Three Embarrassing Personal Confessions

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As a busy software developer and martial art hobbyist, I rarely have enough time to entertain the proposals, projects and invitations I receive from fellow bloggers.

Of the time I can spare, I have dedicated a good percentage to outspoken criticism of martial arts excesses, leading some traditionalists to ask why I bother at all.

Today, I shall kill two birds with one stone: I am starting a meme dedicated to taking myself down a notch.

I am lazy. Though I have received instruction from some world-class martial artists and Tao* masters, I have recently been squandering this precious inheritance, by spending more time working on this website than in furthering my personal practice. My bad.

I am a bad communicator. I have wrongly prioritized the pursuit of truth and accuracy over positivity and social grace, alienating those who expected only praise for their efforts. My message has been obscured all too often by hurt feelings. Sorry about that.

But my greatest flaw is probably that I am too smart, strong and good-looking. For this, I make no apologies.

Anyway, I now call upon my fellow bloggers to propagate the meme. Honest self-assessment is critical to personal growth, but if you don’t want to flagellate yourself in public, just go ahead and criticize me instead. I can handle it.

Tristan Loo, Synergy Institute
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Dave Chesser, Formosa Neijia
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Erin Pavlina, Spiritual Wisdom for Conscious People
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(…and anyone else I’ve crudely neglected to mention…)

Ladies and gentlemen, the floor is open. After writing your entry, maybe you can tag three of your own favorite bloggers to keep it going?

*Clarification: By Tao, I meant xiu dao, big Tao, not just tricks of the trade.

14 comments on “Three Embarrassing Personal Confessions”

  1. HA! Nothing like taking yourself down a notch before someone else gets the chance. A little honest self-assessment is good for the soul.

    I’m sure I could come up with at least 3 things that others would not consider to be wonderful traits, and maybe I’ll put together a post about it.

    I don’t know, though – I’d hate to lose my image of geniality… 😉

  2. Hi Chris,

    As a presenter, I’ve found that self humility by expressing personal flaws is one of the best ways to create rapport with the crowd. Sure, I’ll participate in your meme. I got more than enough “flaws” to fill a blog post 😉

  3. I try to write on my blog at least every other day, but now that I’ve more than doubled the amount of training I’m doing, well, between that and my full time job, I now have a very minimal social life. Arrgh!

  4. Chris, most of your self-criticisms come across as “I’m sorry I’m so great.”

    “I have wrongly prioritized the pursuit of truth and accuracy over positivity and social grace, alienating those who expected only praise for their efforts.”

    This quote, in particular, was a bit self-serving. Don’t you think?

  5. I think it’s important that we look at ourselves with honest and admit that we are not perfect. Unless we do this, we can never really improve ourselves. It’s not easy to take ourselves down a notch especially when we are so used to praises and have a larger than usual ego. Still, it’s an important part of growth. We need to know our weaknesses in order to convert them into strengths.

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