Seattle Martial Arts 2009 Seminars and Events Calendar

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Jesse Glover Seminar in Walla Walla

January 11-12, 2009
The International Fook Yueng Chuan Association, The Little Dojo, and Conley’s Beginners Mind Dojo, is sponsoring Jesse R. Glover, Bruce Lee’s First Student and Assistant Instructor for a Weekend Seminar in Walla Walla, Washinton, January 10 and 11, 2009. This Non Classical Gung Fu work shop will be covering Punching Power, Sticking Hands, Foot Work, Fighting and Self Defense Skills. Jesse Glover is one of the Worlds Leading Experts on Bruce Lee’s fighting and sticking hands methods. Jesse will be covering many of the ways that Non Classical Gung Fu and Fook Yueng Chuan overlap and compliment each other. This Seminar will be held at Conley’s Beginners Mind Dojo in Walla Walla, Celebrating their Grand Opening.

This Seminar is open to the public, however, few spaces remain. Contact Steve Smith ASAP if you are interested.

Medical Qigong Tui Na for Cancer Prevention and Therapy

January 10-11, 2009
For over 2000 years, Chinese Medicine has sought methods to prevent disease and provide treatment. One of these methods focuses on the healing aspect of Qigong as therapy. This is a full body treatment utilizing three effective healing methods: strengthening the yang (immune system), increasing circulation of Qi and Blood, and releasing the seven emotions. This workshop will also feature a popular self-healing Qigong method, XIXiHu, utlizing breath and movement. To register, visit

Yue Fei

Divine Performing Arts: Chinese New Year Spectacular

January 18, 2009
“With a program of nearly twenty excitingly beautiful dances and songs, the masterful choreography ranges from grand imperial processions to legions of thunderous drums, with gorgeously costumed dancers moving in stunning synchronized patterns.

Divine Performing Arts story based dances explore a range of themes from both the ancient and modern world. Audiences may see the heroism of China’s greatest general, Yue Fei; join the legendary heroine Mulan, on her quest; or glimpse the courage of Falun Gong practitioners in China today.”

Performed at The Paramount Theatre. Tickets on sale now, starting at $35.

Lunar New Year Celebration at Bellevue’s Westminster Chapel

January 24, 2009
Enjoy great food, crafts, traditional music, dance, fireworks, and martial arts performances by the Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center, Warrior Martial Arts, and Seattle Wushu Center. Event will run from 5pm to 8:30pm. Tickets are $8 per person, or $25 per family, with early registration discounts before December 31.

Tết Festival: Vietnamese Lunar New Year at Seattle Center

January 24-25, 2009
Celebrate with Seattle’s Vietnamese community at the Têt Nguyên Đán festival and usher in the “Year of the Ox.” This free annual Lunar New Year celebration welcomes the return of spring and chases out evil spirits with the traditional roaring lion dance and the crackle of firecrackers. Têt 2009 celebrates the theme–Youth and Dreams–through exhibits, children’s interactive arts and crafts, martial arts, musical programs, fantastic food; and special this year, the Miss Washington competition.

Vancouver International Open Judo Tournament

January 31, 2009
The Vancouver Seikidokan Judo Club and the Capilano Seikidokan Judo Club invite Judoka to participate in the 2nd Annual Vancouver International Open Judo Tournament for Junior Boys and Girls, Juvenile Boys and Girls, Cadet Men and Women, Junior Men and Women, Senior Men and Women. For registration forms, driving directions and other information, visit

Hui Gong: Healing for the Heart with Dr. Liu Dong

January 31 – February 1, 2009
Explore Hui Gong ( Wisdom Qigong) a Taoist style practice. Its function is to develop wisdom and to bring out human potential. This practice has been handed down for over 2,000 years and has recently been used by TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) physicians. This form focuses on bringing the mind-heart to tranquility through cleansing. It uses the method of one thought replacing the train of many thoughts by using the mind to guide qi through the five solid organs. The goal of this practice is to wake up the spirits within the five organs and to make all these spirits recover their full functions and gain back their natural rhythms – this is its self-healing power!

