1. A bit of the Taiji form was in Remember the Titans.

    Also in one of the Star Trek series, the one with the bald guy as captain – the Klingon security officer, Dork, or whatever his name was, was on a planet that had been settled by a mixed community of neutered Klingons and Romulans. He did a bit of the Yang style form as part of his daily exercise in the episode.

  2. the patrick swayze clip is hard to watch… novements are stiffer than a corpse…

  3. When Angel, the vampire with a soul, came back from being tortured in hell in the greatest tv series ever–Buffy the Vampire Slayer–he practiced some really crappy Tai Chi he learned during the Boxer Rebellion in China 100 years earlier. When he first came back from hell he was like a scared animal and couldn’t talk. After a few weeks of Tai Chi he was all mellow again and ready to fight evil!

  4. It’s amazing how stiff all the stars are.

    How about Martin Sheen doing some Drunken Commando Tai Chi and punching the mirror in “Apocalypse Now”

  5. My name is Dr. Jeffrey Kriegel you can see my demo on youtube I was ill during the filming but I continued the intial demo, Chen Tai Chi some postures, training methods and sparring training. Jonas brothers too stiff, imbalance of qua and alignment easy to topple. Tai Chi Chuan should be a stable as a tree, transition smooth during posture change. Patrick Swayze has no energy or jing in his hands and throughout his upper and lower limbs. see my you tube video dr Jeffrey Kriegel good Tai Chi

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