1. Duff impresses me. He’s big, strong, and tough. He’s the guy you don’t want to run into. When two guys fight, the bigger stonger one has the advantage. MA training will help mitigate the advantage. If you have a LOT of skill, you might be able to overcome the advantage altogether.

    He fought a Kyokushin 2nd Dan to a draw. He also fought a retired world ranked mma guy (granted he wasn’t in the best shape, but he was once at the top of his game) to a draw.

    I enjoy the show for what it is. They try to present a martial art, in an entertaining way for a general audience, in an hour. To expect much more from these guys is simply asking too much from them. If you were the producer, could you do better?

  2. I could have done better by eliminating the wire work crap. That’s not martial arts. Its a device used for special effects in martial arts. The show is supposed to be about martial arts, not how to film a kung fu movie.

  3. Brian makes a good point. The episode started by explaining that there are nearly 400 styles of martial arts in China. And out of all those options, they chose to focus on: wirework, and Chinese kickboxing?

    They’ve already made shows about Thai kickboxing, French kickboxing, Greek kickboxing. I am disappointed that they didn’t show us something new here.

    Maybe the producers chose Sanda to give Bill and Jason a fighting chance; we all know they wouldn’t have one with a week’s training in baguazhang, taiji, White Crane, etc.

    Speaking as an American, I am not particularly interested in seeing “our guys” win. I am more interested in watching the progress they’ve made after one week of intensive practice–in a unique style of martial arts. Maybe I am in the minority?

  4. Say what you will about Bill, but for a big guy he did a pretty deep horse stance at the shaolin temple.

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