From Dr. Liu Dong’s many years of clinical practice and the teaching of this form to his patients, he has found that this practice is very effective in healing mental nervousness, forgetfulness/amnesia, difficulty to focus, etc. Practicing this form can readjust and promote the primary essence that is the pre-immunity. In this way it also helps in healing all types of allergies. To register, visit

Shen Wu Martial Dynamics with Tim Cartmell

February 7-8, 2009
Topics covered will include:

  • Arm Drags, transitioning into 2-on-1 grip
  • Sun Bagua Monkey & Phoenix: form and applications
  • Bagua Applied Combative Theory
  • Foundational Hand Methods of the Internal Arts

Tim Cartmell has combined the stand-up fighting of Xing Yi, Bagua, and Taiji with the groundwork of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to create his Shen Wu curriculum of modern day combatives. Winner of the Copa (7x), and Silver medalist in the 05 Mundials in Brazil, Tim is also an accomplished author, filmmaker, and translator of over a dozen books, instructional DVDs, and videotapes.

Seminar fees range from $65 to $135. For more information or to register, contact Three Harmonies Martial Arts Center.

Richard Bustillo

JKD, FMA and More with Richard Bustillo

February 14-15, 2009
Grandmaster Richard Bustillo is one of Bruce Lee’s original students, and a Black Belt Hall of Fame inductee. Seminar curriculum may include Jeet Kune Do, Doce Pares Eskrima/Kali, MMA, and Muay Thai kickboxing. Cost for both days is $95. Event will be held at Lee’s Martial Arts in Renton. See flyer for details.

Affliction Presents: M-1 MMA Challenge

February 21, 2009
Billed as the “World Cup of Mixed Martial Arts,” the M-1 Challenge pits teams of five fighters representing their respective countries against each other for international bragging rights and the title of M-1 Challenge Champions. Fighters who succeed on the M-1 Challenge’s international breeding ground will earn the opportunity to participate in major MMA events presented by M-1 Global and their promotional partners such as Affliction Entertainment. To be held at Emerald Queen Casino. Must be 21 or older to enter.

Yang Style Classic Sword Form with Master Liu Yu

February 28 to Match 1, 2009
Master Liu Yu was born in Jiangshu, China, and has over 34 years experience in the Chinese martial arts. This is a very special opportunity to work with one of the contemporary masters of our time. All styles of Taiji practitioners are welcome, as well as other martial & movement artists. Participants should have good spatial body awareness, and be at the minimum of moderate skill in their art. Prior weapons skill is not required. You can use your own sword or if you don’t have one, you can get an inexpensive wooden practice sword in the International District. $150 if registered by February 21, $180 after if space available. Hosted by Embrace the Moon.

William C. C. Chen 2009 Seattle Workshop

March 6-9, 2009
Topics will include Yang style beginning form, form correction, form application, push hands, sword form correction (for those who opt for this), and basic practical fighting techniques. Cost is $385 for the entire weekend, or less for individual sections. For details, visit TAI CHI CHUAN | INTEGRAL YOGA.

Baguazhang Basics with Andy Dale

March 7, 2009
This workshop will focus on core Bagua practice–stepping and walking patterns, qi gong and focusing ‘intent’, and applications. Open to beginning and advanced levels. Cost is $50. Pre-register with Andy at Xin Qi Shen Dojo.

AikiWeb Workshop 2009

March 20-22, 2009
Two Cranes Aikido dojo is honored to host instructors George Ledyard, Toby Threadgill, and Aaron Clark. These three instructors from three different lineages will share their budo experience during this three-day workshop. They will present different but compatible approaches to the physical application of techniques and principles, from their arts of Aikido, Takamura-ha Shindo Yoshin Ryu, and Jiyushinkai Aikibudo. Cost is $100 with early registration. For a detailed schedule, instructor bios, and other details, visit AikiWeb.

Escrima with Rene Latosa

March 21, 2009
Seminar will be held at El Centro de la Raza between 10am and noon. Cost is $50. Open to all comers.

Yang Family Push Hands Seminar with Master Yang Jun

March 21-22, 2009
Contact Nancy Lucero for more information.

Yang Jun and Lance Lu, October 2007 seminar

Tiger Balm

The Tiger Balm Internationals 2009 Tournament

March 21-22, 2009
Weapons, forms, breaking, and sparring competitions for children and adults. Event will be held at Capilano College in North Vancouver, B.C. Please see the flyer for full details.

How to Do Karate in the Food Court

March 31, 2009
Free demonstration by the Minakami Karate dojo will be held at Northgate Mall, 6pm.

