Martial Arts Poll: Are You Experienced?

Are you experienced?

Over the next few weeks, I will be conducting a series of reader polls and surveys. The first question is:

For how long have you practiced martial arts?

To participate in these ongoing polls, or to view the results, look to the bottom of the right sidebar. (RSS and email subscribers must click through to the website first.)

If you would like to suggest a future survey question, please do so below.

4 comments on “Martial Arts Poll: Are You Experienced?”

  1. Even if quantity and quality were orthogonal–which they are not–more practice is better than less. This holds true up to some limit: maybe eight hours a day, maybe four, maybe two…but definitely more than one! 😉

    Show me a person who has achieved “high-quality practice” in a few short years, less than one hour per day, and I’ll show you somebody with very low standards.

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