped and restarted at the will of the person who started them, they continue until they’re complete and then stop.

    Master Zhou was able to heat and cool the paper towel wrapped aluminum foil at will, and I watched him open a brand new roll of paper towels and a brand new box of aluminum foil to use, and our group supplied the bowl and got the water right from our own sink. So unless those chemicals are something the city is putting in the water supply, or Brawny or Reynolds is putting into their paper towels or aluminum foil, then what Master Zhou did was not in any way a “bar trick.”

    Furthermore, I had been having neck pains causing my shoulder to hurt for about a week and a half prior to his visit. When I volunteered, I hadn’t told him or anyone in my group anything about the problem. One of his demonstrations involved rolling up the paper towel and tin foil and rolling it on the back of his volunteers’ necks, and as soon as he touched my neck he told the group through his translator that I had a problem in my neck and he would not be able to put as much “energy” into mine as to other the volunteers. He then rolled his paper towel over my neck for 10-20 seconds, gently warming and cooling it (for the other volunteers it was not so gentle, they all experienced extreme heat). Within about 10 minutes of his demonstration, the pain in my neck and shoulder was almost completely gone, and it has yet to return.

    Now, I can almost overlook the hot tin foil thing, but for him to be able to immediately diagnose a problem he had no prior knowledge of and be able to treat it in some way in less than 30 seconds, I have no rational explanation for that at all. Clearly the man knows *something*, as to what exactly that is from a scientific point of view, I haven’t the slightest idea. But to the skeptics out there, I’d say be skeptical all you want, but, without being a jerk, go and experience it for yourself and THEN make up YOUR OWN mind. I think there are an awful lot of charlatans out there, many more than real masters, but I am no longer a skeptic of Master Zhou or his abilities.

  60. Interesting Keith!

    But on the Internet anyone can claim anything happened.

    The belief that you have supernatural powers or that you witnessed when someone else demonstrated them is certainly suspect.

    That demonstration you witnessed should be preformed for a select audience of observers

    It would revolutionize modern science and medicine.

  61. I have shared the same experience as Keith, and worked personally with master Zhou. As Keith shared go look into it yourself and then make your decision. The only guaranteed block to spiritual or developmental growth is contempt prior to investigation.

    For those interested in discovering for yourself, you can sign up to see a live demonstration for $25 on feb. 18 in san Diego, and also sign up to take a general workshop by master Zhou on feb 19-20.
    To take the next step go to http://www.firechigong.com and you can even use the discount code I used for $10 off

    Code: 5JZ7NW

  62. Everyone’s favorite argument again.

    The Chinese word for energy is Qi. Pronounced “chee”. The Japanese translation of that Chinese word is Ki. The concept was imported from China. They mean the same thing. Energy.

    The Indian word Prana is sanscrit for “vital life”. There are multiple pranas, but the one most commonly discussed pertains to the breath. Again, this refers to energy in your body.

    These concepts pre-date Buddhism, and are based on thousands of years of experiential evidence that has been very well documented in writings from India, China, Japan, and basically everywhere else.

    The human body has energy in each of its 100 trillion cells. Call it what you will. Metabolic energy? The amount of energy you can manifest is directly proportional to the air you breathe in. If you don’t believe me, stop breathing.

    Qi is real. If you had no qi, you would be dead meat. You are electric meat. Your tissues have energy. At a subatomic level, you ARE energy. The human body is a living bioelectromagnetic field. This is not a matter of opinion.

    In fact, Einstein said “…the field is the only reality.”

    All of this is aside from spirituality.

    A belief that you have energy in your body does not mean you have to quit your church and go into a spiritual tailspin. Yet, some Christian revisionists have taken it upon themselves to cleanse the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi in the past few years from the concept of energy. Clearly, their eternal souls are threatened by the concept of “energy”. They’d rather venomously defend the big man in the sky than admit that the human body has energy. Its kind of amazing.

    The average tai chi or qigong practitioner just wants to be healthy, and have good balance, and learn to relax. There is no need for deep qigong theory. But at some point in your practice, you will turn your attention inward while you are refining your balance, your breathing, your concentration…and in that relaxed state, with a quiet mind, you’ll probably at some point become aware of the energy within your 100 trillion living cells. You may feel your energy circulating, or a concentration of sensation in certain points, just like they show on acupuncture charts. You may realize that wherever you bring your attention, the feeling of Qi increases.

