Qigong with Qiu Fu-Yi on the Evening News

Have you ever seen an old man move a brick from 4 feet away, without touching it?  Or slide a butcher knife across his belly without getting cut?

Watch qigong master Qiu Fu-Yi demonstrate all this and more for the TVBS Evening News.  

How does he do it?

6 comments on “Qigong with Qiu Fu-Yi on the Evening News”

  1. How does he do it!!??

    you’d find better answers looking in a book of stage magic than in any chi kung dojo… nothing there i can’t do with absolutely no training in chi kung/qigong/whatever spelling u like.

    i’d love to see how his belly holds up if someone else (not a student of his.. a total outsider) was dragging the cleaver over it.
    a cleaver from a local butchery maybe, not the ‘sifu’s’ own one..

  2. I agree with Rick. I have been doing kids magic shows for a very long time, and this video doesn’t show anything that any half competent magician can do easily…

  3. ya im have to admite his showmanship was pretty good but i haveing a knowage in magic for 12 years i can easliy do every thing the same way you see it here with my eyes closed!

  4. oh ya one more thing the only reason we are wineing is because we are not on ashian tv.

  5. Interesting if true. I believe its possible, but with this guy there is no proof either way.

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