Jack Johnson: Boxer, Bullfighter, Badass

John Arthur “Jack” Johnson was the first black heavyweight champion, but also paved the road for future athletes in the ways of trash talking, flashy bling and openly banging white women in an era when that could get you lynched. The man was everything Muhammad Ali would be…except he was doing it at the turn of the century. Continue reading Jack Johnson: Boxer, Bullfighter, Badass

Martial Arts Poll: Are You Experienced?

Are you experienced?

Over the next few weeks, I will be conducting a series of reader polls and surveys. The first question is:

For how long have you practiced martial arts?

To participate in these ongoing polls, or to view the results, look to the bottom of the right sidebar. (RSS and email subscribers must click through to the website first.)

If you would like to suggest a future survey question, please do so below.

Interview with Wong Kiew Kit

Question from a student:

I understand that Kungfu, a multifaceted system, is a system of combat, and hence dominant and superior combat power is its highest priority. Is that true?

Answer from Wong Kiew Kit:

It is a matter of perspective. I would view kungfu in this way. Kungfu as a mutifaceted martial art, has three levels of attainment. The lowest level is combat efficiency. This is also the most fundamental level, without which it ceases to be kungfu and degenerates into a demonstrative form. Continue reading Interview with Wong Kiew Kit

‘World of Martial Arts’ Demonstration in Seattle

Watch martial arts experts and masters perform their precision techniques and forms. Various martial arts styles from China, Japan, Okinawa, and Korea will be presented!

Seattle I.D./Chinatown Community Center
Saturday, October 14, 2006
6pm to 8pm
Admission: $10/person

If you decide to attend, please post a review afterwards.