Rumble on the Ridge II: Strike or Submit

April 4, 2009
Twelve amateur MMA and kickboxing bouts, starting 7pm at Snoqualmie Casino. Tickets start at $35.

Kyokushin Challenge 2009 Tournament

April 18, 2009
This full-contact Karate tournament is open to all styles. Event will be held at Eastside Christian School. Please see the website for rules, application forms, and other information.

World Tai Chi And Qigong Day 2009 – Local Events

April 25, 2009

  • Join Embrace the Moon in Myrtle Edwards Park for qigong practice at 10am. Free, and no prior experience necessary.
  • The Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center will host practice of empty hand, sword and saber forms in Redmond’s Grassworks Park (148th and Old Redmond School Road).
  • Celebrate with a session of “Jade Woman Qigong,” a refreshing, flowing, springtime qigong form. No experience necessary. Free. 10-11am. Motion and Rest Studio, 5340 Ballard Ave NW. Info at 206-721-4898 or
  • Several local Tai Chi and Qi Gong local teachers will meet for practice and demonstrations at Kirkland’s Marina Park Pavillion, from 9am to noon. For more information, contact Deborah Magallanes of the Wu Dang Mountain Institute (206-550-4908 or wu.dang(at)
  • Practice ZY Qigong among the giant cedars next to Greenlake Park. This group will meet from 10am to12 noon, north of the tennis courts at the Community Center. ZY Qigong will show beginners simple, effective Qigong relaxation forms. For more experienced practitioners, we will have a group practice including preparation forms, Big Tree meditation and Refining Qi

Modern Arnis with Remy Presas Jr.

April 25, 2009
Seminar will be held at Skyview Junior High School in Bothell. See the flyer for times, prices and other details.

Akuzawa Minoru

Aunkai’s Akuzawa Minoru Visits Seattle

May 2-3, 2009
“Technique” is only a product of a body that has been trained to intuitively understand the most natural and efficient ways to move in a martial context. In Aunkai, we first recognize our preconceptions and notions, then attempt to tune the body through certain training methods in order to discover movement of the human body that is in accord with certain principles. Our focus is on the creation and usage of a martial body. Anyone from any style is accepted.

Icho Ryu Aikibudo and Aikido Eastside are pleased to announce a weekend seminar with the Aunkai’s founder, Akuzawa Minoru, on May 2nd and 3rd, from 10am to 5pm. Cost is $180 for both days, with student discounts available. Register online at EventWax. Limited to 40 participants.

Chen Family Taijiquan with Chen Xiaoxing

May 6-10, 2009
Join Embrace The Moon in welcoming Grandmaster Chen Xiao Xing back to Seattle for the third year. Grandmaster Chen, Xiao Xing is the head of the Chen Family Taiji school in Chen the Villiage, China and known far & wide for his authentic skill & direct teaching style. Topics will include 38 Form Correction, Chin-na and Applications, Silk Reeling, and Push Hands. Each 3 hour capsule is $50.00, with a 10% discount for 3 or more, or a 15% discount for the entire weekend. Pre-registration is required.

Pacific Northwest AAU Karate Invitational

May 16, 2009
Invitational will be conducted at the Edmonds Home School Resource Center in Edmonds, WA. All athletes must be registered with the AAU. Contact USA Karate at 206-440-5533 for more information.

Bagua Straight Sword Workshop with Tim Cartmell

May 17, 2009
Bring your own wooden sword to this workshop–no live blades, please. Workshop will be held from noon to 4pm, and the cost is $125. Contact Jake Burroughs at Three Harmonies with any questions.

Martial Arts at the Northwest Folklife Festival

Memorial Day weekend, 2009
Mestre Curisco Capoeira Malês will perform at the Bagley Wright Theatre, Monday May 25 at 12:10pm.

Outdoor Fitness at Seattle Center

June through August 2009
Visit the Mural Amphitheatre for free community classes: Tai Chi on Tuesdays between 11am and noon, MMA on Wednesdays between 1pm and 2pm.

Meta-Magick: A Weekend of NLP and Magick with Philip H. Farber

June 5-7, 2009
Did you know that your life is filled with magick–in ways you might not even be aware of? Meta-Magick starts where traditional magick once began: in the day to day activities and thoughts of the human mind. Using tools of hypnotherapy, neurolinguistics, meditation, martial arts, and much more, author Philip H. Farber has devised a system of practice that makes magical experience-–and results-–available to just about everyone. For details, visit the Hawk Ridge Productions website.

