Enter The Dragon: The Musical

Spec Boogie

“Summer Movie Season” is the theme for hip-hop artist Spec Boogie’s ambitious new mixtape project. Every few weeks, he will release a new track, and video, based upon a classic hit movie.

This week’s feature is: Enter The Dragon.

Hip-hop meets kung fu, again

If you like rap, don’t miss his other smoothly edited music videos, for Superfly, Warriors, Edward Scissorhands, Requiem for a Dream, and more.

Old-school bonus track…

“Let It Out” by Tha Alkaholiks


  1. Not a huge fan of rap, but that sound is more of an old school style and has a smooth flow to it. I really enjoyed it. Thanks!

    I am going to link this on my blog, I will give you credit of course.

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