Jackie Chan’s Greatest Fight Scenes

If you know Jackie Chan strictly from his American films—The Tuxedo, Shanghai Knights, and other assorted stinkers—then you don’t know Jackie Chan at all. To appreciate the brilliant physical ability that made him an international action hero, you need to see his earlier work. Here are a few of his best movies, from his prime years in the 80s and early 90s.

Drunken Master II (a.k.a. The Legend of Drunken Master)

Plot summary: Wong Fei-Hong tests his Chuy Li Fut kung-fu against evil British smugglers and traitorous countrymen. When traditional fighting techniques fail, he must use his father’s forbidden style of Drunken Boxing.

Movie trivia: The Thai boxer in the climactic fight scene is Jackie’s real-life bodyguard and friend, Kenneth Lo.

Jackie Chan in Drunken Master 2
Drunken Master 2

Wheels on Meals

Plot summary: Roadside cooks Thomas and David (Yuen Biao) try to restore a princess-in-exile to her rightful position, with the help of a bumbling amateur detective (Sammo Hung).

Movie trivia: Stars Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung were classmates in the Peking Opera School.

Dragons Forever

Plot summary: While investigating the pollution from a mysterious chemical factory, lawyer Jackie Lung stumbles onto a narcotics syndicate. He enlists the help of two old friends to thwart the criminal enterprise.

Movie trivia: Before playing Jackie Chan’s nemesis in both Dragons Forever and Wheels on Meals, Benny Urquidez worked as a professional full-contact fighter.


Plot summary: Country girl Ah Bu (played by Shu Qi) travels to Hong Kong looking for love, and meets suave business mogul C.N. Chan, who is undergoing a midlife crisis.

Movie trivia: Although Gorgeous is a romantic comedy, Jackie’s kissing scenes were cut from the final edit. Two girls had previously attempted suicide after learning that the real Jackie Chan is married; one succeeded.

Jackie Chan in Gorgeous

Police Story

Plot summary: Detective Kevin Chan is framed for murder by a vengeful drug kingpin. He must prove his own innocence, and close the case before being arrested or killed by his fellow policemen.

Movie trivia: Sylvester Stallone copied the through-the-bus-window chase scene from Police Story for his film Tango and Cash. Brandon Lee copied the shopping mall-motorcycle scene in his movie Rapid Fire.

Wheels on Meals

Dragons Forever

Drunken Master 2


Police Story

Drunken Master

Project A

Rumble in the Bronx

Which do you vote for? Are there any other must-see Jackie Chan movies you would add to this list?

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  1. Kenneth Lo was his bodyguard, but I don’t think he was supposed to be a Thai boxer in terms of fighting style. Lots of kicks, but not so many elbows or knees.

    Also, I’m happy to say that I own all of these, and the only ones I haven’t watched are Police Story and Wheels on Meals. A fun favorite of mine is also Battle Creek Brawl, although it’s action isn’t nearly as spectacular as the stuff you listed, I think it’s downright hilarious.

  2. Praises for this post!

    Me and my dad had been great Jackie Chan fans ever since he first got to the screen (actually it was my dad who witnessed his first movie, lol)

    His first movie was entitled “Snake In The Eagles Shadow“, that was his first time he starred as the leading main character.

    I’ve also watched Drunken Master II and Police Story. They were classics.

    I also think that the old Jackie Chan films are way better than the new ones that are coming out today. Perhaps because his recent films are slowly becoming americanized.

    A nice list!

    If you have time, why don’t you drop by my post:

    It’s also an entry for the problogger top 5- group writing project. ^^ Goodluck to us all!

  3. Jackie is definitely a hero among hero’s in the film world. Rumble in the bronx is a favorite of mine.

    His comedy elements make it really fun to watch. Of course he kicks butt to!

  4. Oh yeah, if i remember it right, Rumble in the Bronx is Jackie’s first block buster hit in the US. There was another movie, but unfortunately it didnt even created a stir.

  5. I wonder whether the films he is making in Hollywood these days are physically less daring due to things like insurance, union rules and the aging of the star. He could do whatever he wanted in his Hong Kong flicks but in a big budget Hollywood film the entire expensive shooting schedule depends on him staying healthy. Still more imaginative fights than most actions films around.

  6. I have not seen gorgeous, but I agree with all the other choices. You could probably add Project A as well.

    I have seen many references to Ken Lo as a former Muay Thai champ, but have not been able to find any corroboration. No one in Muay Thai circles seems to have heard of him, and his fighting style does not really look like muay thai to me.

  7. You want spoilers? OK, here are video clips from some of the selections above.

    Wheels on Meals

    Dragons Forever

    Drunken Master II


    Police Story

    Project A

    Drunken Master

    Rumble in the Bronx

    The low frame rate and small video window don’t really do them justice, though.

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