    The Yi leads the Qi. Your intention leads your energy.

    If you have that strong awareness during your practice, you can attribute it to the God of your choice, or just qualify it as a deeply spiritual feeling. Doesn’t really matter what you call it. When you get into that mental state of turning your attention inward and meditating, there are many health benefits. Call it the placebo affect. Whatever. This is the basis of qigong practice. Cultivating energy.

    The goal in qigong is to increase the quantity of qi.

    If you practice it correctly along to the well-documented training methods, you’ll experience it for yourself, and then you can form an informed opinion. Otherwise, its silly to comment on something you have no experience with.

    I personally think most people should discuss this topic in English, from a Western medical perspective, unless they are Chinese or are serious about qigong theory.

    If I want to move my hand to high-five you, my mind generates electromotive force. Intention.

    Energy then travels through my body from the core outward, through my arm and palm, and into your palm.

    Its as simple as that. Mind comes first. Always.

    Without Qi, my dead brains would be incapable of thought in the first place. Where is Mind then?

    I study qigong for health. Thanks to it, I don’t get sick much. I feel good. I help other people. In my experience, qigong is more about Feeling than Thinking.

    Can you practice Tai Chi or even Qigong and not know or care a thing about Qi. Definitely. But that is not how it was intended to be practiced, and its a bit disrespectful to suggest doing so.

    There are a lot of self-proclaimed MASTERS in every field. The real masters are humble people who try to help others, or more likely, are quietly away from sight.

    I don’t know about Master Zhou. Never met him, and did not observe or experience his skills, or a controlled-study thereof. So, I can’t form an opinion. But, I don’t doubt that energy masters exist, from various disciplines, not only qigong.

    As for a few other comments above: a person who works as a healer still has to pay rent and eat groceries, why wouldn’t he/she make a living? Nothing wrong with being paid for your skills. Especially if you come highly recommended with a reputation for helping people.

    It would be cool if the number one priority of all jobs on earth was “helping people”, whether you are a janitor, a politician, or a soldier. At least Master Zhou seems to be trying to help people. If people were not healed by him, I think he probably wouldn’t have a job for very long.

    I hope this helps.

    My biased opinion,
    and does not reflect those of YMAA.com

  63. Oh and, the other comment above

    “people who perform too many group Qi Gong sessions in a short time frame have mental breaks”

    is just plain not true.

    Mental illness and delusions are an entirely different subject, based on each individual.

    Popular qigong sets like the Eight Brocades would not be passed down for over 1,000 years if they were not beneficial.

    Qigong is deep relaxed breathing and meditating. Thats all.

    If that causes you to have a”mental break”, then you likely did not have a very strong basis in reality to begin with.


  64. David Silver:

    Google ‘Qi Gong Psychotic Deviation.’ You might also Google ‘Qi Gong problems.’

    This problem is so well known it is included in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illness of the American Psychiatric Association) under Culture Bound Syndromes.

    VisionAndPsychosis.Net published the cause of these psychotic mental events connected to Qi Gong in 2003.

    Just because you want to believe something doesn’t make it true. There is no magic or supernatural power in Qi Gong.

    Why would anyone believe waving your arms and legs around in unison with a small group has the ability to summon powerful supernatural powers.

    That activity engages a normal feature of everyone’s physiology, Subliminal Distraction. All the psychiatric symptoms come from that little known phenomenon.

    This is explained in the first 400 words at VisionAndPsychosis.Net. It is too long to post here. Read the “Letters” page it is a simple outline of my site.

  65. First, I would say that a website named VisionandPsychosis.net (which you do love to repeat) clearly has an agenda.

    Second, this quote:
    “Why would anyone believe waving your arms and legs around in unison with a small group has the ability to summon powerful supernatural powers. ”

    What on Earth are you talking about? Those kind of claims are far from the norm of traditional qigong practice, and outside the claims of this thread.

    I get it, you’re into the “Subliminal Distraction” idea. Married to it even.

    Your website serves its purpose. Im sure you have good intentions.

    Everyone has their own language for explaining the human internal experience.