Exuberant Animals

About Exuberant Animal: A Presentation

June 17, 2009
Our human predicament is now impossible to ignore. The human body, society and culture are being challenged from every direction. Environmental and social threats demand our attention and action. The epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and depression constitutes a true public health catastrophe.

When individual human bodies become healthier, they also become more creative and make better decisions. They engage with the world and with their communities. They create better solutions and increase the general welfare. Physical happiness is thus essential to a sustainable future. When we change our bodies, we change the world.

Learn more about the Exuberant Animal philosophy, trainers and local events in this presentation at East-West Bookshop. 7pm to 8:30pm, $10.

Seminars with Su Zifang

June 19-21, 2009
Master Su, known in China as “Queen of Tai Chi,” was named one of China’s 100 Outstanding Wushu Practitioners by the Chinese National Wushu Association. Since the age of eleven, she trained full-time among China’s great martial artists, learning Bagua, Xingyiquan and other styles. She will offer three seminars at Fusion Olympia:

  • Principles of Movement and Fitness
  • Yang Style Taijiquan (form, application of techniques, and push hands)
  • Baguazhang (circle walking, basic steps, and the eight Jiang-style palms)

Seminars are $35 to $100 each, with a discount for the entire weekend. Contact Debbie Leung, at ChineseArts(at), or 360-493-1107.

Chen Family Hand Form, Sword and Silk Reeling

June 24-28, 2009
Workshop will be led by Chen Bing, an international push hands champion, and the nephew of Chen Xiao Wang and Chen Xiao Xing. Cost is $50 per session with discounts for multiple sessions. See the Embrace the Moon website for details, or to register.

BJJ with Royler Gracie

June 27, 2009
Royler Gracie has competed in the black-belt ranks for 20 years. He is the only person to win the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship three consecutive years, and has won the ADCC more times than anyone else. Royler is also a four-time World Jiu Jitsu Champion in the under 67kg Black Belt Division. He will offer a one-day seminar at Fife High School in Tacoma, in association with Marcelo Alonso Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Cost is $120, with a discount for early registration. For details, contact Marcelo at mabjj (at)

Xing Yi 12 Animal Studies: Horse and Alligator

June 28, 2009
The classics state that the Horse is a brave animal using speed and power to overcome its opponent, where the Tuo (alligator) is a subtle creature emphasizing twisting of the trunk with devastating knockdowns (kao die). Jake Burroughs, who brings over 17 years of martial arts experience to this workshop, will teach both animal forms and their applications. Open to all styles, levels, ages and groups. Tuition is $65. Contact Three Harmonies Martial Arts Center to register.

Revolution 2009 BJJ Tournament

July 11, 2009
Competition features gi and no-gi divisions for children and adults, men and women, beginners and experts. Held at Bonney Lake High School. Visit the LEAP LLC website for more information.

Chinatown/International District Summer Festival 2009

July 11-12, 2009
Don’t miss out on the largest Pan-Asian street festival in the Pacific Northwest, with some of the best arts, activities and food that Seafair has to offer. Free performances include David Leung’s Shaolin Kung Fu Academy (Saturday 12:45) and Mak Fai Kung Fu Club (Sunday 2:45). Check the festival guide (PDF) for more information.

Hip-Hop Benefit for Sensei Gregory Lewis

July 16, 2009
Help send Seattle’s own “Fighting Black King”, Gregory C. Lewis, to enter and win the “Most Dangerous Man Alive” contest! Hosted by Julie C. and the Hip-Hop Congress, this event will feature musical performances (by Taybot, Yidim Seck, Page One and Sis. Hailstorm), a self-defense presentation, and a screening of the 1976 documentary “Fighting Black Kings”. Tickets $5 before 10pm at the Electric Tea Garden.

Modern Arnis with Remy Presas Jr.

July 18, 2009
Event will be held at Karate Quest in Ferndale, WA. $50 if paid on day of event, $40 if pre-registered. Contact Pat Armijo at (360)224-0232 for details.

2008 Karate Quest interview with Remy Presas Jr.

18th Annual Sam Masich Vancouver Push Hands Camps

July 24-August 3, 2009
The first camp—The Square, July 24-27—will concentrate on Si-zheng Tui-shou, or ‘Four-hands’, the cornerstone partner exercise in the study of the taijiquan. We will take the drill apart and work it from technical, theoretical and energetic perspectives.

