Learn to Levitate the Easy Way

Back in the olden days, levitation was considered a miraculous skill, requiring years of diligent meditation practice. I have recently discovered an Indian technique that simplifies this amazing feat.

Using this method, levitation is within the reach of even the least committed students.  Although it won’t work for everyone, it just might work for you.

The secret to a successful application of this technique is honesty.  You see, when many people say:

I want to do X.

what they really mean is:

 I want to be seen as a person who does X.

If you can acknowledge the latter as your true goal, then I can provide a shortcut.  This levitation technique requires only a blanket, two hockey sticks, and a credulous audience.  And, as Chris Crudelli demonstrates in this video clip from Kick Ass Miracles, you can learn it in just a few minutes.

Miracles on the cheap

12 thoughts on “Learn to Levitate the Easy Way”

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  2. i can’t believe a man can really fly without the help of any high technology gadgets…no man has a density lower than the earth’s atmosphere.

  3. That is an absolutely hilarious clip. I thought I had seen all the crudelli programmes.

    Now, if you could only come up with some way to be percieved as a very tai chi master, then I waould be even more pleased.

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