    Yours MAY not be the only correct way of seeing things.

    I have practiced qigong 3-5 times a week for 10 years without going insane. My students have not yet flipped out.

    I’ll send them your way if they do.

  66. The issue was, do psychotic-like mental breaks happen to people who perform too many Qi Gong sessions in a compact time frame?

    Did you Google that question?

    I point out that in addition to those episodes low-level long-term exposure causes altered mental states and bizarre beliefs. This includes the belief that Qi Gong has magical powers.

    You correctly state the question,”What would make someone believe that waving your arms and legs in unison with a small group summon powerful supernatural forces?”

    Can you answer it?

    I did. The psychiatric symptoms from Subliminal Distraction exposure arising from performing Qi Gong in groups with eyes-open meditation make users believe Qi Gong works.

  67. Friend,

    The internet is full of half-truths and inaccuracies. Googling about qigong will likely result in a broad spectrum of misinformation. Googling about “qigong problems” will of course result in reading about “qigong problems”. However, that is a tiny percentage of the information about qigong, and VERY few people experience problems when training qigong.

    I know because, rather than reading about it on the internet, I have studied it personally myself, and with hundreds of students for ten years. Without. a. problem.

    You have made your point. I wont reply to you again. Lets agree to disagree.

    This thread is about Master Zhou, not your website.

    Thousands of people have practiced qigong for hundreds of years without difficulty. Many people enjoy improved health thanks to their qigong practice, including myself.

    I have practiced qigong in a group with my eyes open in a deeply meditative state and it has helped me in many ways without causing mental illness. I promise.

    This is not a competition. You can choose to not practice qigong. But is a bit rude to try to highjack every thread on the subject of qigong to promote your website and your belief system.

    Imagine for a moment that you are not 100% correct about your beliefs, which you have posted repeatedly. You might appear to be a bit loony.

    To each his own.

  68. Please don’t try to change the subject or run and hide. You made the claim that the mental breaks from performing Qi Gong don’t happen.

    Now when I show they do you want to evade the issue.

    If experiences believed to be Chee have a simple non supernatural explanation Master Zhou can’t be using it to heal anyone because it doesn’t exist.

    That is directly on point to this thread.

    You are correct again though. If you won’t investigate this responsibly there is no point in our arguing.

    If you can explain what is is about waving your arms and legs that commands Chee we can continue.

    My site is a parking place for the evidence. It is easier to send someone to those links than try to post all the evidence here. In addition I can add or change information there as I discover it. You can’t change these posts.

  69. I seem to have hurt your feelings.

    Sorry. Again, and please take this very seriously. I do not care about your website, or your opinion regarding qigong.

    I will answer this question, for the benefit of any readers who are above your fear-mongering, with an interest in improving their health with qigong.

    “explain what is is about waving your arms and legs that commands Chee we can continue.”

    1. you shouldn’t talk so arrogantly about things you don’t understand. Its embarrassing for humanity. The Chinese word we are discussing is spelled Qi.

    2. If I want to “wave my arm in the air”, my mind first has to decide to do so. Then, ELECTROmotive force is generated from the mind through the body.

    This mental signal is the ENERGY that allows my arm to move. The Chinese word for all energy is Qi.

    To say that Qi doesn’t exist displays true ignorance of the concept.

    It is akin to saying that you are unable to move or think or be alive.

    Qi = energy.

    What part of that don’t you understand?

    Maybe Im just crazy from all this arm waving. I do not possess supernatural powers, for the record.

    On that topic, healing should not be considered a supernatural power. Of course, healing is a fascinating miraculous process! But there’s nothing witchy about it, if thats your fear.

    I have no interest in changing the subject. Qi is just energy in the body. Qigong is simple breathing exercises and meditation that helps you to be healthier. There is nothing to be afraid of.

    For the record, I collaborate with the principal researcher using qigong and tai chi for healing in controlled western medical studies through the NIH at Tufts School of Medicine, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and Harvard Medical School.

    Goodbye forever. You may repeat your message now.

  70. Again, this is about whether or not psychotic-like episodes happen to those who perform too many Qi Gong sessions in a compact time frame. You made the claim that they don’t.

