Why Yes, I Am a Chinese Gentleman

On more cynical days, I have advised less experienced martial artists that, no matter how long and hard they train, they will never become a mysterious 19th-century Chinese gentleman–so if that is their true goal, they might as well give up.

But now the problem has been solved.

Chinese gentleman costume
Made in China, of course

I bought this costume yesterday for 60% off. Little did the shopkeeper know that I actually intend to wear it for Thanksgiving. Timing is everything.

4 comments on “Why Yes, I Am a Chinese Gentleman”

  1. I wish to find stillness, bring health and knowledge to the world and live a life of continual refinement. I have a pronounced intuition and strong esoteric connections. I know sifu is no longer accepting western students. So it is

  2. I wish to find vast wealth, bring annoyance to the world and live a life of luxury. I have arthritis and no chi whatsover. Sifu has a bone chip. Always wear pants.

  3. It takes a lot of work to win the best costume award on Halloween. But on Thanksgiving…

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