Seattle Martial Arts – Open Sparring and Freestyle Practice Sessions

Open Sparring at Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu

Updated February 19, 2009 [Source]

Third Sunday of each month, 10:30 a.m. to noon.
Open to men and women of all martial arts styles with at least 3 months of sparring experience. $5 donation requested. Hand pads are required; mouth guards highly recommended.

Push Hands (Tuishou) and Interactive Taijiquan at Embrace The Moon

Updated February 19, 2009 [Source]

Enhance your understanding of your art and have some great fun with friends in push hands playtime. Join Ken Wright, Blake Emery, Kim Ivy and friends on
the first Saturday of each month, from 10 am to Noon. Explore the patterns and practice of 2 person Taijiquan in a casual and non-competitive environment. $10 drop in. All styles & levels welcome. Join the fun.

Kumite at Kyokushin Seattle

Updated February 19, 2009 [Source]

Kumite is 12-2pm on Saturdays. Pads and mouth guards are required for all sparring. Talk to Sensei Keith before participating in the sparring class. Anyone is welcome to come and watch for free during any of the class times.

Mat Chess Mixed Martial Arts

Updated April 24, 2011 [Source]

Open sparring sessions on Saturdays from noon to 2:30pm. Gloves and mouth pieces are required.

Seattle Martial Arts Club

Updated February 19, 2009

See details here.

Please contact me if you know of any other sessions in the Seattle area.