    From Page 902 in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision, spelling and capitalization as copied:

    “qi gong psychotic reaction A term describing an acute, time-limited episode characterized by dissociative paranoid or other psychotic or nonpsychotic symptoms that may occur after participation in the Chinese folk health-enhancing practice of qigong. Especially vulnerable are individuals who become overly involved in the practice. This diagnosis is included in the Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders, Second Edition (CCMD-2).”

    Your explanation speaks for my view of Qi Gong. You jump from normal electro-chemical generation of signals that travel as neural impulses from our brains to move arms and legs to “Energy” that you do not explain.

    With very sensitive instruments we can measure electro-motive force, voltage/current, that travels on nerves. There is no measurement of this “Energy.” Your stated belief that un-measurable forces to benifit you are generated when you wave arms and legs is a claim of supernatural powers.

    My complaint to you is that you teach this involving people in an activity that can harm them if performed to excess. Yet you refuse to competently investigate it and responsibility use the information.

    It should be obvious that before a full mental break happens there are other lower level outcomes. These include bizarre beliefs. Often mentioned is the claimed ability to dematerialize at will or walk through solid object unharmed. One YouTube video shows George Dillman throwing Qi/Chee energy to knock down opponents without touching them. (Most readers will not understand that Qi is pronounced Chee.) He claims to be able to control people by mental telepathy in that video.

    I try to avoid name calling. It is the first indication you have lost the argument.

  71. “With very sensitive instruments we can measure electro-motive force, voltage/current, that travels on nerves. ”

    electro-motive force, voltage/current IS energy IS Qi.

    Energy travels through our body in ion channels. This is Qi.

    They are the same thing. It is not supernatural.

    Energy travels through the body, not only in the nerves but intercellularly, in bones, tendons, muscles, fascia…every cell.

    There is nothing more magical about it than that. Anyone who does not understand this, does not understand qigong theory.

    You will read many claims of magic Qi power, but these are not based in reality. Wild claims are not made by intelligent, qualified practitioners of qigong. Only by loonies and liars. Do not allow those loonies to confuse you. If you read a text book on the subject of qigong theory from a qualified source, you will see it is very down to earth and not magical.

    Of course, Im sure you have already done this research, or you wouldn’t be ranting and raving about a topic you don’t understand. Would you?

    The electromotive force in the body is the same energy that benefits you when circulating. Not some different magic energy. Energy is energy, there are not two types of energy.

    Qi is not a special type of energy.

    Of course, energy manifests in various ways: heat, light, magnetism… but it is all the same energy.

    Every time we inhale, we breathe in a gas made of molecules, which are made of atoms, which are made of energy. We inhale either positive ions, or negative ions.

    An ion is a unit of measure of energy.

    I am amazed you still don’t understand my point.

    Can human emit energy into others like Master Zhou? This is a new area of study in the West. Don’t be too quick to be a naysayer. Wait for data.

    Anything to excess can be harmful, I agree. What is the amount of qigong that you would recommend people avoid doing so they don’t have a “mental break”?

    A typical qigong practitioner waves his arms in the air a few times a week, for 30-60 minutes. Some practice every day.

    Do I have bizarre beliefs? Or are they just different than yours?

    George Dilman is a very bad example of a fake Master who is using trickery and he is clearly ridiculous. He should not be used as an example of the average qigong practitioner. His claims are silly. This is quite obvious.

    I hope you can see that this topic has been very much misunderstood in general on the internet, which has led to a lot of confusion. Many “Masters” also have this misunderstanding.

    I am happy to explain these things, if it can be helpful to anyone. I hope you have read this completely and understood the fundamental point:

    the metabolic energy in the body is what is commonly referred to as Qi in Qigong practice.

    Anything else you have read about magic powers is from the fringe, not from the mainstream qigong community.

    I just can’t resist trying to help you to see.

  72. Also, just so you understand that I do see your point as well, I want you know that I agree with you on a certain level.

    Too much qigong can be bad for you.

    There IS such a thing as qigong deviation (氣功偏差), and people CAN hurt themselves physically, or go crazy. A qualified qigong teacher will explain this to you and teach you how to avoid this uncommon problem.

    Usually it results in someone feeling like the Qi is circulating out of control in their body. This results when someone trains physical qigong exercises and increases the quantity of their energy, without also training the mental discipline of conserving the energy in their center.