In the second camp—The Diagonal, July 31 to August 3—focus will shift to the Dalu aka. the ‘Large Roll-back’ with its orientation toward diagonal, corner energies. Here we will also focus on technical and other elements.

Each camp is $750. Price does not include food and lodging. $250 non-refundable deposit required.

Bagua Stepping Patterns

July 25, 2009
Starting from basic circle walking, sensei Andy Dale will lead the group to walking the yin/yang symbol, then to the wuji, and then the eyes of the yin/yang. This is a basic Cheng Tinghua Bagua form from Liu Bin, Nine Palace Bagua Zhang. All levels of experience are welcome. Cost is $45. Register with Andy Dale of Xin Qi Shen Dojo, at dojo(at)

Grappling with Eddie Bravo

August 1, 2009
Eddie Bravo, renowned grappling coach, author, and innovator of the rubber guard, is coming to Ivan Salaverry MMA. He’ll be lending his own grappling centric expertise and instruction to local grapplers. Come get hands on instruction from one of the most creative and experienced members of the Jiu Jitsu community.

Open to all Ivan Salaverry MMA students and members of the local Martial Arts Community. $130 for four hour seminar. Space is limited, and people who pay in advance will be given priority. To register, visit Ivan Salaverry’s website.

2009 Internal Chinese Martial Arts and Qigong Retreat

August 2-10, 2009
Join Grandmaster Liang Shouyu for a weeklong intensive in Vancouver, BC. Enjoy approximately 6 hours of instruction every day, in these subjects:

  • Medical Health Maintenance Qigong
  • Daoist Qigong for Health
  • Liuhe Bafa – Water Style
  • Taiji 13 Postures and Applications
  • Taiji 13 Sword and Spear with applications
  • International Wushu Sanshoudao Association First Level Black Belt Training and Certification

You may choose to attend individual days at $150 each, or the entire week at $1040. Early registration discount before July 20. See the flyer for details.

Bandon Beach Tai Chi Retreat

August 21-23, 2009
Come study Tai Chi on the Oregon coast, with a handful of expert instructors. Each 1 hour class is only $10, and you may choose to attend any or all. For a complete schedule, instructors list, directions and information on lodging, please visit

Chinatown-International District Night Market 2009

August 22, 2009
The evening features local vendors offering shoppers tempting foods, gifts, art and other must-have accessories. From 6:30pm to 8:30pm, events will include a lion dance, martial arts demos, and a Bruce Lee trivia contest. At 9pm, watch a screening of Enter the Dragon.

Admission is free and open to the public. The Market is held at Hing Hay Park, 423 Maynard Ave South and South King Street.

Wilderness Qi Dao Retreat

September 5-6, 2009
The Labor Day weekend is often the most popular camping weekend of the year in America, which makes it almost impossible to find a campsite large enough for groups anywhere, except the Oregon Coast. We are planning on camping at a secluded site situated on a rocky peninsula that juts into the ocean with 300 foot cliffs overlooking the azure waters of the Pacific. It is surrounded with some old-growth forest chockfull of blueberries, huckleberries, salal, Oregon grapes, and other wild delicacies.

Wherever you live, you are welcome to join us for this unforgettable event. It is going to provide you an invigorating immersion experience integrating Shamanic Qigong practices with the healing powers of nature. Bring your fears, attachments and old beliefs to let go of in the wilderness. Come prepared for moderate hiking and more intimate connection with Mother Earth through the practice of Qi Dao outdoors.

We have to limit our groups to maximum eight people in order to keep the campsite from overcrowding. The trek from the parking lot is relatively short (under two miles) but steep, which probably prevents those who are not in shape from camping there. You are advised to have a pair of decent backpacking boots and camping gear, including a tent, sleeping bag and pad, etc. Make sure that you are fit enough to carry all your gear, food and water on your shoulders for a couple of miles uphill.

To register, please email academy(at) to reserve your spot ASAP. The fee is $350, but you can secure your spot by depositing just $100. The balance must be paid by August 31. If you register by July 31, you will receive an “early bird” bonus material – an autographed copy of my bestselling book Qi Dao – Tibetan Shamanic Qigong: The Art of Being in the Flow. If you pay the registration fee in full by August 15, Lama Tantrapa will offer you a phone coaching session (valued at $150) as an extra bonus.

Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang Visits Seattle

September 18-19, 2009
Don’t miss this opportunity to study with Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang, 19th generation lineage holder of Chen Taijiquan. His clear and welcoming teaching method is appropriate for all levels of experience. Explore core taiji fundamentals (including Chan Si Gong) and learn Laojia Yilu, the original form of all taijiquan. Co-hosted by Embrace the Moon Taijiquan & Qigong and Seattle School of Chen Taijiquan.

Cost is $325 for the entire weekend, or less for individual sessions. Please register with Seattle School of Chen Style Taijiquan before September 1.

Cho Gar Wing Chun Workshop Series

September 18-28, 2009
Grandmaster Cheong Wai Bo, the presiding custodian of Cho Gar Ban Chung Wing Chun Kuen will be conducting three 3-day workshops, focusing on the Sui Da (Breaking Strikes) and Liu Dian Ban Gun Shr San Quaing (6 ½ pole, 13 Spear) forms. Both of these are rare Wing Chun forms done only in Cho Gar Red Boat WCK.

Cheung is the last living known student of Saam Chan and the oldest living ranked Cho Gar practioner. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn directly from an old-hand master in Cho Gar Wing Chun. For more information, including pricing, please visit Real Wing Chun, or contact Chas Fisher at chasf(at) or 206-972-8787.

Abu Dhabi Combat Club – Regional Grappling Championships

September 19, 2009
Tournament will be held at Green River Community College in Auburn. $75 early registration fee for adults, $50 for children. For more information or to register online, go here.

Marc “Animal” MacYoung Presents: Knife!

September 26, 2009
No more lies, delusions, falsehoods and half-truths. Marc MacYoung will explore the mindset of the knife-wielding psychopath, the views of lawyers and the law, how to recognize an attack before it starts, and more.

Pre-registration fee is $50. Contact Kris Wilder at West Seattle Karate, or see the flyer for details.

Taiji Traditions 2009 with Master Chen Zhonghua

October 24-30, 2009
Master Chen Zhonghua and this camp’s itinerary are aimed at continuing the Taiji lineage of Chen Fake. Hong Junsheng was Chen Fake’s best and longest term disciple. Hong is well known as a man who valued the principles of the art very highly, and practiced the art as Chen Fake taught him. Chen Zhonghua is a disciple of Hong Junsheng, and approaches the art with the same high regard.

If you are curious about seeing the original Chen Taiji, this camp is a must. Chen Zhonghua has been described as “a rare talent” and is a must for people serious about their training. For six full days, including instruction, food and accommodations, the charge is $700. Please contact the organizers for pro-rated costs if you are not able to make the full six days. Our camp will be held at Camp Pringle, near Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Roger Machado

October 25, 2009
Roger Machado is one of BJJ’s most dedicated and talented coaches in the world today. A seventh degree black belt who has trained with Rolls Gracie, Crolin Gracie, Carlos Gracie Jr. and his four brothers, Roger brings a unique perspective to the art and philosophy of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Join us for a rare opportunity to train with a living legend of BJJ. Only $100 before October 20. Seminar will be held at MKG Seattle. To register contact Jake Burroughs (206-941-3232, or three_harmonies(at)

Grappling with Steve Smith

November 7, 2009
Steve Smith is a wealth of knowledge and skill, having worked with many great instructors including David Harris, Fook Yueng, Jesse Glover, and Sonny Umpad. Steve’s skills are a unique blend of his many influences combined with and his own “way” of moving. At this seminar Steve will be covering the following topics (and possibly others): Gung Fu to Grappling, Counter Grappling, Knife Defense, Counter Gun, & Balance Stealing. The seminar will be $75 per person, and held at the University Heights Community Center. Please call Tom DeFelice if you have any questions, 206-227-6619.

Sambo Roots clinic on Mongolian Folk Wrestling

December 12, 2009
Aaron Fields will be showing Mongolian folk wrestling technique, and discussing the cultural background of the sport. This is as close as you are going to get without living in Mongolia! All experience levels welcome. Event from 11am to 3pm, $20. Bring your own dogi top, kurtka, belt, and shorts. Hosted by Seattle Jujutsu Club. Please reserve space ahead of time, and contact Aaron directly with questions.