1. I’m not sure what made me laugh more…

    Taking out a jeep with that exhaust pipe or this guy sliding his horse under that trailer. Oddly you’ve captured much of what goes on in my own head, too.

  2. Phew, that’s exciting, love it, love it, love it! Bollywood action hyperbole. Love the influences, more Blues Brothers than Die Hard with plenty of India. Ace!!

  3. They really catch the feeling of Calcutta traffic in that first one. The hydraulic jumper shocks they use in India could easily get you 3 feet in the air, but not 15 feet–and the idea that you could drive a car with only one person…come on…who would do the signaling while the other steers?–but in general the realism reminds me why I haven’t been back to India.

  4. hey guys that was a movie released long back before 1990..nd u fucking guys make fun of it..uh..ha ha i watched many hollywood movies before 1990..those were fucking crazy..nd u guys talk abt india..

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