Would You Choke a Deaf Shoplifter?

Home video showing security guards from a Hollywood store in a scuffle with two men who appear to be deaf has become the talk of the Internet. Police said one of the men apprehended by the security guards, Alejandro Rea, was charged with robbery.

Joshua Fountain shot this video of the physical altercation outside of the Forever 21 clothing store at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue.

Two security guards are seen in the video, with one of them on the ground holding one of the Rea brothers in a choke hold. Meanwhile, the other brother is circling frantically trying to help. The two men are making sounds and gesturing but they aren’t speaking. [continued at KABC]

If you were a plainclothes security guard, and someone walked out of your store with stolen merchandise, what would you have done?

If you were a bystander to this event, watching a deaf man get choked on the sidewalk while a dozen other people stood around gawking, what would you have done?


  1. I used this video to train our security team recently. Lots of great lessons in this one. Perhaps what was most alarming is the responses I received from the security professionals. Thanks for sharing it. Keep up the good work. -jn

  2. This is a typical example of idiotic and untrained security guards. Clearly the guy being choked was no longer a threat, he was no putting up much resistance and there was no need to continue choking him – It’s clear that he has NO idea what he is doing he has probably watched a few mma videos and thinks he is an expert. If you look closely at this arm positioning he could have easily done some serious injury to the victim instead of merely putting him to sleep. What more shocking it that people stood by and watched..some even walked past like it was no big deal. I would have gladly shown those security guards what it feels like to be on the receiving end… Not saying thats it’s a good idea to go around beating up people to teach them a lesson but just saying that under the circumstances it would have been definitely well deserved.

  3. Where I come from, there’s a good chance that the “shoplifter” or his “accomplice” would have sliced the guard or his co-worker. New York City, baby. Keepin’ it real.

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