    To be clear, the center in Chinese is called the dan tians. The lower center is in the middle of the abdomen – the enteric nervous system.

    The upper center is in the middle of the head – the limbic system.

    So, there IS a risk with qigong, and that is always discussed openly by a qualified teacher.

    But, most of us don’t build up abundant energy enough to cause any damage, so its not much of a concern until someone is training hard and often.

  73. Thank you David Silver for clarifying the concept of Qi and putting it in such western-scientific concepts. Your patient descriptions have been very helpful in solidifying my understanding and conceptualization of Qi.

  74. I saw Master Zhou move a compass needle last night with his Qi at a Qigong class. I’m not saying its proof because its easy to fake that. But he just did it unannounced and had other students try to do it too. Very interesting at the least. But its probably better not to do the tricks since it brings up so much controversy. However now is the time to let the world know about Qi healing.

  75. btw, Master Zhou’s hands are not rough, very smooth and soft. He is a very nice and gentle and congenial guy. But when you see the tricks in person from about 2 feet away it does blow your mind a bit.

  76. I have practiced tai chi for 45 years and studied for 18 years with a Master who was born in China in 1914. His teachers were some of the most well-respected masters in China in 1920-1945.

    Chi is not a psychic energy and it cannot move a compass needle. Zhou’s skills as a tai chi practitioner may be top notch, yet he also engages in fraud. Why? Because that is what Westerners generally want to see and what attracts their $. Zhou came to my town and a friend who is native Chinese went to see him. I refused to go because I’d heard of his act and knew he was performing stage magic and calling it “real”. My friend ended up having dinner with him and called him out on his tricks. He admitted that he did use prestidigitation, because Westerners are generally too stupid to see the real magic (which is not magic, but the spiritual aspects of tai chi).

    I have no respect for Zhou, because he has chosen $ over honor and truth. He clouds the water for the many who believe what he is doing represents tai chi and qigong. Regardless of his tai chi skills he is a con-man.

    Delusions are common among tai chi practioners because we spend a great amount of time imagining energies and events that are not really there (feeling resistance that does not exist and fighting opponents that are not there; I do this every day). These imaginings are basic requirement of the practice. After a time the sub-conscious automatically puts the energy there. That does not make the energy real. However, the energy does assist and guide the body to use its full potential of form, muscle, bone, ligament, tendon, and attention, in self-defense. I have done this and while it is magical, it is not magic (i.e. beyond the known laws of physics).

    Chi as it is sensed in the body is pretty weird. It is most likely oscillations of the tendons and/or fascia. It is a physical manifestation that does not originate in the muscles. This is not a psychic energy and you cannot kill someone without touching them. However, you can do some pretty weird things if you can manipulate your tendons and fascia.

    People want to find “real” magic. That is why religion is so popular; gods with magic powers supposedly guide us and protect us. Those who give up religion still need the magic, so they find it in chi or elsewhere. Yet like the gods, chi is a lower-case word, and not magic.

    The people who are most adamant that their cherished art (tai chi, qigong, religion, astrology, etc) is “real” magic strike me as incredibly pathetic, because they are missing the real magic, which is the whole of nature and man. And this real magic is free, ever-present, and incredibly amazing.

    Grow up, people. Quit grasping at straws. If you can’t do it on your own, find a Zen master. If you don’t get it right they will continue to whack you on the head until you do.

    And a brief argument on Tucker’s behalf: science is not perfect, yet it is dedicated to ferreting out the real magic: nature, truth. People who’s cup is full of “real” magic (which is an illusion) cannot see this. Tai chi contains real magic because at its best it utilizes the oddities of our minds (those weird energies and delusions) to enhance the strengths of our bodies. Let’s leave the levitation and spinning compass needles to the con men.

  77. Thanks for the positive comment. Everyone should understand that the normal feature of our physiology which creates the effects seen in Qi Gong also happens other places.

    If you understand Subliminal Distraction and how to avoid it you can then successfully use Qi Gong. Your total exposure will probably never cause you a problem.

    Millions have done so for centuries. In our computer world view screen devices have become common. They require enough mental investment to allow minor SD exposure.

