Five Personal Protection Facts They Don’t Want You to Know

Imi Lichtenfeld
Imi Lichtenfeld
Founder of Krav Maga
  • In reality, there is no worst-case “real world” scenario to train against; there are only circumstances. By applying the same techniques in every unique situation, you will create more problems then you solve.
  • Want to live a long and healthy life? Eat your veggies, exercise regularly, drink in moderation and avoid smoking altogether. These habits are more important than anything you will learn in a personal protection workshop.
  • A calm mind and steady heart are required to apply martial arts training under duress. These traits can be demonstrated, but they cannot be taught.
  • The level of expertise required to stop a sneak attack is much higher than the level required to launch one. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a sneak defense.
  • Self-defense skills can only help you in the present. They cannot change the past.


  1. Self-defense skills can only help you in the present. They cannot change the past.

    I like this one. I think a good deal of people go into martial arts to ‘cure’ some fear or humiliation of the past.

    Good observation.

  2. Sneak Attack skills can help you get revenge on someone who has wronged you in the past.

  3. Connect with the Earth. We are currently connected to it. Everything is recycled. The water we drink, pass through our bodies, sweat, urinate or spit back out to the Earth is used again. Everything that exist in the Universe(s) have existed since the day the light turned on. We all came from that same light source. Everything existed since that day. Deja vu is a message of where you have already been. Everything has been written, EVERYTHING, Life is the act of the present so enjoy it because everything has already happened. This is your chance to enjoy the ride. Think about why you are asked “Do I know you?” or told “You look familiar”. Both are true. They do know you. They do know you because you are part of the same source. You do look familiar because you are part of the same source. There is EVIL and GOOD. As long as you are good EVIL will give you EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE. EVIL thinks that ONE DAY it can’t convert you by giving you EVERYTHING YOU WANT. But GOOD, THE TRUE GOOD will ALWAYS WIN. Why does EVIL still give you EVERYTHING you want then. Well EVIL is the Casino. It always wins. “everyone’s got a price”, “sell your soul to the devil”, “I’ll do ANYTHING, to get what I want”. These are the REASONS EVIL will ALWAYS give you EVERYTHING you want. It knows from the beginning what has been converted over to the “DARK SIDE”. Just know that EVERYTHING has GOOD and EVERYTHING has EVIL. LOVE will set you free. HATE will destroy you. Examples: The man who steals, lies, cheats, what happens to him? He becomes part of the DOWNWARD SPIRAL. It is like the undertoe in the ocean that grabs hold of you and tries to drown you. If you are stronger than EVIL you will SURVIVE the undertoe. Just know these things in LIFE are MESSAGES and TESTS. You must ALWAYS remember what has happened throughout your life. These MESSAGES allow you to RECOGNIZE EVIL. EVIL will mask itself very well. It will CONVINCE you that you need it and that you CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT IT. THAT’S NOT TRUE!!! Put down your weapons. Use your mind to solve conflict. You will see the results.

    © Jeremy Bonham

    I met Li Ching Yuen on 02.08.2009 in a dream. I had never heard his name, seen his photograph, or knew his factual history until then. I told my fiance the next night … “Babe, There is a man that is over 200 years old. He is very powerful and I met him last night in my dream. He is the man I’ve been seeing for years during meditation. I’ve never been able to make anything out until now. He came to me.”

    No words were spoken. I was with 1 very close friend. The friend in the dream told me how old the man was and how powerful he was. I could feel the power and I was 6 feet away from him.

    I have experienced near death experience throughout my life. I survived all of them. I am stronger each day but there are no days. This is all just one big day. If you do not sleep for 3 days straight isn’t that just one long day. Yes the light goes on and off but what if you were working in an office for 3 days straight with no concept of time. Just ate when you were hungry, drank water when you were thirsty and exercised when your body made you. I’ve done that on many occasions. Listen to what your body tells you to do. You will find inner peace and help those who struggle with EVIL.

    I could go on forever, and I will but my body wants me to meditate and use the restroom so I shall go for now.

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