    I provide a research project to show where these mental events happen.

    There have been 60 suicides or attempts at France Telecom over several years and 18 suicides at Foxconn in China since January 2010. In both cases pictures used to illustrate the stories show the failure to provide effective Cubicle Level Protection.

    Medical and psychiatric symptoms at 14 Ontario, Canada elementary schools show what low level SD exposure can do for a very small number of people. Wi-Fi was installed in the schools so laptop computers could be used anywhere in classrooms. That allowed Subliminal Distraction exposure.

    There have been three psychotic mental break suicides connected to a self help seminar in Australia. The seminar, called an LGATS, holds participants in a huge classroom like situation for ten hours daily and three consecutive days. It has been known that this seminar produces an episode that resembles a single Bipolar manic event since the 1970’s. When participants sit for that long they begin to dissociate knowledge of movement around them. That allows Subliminal Distraction exposure.

    There may be a genetic predisposition for this problem. Work investigating schizophrenics and their blood relatives found hyperactivity of the M-Channel for vision in the brain. The triggering signal for the startle reflex is movement and position only and would be carried in the M-Channel.

    Anyone with a computer at home, a child in high school, or college should have that information.

    What does all this mean? If you understand the phenomenon you can control your SD exposure and enjoy your Qi Gong experience without a mental event.

  78. Tucker — I tried to find info on SD but the only thing I could find were many many posts by you on many many different sites with no reference to peer-reviewed research. It is apparent you have had a problem with SD, yet it seems you are reading SD into a lot of incidents without any proof whatsoever. I know many long-term tai chi practitioners and none have had a problem. Humankind has lived with peripheral distraction since we were living in trees. How is light flickering on a leaf in the forest different from light flickering on a computer screen? Science requires double-blind experiments and peer review, not a lot of internet posts.

    Please, let’s return this thread to comments on Zhou.

    The Amazing Randi offers a $1M prize to anyone who can demonstrate a supernatural ability. Moving a compass needle with chi qualifies. The first link below is an article by Randi that describes his experiences with the challenge, and the second is a link to the challenge page.



    So, $1,000,000 just to make a compass needle spin. Zhou, take the challenge or stop making claims that prestidigitation is “real magic”. Let’s see you try to fool the Amazing Randi with your cheezy tricks. What other bogus claims are you making? You give tai chi a bad name.

  79. To know about Qi, just ask Master Earl Montaigue. He’ll guide you to the right path! As far as I can see, whatever this Master Zhou is doing is dubious! Looked like chemical reaction to me. If you understand qi and it’s limits you’ll know why! The same goes for those weird martial arts that “uses” qi to “deflect” attacks without even touching the opponent! That’s totally BS!

  80. Qi is nothing more than electrical energy or pulse in the body. So that means unless Master Zhou has more than 10,000V in his body, then only he can release his qi without touching anything. Even if he could manage that, that would be in a form of lightning! As the demonstration of using the towel and aluminum foil, his body is emitting radioactive material as the constant flow of energy? That wouldn’t be logical right? The qi which can be released to the opponent or patient are electrical pulses and through touching.

  81. He can rise or lower the amount of heat… that is said over there… how do you guys explain that… second… his matterials have been tested… third… to that person that wrote that letter about him visiting the master… I doubt of him, wheres the proof that he went and visit the master? why havent all those who have visited him witnessed any irregularities with the water… tasting the water? I saw a video where it comes right from the tap…

    if you want to debunk someone go for yourselves and test him, but all this bull is a waste of time… everyone here guessing and speaking with their livers and not using the brain… you all are acting like the frauds you “street scientists” are trying to “debunk” with your futile posts here. what a SHAME.

  82. Carlos – visit him and urge him to take The Amazing Randi’s $1,000,000 (US) challenge (please re-read my post above). If he will not do this for himself he should do it for charity. He could donate the money to further promote tai chi and qi gong. I would actually like to see his ability proven scientifically because the challenge to the existing ‘laws’ of physics would open new frontiers in science. As it stands now, he appears to only use trickery to enrich himself at the expense of others.

  83. Patrick

    Im aware of James Randi´s tests… I dont believe in him neither, he is an ENTERTAINER. his tests are ridiculous, he has a god and his god is his undearstanding of science, if you talk to me about Richard Dawkins at least we would be on the same pace, at least he has scientific knowledge, dont include decrepit magicians here. Im NOT saying that he is the “real deal” Im saying that ok, maybe I dont believe in him, but I dont believe in the guy who wrote about him neither, of course I would like to see him under the lense of hard science… I would love to see him succeed too… “appears” is not criteria for evaluation. why dont YOU go with a friend of yours , some science teacher or something like that and ask him for a demostration with you bringing the materials and let us know the outcome? please film it so it wont be bull like the rest Ive read about it, thanks.

  84. I had the opportunity to see him perform – a friend offered a free ticked to his show. If his show was presented as a magic show (i.e. stage magic, illusion) I would have gone to see him. He presents his show as real magic and I would have been hard-pressed to bite my tongue and be a congenial guest. My friend is much more diplomatic – and she did get him to admit that he was claiming that his illusions were real magic, and that he held a low opinion of Americans and sought out those who believed in his lie because they paid the bills. So he acknowledged the exact point I’d made with my friend when I turned down the free ticket. And for the record, scientists are not the most able to debunk a fraud like this, a magician, like The Amazing Randi (TAR), is most appropriate – he has been quite successful in showing the fraud and mental delusions of many would-be gods, from Uri Geller on down a long list. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and the burden of proof belongs to the person making the claim. If I claimed I could fly (a claim the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi made) then surely you would expect me to show that I could fly. The $1,000,000 prize is available to anyone willing to prove their psychic ability – one that defies the existing laws of physics – is real. This includes psycho-kinesis (a power which Zhou claims), or E.S.P., etc.

  85. I have a brother whose been learning Tai Chi, Qi Gong etc for many years now. My brother firmly believes his teacher whose also a practitioner of holistic medicines, can levitate, dematerialize things with his mind etc etc. He even has his teacher’s photo on the wall and he meditates to it. I’ve watched this teacher manipulate people through the years and have noticed all his students have very odd behavior. I really am sad for my brother because there’s no way I can help him now he’s so far gone. He will worship this guy until his last breath. Does anyone know who I can talk to about this? IS there an organisation who can expose this man for what he truly is “a human” not a superhuman who is invincible and can do impossible things like my brother believes. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  86. the musician,

    What does your brother do as his income producing work?

    Does he perform Qi Gong as part of his communication with this person?

    The behaviors and beliefs are typical of long term Qi Gong users. But the Subliminal Distraction exposure that causes this brain disturbance can occur other places .

    It happens because of an unrecognized form of subliminal operant conditioning. Determining the major source then eliminating it would bring a gradual improvement. But the nature of your brothers beliefs means you can’t depend on his cooperation. Visit VisionAndPsychosis.Net and follow the instructions on where to start reading.

  87. I suppose, I assume, I guess, my guess; SO. no one knows here, you all skeptics are a FRAUD. is so easy to say bull through the internet, well I doubt of you more than I doubt that man. go prove him WRONG and then BRING EVIDENCE. otherwise you all are just a fraud as bad as the one you claim this master is. if not worst, at least he exposes himself. you all babble your shit like retarded idiots.

  88. This conversation has become a circle jerk. There are bunch of “shit talking” psuedo-skeptics making unsubstantiated and unscientific claims yet ironically demanding “proof” from Master Jo at the same time. And its entirely lost on these smug jagoffs. But, sadly, this is the same predictable wannabe intellectual tripe these guys always belch like some Epcot center animatronic robot blathering stuff that was programmed into him by some other jagoff. Sorry guys, you’re just not that smart. Many people here have actually worked with Master Jo so they know first hand that what he does is a fact, not stage magic. All the James Randi whores need to grow up and move out of their parents basement and get an actual life. You’ve been invited to get off your ass by numerous people and see for yourself, but then what? Nothing. No takers. Zero. Not even a direct reply. Just more of the same inane speculation while claiming science. I work with many world class scientists who are legit geniuses. Their opinion is guys like you are dullards who unfortunately give science a bad name. Seriously, no one who actually understands or practices scientific method, including understanding its limitations, and the fact that it’s a tool with limitations not a religion – would ever make these kinds of speculations while pretending they were even remotely “scientific”. James Randi isn’t a scientist. He is a psuedo- skeptic and a mediocre magician with a big mouth. So, if you don’t know Master Jo and you haven’t been there yourself to experience then grow some balls and a spine and be honest and say I DON’T KNOW, cause at least that’s a true statement. You don’t know. The rest is your unscientific shit talking.

  89. Doc – I’ve spent 30 years practicing tai chi, qigong, and meditation. 25 of those years were spent studying with a Taoist master. So your claim of me sitting on my ass in my parents basement is an ad hominem attack that falls far short of making its mark. I know what I’m talking about, and my teacher, now 98 years old knows what he is talking about. He trained with Taoist monks of the Wudang tradition whose legends are portrayed (albeit fantastically) in the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. The burden of proof lies with the claimant, not with science. Con men try to turn that burden around. If you re-read my comments above you will find no bile, yet re-read your post to find a heap of it. From your post: “circle jerk, shit talking, smug jagoffs, wannabe, tripe, belch, blathering, inane, dullards”. None of these address the question, just attack the questioner. So, if you want the conversation to be civil, please be civil. You are part of the conversation.

  90. Thank s L K Tucke. His work throughout the last decade has been also teaching people Tai Chi and Qi Gong as well as therapeutic massage etc, not sure what he’s doing now but I can’t even have a normal conversation with him anymore and he’s disowned my whole family, including my mother who has cancer. He now believes there’s a big conspiracy going on in the family which is another story… I used to learn Qi Gong myself and Tai Chi, I gained amazing health benefits and experienced some amazing things via meditation. But I couldn’t help but notice almost everyone in the class greatly exaggerated it’s power and benefits. They’re all in the belief if they reach the enlightened stage the so called master is at, one day they too will be able to do these amazing things. This is the reason I left many years back and just learned for my own wellbeing. Thanks for the link, much appreciated and I will check it out. I have no doubt some amazing things can be achieved via these practices but the dubious claims and beliefs which many of these people swear by, is just absolute madness and I urge people to be very cautious if they’re considering looking for a teacher. No genuine teacher would endorse or take advantage of these beliefs. Cheers.

  91. I see a lot of people on here who claim to have helped by Master Zhou.
    However I have been unable to contact, I have emailed, sent a physical letter, etc…. and have never received any sort of response. Does anyone know how I could contact him?

  92. You can just call him again and again. He doesn’t speak English, maybe you need a Chinese friend to help you. Remember he is more than 85 years old, be patient when the phone is ringing.

  93. Just some comments to the whole previous discussions:
    1) according to the announcement on Brandie’s website ‘The James Randi Educational Foundation’s Million Dollar Challenge has been terminated.’ Because he has died in 2020.

    2) Master Zhou did move the compass needle with his hand, here is such a video on Youtube. This video was uploaded on Nov 20, 2012.

    3) The guy who denigrated Master Zhou should have watched the video by Stan Lee’s Superhuman team carefully before he ‘debunked’ Master Zhou. The shooting team has prepared all the stuff, water, paper towel and foil. Unfortunately the video is not available on Youtube anymore, I just made two screenshots from the video and uploaded them to https://imgbb.com/, which shows how high the temperature of the wet paper roll and the palm (not the whole hand) is. In other words, if there were any chemicals in the water, his fingers would be hotter than the body.

    4) Luckily there are still some videos from Master Zhou on Youtube,
    a) uploaded in 2017.
    b) uploaded in 2018, but maybe shot in the 80s. I don’t think back then Master Zhou could bring his own stuff into the hospital to show his Qi.

  94. To: QigongFan.

    I was told he had an assistant that spoke English.
    Actually, I was told he doesn’t even teach the classes anymore?
    So I figured it wouldn’t matter if he speaks English or not, because I didn’t receive the impression I would be communicating with him.

  95. Sorry for the bad luck. From the Youtube videos, it can traced that he got in USA in 80s or 90s and became famous soon. You can imagine how many people want to be ‘heated’ or taught by him. If he answer every phone call, he would have no time for the visitors. If you really need him, no matter for training or treatment, ask a friend in his town to visit him and make an appointment for you. I don’t know if he still teaches, be kind to let us know if you succeed.

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